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Animal Planet is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by Discovery Communications.

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Alto al envenenamiento y quema de animales en la ciudad capital de Campeche en México

En la víspera de la convención nacional de líderes de zoonosis, amanecieron muertos más de 100 perros, gatos, tlacuaches, etc., la gran mayoría de los perros envenenados y quemados eran alimentados, medicados y esterilizados por personas comprometidas con la causa animal que con recursos propios sufragan estos gastos y los mantienen de manera comunal en la calle ante la falta de cultura de adopción; fueron ellos los que se dieron cuenta y empezaron a indagar y encontraron cubetas de metal con restos de carne molida envenenada. Han muerto ya más de 500 animales entre perros, gatos, etc., y hasta ahora ninguna autoridad se ha pronunciado. Se han metido varías demandas ante él área correspondiente solicitando dar con el responsable así como la revisión de cámaras pero aún no se sabe nada. Asusta a la ciudadanía esta situación que se está saliendo de control ya que cada día aparecen mas animales muertos incluidas mascotas que salieron con correa a caminar al malecón con su propietarios por lo que se teme pueda afectar a niños ya que son áreas abiertas al público. Existen muy pocas personas ayudando a resguardar a los sobrevivientes y la situación los ha sobrepasado por lo que se lanza esta petición de ayuda para solicitar  al Gobernador del Estado girar instrucciones para dar con el o los Responsables y parar esta masacre antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

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Animal Planet - Help Us Stop The Illegal Dog Meat Trade in South Korea, China, and Vietnam

Video: Dogs who suffered their entire lives are electric tortured and killed in cages—South Korea’s horrific dog meat industry. Each of us has a choice: to play the silent witness, act as an accomplice, or choose every day to act and defend the right to life given to all sentient beings. The latter is the stance we choose to take, and we ask that you please stand with us. South Korea continues to support and permit a horrific and illegal dog and cat meat trade that subjects millions of animals to abuse, torture, and murder daily. While animal protection laws have been put in place to prohibit these practices, the government and its law enforcement do nothing to prevent the continued butchering and sales of these animals. We see muzzled mouths, tied up feet, blinded eyes, and the same sad look that is fixed and doesn’t change when the darkness comes and the smell of blood fills the air. Later we will know that the blood of those poor animals was on our hands, and those millions of dogs and cats locked in cages were waiting for us to give a hand, and we were their last resort.  We know that Animal Planet has inspired billions of people everywhere with its knowledge of science and culture. We believe that you can be a voice for these poor animals who have none; we are holding the fate of these animals between our hands and giving it to you - let's make a new history. An age of humanity and tolerance; let's win this battle against such dark forces, giving these beautiful creatures their right to live. We hope that you'll accept to show people - even in a short movie - some of what's happening to dogs and cats in Asia , and how they are sold there as food . Martin Luther King said once that: “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”  Click HERE to learn more and help us put a stop to the horrific South Korean dog and cat meat industry!

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#ReleaseTheMoonBear – The Perpetual Torture Of An Entire Species In The Name Of Vanity

We have all heard about the Giant Panda’s declining numbers in the wild and the shrinking of their habitat; China’s proactive conservation efforts in the attempt to address the problem have garnered worldwide attention. Few of us though are familiar with the plight of the Asiatic Black Bears commonly known as ‘Moon bears’. Despite being the well-known mascot animal of the 2018 Winter Paralympics, their fate remains unchanged. With the blessing of the local lawmakers, they are subjected to indescribable atrocities within commercial “bile” farms. The barbaric practice is commonplace in many far eastern countries, namely China and Vietnam. Prior to the 1980s, Moon bears were hunted for the sole purpose of extracting bile, as it is a commonly used ingredient in Chinese Traditional Medicine. The hunting ban led to a far worse fate for the species, as factory farming permits the harvesting of the precious substance repeatedly from a live animal, but it is far from ideal. Factory “Bile” FarmingThe bile farming process rivals even the most barbaric torture practices known to humanity. It entails removing baby bears from their natural habitat for the purpose of the continual harvesting of the digestive liquid secreted by their liver. An adult specimen produces approximately 2.2 kg of the liquid, in the span of 5 years. Many of the bears are missing limbs as a result of being trapped in the wild. Catching them involves snares or steel leg hold traps. From the moment of their capture, they are subjected to a treatment no other animal species on earth is forced to endure. Kept in tiny extraction cages or worse, full metal jackets, resulting in complete immobilization. They remain in these horrific contraptions for the entire duration of their lives. The cages are often so small that the inhabitants are unable to stand on all fours or turn. The metal jackets resemble medieval torture devices. Heavy and typically rusting, they restrain movement using sharp spikes and strips of metal. “Milking” MethodsThe confinement is enforced to ensure hassle-free “milking” (the term describes the process of extracting 10-20 ml of bile twice daily).It is done using various methods, requiring surgery performed under no anesthesia or painkillers: Repeated drainage through a directly inflicted open puncture wound and permanent implant of a tube inserted into the gallbladder through the abdomen. The full-jacket method uses a permanent catheter tube to extract the liquid. It is then collected in a metal box worn by the bear at all times. Insertion of steel catheter through the bear’s abdomen, directly into the gallbladder. The free drip considered the “most humane” approach of all, involves the creation of a permanent hole or fistula. The bile then drips out unless it leaks back into the abdomen and complications occur. The Excruciating Effects of CaptivityThere are hardly any Moon Bears left in the wild as the reward for delivering one to a farm ranges between $280 to $400. There are over 12,000 bears currently kept in government-licensed facilities. A staggering number die because of the stress of butcher-style surgeries or the infections that inevitably occur. We regard those as the lucky ones. Those that survive are kept alive with the help of antibiotics, sometimes for up to 25-30 years. The applications of the liquid are no longer restricted to the production of traditional medicine. Its use has spread to the cosmetics industry. Many shampoos and skincare products currently sport the exclusive ingredient. The captivity conditions inevitably result in physical injuries, muscle atrophy, bone deformities, and never-ending pain. The entire team behind MoonBear.Finance takes a firm stance against this deplorable practice. We endorse various initiatives promoting the species’ welfare and this petition is one of them. Sadly, not all governments support the ideology behind the #ReleaseTheMoonBear cause and so we seek your help. We urge you to join us and take immediate action to end the inhumane treatment of these vulnerable animals once and for all. Here is how you can get involved: Please sign and share this petition with your entire network Avoid the purchase of products containing bear bile Influence local legislation Raise awareness to the plea of Asiatic Bears Donate to a charity that rescues animals from the hellish conditions described above Create a Video or Tweet using #ReleaseTheMoonBear and help unleash the power of social media Let’s work together towards the eradication of bile farming and allow the Moon bears to prosper once more!References:

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Justice for Michi - innocent kitten who was brutally murdered on video by 3 women 1 man

If you want to help read the following, watch the video do something about it take action investigate and find the killers.  Help make justice for baby kitten Michi who was brutally murdered for hours on video by 3  women in Honduras. They killed an innocent kitten . This should be illegal all across the world . Please help Jail the 3 woman and man behind the video that stepped and killed an innocent kitten.Murder on an innocent victim was committed and no one is doing anything about it.We need justice for the killing of an innocent kitten!!! These 3 women stomped him to  death . They were parading and laughing while killing him slowly. He couldn’t do anything but yell to stop. They first paralyzed him by breaking his spine then went on to step on his stomach and organs. Brutally murdering him for no reason. After they killed him, they tossed his body around like a football and laughed. While they were killing him you could hear him yell ouch ouch. They laughed stomped on him more till they killed him. He died a slow death because of these women stepping and marching all over his defenseless body. These 3 women and man who was behind the camera  should be behind bars . Who are we to say that animals are not important. Murder was committed and no one is doing anything about it. These women are living their best lives . They are happy walking around in society. They need to be locked up for this crime. Please help stop animal torture.Following are the names of the alleged kitten killers. KITTEN KILLERS NAMES: (Melissa Andino , Dalia Thifereth Zepeda Shawn, Hadith Minerva Zepeda Shawn, Cesar Javier Cruz -guy who filmed the video)Residential address Honduras �� 1. Colonia Modelo, San pedro Sula, Honduras.2.Barrio Barandillas,San pedro Sula,Honduras.Shawn sisters have a beauty salon in Guamilito market on the second floor. Dalia Zepeda Autónoma de Honduras en El Valle de Sula These killers are still living their best lives going to school having their own beauty salon having children  with no justice system to punish them for the murder of Michi the kitten who did not get to live his life. He was only a month old. They were trying to use these accounts to mislead people supposedly but some people say their names are Daniosmer  Castillo, Genoveva  flores, Agdali flores.idk

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Justicia para Canelito

Asesinaron a Canelito a machetazos un Monstruo que debería estar en la cárcel por un largo tiempo. Exijamos leyes que protejan a los animales, firmemos esta petición y exijamos que además de la creación de leyes contra la violencia animal, sean penas fuertes. Si un humano puede defenderse y al asesino de le dan muchos años debería ser igual pera los animales. Canelito was murdered by a monster who should be in jail for a long time. We demand laws that protect animals, sign this request and demand that, in addition to the creation of laws against animal violence, they be severe penalties. If a human can defend himself and the murderer of many years should be equal pear animals. Recordemos que los animales son inocentes y no merecen este tipo de tratos por ninguna razón, cabe mencionar que la persona responsable si fue capaz de hacer esto a un perro también será capaz de hacerlo con un humano, recordemos que así comienzan los psicopatas. Let us remember that animals are innocent and do not deserve this kind of treatment for any reason, it should be mentioned that the person responsible if he was able to do this to a dog will also be able to do it with a human, let us remember that psychopaths begin. Mejoremos, colaboremos en lo que podamos, no seamos apáticos, firmemos la petición y exijamos leyes de protección animal, comenzando por esta y que se haga justicia para Canelito Let us improve, let us work on what we can, let us not be apathetic, let us sign the petition and demand animal protection laws, starting with this one and that justice be done for Canelito

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