In my country many children with SMA1 due to sanctions of USA can't get access to treatmen

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I am living in Iran. It is several years that my country is facing with the sanctions that USA is approved for my country. During this time nation of Iran unfairly was the main victim of USA. They first requested to close Nuclear energy and centrifuges of Iran with this excuse that Iran is a threat for west and then other various issues. Anyway our nation with their honor faced with this hard game of USA and didn't feel hopeless for one second from help of God but as you know during 2018 currency of Iran value decreased 4 to 5 times which was really terrible it means the bread that u was buying with 1 euro ,you must pay 4 or 5 euro for it and the salaries was fixed as really employers were unable to pay multiple times salary. Anyway the subject which I want talk about it is not politic or economic or any other thing. I just want say most of our drugs which are about traetmtre of special diseases like Cancer,etc were importing from western countries like Germany but now people really don't have abbililty to buy them special about some rare genetic diseases even government doesn't give budget because policy is caring majority instead of minority and it is understandable as economic condition is not so much good that they think to all. But I want say why for dirty politics USA is playing with life of our children ???is it fare that the drugs which a patient must buy 5 times in months ,he buy just once and continue his life with pain. You know there are some skin diseases that causes injuries in whole of body and if you don't put suitable panseman it will convert to infection and price of its sticks is so high .do you know during last week we lost a nice girl for it? Are you familiar with SMA1 diseas and do you know it's treatment cost???in Iran many children have it and only treatment way is applying for foreign hospitals and getting its cure. In 2018 many children died for it and for poverty which caused their parents be unable to purchase its treatment. How a new couples can supply hundred thousand euro !!!how they can say to their baby that please tolerate please breath with equipments and get ready for death as we don't have money it is very hard.and I was knew one of them from near and was witness of his death. I was so sad until now because I did every work to collect money but it was impossible to collect it as even people didn't have such ability to afford such huge money. I just request please do some work for patients.please help them as how you can. Remember Charlie the same baby from UK remember how much his parents were sad from his death while they did everything for him. We have many Charlie s too.please help them