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Australia has a diverse, multi-cultural population which includes people from countries where eating dog meat is seen as acceptable practice. Many immigrants strive to preserve their own culture and traditions on settling in a new country, why would the consumption of dog meat be any different? Well it isn't. It's already happening right here with a petition on  (Google " Exotic Meats") which has over 4,700 signatures (to date) and the catch cry...... “We will no longer accept this racist and bigoted view that eating animals like Dogs and Cats is wrong. This is NOT equality”. Below are details of the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole where  forgotten greyhounds can be recycled into “exotic meats”. It’s not widely known that the Greyhound Racing industry in Australia over breeds dogs, even providing incentives to breeders, breeding more than enough to sustain the amount of races held, in some insane desire to breed faster and faster dogs. Why? It makes good viewing for the punter watching Australian races televised live to international betting audiences. The public is led to believe, by fact of omission of information, that all these dogs, once no longer required, are adopted out to loving homes to live out their natural lives. The reality is that the Greyhound Racing industry, by its own admission, kills up to 17,000 young, healthy dogs nationally every year. Many of these dogs have never raced and so do not figure in any of the statistics relating to retired dogs which have been released to the public. As such, there is a troubling lack of information regarding the true number of greyhounds being killed, the method of killing and their ultimate disposal.  The thousands of forgotten, unnamed dogs are termed “wastage” by the industry. To all intents and purposes, these dogs NEVER EXISTED.  Because of this lack of accountability and control, there is no guarantee these dogs, the “wastage”, are not being acquired by dog meat traders. In fact, most trainers and owners would happily GIVE their dogs away than have to pay the vet fees to have them put down. Who knows what would happen if there were people willing to pay by the kilo for their dog / exotic meat. Human nature being what it is, the OPPORTUNITY is there, the  DEMAND is there and the SUPPLY is there. This petition aims to limit the OPPORTUNITY and potential supply, calling on the Premiers and governments of each Australian state where Greyhound Racing is permitted, to hold the Greyhound Racing industry responsible for “Whole of Life” tracking of any dog bred solely for racing. This will ensure every dog is accounted for and provide tangible evidence that they have not entered the food chain. Furthermore, this information MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC SCRUTINY. Self-regulation by the Greyhound Racing industry has proven to be a dismal failure in a number of areas. Federal Governments must take back control, levy the Greyhound Racing industry in each state to fund the infrastructure required and then police any failure to comply with these tracking requirements. It happened in Bali to unsuspecting consumers, TAKE ACTION NOW to stop it happening here. Irish, British and Australian greyhounds have been exported to China and when injured or finished racing, have been sold for their meat. Look again at the cover picture, sadly, these are greyhounds. People in the Australian Greyhound Racing industry treat these dogs as commodities and they will jump at any opportunity to make every last dollar they can from them.  Please vote to close the Australian Greyhound industry “wastage” loophole now so that the forgotten greyhounds are not recycled into “exotic meats” to be carved up and served on a plate.  Thank you for your support.  

Dion Martinus
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Stop Sunshine Coast Council dumping toxic chemicals (PFAS) into the ocean October 2019

Sunshine Coast Council announced on the 28th of August 2019 that a pipeline will be built from the Sunshine Coast airport with its outlet 400m offshore from Mudjimba beach, to dispose of airport pond water contaminated with PFAS. This is set to occur mid October 2019 with 8 mega litres of contaminated waste water to be pumped and disposed per day, over a period of 20 days.  PFAS is a proven carcinogenic, which has caused cluster cancers in populated community areas exposed to the chemical. PFAS is a non-degradable, bioaccumulative chemical, which poses a great threat to our marine environment and human health as it is introduced into our food chain.  The risk to local beach goers, surfers and divers is unknown and the area at risk is also unknown as currents spread the chemical through Sunshine Coast waters.   It should be noted that Council have other options to dispose of PFAS in a safer but more expensive way. Time and money seem to be the highest priority for council as they try to meet deadlines for the development of the international airport.  We, the undersigned respectfully petition Sunshine Coast Council to stop the release of ponded water contained on the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project Site to the Maroochy River immediately and to stop the release of ponded water to the Ocean via the new pipeline. We do not want the pipeline to be used for release of any contaminatedor ponded water from the airport. We request that further research and investigation is undertaken and alternative solutions are pursued. There is worldwide concern about PFAS, being bio-accumulative and toxic and international debate to phase out the use of PFAS due to unacceptable risk to human health and the environment. The residents of the Sunshine Coast implore you to find another solution and to consider the short term and long term ramifications to our tourism, fishing, waterways, environment and ultimately the health risks to the residents of the Sunshine Coast.    

Joel Saunders
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#saveourweddings Australia!

At minimum we are requesting: Mingling, an increase in guest numbers across all states with restrictions. NSW- allowance of guests to dance  VIC- a roadmap for 2021 Weddings to future proof bookings for over 50 guests Who We Are Wedded Wonderland is Australia's most popular online Wedding Marketplace servicing both Couples and the Industry in products, events, inspiration and education on their journey of love for the past 8 years. We have over 1.5 million followers across our Social and Digital Platforms.  We have passionately been driving the #saveourweddings campaign since March 2020, requesting a roadmap to future proof Weddings and the Industry.  Who Is Impacted Businesses and Consumers understand the need for restrictions during this pandemic, however, the implications of uncertainty are driving apprehension in a market that is meant to be about celebrating LOVE and PLANNING. Suppliers are currently unable or unwilling to postpone dates without a service fee, this means complete exposure to an unknown date, issues with the consumer who has 10-500+ guests they need to consider in the process, plus another 20-30 Service Providers who all need to be AVAILABLE on the next chosen date.  For businesses, this means a staggering loss of income and potentially losing whatever bookings they currently have. For the couple, a potential loss of Service Providers (due to availability or otherwise), a potential loss of monies exchanged for a set date, and this again stems across multiple industries and categories that work within the Wedding industry. 112, 000 Couples Marry annually in Australia The value of the Wedding Industry is 4 billion dollars + The average spend on a Wedding is $62,579 with 178 number on average of attendees The following subsets work within this industry and have been significantly impacted: 50,000 Direct Wedding BusinessesBeauty IndustryRetail and Fashion IndustriesEntertainment IndustryHospitality IndustryTourism and Travel Industries Why This Petition is Valid COVID struck this industry fast, the current government BANS and RESTRICTIONS on the celebratory components of a Wedding have made it nearly impossible for Couples to proceed with over 85% postponing or canceling, and now going through the 3rd round of postponements. This industry is largely run by private businesses, micro-entrepreneurs who have had little support, information and insight on how to manage during this time - from litigation to cancellation, change of date and minimal new bookings, a once-thriving marketplace is being driven to further demise by State Governments who continue to remain silent, sceptical and inconsistent on this market. The BIGGEST ISSUE It takes on average 14 months to plan a Wedding, this is a long shelf-life market. Couples have no certainty in postponing their Wedding and what the restrictions may look like in the next few months. Businesses have a minimal pipeline in future bookings and cannot assure Couples due to little insight on WHAT'S NEXT? With no time to plan, there will be NO PLANNING. A timeline is critical NOW to save this Industry and Couples from further financial, emotional and mental stress and loss.  INDUSTRY ABILITIES The industry has been complying with all COVID-Safe practices, and can provide the following; • The guests are known to the hosts • Requests made prior to attendance for unwell guests to not attend • Venues clean entire spaces between functions from napery, linen, cutlery, crockery, flooring, bathrooms and otherwise • The menu and food service have been altered to comply with COVID safe practices Safety measures like sanitisation stations, temperature checklist, and keeping guests details, already implemented at other venues, are also working at Weddings. The Final Request  1. Allowance to dance at a Wedding. 2. Guest mingling.3. A roadmap.  Businesses need; 1. SUPPORT in the form of an official subsidy for the Private Event Market.2. A Roadmap. 

Wedded Wonderland
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#Freezemyrent - COVID-19 . Landlords in Australia save small Businesses, freeze the rent.

We, the undersigned commercial tenants, are left in dire need by the COVID-19 outbreak. With home quarantines spreading across the country, both for recovery and as a precaution, we are reminded of the necessity and fragility of commercial leasing. That fragility leaves Australia's commercial tenants population in a state of emergency. Businesses, in turn, are closing and leaving their already struggling workers out on the street. Money has ceased its flow into the pockets of Australia's most vulnerable — and we need immediate action to stop it from bleeding out.  Economic disruption of any kind harms the low-income and already vulnerable members of our community, and this outbreak is no different. Job losses, reduction of hours, and unstable work schedules are all either here or coming in the near future. With huge decline in sales for up-to 60% or more for small businesses the situation is getting extremely hard and some of them are closing down. They are letting their casual staff go as they cannot afford them and all of it impacting our community and destroying life's. Government & Banks are assisting small businesses in every possible way except landlords who have not done anything so far. So, we request all big and small landlords to do their bit now to save small businesses, save jobs and save life's. Westfield (Scentre Group), Vicinity group, Chadstone shopping Center, Pacific Mall, Makris Group, Adelaide & Commercial, please we need you to step in and assist. Situation is getting grim now after the announcement of our PM to close pubs, bars and other places by midday today.  We demand that Australian commercial tenants rents to be frozen by legislative action immediately until the COVID-19 crisis passes. That is, until there are tests that show this is no longer a threat posed to all of our communities. Therefore we write to you, those in the highest positions of power, to help our current and future predicament. 

Manish Tripathi
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