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  • Union Minister for Railways

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Petitioning Piyush Goyal

Implement disabled friendly measures in Indian railways

I've been groped and manhandled three separate times by porters. They were helping me board the train because Indian trains are not wheelchair accessible. I am a disabled woman living in Mumbai who loves to travel. I have had to wear a diaper because I couldn’t use the train bathroom. And when I needed to change that diaper, I had no privacy and had to wait for hours for the lights to go off at night The railways treat the disabled as a piece of luggage. This needs to stop! Sign my petition and join me in asking the railway minister and the Prime Minister to implement disabled friendly measures in Indian railways. According to The Disability Rights bill, there need to be facilities available for those with disabilities. The Railway Ministry has been talking of making trains disabled friendly but in reality, we are still humiliated every single time because of poor implementation. My fight is to ensure human dignity for the disabled. I am asking the authorities for some basic things everyone takes for granted- Accessible bathrooms with proper space inside the bathroom, clean and higher toilets, low sinks so we can easily wash our hands.  Accessible coaches for the disabled in all trains, ideally one for each class. Enough space between berths so it is easy to fit a standard size wheelchair between the berths and we can shift onto our seats when needed.  Curtains around the berths for when we need to change. Often, I've needed to change my clothes and the berths are too small for me to role around to change my clothes, as well as have no privacy. Proper infrastructure to cross railroads if needed to change platforms. Beside these infrastructure related demands, I also want an attitudinal shift in the way the disabled are treated: Sensitise people to let those with disabilities board first as the general public normally does not care about our well being. Everyone is in a rush to get to their seats. Sensitise abled-bodied persons to not board the handicapped compartment, especially in local trains. We often see that in the local train, those who are not disabled will climb in. That isn't fair. Train the drivers and TCs to halt the train till a handicapped passenger has finished boarding, especially for local trains. The local train only stops for two minutes and with all the crowd, it is very difficult to board. I want to sit down with PM Narendra Modi or the Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu and talk to them about the difficulties faced by those whom are disabled. Sign my petition and ask PM Modi and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to implement measures to make the Indian railways disabled friendly.

Virali Modi
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Petitioning Piyush Goyal

Provision of Dustbin in sleeper and general class in long distance trains #CleanRailways

I am a frequent traveller by Indian Railway's sleeper class and I feel really sad when people throw Eatables wrappers ,polythene bags ,plastic bottles out of windows as a convenient option for a dustbin and dirty both the sides of our railway tracks running throughout our beautiful country. While travelling when I see people throwing garbage and wastes out of the windows I try stopping them and request them to throw  it in dustbins on stations or leave it in the train itself as the Railways staff cleans the compartments periodically in running trains.Plastic bottles can easily be recycled if collected by cleaning staff.But I have seen people are not bothered about this serious problem.Everyday thousands of people travelling in sleeper and general class must be throwing waste through the windows and we are not taking this issue seriously.People are not conscious about difference between bio-degradable and non biodegradable waste. Inside of the Trains and the station areas can be cleaned but the vast area through which the trains run cannot be cleaned. I request you to provide Dustbins in an empty area  under washbasin in all trains in Sleeper and General Class also as is provided already in First class, Second AC and Third AC classes.There should be clear instructions for using them. Also it is seen that the Railway Staff who vacates these bins and cleans the floor etc in AC compartments then throws the garbage out from the doors of the running trains. The staff should be instructed to vacate  the waste at regular intervals of few hours on stations in  bins only. This will help to prevent  piling of junk  in the vast area of running tracks throughout the country and further damage to our environment.  

Vishakha Apte
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Petitioning Devendra Fadnavis, Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal, Piyush Goyal

Clean and hygienic toilets at every Mumbai local train stations.

Those who travel daily from Mumbai local trains would never wish to use the platform toilets. The odour from outside the toilet is enough to drive us away, sometimes the paan spit on the walls of the toilet and even if we somehow manage to use it, the flush or the tap is not working. There is always a toilet which cannot be used either because it is unclean or the flush is not working. This is not only the problem of Mumbaikars but also tourists/families who visit Mumbai and need to use the toilets after a long train journey.Sure, there are washroom cleaners but it is still not being maintained as it should be.Only having toilets is not enough, cleanliness and hygiene matters a lot. Unhygienic toilets are open invitations to many infections. Therefore,toilets should be cleaned daily at regular intervals and attention should be given to the functioning of flush and taps. Thank you.  

Gargi M
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Petitioning Hon. Minister of finance, Shri Arun Jaitley, Shri Piyush Goyal

Dilution of Government’s stake below 51% in IDBI Bank

Dear sir, We note with legitimate concern from the reports appearing in the media that the Union Cabinet had given is assent to the proposal of Life Insurance Corporation of India to acquire 51% of controlling stake in IDBI Bank. The decision of the Cabinet will result in Government of India’s stake getting diluted from 85.96% to 43% having definite bearing on the mandated Development Bank role and character of the Bank as defined in the IDBI (Transfer of Undertaking and Repeal) Act, 2003. We deem it pertinent to draw your kind attention to the solemn assurance given by the then Hon’ble Finance Minister of the NDA led Government of latae Shri A B Vajpayee on the floor of Lok Sabha on 8.12.2003 and Rajya Sabha on 15.12.2003 that the Government shall, at all times, maintain not less than 51 % of the issued capital of the Company. This categorical assurance of the Hon’ble Finance Minister formed the very basis for the withdrawal of the motion moved by the Opposition parties in the matter and ultimate passage of the IDBI Repeal Bill, 2002. Subsequently, Government of India also formally confirmed to the Committee on Government Assurances that the above assurance has been complied with by incorporation of relevant provisions in Clause 4 of the Articles of Association of IDBI Bank to the effect that “The Central Government, being a shareholder of the Company, shall at all times maintain not less than fifty-one per cent of the issued capital of the Company.”Also, relying specifically on the strength of the above assurance, the Reserve Bank of India categorized IDBI under Sub-group :Other Public Sector Bank and the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance vide its communication dated 31.12.2007 to all Ministries and Government Departments concerned notified that for all purposes IDBI shall be treated on par with Nationalised Banks/ State Bank of India.In the above circumstances, the present decision of the Union Cabinet to accord approval to LIC of India for acquire 51% controlling stake in IDBI Bank having consequential effect of Government diluting its shareholding to below 51% is against the solemn assurance given by the Government in December 2003 and is inconsistent with provisions contained in Clause 4 of the Articles of Association which was specifically incorporated because of the assurance given to the Parliament. While we do appreciate that IDBI Bank needs infusion of adequate fresh capital, we feel that the means being adopted by the Government of India is not the panacea. Internal generation of funds by recovery of Non-Performing Assets adopting stringent punitive measures alone will address the issue of capital requirements on long term basis. The main problem in IDBI Bank is the growing bad loans of the big corporate and business houses. Because these huge bad loans are not being recovered, rather all types of concessions are being given, the profits earned by the Bank are going towards making provisions for these bad loans.  Rs. In crores Operating Profit,Provisions for bad loans,Net profit / loss, Gross NPA2011-12    4,056    2,024    + 2,031   4,5512012-13    5,458    3,576    + 1,882   6,4502013-14    5,681    4,560    + 1,121   9,9602014-15    5,778    4,855    + 873    12,6852015-16    5,370    9,035    - 3,665  24,8752016-17    4,579    9,737    - 5,158  44,7532017-18    7,905   16,143   - 8,238  55,588 From the above, it can be observed that the Bank has been performing well but only due to piling up of bad loans, higher provisions have been made and consequently, the entire profits of the Bank have been eaten away by provisions and for the past three years, the Bank is in net loss.In the last 7 years from 2012 to 2018, Rs. 24,226 crores of loans of the big borrowers have been written off by the Bank. When the entire profit of the Bank is going towards provisions for bad loans, the Bank is suffering from loss, inadequate capital, etc., Government should take tough measures to recover the bad loans, fix accountability for the bad loans and in the meantime, extend capital support as assured to the Parliament.As dilution of its shareholding below 51% and permitting LIC of India to acquire controlling stake in IDBI Bank is inconsistent with the spirit and intent of the IDBI (Transfer of Undertaking and Repeal) Act, 2003, we convey our unequivocal protest against the decision of the Union Cabinet in the matter and fervently urge upon the Government of India to rescind its decision in the light of our foregoing submissions. Thanking you,  

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Petitioning Sushma Swaraj, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hardeep Singh Puri, Piyush Goyal

Introduce Student Concession fares in Delhi Metro and reduced burden of Student travel

Metro fares in Delhi has increased between 25% and 67% from 10th May 2017 and the next hike in fare slabs up by Rs.10 is likely in October. The minimum fare now will be Rs 10, up from Rs 8; the maximum Rs 50 against the existing Rs 30 based on the recommendations of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Board. Many students travel by metro rail in Delhi;  Students studying in 11th & 12th Standard attend coaching centres and travelling late evenings prefer metro rail and Students studying in colleges and evening colleges prefer to travel by metro rail.  For safe travel during late hours after attending classes, girl students prefer to travel by metro. Why student concessional fare?  Student concessional fares reduce the burden of travel cost on students. Metro rail travel is safe and fast travel for students traveling far distances and late hours.  Students can use the time saved for study. The present hike in fare has increased the travel cost burden approx. by Rs.500 to Rs.1200 per month for students travelling by metro rail. Student Concessional fare in Developed Countries  In Australia, student cards are issued to school students and college students studying full-time courses in Colleges/Universities. Student concessional fares are at 30% reduced rates.  The concessional fare reduces the cost of education expense for the students.  Solution To reduce the cost burden on students and as a step towards motivation of students, DMRCL should introduce Student Card with 30% and 50% concessional fares for students and girl students, respectively. DMRCL should actively promote the 'Beti Bachao Beti Padao' initiative by offering concessional fares to girl students.  This petition will be delivered to: •Prime Minister of India        Shri Narendra Modi •Minister of Railways        Shri Piyush Goyal •Minister of Urban Development        Shri Hardeep Singh Puri •Managing Director, Delhi Metro  Rail Corporation Limited        Dr. Mangu Singh

Akanksha Rawat
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Petitioning CA Nilesh Shivji Vikamsey (ICAI President), Prakash Javadekar, PMOIndia , Suresh Prabhu, N. D. Gupta, Piyush Goyal, Arun Jaitley, The Institute Of Chartered Accountants

Justice in CA Final Result, 2017

This is in regard with the ongoing debate over the internet on the discrepancy in the CA Final results declared on 17/01/2018. Many of them who had failed to clear the exam, accessed score lists initially sent to the individual regional branches showing them as pass. My brother did not clear the CA Final Exam as per his score card on the ICAI website with a score of 198 while the passing score is 200. But on the Gazette list provided to the branches earlier in the morning, he was found to have passed the gruelling exam in the very attempt. He is not the only one. There is any entire outrage over the internet with humungous number of students who are facing the same situation in other states of the country. As per the assessment, candidates with scores of over 190 have all faced the same problem. The result was delayed by a few hours and that is when they seem to have downgraded the scores of the deserving candidates. As per the Institute, the primary lists that have come to public domain were an internal communication and had some technical glitches. To highlight here, the so called internal communication is also headlined as GAZETTE LIST and marked as Published for General Information. Official lists are not possible from any external agency and has definitely been leaked from the ICAI database. The question arises that how can the list be termed as INTERNAL COMMUNICATION and a mere Press Release from the Institute stating that there were certain technical errors be enough to suffice the discrepancy involved. Lives have been at stake after the announcement of this result and the trauma is unbearable when all the hard work goes unpaid. We want the authorities to provide clarity with the Minutes of the Meeting held on the result day, the reason why the result was delayed and on what basis were the initial results slashed.

Nandini Agarwal
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Petitioning Piyush Goyal, Dharmendra Kumar, Jaiaya Varmah, Rajnath Singh

Help Anita quash a false case against her for reporting the misdeeds of a misbehaving cop.

I have heard horror stories about cops misusing their power -- stories that send a chill down my spine. But little did I know that one day I'd be living one of those nightmares! On February 4, 2018, my way back home, I saw a cop encouraging ticketless travelling in the First Class. Being a journalist, I tried to record the cop's misdeeds. However, what happened next was beyond horrifying. The cop manhandled me, dragged me to the RPF police station at Borivali, I was harassed by her seniors and then a false case was filed against me. To harass me, the cops didn't file an FIR or NC, they directly filed a chargesheet against me. Which meant that had I not been present in court, a non-bailable warrant could have been issued against me. I have decided to fight for justice and need your help in quashing the false case. I must add here that during the course of my fight, the cop has been repatriated and two officers have been suspended, but I still haven't got justice.  This petition is for all law-abiding citizens, who have faced injustice in the hands of the cops. It is a reminder of the long history of harassment and intimidation by police officers, who have created a sense of mistrust in the society. It's unacceptable for the police force to take the law in their hands; to act as the jury and file a case against someone innocent without even listening to their story, just because they want to defend someone from their department. Cops need to face consequences too, especially if they are wrong and have misused the law. Their task is to protect and serve the citizens and not harass people.      Let’s be real. Every one of us knows someone in our families, neighbourhoods or friends’ circle who has witnessed bullies in uniform. It doesn’t matter if you are a law abiding citizen, when these bullies in uniform decide to harass you, they’ll pull all stops to make sure that you bow down to them. I pray that one day justice will be served soon and my fight can make a difference to society. Please do support!

Anita Aikara
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Petitioning Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, B S Yeddyurappa, Sadanand Gowda, Nirmala Sitaraman, sushma swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Piyush Goyal, c

We want BJP in Karnataka: A stable and corrupt free government.

Dear kannadigas, I am very dishearten to see this situation right now going on in Karnataka. The constitution says it is by the people, for the people ,and of the people but it always considered in an opposite way it is by the politics, for the politics, and of the politics. When is the people voice heard? The people have chosen BJP with the high number  of seats than the other party and it clearly says that we don’t want any unstable government to rule the state. If the constitution is for people. If this is a democratic country. The people have already given there decision by choosing BJP with majority of the MLAS with maximum votes . And just the party don’t have 9 More MLAS  they are ignoring 104 MLAS who have wone the elections . People chose BJP to rule the state not the combination of JDS and  CONGRESS . still with just some cheep political games the constitution which is made for the people is ignoring the people! The decision given by the people. If the JD’s and congress is forming the government . If you all agree with my thought please rise your voice before our decision is ignored for the betterment of your state and nation .  From the citizen of India.

Anamika R
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Petitioning Maneka Gandhi piyush goyal

provide safety to women, who feed their baby.

Dear people, It is essential for every country citizen in safeguarding women. I have seen something that is not tolerable and shameful. I am talking about women who have newborn baby and mother had to feed them. No doubt we have feeding centre in Airport, but we lack in something, and that is having feeding centre in Railway Station, and Another public place ( bus stand, metro) and there are few of those who don't respect women and have a dirty mind. They are the worst person who stands in one place and steers at the women and sometimes even click picture which is terrible. India has uneducated women, and many of them don't know about this. We must care for every woman. I know it's weird when a man is talking about this.  The truth is this, and we must do something.  No Doubt in few railway division about five stations have the feeding centre coming up in future, but that's not enough. The feeding centre should be in every station and public place.  That's not the end, and women in sleeper train face the same problems as we know it's is crowded, women feeding their baby have tried best to protect herself, but in some or another way they fail to do so. In Ac Coach, we have a curtain which helps women in safeguarding them and a black window, but all these facilities are not available in sleeper train. Few politicians did morcha but were only for their city. As an Indian, I think we must not only focus one city or state but take every state together, and that's why I would like you to sign and help the women in protecting them and from getting socialised. The video attached is not of Indian women but then it happens and we must care for other country or mother also.   The solution for having baby feeding room in the train is to have one part of sleeper coach developed in a room like First Ac and change the open window into a covered window. THis should be only made for the purpose of feeding. 

Amit Airan
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Petitioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Railways Minister Piyush Goyal

Defer Bullet train to improve safety in Railways

Dear Hon. Prime Minister, In yet another catastrophe, 23 people died in a stampede on the Elphinstone Road Station foot overbridge on 29th September 2017 while on their way to work. They died because the bridge was too narrow to take the increased pedestrian traffic as people took shelter from the rain. They were the latest victims of the crumbling infrastructure of Indian Railways. In 2016-17, 238 lives were lost in train accidents, one of the highest death tolls in recent times. While the 2017-18 budget has seen a higher allocation to Railways, including the setup of a 1 lakh crore rupees ‘Safety Fund’ over the next 5 years, very little impact is seen on the ground as accidents continue to happen with sickening regularity. In response to the latest accident, the Railway Minister, Mr. Piyush Goel has announced a slew of timebound measures to enhance safety in Indian Railways with special focus on Mumbai. This is laudable but insufficient as Indian Railways has and will continue to struggle for funds. On the other hand, a mega-project to setup a Bullet Train corridor between Mumbai and Ahmedabad has been inked in September 2017. The estimated investment is Rs.1.1 Lakh crore over the next 5 years. We believe that your government is poorly prioritizing deployment of our scarce resources in this prestige project which the nation does not need and cannot afford. Please consider the following facts: 1. Flights as an alternative: The current one-way airfare on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad sector ranges from 50%-100% of the projected fare of Rs.3,000 on the bullet train. There is a faster and cheaper mode of transport available on this sector today! 2. Passengers served: The track length on this sector is 508 km or just 0.58% of the total running track length of 86,937 km in the Indian Railways. Even if this route may have higher traffic, only a tiny proportion of rail travelers will be served by this bullet train. 3. Financial terms: The fact that this project is being funded by a soft loan from Japan (0.1% interest) to the tune of 80% of investment cost, with a 15-year moratorium on repayment is often offered as a justification of the project itself. This reasoning is just wrong. a. Indian Railways still has to bear 20% of the investment cost via equity directly. This is 22,000 crore rupees, which is not a small amount by any stretch. b. Irrespective of the favourable conditions of the loan, the nation will still have to pay the remaining 88,000 crore rupees. We will still be paying for a project we do not need. c. The loan itself is denominated in Japanese Yen. With much lower interest rates in Japan, the Yen is very likely to appreciate against the Rupee (as it has historically), thereby nullifying the low interest rate. d. The operational maintenance cost will likely require additional budgetary allocation when money for simple infrastructure upgrades like the Elphinstone Road foot over bridge is difficult to find. e. Cheap financing cannot be a justification for implementing a project, particularly of this scale. There should be a need for it, and there isn’t. 4. Transparency in decision making: We are concerned at the unseemly haste in making this major policy decision without proper public consultation. It was incumbent on the government to publish all relevant facts but the basic project evaluation metrics have not been shared in the public domain. 5. India’s prestige: It has also been said that this project will enhance India’s prestige in the world. Nothing impacts India’s prestige more than its citizens dying in a stampede while on their way to work, because the government could not provide them with basic infrastructure. Mr. Prime Minister, we are sick of the continued apathy and negligence of successive governments which seemingly have no regard for loss of human lives as well as the inhuman travelling conditions. We do not care about the 70 years of poor governance of the past. As the government of the day, we expect you to make decisions which are in the best interests of all, and not a privileged few. Before we reach for the stars, let us at least learn to walk. We want a renewal of infrastructure with a high emphasis on safety. We don’t want any more rail accidents. We want stations and trains to be clean and with functioning toilets. We want you to ensure women’s safety. We demand accountability of all officials. We want this, not just in Mumbai, but across the country. We appeal to you to defer this Bullet Train project and reallocate this investment to infrastructure renewal and safety assurance for all rail commuters, not just in Mumbai city but across the country. Mr. Prime Minister - you have a close affinity to the railways due to your own life story. Let your legacy to the world be in making Indian Railways a global leader in safety, where zero human lives are lost. Nothing else is acceptable.

Tanmay Jaswal
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