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Fix the Youth Justice System

The fatal car accident in Alexandra Hills on Tuesday 26 January, 2021 killing Kate Leadbetter, Matthew Field and their unborn son Miles could have been avoided if youth laws were tougher. Kate and Matthew were walking their much loved dogs on Tuesday afternoon when allegedly hit by a stolen Landcruiser, driven by a 17 year old. The youth justice system needs to be reviewed. Do we have sufficient  resources in the community for youths?   Do youths understand the support that is available to them? What process is in place to support or councell children living with parents or guardians who have committed crimes? There is a  lot of work undertaken to review and update existing systems and laws and implement changes.  We all recognise that more is needed to stop youth criminal activity and Government need to pass new laws. Penalties need to fit the crime. 17 year olds who committ heinous crimes ie rape, murder or continually break the law, to be tried in the adult court. Intervention for children living with adults who commit crimes, is never too early. By law, all stillbirths in Australia must be registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages in your State or Territory.  Why then, is an unborn baby not recognised as a human in our courts? Now is the time for Goverment to address the need for a new law to be passed, recognising unborn babies as human beings in the courts. Now is the time for change. Now is the time to introduce new laws. We are a community in mourning, angry, frustrated and confused as to why this tragedy has happened.   It is not only in the Redland City community, these senseless tragic accidents are happening across Australia and impacting on many family and friends. We need to be united and act now to help prevent other innocent families and friends enduring the heartache of senseless deaths. #KateMattyMiles  #EnoughIsEnough

Carol-Lee Gerada
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Petitioning Queensland health department, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Dr. Jeanette Young


My name is Mark Kilian and both my wife Anneli and I arrived in Sydney from our home in Los Angeles early Tuesday morning hoping to say good bye to my father who has terminal pancreatic cancer.   We received permission to enter Australia from the Dept Of Home Affairs and a provisional quarantine exemption from NSW Health based on compassionate grounds. However QLD Health has rejected our quarantine exemption application multiple times. All we are hoping is to see my dad Frans before he passes and to say goodbye. Time is of the essence as he is not expected to last much more than a few days. He was rushed to Robina hospital late Tuesday afternoon as his condition became critical after hearing that we would not be able to come and see him. My Mother who is 91 requires 24/7 care and although she has a wonderful carer, who along with my family has been wonderful and supportive, it has still been challenging since Dad's condition rendered him unable to care for her.  We have a charter flight booked and paid for ready to fly us to the Gold Coast airport at any moment and escort us door to door to see my Dad. This was the prerequisite from NSW Health for granting us the provisional travel exemption. We are both fully vaccinated since April, me with Pfizer and my wife with Moderna and we have negative covid tests from our departure in Los Angeles as well as negative results from the swabs done at our arrival at Sydney Airport.  My Dad's doctor emphasized in an appeal letter to QLD Health that we present a minimal health risk to the people of Queensland, and the Department Of Home Affairs determined that 'the circumstances outweigh the risk to the Australian community.' We are also supported by the United States consulate which in an appeal to QLD Health stated that 'we urge the Queensland government to also balance the compelling compassionate circumstances of this dying Australian citizen and his family against the extremely low risk to community public health.' We are appealing to QLD Health to grant us the quarantine exemption based on compassionate grounds to have the opportunity of saying goodbye to my dying Father and to be able to be there to care for my Mother.  Please help us, Mark and Anneli

Mark Kilian
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Petitioning Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Youth Justice System is failing Queensland! Trial these kids as adults!!!

The murder of parents-to-be Matty Field and Kate Leadbetter at Alexandra Hills on 26th January, by a 17 year old male who was erratically driving a stolen Landcruiser has our entire nation in shock. Even more so when it is revealed the 17 year old was already out on bail for UPWARDS OF 50 OTHER CRIMINAL CHARGES!! Queensland Police go on to confirm that this murderer will be facing the “Children’s Court” the following day. Apart from his age - how on earth does this disgrace of a human deserve to have the same privileges and protection as that given to a child? Is this vial person going to know better in a few months when he turns 18? Unlikely.  We purchased our latest home 10 months ago and in that time we have had our house and cars burgled 3 times. All 3 times by “children” aged between 14-17 years old. Barely a weekend goes by these so-called “children” haven’t stolen - or attempted to steal - property or vehicles from our area. We, as a community, work together to gather CCTV footage for the police (who truly do an awesome job at trying to track down these criminals), but once they are put in front of the Magistrate, they get a slap on the wrist and sent back out into the community like nothing has happened! Something needs to change! If these “kids” are old enough to commit adult crimes, they are old enough to do adult time. If the 17 year old MAN who killed these two beautiful people in Alexandra Hills had been trialled the same as any other adult for his previous 50 offences, there is no way he would’ve been on the roads yesterday and these two innocent people and their unborn child would still be here today. ITS TIME WE PUT OUR FOOT DOWN AS A COMMUNITY AND DEMAND CHANGE!! The 17 year old has been remanded in custody to reappear via video link March 24 so we still have time for the community to put pressure on the State Government so change happens!!!

Melinda Philp
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Petitioning Annastacia Palaszczuk, Gladys Berejiklian, Daniel Andrews, Will hodgman, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Gladys Berejiklian, Steven Marshall MP


Australia has a diverse, multi-cultural population which includes people from countries where eating dog meat is seen as acceptable practice. Many immigrants strive to preserve their own culture and traditions on settling in a new country, why would the consumption of dog meat be any different? Well it isn't. It's already happening right here with a petition on  (Google " Exotic Meats") which has over 4,700 signatures (to date) and the catch cry...... “We will no longer accept this racist and bigoted view that eating animals like Dogs and Cats is wrong. This is NOT equality”. Below are details of the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole where  forgotten greyhounds can be recycled into “exotic meats”. It’s not widely known that the Greyhound Racing industry in Australia over breeds dogs, even providing incentives to breeders, breeding more than enough to sustain the amount of races held, in some insane desire to breed faster and faster dogs. Why? It makes good viewing for the punter watching Australian races televised live to international betting audiences. The public is led to believe, by fact of omission of information, that all these dogs, once no longer required, are adopted out to loving homes to live out their natural lives. The reality is that the Greyhound Racing industry, by its own admission, kills up to 17,000 young, healthy dogs nationally every year. Many of these dogs have never raced and so do not figure in any of the statistics relating to retired dogs which have been released to the public. As such, there is a troubling lack of information regarding the true number of greyhounds being killed, the method of killing and their ultimate disposal.  The thousands of forgotten, unnamed dogs are termed “wastage” by the industry. To all intents and purposes, these dogs NEVER EXISTED.  Because of this lack of accountability and control, there is no guarantee these dogs, the “wastage”, are not being acquired by dog meat traders. In fact, most trainers and owners would happily GIVE their dogs away than have to pay the vet fees to have them put down. Who knows what would happen if there were people willing to pay by the kilo for their dog / exotic meat. Human nature being what it is, the OPPORTUNITY is there, the  DEMAND is there and the SUPPLY is there. This petition aims to limit the OPPORTUNITY and potential supply, calling on the Premiers and governments of each Australian state where Greyhound Racing is permitted, to hold the Greyhound Racing industry responsible for “Whole of Life” tracking of any dog bred solely for racing. This will ensure every dog is accounted for and provide tangible evidence that they have not entered the food chain. Furthermore, this information MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Self-regulation by the Greyhound Racing industry has proven to be a dismal failure in a number of areas. State Governments must take back control, levy the Greyhound Racing industry in each state to fund the infrastructure required and then police any failure to comply with these tracking requirements. It happened in Bali to unsuspecting consumers, TAKE ACTION NOW to stop it happening here. Irish, British and Australian greyhounds have been exported to China and when injured or finished racing, have been sold for their meat. Look again at the cover picture, sadly, these are greyhounds. People in the Australian Greyhound Racing industry treat these dogs as commodities and they will jump at any opportunity to make every last dollar they can from them.  Please vote to close the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole now so that the forgotten greyhounds are not recycled into “exotic meats” to be carved up and served on a plate.  Thank you for your support.  

Dion Martinus
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