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The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside the United States.

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In my country many children with SMA1 due to sanctions of USA can't get access to treatmen

Hi, I am living in Iran. It is several years that my country is facing with the sanctions that USA is approved for my country. During this time nation of Iran unfairly was the main victim of USA. They first requested to close Nuclear energy and centrifuges of Iran with this excuse that Iran is a threat for west and then other various issues. Anyway our nation with their honor faced with this hard game of USA and didn't feel hopeless for one second from help of God but as you know during 2018 currency of Iran value decreased 4 to 5 times which was really terrible it means the bread that u was buying with 1 euro ,you must pay 4 or 5 euro for it and the salaries was fixed as really employers were unable to pay multiple times salary. Anyway the subject which I want talk about it is not politic or economic or any other thing. I just want say most of our drugs which are about traetmtre of special diseases like Cancer,etc were importing from western countries like Germany but now people really don't have abbililty to buy them special about some rare genetic diseases even government doesn't give budget because policy is caring majority instead of minority and it is understandable as economic condition is not so much good that they think to all. But I want say why for dirty politics USA is playing with life of our children ???is it fare that the drugs which a patient must buy 5 times in months ,he buy just once and continue his life with pain. You know there are some skin diseases that causes injuries in whole of body and if you don't put suitable panseman it will convert to infection and price of its sticks is so high .do you know during last week we lost a nice girl for it? Are you familiar with SMA1 diseas and do you know it's treatment cost???in Iran many children have it and only treatment way is applying for foreign hospitals and getting its cure. In 2018 many children died for it and for poverty which caused their parents be unable to purchase its treatment. How a new couples can supply hundred thousand euro !!!how they can say to their baby that please tolerate please breath with equipments and get ready for death as we don't have money it is very hard.and I was knew one of them from near and was witness of his death. I was so sad until now because I did every work to collect money but it was impossible to collect it as even people didn't have such ability to afford such huge money. I just request please do some work for patients.please help them as how you can. Remember Charlie the same baby from UK remember how much his parents were sad from his death while they did everything for him. We have many Charlie s too.please help them

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Free war hostages ! Please ! NOW!

Azerbaijani Soldier, Amin, was taken hostage by the Armenian militants. From what we known: Musayev Amin, Rustamov Ruslan and Kerimov Bayram are currently being held hostage. In the video spread by the Russian reporter, Aleksandr Kharchenko, he provides first aid to the gunshot wound on the soldier's leg, but then in the next footage we witness, that the soldier, who was previously coherent- is unconscious and has a bleeding injury to his head. In the other video, released later, the hostage soldier is taken somewhere handcuffed and beaten in the car, while the armenian soldiers are threatening and cursing him. For many days, we have not known anything about the fates of these Azerbaijani soldiers, and maybe many more, who are captured by the opponent militants. They may be dead, tortured or used for organs removals, which was the common practice by these militants in prior conflicts. We urge international community, Amnesty international  and Russian peacekeepers to investigate this issue and to bring our Soldiers and Hostages back home. Every hostage should be exchanged for another hostage or for monetary compensation. The opposite of this- is the gross human rights violation and a crime against humanity. All injured should receive medical help and they should be returned to their homes! Please watch the video, link below:

Nigar Dargah-zada
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On Wednesday August 5th 2020 Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) moved to enforce a court injunction (illegal raid) to the Six Nations of Grand River Reservation. They used rubber bullets and tazers on unarmed Haudenosaunee land defenders. They are a sovereign people and have the right and responsibility to occupy and defend their lands as they see fit. Demonstrators were occupying a residential development near Caledonia Ontario. Members of the Six Nations have occupied the site since July 19, 2020. Police reported to have arrested "under 10 people". Some background knowledge: Mackenzie Meadows is a residential development that has been taking place on originally Six Nations' land. Since 2013, the developmental site has been planning to build 218 detached homes and townhouses on land that does not belong to them. The citizens of the reserve have been fighting against Mackenzie Meadows, and the companies creating the site; Ballantry Homes and Losani Homes ever since they've announced the plan. In the wake of the police action, Six Nations demonstrators set up a blockade on Argyle Street south of the Town of Caledonia and on the Highway 6 bypass. Around 2 weeks ago, the Six Nations protesters took over the Mackenzie Meadows site, dubbing it "1492 Land Back Lane". They also created a Facebook page with the same name. On the page the protesters wrote "Mackenzie Meadows is one of several housing developments within the area that are directly violating the sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee. [The Haudenosaunee - a group that includes the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora First Nations - are also known as the Iroquois or the Six Nations] Collectively we remain firm in our stance that action must be taken to stop the ongoing development of our lands." (You can find more information and even videos on the fb page.) CBC News reported: "on July 24 the council said Ballantry Homes, which is one of the companies developing Mckenzie Meadows along with Losani Homes, transferred 42.3 acres to Six Nations in 2016. The builder also transferred $325,000 to the elected council, which was put into a land banking account for future purchases in 2019". Ballantry Homes, as a third party owner of the land, has no legal obligation to accommodate Six Nations but it did anyway because it is aware of the Claims by Six Nations against Crown Canada and Crown Ontario. Most of the land in Oneida Township went out of Six Nations possession in the 1850s, 60s and 70s. So really since the 19th Century the Six Nations Peoples have been fighting for their right to own their land again. "'The remedy for lands and money that were unlawfully taken back in the 1800's is against Crown Canada and Crown Ontario," reads the release, adding the claim is that the Crowns breached their fiduciary duty by unlawfully dispossessing Six Nations of all its land and money." - CBC News. When asked about this subject, representatives for Ballantry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However William Liske, vice-president and chief legal officer for Losani, wrote the following in an email to CBC News: "'Our only comment is that today's events allow us to re-commence construction activities, and deliver our products to the 180 families patiently waiting for their homes,'". Basically as of right now, the company does not care about the feelings of the Indigenous peoples, they don't care how they are hurting us by stealing our land and doing whatever with it. We're Done!! Please join me and sign this petition. Think of something in your life that you treasure and value the most, then imagine that being stolen from you. Now imagine fighting to get that thing back for centuries, that burden is what we as Aboriginal people feel every single day. Knowing that the government can just take our land and do whatever they want with it, and we can't get it back because of racial injustice!

Mak Pauze
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Queremos evitar una guerra civil potenciada por intervención y confrontación armada entre potencias globales (EEUU, Rusia y China) por intereses geo políticos ajenos a Venezuela. El belicismo  solo traerá más miseria y un triste e inútil derramamiento de sangre hermana que enlutará al pueblo venezolano, a Latinoamérica y al mundo entero. Para evitar la guerra es necesaria una presencia masiva de representantes de todos los países del mundo a la convocatoria del encuentro de diálogo por la paz en Venezuela promovida por Uruguay y México que se realizará el próximo 7 de febrero en Montevideo. Creemos que frente a la profundización de la crisis venezolana el rol de la comunidad internacional en todos sus ámbitos socio políticos y culturales, no es el de echar más leña al fuego tomando partido por uno u otro bando sino actuar responsablemente, pacificando y agotando todas las instancias de diálogo posible entre las partes en conflicto.  Respetamos el principio de no injerencia y autodeterminación de los pueblos, por lo cual promovemos un diálogo democrático que pueda culminar en un llamado a elecciones libres sin candidatos ni partidos proscriptos, sin presos políticos y con la tutela y supervisión de la ONU Latinoamérica no es ni será patio trasero, delantero ni lateral de nadie.Los pueblos por la paz unidos, jamás serán vencidos

Andrés Copelmayer
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Bonjour/Bonsoir cher tous, nous sommes des ressortissants de l'Afrique subsaharienne vivant au Maroc depuis quelques années, précisément dans la ville de Mohamedia. Nous venons très respectueusement au prêt de vous pour solliciter une aide nutritionnelle. Au vue de cette pandémie (COVID19) qui sévit dans les quatres coins du monde  nous avons décidé de créer une association qui ce nome "LUTTE CONTRE LE COVID19 "  dont le but est: -  aider nos frères qui pour joindre les deux bouts ce retrouve à mendier dans des feu de signalisation , devant des super marchés, boulangerie et bien d'autres..etc  - évité au maximum la propagation de cette pandémie et protégé nos enfants  - faire respecter les règles d'hygiène et le confinement mis sur pied par le gouvernement marocain. De ce fait nous aimerons bien offrir des paniers alimentaire à tout ces familles défavorisées  pour qu'ils restent chez eux durant cette période de confinement et permettre aux autorités compétentes de mettre fin à cette maladie. Nous vous remercions de nous avoir accordé votre temps tout en espérant que ce message auras un retour positif qu'Allah nous aide et nous bénisse .                                                     KEITA MOUSSA Contact GSM:+212642056571 Email:    

Laurent BABY
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Bring back DRACO antiviral against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

DRACO (double-stranded RNA activated caspase oligomerizer) is a group of experimental antiviral drugs formerly under development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In cell culture, DRACO was reported to have broad-spectrum efficacy against many infectious viruses, including dengue flavivirus, Amapari and Tacaribe arenavirus, Guama bunyavirus, H1N1 influenza and rhinovirus, and was additionally found effective against influenza in vivo in weanling mice. It was reported to induce rapid apoptosis selectively in virus-infected mammalian cells, while leaving uninfected cells unharmed. As of January 2014, work had moved to Draper Laboratory for further testing and development; "the team looks forward to larger scale animal trials and clinical human trials within a decade or less". Dr. Todd Rider presented at the SENS Foundation's SENS6 conference. He left the Draper Laboratory in May 2015 and started a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo to raise funds to test the drugs against the herpesvirus and retrovirus families. In total it was predicted that $500,000 per year for 4 years would be needed to optimise and demonstrate DRACOs against clinically relevant viruses, however, two crowdfunding campaigns for $90,000 both failed to reach their target in 2016. In 2015, an independent research group reported to have successfully observed antiviral activity against the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) using DRACOs in vitro. As of December 2015, research related to DRACOs had ground to a halt due to a lack of funding. The Mechanism of DRACO is that it is selective for virus-infected cells. Differentiation between infected and healthy cells is made primarily via the length and type of RNA transcription helices present within the cell. Most viruses produce long dsRNA helices during transcription and replication. In contrast, uninfected mammalian cells generally produce dsRNA helices of fewer than 24 base pairs during transcription. Cell death is effected via one of the last steps in the apoptosis pathway in which complexes containing intracellular apoptosis signalling molecules simultaneously bind multiple procaspases. The procaspases transactivate via cleavage, activate additional caspases in the cascade, and cleave a variety of cellular proteins, thereby killing the cell. I believe that since a vaccine for the Coronavirus is a year and a half away, we should use this opportunity to harness the DRACO antiviral as a weapon against the Coronavirus! 

Jason Winn
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Get access to ALL the medical help, if that's what you need

We need to change the system with the kind of coverage we can get under our medicaid insurances. Having different types of medicaid insurance, should not change the coverage we have from our doctors. Furthermore, things such as service and therapy dogs should be covered by our insurance for those in need. When there are real medical problems, it is very hard to find the medical help we can get without excessively paying out of pocket for each doctor. There are many insurance plans that fall under medicaid. However, when someone is looking for doctors, they would have to either keep switching their insurance, or pay out of pocket for the coverage that is needed.  Furthermore, there are many things insurance would not pay for altogether which causes us the problem to be more prone to be in debt. I believe service and therapy dogs should not have to cost thousands of dollars to be obtained. Someone who may be in a manuel wheelchair for example, would need help going up and down the sidewalks, switching on and off the lights, and opening doors. A service dog is something that is trusted to perform activities that people with disabilities would otherwise need the help of another person to do. Many times not having someone you trust near you, would ultimately require you to trust strangers. A physical disability causes the incapability to run away from danger, and therefore, they become a target. A therapy dog helps with things that medication cannot do such as, to over come Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Service and therapy dogs should therefore not be considered a necessity. Those with disabilities may have the means to board a public bus, but traveling to or from the bus may be an issue. (Not to mention that there are not many trains out there that are wheelchair accessible, and even if there are, it may be very difficult to control a wheelchair when the brakes are not good ones such as in a manuel wheelchair.) We The People, need help with medical expenses. We need all doctors to accept ALL medicaid insurances. We the people should have all medical help covered by our insurances and not have to be in debt for medical expenses that would otherwise be covered. All those people who want to feel both safe, and independent should have the services that fall under the "medical" category be covered. This should apply to both veterans who put their lives in danger to keep our society safe, and non-veterans who would otherwise feel more comfortable to go out to work and feel that they too, can work and make a difference in society.  Please sign and share!

Lilly Jonson
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Removal of Guinea-Conakry's Current President Alpha Conde #DemocracyforGuinea

This petition is to bring your attention to the current humanitarian crisis in Guinea-Conakry, caused by the recent presential election. Current president Alpha Conde, 82, is seeking a controversial third presidential term, a move that has triggered months of deadly unrest in the country. March 2020, President Conde pushed through a new constitution, which he argued would modernize the country. This new constitution allowed Conde to bypass a two-term limit for presidents, despite the Guinean body imposing a two-term limit. Since October last year, over 200 people have been injured, 70 imprisoned, and over 90 killed in anti-Conde protests. The Guinean military is currently shooting at civilians in Guinea's streets, protesting the president's decision to concede.  The government's callous actions have yet to be formally investigated or accounted for. Conde's authoritarianism contravenes Guinea's Constitution, which allows freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. Guinea's citizens are being silenced through violence and oppression by the very system meant to protect them. Guinea's history has been marred by violence along tribal lines with no condemnation of ethnocentrism.  At every turn, Africa is on fire. Africa should not have to continue to fight the wars laid by colonialism, neocolonialism, and dictatorship. Africa deserves better. 

Guinean Youth Alliance
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