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I am writing this letter to you today to talk about an issue that has been on going in my community regarding the Cairns City Council. (Animal Management Team)It has come to the point now where I am reaching out for the Members of parliament to help me to get passed this and come to a solution.I have owned my Neo Mastiff x Arab since September 2014, he come to live with my partner and I when he was only 9 weeks old. We have always had animals growing up in our individual families and knew what responsibility it would take us to own a family pet. Our dog, Neo has always been a friendly natured dog, with lots of energy, very playful and has always socialised with other dogs and humans including young children and babies. We have never had to tie our dog up or put him in a cage he has always been a happy loving dog.In 2016, we were renting a property in Bentley Park. As we got settled in we soon noticed nearly every neighbour had a dog also in the street. We were in a high set home so our house was higher than the house next to us with a steel fence. Our dog Neo, jumped the fence one day and we received a phone call that our dog was out on our street roaming. He did not leave the street, he did not run away. After a few calls from neighbours concerned, as Neo is a big dog and can look intimidating to people I suppose. The council come to pick him up and take him to the pound. When we went to see the Council we were informed that Neo had bitten the council man Diary and that they were ought to deem Neo a ‘Dangerous Dog’. Neo stayed at the pound for 2 days until we paid the amount of $250 to have our poor baby come home. Now, I don’t know how they approach the animal or what happens in the instance when a dog is roaming on the streets. But I know that my dog would’ve been grabbed by a pole with a wire loop attached to it put around his neck and taken. If my dog wasn’t feeling intermediating he would not react in such a matter. I have NEVER feared my dog, my partner has never FEARED my dog and either has anyone that comes to my house.The Cost to own a dog that is deemed as a ‘Dangerous Dog’ is $250 a year in registrationWe have spent $210 (20kg-40kg dog) in castrasation for our dog as that is one of the requirements of owning a ‘dangerous dog’The Council gave us 2 weeks to build our dog a 12 x 12m cage with full shade cloth on each panel and tarp on the top. Which was a total cost of $2500 and numerous hours in labour as my partners Father and himself as business man made the custom built cage, just so we could have it mobile to be able to move around if we ever move house.There is no respect, or human decency from the council’s behalf. We feel as if we are and have been HARRASSED and BULLIED for the last 2 years over this matter!We have had numerous phone calls, text messages, letters, and emails from the council all regarding Neo. Phone calls on a Sunday morning eg. Easter Sunday, the Cairns City Council come to inspect the cage had been built, while my family was up from NSW having lunch. And demanded if he didn’t see the cage on that day we would be distributed a fine. After that day, we had confirmation from the council that the cage was up to standard with their requirements. We thought it was all over. FINALLY.Until receiving another request from the council. That the shade cloth around the cage was not up to standard as the front gate hadn’t been covered. He issued us 2 days to have this rectified. I work 5 days a week as a apprentice hairdresser, and my partner owns his own small business as a carpenter. We had no time to go and spend MORE money after the thousands and thousands of dollars we had already spent. They would not give us an extension we had no options.A few days later, we were issued with a fine from the council of $948 for not complying with council requirements. This is when I had enough. I have no option but to start this petition, as my member of parliament to advise you of the Cairns City Council's Animal Management in this town of cairns pushing their power and not having any respect or curtesy to finally put this issue to an END. As you know, life gets stressful at times. With my partner and I working full time jobs, running a small business, paying rent, taxes, dog registrations plus all of the costs now we have to fork out for fines, cages etc. to the CAIRNS CITY COUNCIL. My dog has NEVER jumped the fence since living in Bentley Park back in 2016. We are asking for you help.  Please sign this petition and help us to stop this unfair discrimination of our beautiful family pet 'Neo' who we love so dearly.  

Katelin Zutt
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Petitioning Mark Drakeford, John Thomas, Alun Cairns MP, Jane Hutt

Match school funding to national average in the Vale of Glamorgan

Children in the Vale of Glamorgan, our children, are having their life chances trodden on by political nonsense. Our schools are funded significantly under the national average, and the basics required to give our children the education they deserve are compromised. The Vale of Glamorgan receives £606 less per pupil than the Welsh average and £1,360 less per pupil than the highest funded local authority. Head Teachers all over the Vale are letting us know the pressures they are under financially just to make ends meet.  The First Minister, Mark Drakeford, is blaming the Vale Council. Public spats at this level are all very well as they keep our plight newsworthy. However, high profile figures arguing in the media HAS NOT resulted in more money for our schools. It seems no one wants to take responsibility. The Vale Council are able to subsidise Welsh Government  funding, but its not enough.  We are calling for TRANSPARENCY  in the formula that decides funding amounts geographically. TRANSPARENCY in the way it is applied in the Vale of Glamorgan. A FULL REVIEW of what has been described as an outdated formula. Funding that is FIT FOR PURPOSE and in line with the NATIONAL AVERAGE to allow our children EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. Our Head Teachers NEED the full financial support of WELSH GOVERNMENT and a SOLUTION FOCUSSED RESPONSE.   Please sign the petition to show the First Minister we care about our children’s education. We need to get behind our Head Teachers, all school staff and our children. We cannot sit back and allow bureaucracy to stamp all over our children's future. We need Welsh Government to take notice.   

Lucy Jones
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Petitioning Highways Department, Alun Cairns MP

Make Sully Road (lane) Safer - prevent more accidents

Can the Vale of Glamorgan Council sort out the traffic using deadly and hazardous Sully Road. Sully Road, linking Sully to Upper Penarth, has become a hot spot of car accidents by people using the lane as a shortcut and speeding to get to Cardiff. It is a very narrow and twisty lane with lots of bends and blind spots so you can't see oncoming traffic until it's too late. As more houses are being built along the road so the accidents are going to happen more often. There are several schools along this road: St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary and Nursery School Penarth Learning Community, consisting of Ysgol Y Deri and St Cyres School Ysgol Gymraeg Pen y Garth There is also Downs-Side Riding Centre and Livery Yard on Sully Road, so it's even more important to slow your speed as the riders use the road every day and their horses could be easily scared by a fast, noisy car. As a result, this lane is regularly used by parents taking their children to and from these schools, as well as people commuting to and from Cardiff. I do not want to hear of a death of one of these innocent children. Before the council allows more houses to be built, especially at Cog, they need to reassess the transport links between Barry, Sully, Penarth and Cardiff, especially Sully Road. Maybe they should lower the speed limit along the lane, add traffic calming measures or even make the road wider. On Friday 10 February, 2017 a car overturned on Sully Road causing delays along the lane. Thankfully this time there were no casualties, but more houses means a greater risk to life. Please sort out Sully Road before it is too late.  

Stephen Katchi
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