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Provide DNA Genealogy Test kits to Families Separated at Border

The current USA administration claims that they have "lost track" of children and families separated at that the border and don't know how to find the individuals and children to  reunite them.  DNA Genealogy  testing can  identify parents and their children separated at the border. The United Nations has declared that the current policy of separating immigrant families entering the USA is illegal and violates the UN  Human Rights laws . This petition demands that the USA Homeland Security Department provides DNA test kits (that adult immigrants can VOLUNTARILY use at the discretion of their lawyers) to all of the following families and individuals immediately: All families separated at the United States border in the last two years, mandatory DNA testing for  any immigrant  minors separated at the border  in foster care, orphanages or permanent adoption placements; Any  immigrants separated at the border currently in any type of detention center, hospital  or prison in the United States and any and all immigrants crossing the border in the present and in the future that are detained by the United States government or ICE for more than 24 hours.  To help reunite families the administration has failed to keep track of, immigrant rights groups and their lawyers must also be provided DNA test kits to distribute to respective families that have left the USA and can not find their children and relatives that have been detained in the USA. As Family separations and detentions continue, every immigrant detained at the border must be provided a DNA test kit and families that have been sent away must also be provided a test kit if they have a family member detained in the USA. Immigrant rights advocacy lawyers and interpreters must be utilized to help  non English speaking persons understand all aspects of the tests  and  facilitate mailing the completed tests  to the respective DNA testing company within 3 days of the immigrants arrival in the USA . All DNA test kits must be from the same company so that family reunification can occur. Family separation is an immoral, illegal and brutal human rights violation and Americans demand that our government does everything in its power to help reunite separated families. Children and family members that the USA have separated are experience extreme life long trauma and psychological damage.  People in the USA and worldwide support ending this cruel and unusual punishment. Providing DNA test kits is an important tool to help facilitate family reunifications now and in the future. is one of the world's largest DNA testing companies . This Petition asks to help facilitate family reunification immediately (as the wheels of federal bureaucracies move very slowly) by  generously donating four  thousand testing kits to the following nonprofit agencies to help facilitate DNA testing of families separated at the border immediately. Kids In Need of Defense Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services ACLU Asylum Seeker Project                            

Joan Kenoshmeg
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Petitioning Ancestry​.​com

Please Ancestry could you show shared dna matches under 20cM

On Ancestry Shared dna matches under 20 cM do not show in the shared dna match search feature.     This means that you have to message your DNA match and give them the names of your high dna matches.  They then have to search for each dna match individually.  This is the only way to get information about dna matches you share.   It is very time consuming.  However doing this has provided breakthroughs in research.      It means you can tell each other whether you connect via your paternal or maternal side.  It is particularly helpful for adopted people,  where dna can be the only avenue that will provide answers for them. Obviously this would put pressure on the search engine,   so I suggest it be a user selected option  not a default setting.   Our own dna matches under 8 cM will soon not show to us on ancestry.     Among my own Dna matches under 8 cM I have a lot of known cousins in lines where Grandparent, Parent, child and Grandchildren have all tested.    Oddly although I have a low cM match with the Grandchildren I have a very large shared segment. Ancestry is a great tool,  but this not showing shared dna matches under 20cM means everyone has to download their raw dna data from ancestry and upload it to My Heritage, Family Tree DNA or Gedmatch in order to be able to achieve this. Ancestry could you please consider installing this feature

Amanda Pa
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