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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

Get a decent road in the neighborhood.

My neighborhood has two big IT-Tech parks and one of them is even a SEZ unit. The back gate of these tech parks opens to Doddakanelli-Kadubeesanhalli road (also known as Gear school road) and forms a major route for people working in these tech parks and the four schools for children. Some months ago, the authorities had dug up this road to lay Kaveri water pipeline. Good for us! But they never reconstructed this road, just filled it with mud and left it. On a non-rainy day, you just can't breathe in this air full of dust particles. On a rainy day, the full road becomes muddy and you can't walk! The two wheeler vehicles are on high risk of slipping on such a muddy road and might fall into a pothole full of water. Bangalore was in limelight last year after the rains when several people died due to these potholes. Will the authorities come to senses only when someone falls into potholes and die? My sincere request is to get this road constructed as soon as possible before the rainy season and so that no one loses their life due to such negligence. 

Nandani Madhukar
30,827 supporters
Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority, Siddaramaiah, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike-BBMP

Build safe roads or Refund road taxes

Heavy rains for the past 2 months have damaged the city roads and created the usual potholes. even national highways passing through the city are badly damaged.There are many places which are critical and there are choke points which are causing water logging during heavy showers.Due to which there is a chance of people meeting with accidents and can also cause major damage to their vehicles.Even there are cases of water getting inside house and  each time there is three to four feet of water inside. And this water is not just rain but also has sewage from the nearby drain Please identify the damaged roads  and drainage system in the city and fix it as soon as possible.    

Sumit Acharya
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

Build a FLYOVER at Doddanekundi Junction on Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

Doddnekundi Road Junction on ORR is flooded with traffic mess. Vehicles coming from all directions. Vehicular traffic is heavy at any time of the day not necessarily peak time. There are residential complexes, malls, office complexes just abutting the junction with everyone wanting to jostle for space to move. One crossing left to right, another right too left, one heading straight another one taking U turn, one crossing across, one coming from service road, etc. etc. No traffic lights or no traffic cops are able to control the traffic in a smooth manner. Vehicles taking as much as 10 minutes to cross the junction. It is JUST a NIGHTMARE continuing for few years now with vehicle drivers, pedestrians and traffic police trying to cope with increasing traffic day by day. How long can we tolerate this mess??? Flyover got approved in the state budget few years ago and BDA who is entrusted to build the flyover has just not initiated the work for reasons unknown and no one explains.

Ramesh P
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Petitioning Human Rights Campaign, Bangalore Development Authority

All roads should be repaired immediately with warranty and compensation for road accident.

99 percentage of roads in Bangalore are not in a position to travel. Contractors are  bothered to fill their pockets rather than filling the dangerous pothole. The corrupted authorities are supporting them for getting commission. Our petition is 1 . All the roads should be repaired immediately 2. All the roads should have warranty for at least 6 months if the roads damage with in that period , collect huge fine from contractors.If a contractor fail no project should be given to such contractor. 3. Repair should happen immediately after the complaints are raised. 4. Compensation for road accident victims due to bad roads or pothole .

josan thomas
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

BBMP/BDA: End Cable Transmission Wire Web across Bengaluru City

ProblemAll the roads of Bengaluru are webbed/cluttered with Cable TV transmission wires and most of them are lying on the roads or hanging from the electrical pole. This is causing major problems to:1) Look of the city2) People driving cars, bikes, bicycles etc.3) PedestriansSolution1) All the illegally installed wires should be removed with all sort of peripheral devices attached to it2) Peripheral pipes should be provided through which the wires should be allowed to be installed  

Ashish Srivastava
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

BDA: please improve panathur, doddakannelli sarjapur road Bangalore.

Below are the road conditions:  The road is not able to handle the sudden increase in traffic due to recently opened IT parks. It takes 30- 45 mins for a car to travel 3 km on this internal road.  This road has been the hub for residential layouts & many connecting roads between CISCO IT hub, Prestige tech park, Embassy tech village, Varthur, Sarjapur road, Gunjur, to the Outer ring road at Kadubisanahalli. When it does not rain, there is a huge amount of dust in the air and visibility is not more than 20 feet. A lot of people commute by two-wheelers and this cannot be good for our health in mid to long term. On top of that, there are huge potholes that stretch from one end of the road to another at 4-5 places along this road. These are backbreaking, to say the least. When it does rain, you get stuck in the crazy traffic and reach home very late drenched in mud and water. The additional risk of slipping on the very slippery 'road', and/or falling into the huge craters (potholes) which you can't see as it is filled with water. Rains just cripple this entire road till Kadubisanahalli bridge. All 3 entry points from ORR to major IT parks like ETV, Cessna is jam-packed. For a person coming from HSR end, either you enter under the flyover where you get stuck because of a tractor/water tanker unable to maneuver the bends or you take a U-turn ahead at Kadubeesanhalli bridge and then get stuck right from there till Adarsh Palm entrance or you take the right into New Horizon school road and again get stuck at the entry point. For a person who lives nearby, its close to impossible to walk in so much mud. Most of the people as I hear in societies come via vehicle only to get away from dust and not because they do not want to walk.  This petition is to majorly get the road repaired along with footpaths and lights so that its safe to walk and will ultimately reduce traffic jams in the area. Some suggestions: Heavy vehicles (except school buses) shouldn't be allowed on these roads from 9 - 11 am and again from 6-8 pm as these are office hours -largely we see construction tractors and water tankers jamming our entry/exit points  Taxis & Autos shouldn't be allowed to park in the above time bands on the Wells Fargo service lane (the road is already a two-lane road and one lane has taxis standing whole day!!) Get these inside village roads repaired and lay proper roads without craters - one road a time Suggest having street lights working at night for visibility    

Shivani Tiwari
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority, BBMP, bjparvind , Aravind Limbavali, Deputy Commissioner,Bangalore, Bengaluru Traffic Police

Sky-walk in Karthik Nagar and major points in Outer-Ring-Road ORR, Bangalore

Dedicated traffic police service or sky-walk in Outer-Ring-Road ORR, Bangalore. Crossing the roads anywhere in Outer Ring Road, Bangalore is a horrifying task.Daily gets hit by car's, bike's mirrors or gets squeezed between vehicles. I cross Karthik Nagar, Bangalore (560037) road daily. On 22.May.2018 I got hit by an auto who was trying to skip all the pedestrians crossing the road.There are almost 10 day cares/kindergartens on one side of the road.I've seen parents running between vehicles, carrying their kids. There are many roads that connect to Karthik Nagar and many vehicles join here. [From HAL old airport road and ORR-WhiteField connection road]. Karthik Nagar is the point where U-turn is allowed for these vehicles. Jeevika hospital is situated on one side of the road. Traffic Police is rarely seen on this side of the road. There are many sky-bridges constructed in last 3 years [above marathalli bridge, Spice Garten, Bellandur RMZ Ecospace, Esteem mall in Hebbal].These all have been constructed after many accidents which are never reported [only death is considered as major and not getting injured!!]. Requesting officials to take action on this, before any major accidents happen as that happened in Esteem Mall, Hebbal. The petition here is to construct sky-walk in major points in ORR where so that people's life is not neglected. Hoping for the best

Aswathy Lalitha
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Petitioning Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, Maneka Gandhi, Bangalore Development Authority

Pet friendly places to be pet- friendly all days

Pets are family . outlets who call themselves ‘pet- friendly’ - should allow or welcome pets irrespective of the day of the week . Many restaurants allow Pets only during weekdays to fill their empty seats - so unfair . and how do they expect pet owners and lovers to know where to take their family on weekends when they randomly say ‘ No pets allowed on weekdays’ Equal rights , make it fair . Respect for every living being .    

Ahana Bhtn
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

Cleaning up toxic and polluted lakes in Bengaluru

Hello everyone, With the most recent incident of Bellandur lake catching fire and spreading toxins into our atmosphere, let us push our government to take immediate action on this and clean up only few lakes which are left in Bangalore. India is already named the most polluted country in the world overtaking china, let us not add more to it. Let us not allow incidents like this to happen and contribute to increasing pollution in Bengaluru. Let us clean up and preserve the precious lakes of Bengaluru. Please support this cause. Thanks, Varun Krishnamurthy

Varun Krishnamurthy
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

To stop this move to cut 171 trees in Indiranagar, Bangalore to construct a new complex.

STOP THIS INCONSIDERATE MOVE by The Bengaluru Development Authority is planning to chop down 171 trees in order to redevelop the BDA Complex.PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAUSE BY CHALLENGING THE MOVE AND STOP THIS ATROCITY OF CUTTING TREES IN THE NAME OF DEVELOPMENT.  SHARE THIS PETITION ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE FACEBOOK,INSTAGRAM WHATSAPP TO STOP THIS MOVE AND LET THEM KNOW WE CARE FOR OUR TREES! The 30-year-old complex will soon be demolished and a new two-unit complex will come in its place. “The trees may be cut in a few days, depending on when the construction will begin,” a BDA official said. According to the source, BDA is likely to get the environmental clearance to cut the trees as some of the trees listed are not protected under the Environment Protection Act. These include peepal, banyan, Indian beech, tulip tree, rain tree, silver oak, orchid tree, cherry, champak, java plum, mango, lemon, neem, coconut, jackfruit, subabul tamarind and custard apple trees. “The BDA is a profit-making entity. When something under our jurisdiction is not profitable, it is our duty to ensure that revenue is generated. Once the new complex comes up in Indiranagar, it can generate Rs 38 crore profit,” the official said. Reacting strongly to the BDA’s move, Swarna Venkataraman, secretary of Indiranagar 1st Stage resident welfare association, said that the residents of the area will come together and oppose BDA’s move as the complex is located within 75 m of the Kadirenapalya Lake’s buffer zone"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” ― Warren Buffett"The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. ” ― Wendell Berry

Abhiram Shantharam
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