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'Virtual Fences' in the UK to Lessen Roadkill and Road Traffic Accidents

ProblemIn 2016-2017 it was reported that more than 3900 animals were killed on the roads in the United Kingdom (, 2018). This is 3900 too many. Even more so when you take into account that this only the animals which are reported as roadkill. Have you ever reported roadkill which you've seen? No. Therefore, this number is likely to be much, much larger. Road signs such as, "Animals Crossing" are not effective- drivers simply ignore them. Speed bumps don't work either as they disrupt traffic and result in NIMBYist feelings. However, there is a solution, and it comes from Tasmania...SolutionIn Tasmania, on one stretch of road, there are 'virtual fences', which detect car movement, and animal movement, and when they correspond to one-another, lets out a high frequency sound and flashing lights- which is completely inaudible, and invisible to the driver. This results in the animal being "spooked", and not crossing the road, or it does cross, just when it is safe to do so.Too many people have crashed, or died, in their cars by trying to avoiding wildlife. This simple tool will help to reduce this. In Tasmania this device reduced roadkill by 50%- so fewer animals died, fewer cars were crashed, and fewer people died- a mutually beneficial device to prevent unnecessary deaths.#DontBeOnTheFence Please Share this petition in whatever way you can: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, word of mouth, so that one day this will become commonplace in the UK. If you want to learn more about the 'virtual fences' information can be found at:   or... Fox, et al., (2018), Roadkill mitigation: trialing virtual fence devices on the west coast of Tasmania, Australian Mammalogy, Personal storyMy name is Sam, I am 20 years old, and am currently studying Geography at university. I wanted to set up this petition because when I saw this idea I thought that it should be utilised everywhere- not just hidden away in Tasmania. If it can reduce road traffic accidents, or roadkill even slightly then surely it would be a success?

Sam Street
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Keep our children's centers open

It was reported by Nuneaton News this morning (15/06/2017) that reassessment of our children's centers will take place, with some facing closure. This would be a terrible mistake for Warwickshire County Council. Across the borough there are thousands of families that rely on services provided by these centers. There are also hundreds of parents of children with additional needs who use these centers as a lifeline. My son is 3 years old and is on the waiting list for ASD assessment. Its already been a long battle to get this far but the children's centers within the borough have been the first places I call should I need help or advice. My sons community peadiatrician, Speech & Language therapist and health visitor are all based at the childrens centers under threat. Where will we be taking our amazing kids for their appointments? There are stay n' play sessions held at these centers that are specifically for children with additional needs, support groups for parents and constant access to a range of friendly advice that our children need without fear of us being judged should a meltdown happen or if we have no one else to talk to and we're at our wits end as parents. These centers can not close. Our children can not loose anymore. They have already been through so much...and so have we! Surely it's better to invest in our children now so that they stand a better chance of giving back to society when they reach adulthood. The centers that are at AT RISK are; Bedworth Heath, Bulkington, Ladybrook, Park Lane, Rainbow, and Riversley children's centre.

Jessica Tomlinson
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Grant an Urgent Amnesty to Illegal Migrants at this unprecedented times COVID-19 Outbreak

Solidarity with Illegal Migrants/Overstayers. Request to grant an Urgent Amnesty to the Illegal Migrants/Overstayers at this unprecedented time because they are really vulnerable especially at this time to risk their lives. As the UK Government has already implemented a number of significant measures to help contain the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus and while they're very necessary these measures are challenging for all of us in our everyday lives. Logically and fairly, in these kinds of unprecedented times, the Government 's policies should be equally applicable to all the society irrespective of one's nationality, colour, culture, faith, race or immigration status. This is the time of national emergency and health crisis, infect the World Health Organisation declared the Coronavirus outbreak as Pandemic and Public Health Emergency of International Concern. WHO calls for urgent, aggressive and compassionate actions to combat COVID-19. At this crucial challenging time when the country is dealing with the pandemic crisis of coronavirus, and putting all the efforts to facilitate the businesses, workers, industries, and every individual of the society, and we should not forget the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants during this extremely hard time. These Migrants are living in this country with their families, children and they are rightly vulnerable at this stage as they do not have their GP or equal health facilities because they do not have their legal papers. Even the NHS announced for the NHS entitlements to all including visitors and illegal migrants diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19 but still, the illegal migrants and overstayers feel afraid and reluctant to go to the GP or Hospital and may continue to suffer alone. We must understand the fact that their lives, health, and wellbeing are equally important, valuable and paramount as anyone else. They should go to the GP or hospital confidently and freely without having fear or threat of being detained or deported. As human beings and considering the fundamental human rights and honour the British Values, we need to show solidarity as a nation and stand together being United. This is time to stay united and fight together by getting involve all marginalised group of this society including Illegal Migrants/Overstayers at the time of facing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. They are living within this society being part of the British community but due to their immigration status, they are suffering from many miseries. Many of them are living in this county for a very long time, e.g 8 or 10 years or even more than 15 years. They spent considerable life here in the UK. In the current scenario, compassion dictates to consider their compassionate, exceptional, and compelling circumstances and facilitate them in these critical times when the whole worlds are suffering from severe effects of coronavirus a pandemic disease. It will be a highly fair, just, unprejudiced and legitimate act if the Government and parliamentarians are merciful and pass such special unprecedented law in the favor of illegal migrants on humanitarian grounds to facilitate them at this unprecedented time. According to the recent survey reports, there are more than half a million illegal migrants living in the United Kingdom. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson himself fully aware of the situation of the illegal migrants and their miseries and he previously advocated and proposed “earned amnesty” for illegal immigrants. Bearing in mind, granting Amnesty to the Illegal Migrants would very rightly and significantly impact our country's economy as they would contribute to the British economy by paying the taxes and generating revenue and gear our economy up. An "Amnesty" can be given to those Illegal Migrants who do not have serious criminal records, with certain conditions attached to it e.g no public funds and visa extensions, etc. These people have been suffering from so many miseries and atrocities. They are vulnerable and being exploited on many occasions due to not having the full protection of the law without having legal papers in this country and they feel afraid to report against anyone because of their personal vulnerability. They always being treated unfairly and their human rights many time undermined and rejected. On that basis, they can't register with GP, they can't rent a home, can't work legally, can't drive and can't travel out of the country to reunite with their family at the event when their beloved one dies or any other special event. Most of them are living in the UK due to there own individual personal compassionate and compelling circumstances. They consider the UK their home and have left no or minimum ties to their country of origin. It is urged before the Government and Parliamentarians to consider the Urgent Amnesty tin favor of vulnerable Illegal Migrants/overstayers at this unprecedented times. It is therefore requested to all of you, kindly sign this petition on the basis of humanity. #YourVoice

Muazzam Sandhu
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