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Save Teesside Airport. Calling on Northern Powerhouse Minister James Wharton to help...

Teesside Airport is at death's door - this is evidenced by the staggering decline in numbers of flights and passenger numbers.   Because Teesside Steel has now gone, the loss of Teesside Airport would send three shocking messages to the whole world: 1.  Teesside is struggling 2.  Teesside doesn't have a great future 3.  Don't think about investing in Teesside   If Teesside Airport can be saved then action needs to be taken quickly.  I'm calling on James Wharton MP - Minister For Northern Powerhouse - to swiftly examine the strange decline of Teesside Airport and reassure the public.   We need to know that he believes it can play a key role in Teesside's ability to win investment, jobs and prosperity.   Teesside has lost its steel.  Weak politicians have overseen the decline of a once proud airport - let's act now before it's too late.   Please sign and share   Andy Preston  

Andy Preston
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AwAiting update     

Nicolette Organici Maroc
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Petitioning James Wharton MP

UK Border Agency & G4S: Do not evict Cha Matty

Cha Matty, asylum seeker mother with a two-year-old daughter, blew the whistle on conditions at a G4S run hostel three months ago. She appeared in front of a select committee, and spoke to journalists. Now the UK Border Agency are evicting her and stopping all financial support, leaving them both destitute. The given reason for the eviction is that she has failed to return a form; in fact, she has returned it twice. We're asking the UK Border Agency to reconsider.

Zoe Williams
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Stop Scotland having another referendum against the will of the majority

Sturgeon will not accept the majority of voters in Scotland wish to stay part of the U.K. Help stop us being dragged against the will of the majority into another referendum. We voted 55% to 45% to remain in the UK. The debate is settled. It was a once in a lifetime referendum.

Chloe Davies
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Not a ‘Happy Ending’ for All. Call for Action to Recognise Legitimate Massage Businesses.

Stop Sexual Harassment of Massage Therapists & Better Regulations for All To stop this confusion and the constant harassment of legitimate therapists providing Health and Beauty services, there needs to be a clear distinction as to which businesses provide therapeutic massage and others which provide massage with the end goal of sexual gratification. We, in the Health and Beauty industry find this extremely important as everyone should have the right to feel safe in the workplace. This is not the case however, as massage therapists are propositioned daily to provide ‘Happy Endings.’  In the industry, we often have to deal with people expecting an entirely different service to the professional Health and Beauty services we are qualified and insured for. The fact that there is an abundance of sexual services provided by illegal businesses masquerading as spas and beauty salons, and they are actually brothels and parlours, indicates that the Government is not doing enough to combat this issue. If there are laws in place to prevent this, why isn’t this being regulated and enforced? Many men & women (especially women) that start out in the Health and Beauty industry at a very young age, find being asked for sexual services as extras a fear for their safety. Many therapists are subject to sexual harassment and leave the industry because of this. Receptionist's also find it a daily battle with seedy phone calls and perverse e-Mails.  As humans, we have a right to work without fearing for our safety. Suggested call for action is: 1.      Better licensing of legitimate Health and Beauty Providers and a certification for such businesses, so that they are easily recognised by potential customers as legitimate. This would confirm to customers that they are have a team of qualified, insured & fully certified therapists. 2.      legalese the sex work that goes on in some ‘Massage Parlours,’ which could possibly increase safety for vulnerable sex workers and decrease modern slavery and trafficking. This legalisation would make the industry more transparent and less ambiguous as to which businesses provide therapeutic massage and which provide massage with the end goal of sexual gratification.

Spa Satori
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Make Christmas a holiday 364 days a year

Everyone loves the joy of the Christmas holidays. Families in pajamas in front of a roaring fire. Mistletoe hanging from bright red ribbons. Trees and tinsel and catmint tea... Why let such a perfect holiday only happen on one day? Let’s write to our congresspeople, senators, Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Peers of the Sovereign, and every other political representative we can think of, and demand as politely as possible that Christmas be made a legal holiday 364 days a year! (Obviously, the final day should be reserved for Boxing Day, because everyone needs a break the day after Christmas. And without Leap Days, what would be the point of February?) It isn’t easy being a Christmas cat in a pumpkin spice world. But together, we can save Christmas, and bring the wonder of the most magical time of year to each and every day. Sign the petition. Bring Christmas back. Take on pumpkin spice! And remember — Tis the season.  You can read all about where I got the idea for this petition:

Santa Claws
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Get my disability needs children home

My have different disability needs and they were taken from me in may this year and I have seen cuts bruises black eye on my kids they stop my husband's​ from seeing out middle child  I have to listen to my kids cry saying that they want to come home with me it because I have a disability needs myself and the social worker used it against me in court to win the case against me I know how to be a good mum and look after my kids with their own disability has he been moved 5 times he has not been able to settle down this is why I need everyone to help me with this and get my kids back home sw has lied about us he bullied used threaten behaviour to me ,my husband and my has wet himself because he was so scared of the sw and the sw said​when my kids say they want to come home it because they want me to be happy bullshit i am their mum and i know how much my kids wants to come home with me and their dad

Michelle Bottley
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Prevent Elitism: Stop Universities Charging Students Just To Apply

This includes stopping application fees and other charges before student finance loans are provided.   I recently applied for an MA at UCL. I was shocked to discover I needed to pay £75 to apply. No other university has charged me to apply (that is, Kingston University, Nottingham University and Derby University). Luckily, I was able to find the funds. Others might not be able to.  Why should people be excluded from education on the basis of finances? Coming from the North of England, I am unsure if living in London is even affordable to me in the first place - especially since I am so far in debt already from my current undergraduate degree. Why are students being punished financially to educate themselves to add value to industries and the economy? Why does UCL feel the need to incur extra costs? There are already so many problems of exclusion from education and therefore career opportunities based on geographical location, personal finances, gender, race and so on and so on. I do not feel this is necessary.  Is 9 grand a year for an undergraduate degree not enough already? In this case, it was an MA I applied for which would cost around 6 grand a year... are they trying to make up the cost? Other universities seem to manage without adding the extra cost.  Unfortunately, the MA I am applying to is for Publishing - which is already a very exclusive industry to the southern white middle class. I call for publishers, business professionals of all kinds, students, and other universities to speak out against this admin fee. It may seem like a small issue to some of us, but not to many struggling with financial difficulty.  Cheers for reading. Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Finola Billings
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Abusive fathers should lose the privillege to have contact with their child

Abusive partners should lose the privilege to have contact with their child(ren) if the mother is forced to flee domestic abuse whilst she is pregnant or whilst the child is too young to choose for themselves. Abusive ex partners use children as a gateway back into their victims life. Safeguarding restrictions being put in place is not sufficient. If the child has contact with the abusive parent, they are very likely to be exposed to domestic abuse when observing the parent in future relationships. This can be damaging and is not in a child's best interest. The abuser may also abuse the child or use the child to indirectly continue to abuse their ex partner.

Sophia Richards
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Domestic violence needs to be stopped and the death penalty should be brought back

Too many women are being victims of domestic violence and nothing is being done about it. The police don't do anything, the courts don't do anything. Also the death penalty should be brought back into play for this sort of thing. Abusers think they can get away with it and that is why they re-offend. It is also not fair on families and children who have to witness this as well . This is about protecting people and their rights and their children. People should not be beaten to silence and fear the justice system because they won't do anything about it. The courts need to start protecting who they say they are there to protect. It should be a law that domestic violence is not tolerated at all and should be punished for their crimes. That is why the death penalty should be brought back!!!!!!!!!!!

nikola smyth
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