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He is a model student-athlete at Christopher Columbus High with an unweighted (non-curved) 4.09 GPA and letters of interest from over 15 colleges including Yale.  He is representative of what any parent wants for their kids, and now his whole life is being destroyed. Luther Johnson, V, (“LJV”) has been banned from ALL sports by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FSHAA) for his entire upcoming Senior Year over two approximately 20-second on-the-field non-malicious plays during two very active Lacrosse games where two seasoned Lacrosse coaches (including a college coach) reviewed the video and one stated “no more than a 1-2 minute penalty” should have been called not only on LJV, but “#99” in that game who committed a non-malicious hard hit prior to LJV, and the other stated that LJV’s hit was “no worse than the three before it;” that LJV was “just physically stronger than the other player and made an aggressive slide hitting the player with his shoulder.”  LJV has never been disciplined academically or in any sport prior to this year. He was recently elected President of his school’s Christian fellowship. His Principal, Asst. Principal, and Athletic Director previously testified in his behalf before the FHSAA to overturn this sanction and his Athletic Director is a prior member of that FHSAA committee.  But despite the statements of the well-seasoned Lacrosse coaches, LJV’s stellar academic and athletic history, the School’s testimony, his parent’s testimony, and even LJV himself showing remorse and humbly asking to be reinstated, the FHSAA upheld this one-year ban which equates to a lifetime ban from all sports because this is LJV’s last year!    The FHSAA reasoned they gave him a second chance by reducing the prior sanction of 6 weeks to 5 weeks after he was penalized in an earlier Lacrosse game this year where he was the only African-American on the field (and his team) and was repeatedly called the “N” word by other players from the opposing team.  That was his first ever offense and the FHSAA suspended him for 6 weeks.    The Final hearing before the FHSAA's Board of Directors is this Monday, June 10, 2019 at 1:00 P.M.  After that, it takes Court action to resolve this problem and time is running out. Let the FHSAA know that you will not tolerate the very institution designed to promote student-athlete excellence over-punishing this high-school kid for a mistake on the field during an active physical-contact game of a physical-contact sport where he had no malice and showed remorse to the committee. He can’t even practice with his high-school teammates.  We’re not a nation who throws the good kids out with the bathwater. Their one-year ban for his remaining scholastic life will damage his whole life! Here are the 5 things  YOU can do to make YOUR Voice heard in the Fight to Save LJV!   1.       Share this story and compel Others to join the fight.   2.       Sign this #HelpUsFightForLJV petition 3.      COME to the Final Hearing on Monday 06/10/19 at 1 PM at Christopher Columbus High School.  It starts exactly at 1 PM and is only 20 minutes long before the FHSAA renders its on-the-spot decision so arrive between 12 Noon - 12:15 to gain access to the school.  Mr. Johnson (LJV's father will be standing out front.) 4.  If you can't come to the meeting, CALL the FHSAA (352-372-9551 x 240, Craig Damon) on Monday before 10 AM and demand this sanction be overturned! 5.  Donate to help cover LJV's legal fees on his parent's Go Fund Me page by clicking this link:

Rawsi Williams Law Group
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Call on CNN to keep its word and drop “illegal immigrant”

Less than 48 hours after promising to reissue its editorial guidelines prohibiting the use of the terms “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien,” CNN debate moderator Jake Tapper used the term in reference to undocumented immigrants in the September 16th Republican debate. In addition, the network has refused to confirm its promise to drop the inaccurate language. According to the Huffington Post, CNN has used the term “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” a total of 1,634 times, out of 1,995 times in the past year. CNN pledged to finally drop this language if our original petition was taken down - with the network’s refusal to publicly affirm this promise and its use on the network’s high-profile debate tonight, we are re-opening our campaign. We call on CNN to publicly confirm that it will no longer use the terms “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” in reference to undocumented immigrants. The content of our speech leads to actions - the rising racist and xenophobic debate around immigrants has been followed by attacks on immigrants in recent weeks, and the term “illegal” is also factually flawed. Being in the U.S. without proper documents is a civil offense, not a criminal one. Many other leading media outlets, including the Associated Press and ABC, have already adjusted their editorial guidelines to prohibit the use of “illegal” when referring to undocumented immigrants. As an influential media outlet, we call on CNN to do the same.  Tell CNN: Keeping your word matters as much as #WordsMatter.

Define American
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Reunite A Couple Separated By Broken Immigration System

I. The Story Our nation's oppressive immigration system currently separates my lover, and I. Ivan came to the U.S. legally as a child with his family and grew up here in Louisiana. Our relationship dates back to when we were in high school. In 2012, Ivan, 17 at the time, departed back to Mexico to go to college for engineering. After a few years, he tried to return to the U.S. legally on many occasions; however, he was denied a visa every time. After exhausting his legal options, Ivan decided to cross the border. Consequently, he was caught, deported, and barred for only five years (with an option for a waiver). So he and I decided to make the best of the situation. After talking to lawyers to move forward, we learned the deportation secretly triggered another, far worse penalty called, The Permanent Bar. The bar states that he cannot legally return for ten years with no option for a waiver because he is being punished for unlawful presence he accrued as a minor growing up here in the states. His childhood upbringing in the U.S. was out of his control, and it is asinine for him to be banished ten years for it after committing one misdemeanor offense (setting foot on some dirt). The law does state no period in which an alien is under 18 years of age shall be taken into account for unlawful presence; however, the U.S does it anyway to apply this particular bar. The lawyers have stated not even marriage (the best option) would ensure an immediate return with The Permanent Bar involved. It is unjust, unorthodox, and inhumane.  II. What We Hope to Gain: One thing we hope to gain from this petition is sensible, humane immigration reform from Congress to eliminate and rethink these draconian immigration bars.  Americans should not have to be forced into exile or have to endure separation from their parents, children, spouses, and friends for so many years to decades. Such a punishment would be fitting for a violent offender or drug trafficker, but not for immigrants of good moral character. Congress should provide a reasonable solution to deported immigrants for humanitarian purposes so that millions of Americans are not grieving over the absence of their loved ones for a decade.  III. The Stakes We are just 22 years old. If nothing is done to help, we will be at least 32 years old by the time he can legally return. I love Ivan unconditionally. He has many friends and family here in Louisiana that miss him. He deserves to be a U.S. citizen, and we deserve to be together in the nation we both know as our home where we can live happily, build a future, get married, and carry out our long-term goals together. Life is too short and untimely to be torn apart from loved ones.That is why I urge our elected officials to fix the draconian one size fits all immigration laws, so he and others can return to be with loved ones. Signing and sharing this petition would be greatly appreciated as it may eventually change our lives.  #LetIvanComeHome #LoveAlwaysWins

Shaun Nunez
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Bullied Teacher Asking CNN for Help to Force Change to Protect Teachers

     If you are against bullying of any kind then please stand with me.  I am writing this petition with the hope to force change.  Society stands together to stop students from being bullied, but what about teachers? Thank you for reading, signing, and even more important, sharing this petition.  I am petitioning CNN to post my story on their Facebook page.  I want to tell of my 20-year experience of being bullied by various administrators and a few co-workers which created and still creates a constant hostile work environment.  CNN’s Facebook page has over 31 million followers.  It is my hope that if they post my story that I will be able to force my district to investigate my story, develop training for administrators in regards to how they treat their employees and also in providing their disability accommodations, and make some other changes.  I feel that they would do this rather than have their identity exposed to the world.  It is an issue/story that is rarely exposed or talked about and teachers are afraid of retaliation if they talk openly about it.  Maybe it can also cause change for other teachers dealing with the same pain. #BulliedTeachersforChange     Some details (so much has happened in the last 20 years).  During the first administration, I was bullied under, the principal gave my job of 13 years to his good friend after I showed the principal that I had caught that friend cheating in the reading contest that I ran.  There was a witness and evidence. He did this to me as I was walking out the door for summer break! That woman then was in charge of the reading contest she had been caught cheating in!       I knew it was my word against the principal’s.  So, I paid a lot to have a polygraph done to prove what happened.  However, when the superintendent called in response to my letter to meet with him with my evidence and witnesses he refused to meet with me.  He said he didn’t see the point because he trusted his principal’s decisions.  Even after being told that another employee had already filed a grievance against that principal in regards to that same friend the superintendent seemed surprised but still was not interested.  Devastated, I spent the next year contemplating suicide knowing I would be forced to return and work for him again.     I waited 5 years being subjected to constant torment and when a new superintendent was hired I got a school board member to agree to take my story to the new superintendent.  He never responded.      The administrations have changed several times since.  About six years ago, a principal asked me for a disability and accommodations report after I mentioned my disabilities to her related to my diabetes. Despite agreeing to accommodations in writing, some of the school’s administrators have been cruel in regards to simply following them.  My disabilities have gotten worse as a result throughout the years.  I find that if I voice my concern about them being followed, I am then retaliated against in some way such as scoring me low on evaluations on purpose.  This past school year was the worst.  Something needs to be done.  If CNN will post my story I feel like my district will be forced to investigate and make changes rather than have the district's identity revealed.  If you believe in your heart that bullying is wrong, no matter who it is happening to, then please support this petition.  Thank you.        

Bullied Teachers for Change
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Fire McDonald managers on 2200 N Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC

The injustice done to a homeless man at this McDonald’s location in Myrtle Beach. The video is trending on social media and throughout the news. The police was called on a homeless man whom the management claims was asking for money outside their establishment (parking lot). Yossi Gallo, the person who recorded the incident inside the McDonalds, was the person who brought the homeless man (Mr. James Davis) from outside and paid for a meal for himself and for Mr. Davis. Gallo in the video stated that he brought Mr. Davis from across the street. Gallo and Mr. Davis were asked to leave the premises and were banned from that McDonald’s location.  Gallo asked to have his money refunded, but the officer said that she was not a “civil court” and that he would need to contact McDonald’s corporate office. The officer stated that there had been complaints about Mr. Davis asking for money. We of course would like to see the calls of complaints that were made.  But anyway, there are thousands of homeless people in America. Instead of publicly humiliating Mr. Davis and not let him enjoy a warm meal which he probably hadn’t had in who knows how long, they should’ve done what Yossi Gallo did, help a brother in the time of need. I’m glad Yossi stood up for this man and we cannot let this injustice go by. We all have hearts and we know what’s right and what’s wrong. We definitely know that this McDonald’s location was wrong for what they did. That the management and the Myrtle Beach police officer did a cruel, horrible thing to someone who couldn’t defend himself. Thanks Yossi for standing up! We need the management to be fired and on top of that, the management as well as the Myrtle Beach police officer needs to publicly apologize to Mr. James Davis. #JusticeforJamesDavis

Eddie Rivera
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