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I am writing this letter to you today to talk about an issue that has been on going in my community regarding the Cairns City Council. (Animal Management Team)It has come to the point now where I am reaching out for the Members of parliament to help me to get passed this and come to a solution.I have owned my Neo Mastiff x Arab since September 2014, he come to live with my partner and I when he was only 9 weeks old. We have always had animals growing up in our individual families and knew what responsibility it would take us to own a family pet. Our dog, Neo has always been a friendly natured dog, with lots of energy, very playful and has always socialised with other dogs and humans including young children and babies. We have never had to tie our dog up or put him in a cage he has always been a happy loving dog.In 2016, we were renting a property in Bentley Park. As we got settled in we soon noticed nearly every neighbour had a dog also in the street. We were in a high set home so our house was higher than the house next to us with a steel fence. Our dog Neo, jumped the fence one day and we received a phone call that our dog was out on our street roaming. He did not leave the street, he did not run away. After a few calls from neighbours concerned, as Neo is a big dog and can look intimidating to people I suppose. The council come to pick him up and take him to the pound. When we went to see the Council we were informed that Neo had bitten the council man Diary and that they were ought to deem Neo a ‘Dangerous Dog’. Neo stayed at the pound for 2 days until we paid the amount of $250 to have our poor baby come home. Now, I don’t know how they approach the animal or what happens in the instance when a dog is roaming on the streets. But I know that my dog would’ve been grabbed by a pole with a wire loop attached to it put around his neck and taken. If my dog wasn’t feeling intermediating he would not react in such a matter. I have NEVER feared my dog, my partner has never FEARED my dog and either has anyone that comes to my house.The Cost to own a dog that is deemed as a ‘Dangerous Dog’ is $250 a year in registrationWe have spent $210 (20kg-40kg dog) in castrasation for our dog as that is one of the requirements of owning a ‘dangerous dog’The Council gave us 2 weeks to build our dog a 12 x 12m cage with full shade cloth on each panel and tarp on the top. Which was a total cost of $2500 and numerous hours in labour as my partners Father and himself as business man made the custom built cage, just so we could have it mobile to be able to move around if we ever move house.There is no respect, or human decency from the council’s behalf. We feel as if we are and have been HARRASSED and BULLIED for the last 2 years over this matter!We have had numerous phone calls, text messages, letters, and emails from the council all regarding Neo. Phone calls on a Sunday morning eg. Easter Sunday, the Cairns City Council come to inspect the cage had been built, while my family was up from NSW having lunch. And demanded if he didn’t see the cage on that day we would be distributed a fine. After that day, we had confirmation from the council that the cage was up to standard with their requirements. We thought it was all over. FINALLY.Until receiving another request from the council. That the shade cloth around the cage was not up to standard as the front gate hadn’t been covered. He issued us 2 days to have this rectified. I work 5 days a week as a apprentice hairdresser, and my partner owns his own small business as a carpenter. We had no time to go and spend MORE money after the thousands and thousands of dollars we had already spent. They would not give us an extension we had no options.A few days later, we were issued with a fine from the council of $948 for not complying with council requirements. This is when I had enough. I have no option but to start this petition, as my member of parliament to advise you of the Cairns City Council's Animal Management in this town of cairns pushing their power and not having any respect or curtesy to finally put this issue to an END. As you know, life gets stressful at times. With my partner and I working full time jobs, running a small business, paying rent, taxes, dog registrations plus all of the costs now we have to fork out for fines, cages etc. to the CAIRNS CITY COUNCIL. My dog has NEVER jumped the fence since living in Bentley Park back in 2016. We are asking for you help.  Please sign this petition and help us to stop this unfair discrimination of our beautiful family pet 'Neo' who we love so dearly.  

Katelin Zutt
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Your Baby Mattered, A parents right to choose what happens after a miscarriage

We all know someone who has lost a baby. To some it didn't matter how many weeks into the pregnancy they were, it was still a baby, still loved and still wanted.  Miscarriage happens to 1 in 4 women. Every mother and father should have the right to give their baby the farewell they deserve. It is protocol of most hospitals to send remains to pathology, and parents should be asked what they would like to do to say their goodbyes and receive their closure. It is their baby. In that moment of heartbreak parents don't ask, Our Story. "Baby A" "December 18th  2018 We lost our little bub. After the miscarriage I still wasn't doing the best and was taken to Surgery to have part of the placenta removed. Once I got out, I asked the ward Doctor for the remains of my baby. I knew I had to have a social worker come to see me before signing the pathology release form. I was told after I miscarried about the hospitals protocol and all fetal remains were sent to pathology. I also knew about the remembrance rock wall in Toowoomba, where all the lost babies are cremated together and sent there for burial and a plaque is added to the wall. So parents had a place to go and say goodbye. A kind nurse gave me this information. And I wanted our baby to go there. The ward Doctor contact the Emergency department and pathology and came back to me to inform me that they couldn't find my baby. Only the placenta removed during surgery was there, but not my baby. Every women deals differently with a miscarriage. I took it especially hard. Even though I have had a miscarriage before. This hit me 50 times harder. The thought of my little baby in a bin with medical waste haunted me for weeks, months, nearly a year. I even went back to the hospital on the 29th of December looking for bins, I went to the emergency department looking for my baby weeks later. My mental health suffered. I wasn't showering, brushing my hair, or looking after myself. I ended up highly medicated and spent time in the mental health unit. My legal team ended my case because apparently prior mental health issues means I was suffering before hand. Before hand I was working, not medicated, Not put in the mental health unit, I was showering and brushing my hair. My long black hair was so matted it had to be cut off. I didn't get my closure. Some "people" from the Toowoomba Base Hospital called to say sorry about my experience. But I received no formal apology. Due to miscommunication and broken protocol, my little baby was thrown in the bin. Not having closure is damaging not matter the circumstances or the trauma. Everyone needs closure. I just didn't get mine" We ask that a Bill be passed to give all parents the right to say goodbye if they choose too. leave it up to the parents to decide. All babies no matter the gestation should be kept (1 Week minimum) until the parents are ready to state their wishes. A Bill that requires health care professionals to ask the question that a grieving parent can't. It doesn't matter if the baby was 3 weeks, 10 weeks or 16 weeks gestation. A baby is still a baby. We hear the horror stories. And we hear the what if's? But yet, another lost baby is thrown in the bin. This needs to change, Parents should have the right to place their little baby in a memorial garden or have their own personal memorial. Many parents leave the hospital wondering what happens now? Where is my baby going? This doesn't help the grieving process. Many parents wished they had asked for their baby, but assume it is to late. Give the grieving parents a chance to know what their options are.  Our unborn babies mattered.  Please help by signing and sharing this petition to help create this bill for all families to give their lost babies a voice. And to give the families closure   

Halina Parker
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Judge Dean Morezone is a threat our community. Let off pedophiles with no repercussions.

District court Judge Dean P Morezone is a threat to our community as well as the child sex offenders he has let off with no repercussions for Child Sex Crimes in relation to Child Abuse material. Two particular cases he has excercised his support for these child sex crimes by no means of punishment for child sex predators like Dennis Gerad Brincat of Innisfail who was let out into the Innisfail community after he was found with numerous photographs of child exploitation material. 18 months suspended sentence and 18 months probation. Dean Morezone claimed that Brincat is "improving" as his material was not a "category 4" unlike his original offence. Prision is "unlikely to have an impact". Said Morezone as he let a repeate offender back into the Innisfail community with no regard for the children in the community.  Mark Adam Tate of Woree High School Cairns. Due for trial in district court on one count of possessing child exploitation material linked to a series of videos on his phone of underage girls. These two cases are alarmingly similar. Jason Dale Larkin was a teacher at the Woree High School who pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing child exploitation material and one count of using a mobile service to access child pornography material.  High profile people who are supposed to protect and serve our community are the biggest threats to our children. As a mother of girls i dont feel safe knowing District Judge Dean P Morezone is letting repeate offenders back into our community with no repercussions at all. Dean is a male himself. Why are male Judges in control of every child sex case in Cairns and Innisfail; when they have no compassion for these children.  Our judicial system is corrupt and is run my males like District court judge Dean P Morezone who act like up standing citizens of society but are in fact the real threats to our children. Why are our judges so corrupted? When will these offenders be held accountable? When will our children be safe? Why do judges support this behaviour?  Why is it ok to possess child exploitation material with no jail time? Why are predetors being let back into the community with no rehabilitation or mandatory psychological help? How many children have been exploited?  Children deserve better than what Dean Morezone is allowing. Children deserve to be hear and seen. Children are not materials. Children shouldn't be subjected to this abuse at the hands of our community leaders.  Why has nobody held community leaders accountable for the criminals they let back into society? High profile people who are in a position to help the community of Cairns and Innisfail are causing children to be exploited and are allowing this to continue because nobody stops them?!?  If you feel there is an issue surrounding this please share and sign. It takes 2 minutes but that 2 minutes can change a lifetime of abuse for some children. Lets get a formal complaint against District court judge Dean P Morezone.  We need collective community support to see the changes we need. Lets try and amend the way these corrupt judges punish child sex predators.  Thankyou kindly for your support.       

taileen finta
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Match school funding to national average in the Vale of Glamorgan

Children in the Vale of Glamorgan, our children, are having their life chances trodden on by political nonsense. Our schools are funded significantly under the national average, and the basics required to give our children the education they deserve are compromised. The Vale of Glamorgan receives £606 less per pupil than the Welsh average and £1,360 less per pupil than the highest funded local authority. Head Teachers all over the Vale are letting us know the pressures they are under financially just to make ends meet.  The First Minister, Mark Drakeford, is blaming the Vale Council. Public spats at this level are all very well as they keep our plight newsworthy. However, high profile figures arguing in the media HAS NOT resulted in more money for our schools. It seems no one wants to take responsibility. The Vale Council are able to subsidise Welsh Government  funding, but its not enough.  We are calling for TRANSPARENCY  in the formula that decides funding amounts geographically. TRANSPARENCY in the way it is applied in the Vale of Glamorgan. A FULL REVIEW of what has been described as an outdated formula. Funding that is FIT FOR PURPOSE and in line with the NATIONAL AVERAGE to allow our children EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES. Our Head Teachers NEED the full financial support of WELSH GOVERNMENT and a SOLUTION FOCUSSED RESPONSE.   Please sign the petition to show the First Minister we care about our children’s education. We need to get behind our Head Teachers, all school staff and our children. We cannot sit back and allow bureaucracy to stamp all over our children's future. We need Welsh Government to take notice.   

Lucy Jones
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Mae hi'n amser i Alun Cairns YMDDISWYDDO / It's time for Alun Cairns to RESIGN

*scroll down for English* Wedi i Farnwr Uchel Lys gyhuddo Ross England (cyn ymgeisydd seneddol i'r Ceidwadwyr yn etholaeth Bro Morgannwg, ar gyfer Etholiadau'r Cynulliad yn 2021) o ddymchwel achos llys yn fwriadol yn Ebrill 2018, lle'r oedd cyfaill yn sefyll ei brawf (James Hackett) am dreisio merch, trwy wneud honiadau ynghylch hanes rhywiol y dioddefwr. Dywedodd Ysgrifennydd Gwladol Cymru, Alun Cairns, nad oedd yn ymwybodol o'r hyn a wnaeth Ross England ( "ffrind a chydweithiwr... y byddai'n bleser ymgyrchu drosto" *geiriau Mr Cairns) tan wedi i Ross England gael ei ddewis fel ymgeisydd Cynulliad. Yn dilyn ymchwil gan BBC Cymru, rydym nawr yn gwybod bod Mr Cairns wedi dweud celwydd am yr hyn, yr oedd yn ei wybod am rôl Ross England yn cwympo (a hynny yn fwriadol) achos  llys ei gyfaill James Hackett. A bod Alun Cairns yn gwybod llawer mwy am yr achos, na sydd wedi ei ddatgelu ganddo yn ystod yr wythnosau diwethaf.  Cafodd merch ei threisio (cafwyd James Hackett yn euog mewn ail achos). Rydym yn grediniol bod  yr Ysgrifennydd Gwladol, ymgynghorwyr arbennig ac uwch swyddogion y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig yn gwybod beth oedd wedi digwydd. Fe wnaethon nhw ddewis Ross England p'run bynnag, ac i gamarwain pan gafon nhw'u dal. Mae Mr Cairns wedi dangos anallu gwirioneddol i arwain ar y mater hwn. Mae wedi deud celwydd yn gyhoeddus, mae wedi gosod ei gyfeillgarwch gydag unigolyn fel Ross England yn uwch na hawl merch i dderbyn gwrandawiad teg mewn achos llys. Rydym yn datgan felly bod rhaid iddo YMDDISWYDDO fel Ysgrifenydd Gwladol Cymru, ac fel darpar ymgeisydd y Ceidwadwyr Cymreig yn etholaeth seneddol Bro Morgannwg.  After a High Court Judge accused Ross England (former parliamentary candidate for the Conservatives in the Vale of Glamorgan constituency, for the 2021 Assembly Elections) of deliberately collapsing a court case in April 2018, where a friend stood trial (James Hackett) for the rape of a woman, by making allegations about the victim's sexual history. Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said he was unaware of what Ross England ( "a friend and colleague ...I would love to campaign for" * Mr Cairns' words) had done until after Ross England has been selected as a assembly candidate. Following research by BBC Wales, we now know that Mr Cairns lied about what he knew of Ross England's role in deliberately collapsing his friend James Hackett's court case. And that Alun Cairns knew a lot more about the case, than he has revealed in recent weeks. A woman was raped (James Hackett was convicted in a second case). We believe that the Secretary of State, special advisers and senior officials of the Welsh Conservatives knew what had happened. They chose Ross England anyway, and to mislead when they were caught. Mr Cairns has shown a genuine inability to lead on this issue. He has lied in public, he has placed his friendship with an individual like Ross England above a woman's right to a fair hearing in a court case. We therefore declare that he must RESIGN as Secretary of State for Wales, and as a prospective Welsh Conservative parliamentary candidate in the Vale of Glamorgan constituency.

Osian Jones
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