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American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside the United States.

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Queremos evitar una guerra civil potenciada por intervención y confrontación armada entre potencias globales (EEUU, Rusia y China) por intereses geo políticos ajenos a Venezuela. El belicismo  solo traerá más miseria y un triste e inútil derramamiento de sangre hermana que enlutará al pueblo venezolano, a Latinoamérica y al mundo entero. Para evitar la guerra es necesaria una presencia masiva de representantes de todos los países del mundo a la convocatoria del encuentro de diálogo por la paz en Venezuela promovida por Uruguay y México que se realizará el próximo 7 de febrero en Montevideo. Creemos que frente a la profundización de la crisis venezolana el rol de la comunidad internacional en todos sus ámbitos socio políticos y culturales, no es el de echar más leña al fuego tomando partido por uno u otro bando sino actuar responsablemente, pacificando y agotando todas las instancias de diálogo posible entre las partes en conflicto.  Respetamos el principio de no injerencia y autodeterminación de los pueblos, por lo cual promovemos un diálogo democrático que pueda culminar en un llamado a elecciones libres sin candidatos ni partidos proscriptos, sin presos políticos y con la tutela y supervisión de la ONU Latinoamérica no es ni será patio trasero, delantero ni lateral de nadie.Los pueblos por la paz unidos, jamás serán vencidos

Andrés Copelmayer
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Get access to ALL the medical help, if that's what you need

We need to change the system with the kind of coverage we can get under our medicaid insurances. Having different types of medicaid insurance, should not change the coverage we have from our doctors. Furthermore, things such as service and therapy dogs should be covered by our insurance for those in need. When there are real medical problems, it is very hard to find the medical help we can get without excessively paying out of pocket for each doctor. There are many insurance plans that fall under medicaid. However, when someone is looking for doctors, they would have to either keep switching their insurance, or pay out of pocket for the coverage that is needed.  Furthermore, there are many things insurance would not pay for altogether which causes us the problem to be more prone to be in debt. I believe service and therapy dogs should not have to cost thousands of dollars to be obtained. Someone who may be in a manuel wheelchair for example, would need help going up and down the sidewalks, switching on and off the lights, and opening doors. A service dog is something that is trusted to perform activities that people with disabilities would otherwise need the help of another person to do. Many times not having someone you trust near you, would ultimately require you to trust strangers. A physical disability causes the incapability to run away from danger, and therefore, they become a target. A therapy dog helps with things that medication cannot do such as, to over come Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Service and therapy dogs should therefore not be considered a necessity. Those with disabilities may have the means to board a public bus, but traveling to or from the bus may be an issue. (Not to mention that there are not many trains out there that are wheelchair accessible, and even if there are, it may be very difficult to control a wheelchair when the brakes are not good ones such as in a manuel wheelchair.) We The People, need help with medical expenses. We need all doctors to accept ALL medicaid insurances. We the people should have all medical help covered by our insurances and not have to be in debt for medical expenses that would otherwise be covered. All those people who want to feel both safe, and independent should have the services that fall under the "medical" category be covered. This should apply to both veterans who put their lives in danger to keep our society safe, and non-veterans who would otherwise feel more comfortable to go out to work and feel that they too, can work and make a difference in society.  Please sign and share!

Lilly Jonson
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Stop bloodshed and massacre of peaceful protesters in Sudan

“We need not wait to see what others do”Gandhi.Dear Honorable representative, We, the people, are urging you for an immediate action to stop the bloodshed and massacre in Sudan. We are reaching out for your support and help. As you have likely heard, the crisis in Sudan has escalated under the oppressive rule of president, Omar Al-Bashir. It is now a deadly standoff between peaceful protestors and a brutal government forces.Reports leaked from Al-Bashir’s meeting with his his top aides, indicated that a decision is made to forcefully disperse the peaceful protests and use all necessary means to do that.for the last four months, peaceful protesters took on the streets demanding freedom and change, yesterday millions of people marched and and are now camping peacefully in front of military headquarters in Khartoum, their only weapon is their voices, they were met with tear gas and live ammunition, so far 66 young protesters were brutally murdered, 6 of them in the last 24 hours, It was an intentional murder with gun shots to the head and neck. That did not deter the protesters and it made them more determined to topple the regime. We are afraid that with silence of the international community the situation will escalate into a large scale massacre and more unarmed peaceful protesters will die. Al-Bashir regime is notorious in suppressing human rights and basic freedoms of expression. For almost 30 years, this regime has orchestrated the imprisonment of innocent citizens, destroyed the economy, and murdered thousands of people, Al-Bashir and his top officials are wanted by the international criminal court for genocide and crimes against humanity.It is a moral obligation and civic duty to stand by the brave protesters in Sudan in their quest for freedom and democracy.We urge you to take an action, support, and stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan.Sincerely, 

Sudanese American Physicans Association (SAPA)
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Lyme Disease is a devastating disease that wreaks havoc on nearly every internal body system. It's often mis-diagnosed leaving many people without knowledge of these organisms living in their bodies. These people may so kindly donate blood because they are unaware of any such disease. The blood collection centers do test for certain diseases like, Hepatitis B, C, West Nile and AIDS. However there are no protocols in place to test the blood donations for the presence of Borrelia Burgdorferi or the 300+ co-infections. According to studies by NIH and the CDC, it is confirmed that Borrelia Burgdorferi can survive being stored in a blood bag. It has also been proven in a laboratory using mice that the Lyme bacteria can successfully be transmitted via transfusion. This is a HUGE PROBLEM!!!!!! Please sign this petition to protect our recipients of blood donations and STOP the spread of Lyme Disease. With this petition we ask three things: 1. Check the entire Nations current blood supply for contamination and dispose of any unsafe supply.  2. Add Lyme testing to the protocol when receiving donated blood.   3. Investigate the CDC, as their Lyme guidelines are seriously outdated.  Borrelia Burdorferi and it's co-infections are blood borne infectious diseases!  This needs immediate attention before one more person becomes infected. There have already been documented cases of Babesia transmission via transfusion back in 2012, however the CDC, nor any other agencies turned their so called concern into change.    Lyme Disease is a world wide Pandemic.  

Kristie Penn
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In my country many children with SMA1 due to sanctions of USA can't get access to treatmen

Hi, I am living in Iran. It is several years that my country is facing with the sanctions that USA is approved for my country. During this time nation of Iran unfairly was the main victim of USA. They first requested to close Nuclear energy and centrifuges of Iran with this excuse that Iran is a threat for west and then other various issues. Anyway our nation with their honor faced with this hard game of USA and didn't feel hopeless for one second from help of God but as you know during 2018 currency of Iran value decreased 4 to 5 times which was really terrible it means the bread that u was buying with 1 euro ,you must pay 4 or 5 euro for it and the salaries was fixed as really employers were unable to pay multiple times salary. Anyway the subject which I want talk about it is not politic or economic or any other thing. I just want say most of our drugs which are about traetmtre of special diseases like Cancer,etc were importing from western countries like Germany but now people really don't have abbililty to buy them special about some rare genetic diseases even government doesn't give budget because policy is caring majority instead of minority and it is understandable as economic condition is not so much good that they think to all. But I want say why for dirty politics USA is playing with life of our children ???is it fare that the drugs which a patient must buy 5 times in months ,he buy just once and continue his life with pain. You know there are some skin diseases that causes injuries in whole of body and if you don't put suitable panseman it will convert to infection and price of its sticks is so high .do you know during last week we lost a nice girl for it? Are you familiar with SMA1 diseas and do you know it's treatment cost???in Iran many children have it and only treatment way is applying for foreign hospitals and getting its cure. In 2018 many children died for it and for poverty which caused their parents be unable to purchase its treatment. How a new couples can supply hundred thousand euro !!!how they can say to their baby that please tolerate please breath with equipments and get ready for death as we don't have money it is very hard.and I was knew one of them from near and was witness of his death. I was so sad until now because I did every work to collect money but it was impossible to collect it as even people didn't have such ability to afford such huge money. I just request please do some work for patients.please help them as how you can. Remember Charlie the same baby from UK remember how much his parents were sad from his death while they did everything for him. We have many Charlie s too.please help them

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The Billion Coin also known as Tbcoin is on a world mission to eradicate poverty in our world.The paper currency is depreciating everyday and an average man or woman in the society cannot afford his or her basic needs anymore in some countries across the globe.  The vision and mission of the billion coin is to put a huge end to poverty permanently. It's a cryptocurrency that is growing faster daily in value between 1% to  5% daily,most people in the world are now holding onto it and they are even transacting businesses with it, but it needs to be accepted and approved globally by world leaders to find it's way into every organizations and homes. Holding a Tbcoin at hand is something of great value because it does not depreciates but rather appreciates daily. Let us all give a global approval for the billion coin to be used in our daily business transactions and also be accepted by every merchants in the world.  How TBC Works TBC already has millionaires across the globe and its still making daily. Everyone too can be part of it today. TBC is a true and complete decentralized crypto currency. Here is how an average person can become successful with Tbcoin, first is by buying as much coin as you can and keeping it. The value of your coin will increase by 1- 5% daily. At 5% daily you have your money doubled every 2weeks .so all you need to do is buy as much coin as you can and store them in your wallet and hold on to your coin till any time you wish to sell them or exchange them or use them in paying for goods and services. TBC is on a mission to end poverty globally and bring happiness to every home and businesses. What makes TBC Unique among Digital Currency is simple, it has the fastest growth rate amongst others and it is decentralized Join this revolutionary movement against paper money today. Get registered today visit    check your email for confirmation, you may check spam or inbox, then click on the link to confirm your registration Next is to login on the website, then locate reference and you will see wallet guide  Make sure you click on the wallet guide then follow all the step gradually OrYou may open a TBC wallet here : THE BILLION COIN............ the future of currency.

Eradicate Poverty
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Save Benue From Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists!!!

Over the past few years, the Fulani herdsmen occupation in Benue state as well as other neighbouring states in Nigeria has led to widespread deaths, seizure of indigenous lands and destruction of farmlands and produce. Almost 2,000 people have been killed, and more than 750 seriously wounded within the last three years alone, with approximately 100,000 people displaced as a result of this. A simple online search will show the many barbaric atrocities suffered at the hands of these murderers. Just search 'Fulani herdsmen killings in Benue'.  The Federal Government of Nigeria has failed to address this dire situation and has failed in her duty to protect the people of Benue, a majority Christian state. Why has our President remained silent on this issue while Christian communities are being massacred by these Muslim Fulani Herdsmen? The people of Benue spend each day living in fear that they will be the next victims of the Fulani herdsmen terror. Enough is enough; it’s time to say no to living in fear.The Fulani Herdsmen should go back to their respective states and leave us to farm peacefully on our indigenous lands. They have no right to our lands and they have no right to violate our people and property. Please help us raise awareness by signing this petition and sharing this page until the Nigerian Government addresses this issue. Please help to give the people of Benue a voice as the Nigerian Government has turned a blind eye to these atrocities. This is our only hope of bringing the world's attention to this issue, as we only found the website by chance. Like and share our facebook page,

Sir-Kuram Gwakyaa
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