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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

Get a decent road in the neighborhood.

My neighborhood has two big IT-Tech parks and one of them is even a SEZ unit. The back gate of these tech parks opens to Doddakanelli-Kadubeesanhalli road (also known as Gear school road) and forms a major route for people working in these tech parks and the four schools for children. Some months ago, the authorities had dug up this road to lay Kaveri water pipeline. Good for us! But they never reconstructed this road, just filled it with mud and left it. On a non-rainy day, you just can't breathe in this air full of dust particles. On a rainy day, the full road becomes muddy and you can't walk! The two wheeler vehicles are on high risk of slipping on such a muddy road and might fall into a pothole full of water. Bangalore was in limelight last year after the rains when several people died due to these potholes. Will the authorities come to senses only when someone falls into potholes and die? My sincere request is to get this road constructed as soon as possible before the rainy season and so that no one loses their life due to such negligence. 

Nandani Madhukar
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

Build a FLYOVER at Doddanekundi Junction on Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

Doddnekundi Road Junction on ORR is flooded with traffic mess. Vehicles coming from all directions. Vehicular traffic is heavy at any time of the day not necessarily peak time. There are residential complexes, malls, office complexes just abutting the junction with everyone wanting to jostle for space to move. One crossing left to right, another right too left, one heading straight another one taking U turn, one crossing across, one coming from service road, etc. etc. No traffic lights or no traffic cops are able to control the traffic in a smooth manner. Vehicles taking as much as 10 minutes to cross the junction. It is JUST a NIGHTMARE continuing for few years now with vehicle drivers, pedestrians and traffic police trying to cope with increasing traffic day by day. How long can we tolerate this mess??? Flyover got approved in the state budget few years ago and BDA who is entrusted to build the flyover has just not initiated the work for reasons unknown and no one explains.

Ramesh P
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority, Siddaramaiah, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike-BBMP

Build safe roads or Refund road taxes

Heavy rains for the past 2 months have damaged the city roads and created the usual potholes. even national highways passing through the city are badly damaged.There are many places which are critical and there are choke points which are causing water logging during heavy showers.Due to which there is a chance of people meeting with accidents and can also cause major damage to their vehicles.Even there are cases of water getting inside house and  each time there is three to four feet of water inside. And this water is not just rain but also has sewage from the nearby drain Please identify the damaged roads  and drainage system in the city and fix it as soon as possible.    

Sumit Acharya
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority, BBMP, bjparvind , Aravind Limbavali, Deputy Commissioner,Bangalore, Bengaluru Traffic Police

Sky-walk in Karthik Nagar and major points in Outer-Ring-Road ORR, Bangalore

Dedicated traffic police service or sky-walk in Outer-Ring-Road ORR, Bangalore. Crossing the roads anywhere in Outer Ring Road, Bangalore is a horrifying task.Daily gets hit by car's, bike's mirrors or gets squeezed between vehicles. I cross Karthik Nagar, Bangalore (560037) road daily. On 22.May.2018 I got hit by an auto who was trying to skip all the pedestrians crossing the road.There are almost 10 day cares/kindergartens on one side of the road.I've seen parents running between vehicles, carrying their kids. There are many roads that connect to Karthik Nagar and many vehicles join here. [From HAL old airport road and ORR-WhiteField connection road]. Karthik Nagar is the point where U-turn is allowed for these vehicles. Jeevika hospital is situated on one side of the road. Traffic Police is rarely seen on this side of the road. There are many sky-bridges constructed in last 3 years [above marathalli bridge, Spice Garten, Bellandur RMZ Ecospace, Esteem mall in Hebbal].These all have been constructed after many accidents which are never reported [only death is considered as major and not getting injured!!]. Requesting officials to take action on this, before any major accidents happen as that happened in Esteem Mall, Hebbal. The petition here is to construct sky-walk in major points in ORR where so that people's life is not neglected. Hoping for the best

Aswathy Lalitha
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

Stop Bellandur Lake burning

Bellandur Lake in Bangalore city is not a lake any more. The dry water hyacinth covering the lake has become inflammable.  Chemicals dumped in the lake caught fire recently causing thick toxic smoke to spread to nearby areas.  Reports say that the fire raged for 4 hours and engulfed the entire lake!  Today again there was again smoke emanating from the lake and covering the nearby areas and as far as the posh Koramangala area.  Bangalore will no longer be livable if these incidents keep continuing. Is there someone in the government going to take responsibility for the safety of the citizens from the toxic fumes? Save the lake and save the lives of people.   

Anant Kansal
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority

Cleaning up toxic and polluted lakes in Bengaluru

Hello everyone, With the most recent incident of Bellandur lake catching fire and spreading toxins into our atmosphere, let us push our government to take immediate action on this and clean up only few lakes which are left in Bangalore. India is already named the most polluted country in the world overtaking china, let us not add more to it. Let us not allow incidents like this to happen and contribute to increasing pollution in Bengaluru. Let us clean up and preserve the precious lakes of Bengaluru. Please support this cause. Thanks, Varun Krishnamurthy

Varun Krishnamurthy
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority, Bangalore Bhruhat Mahanagara Palike, Karnataka Government

Rally for Bangalore's Lakes

The founders of Bangalore knew that Bangalore being in a hill top could not store water so they created tanks and lakes.  We had around 383 lakes between 1960 and 1975. However now due to greedy politicians and realtor in the name of development we have less than 100 lakes.  IISC has researched and published that in a few years Bangalore will die. I'm a hard core Bangalorean and I cant see my lifeline die. I want all the lakes restored from apartments and playgrounds.  I want Bangalore back as the garden city. Please sign this petition for a home "Our Home"... a home to nature and humans alike

Monica Alex
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Petitioning Mayor, BBMP, Bangalore Development Authority

Garbage Bins in Jayanagar 9th Block(East End Road)

A garbage dump does not belong in a residential neighborhood. Here or anywhere. Please act now and install Garbage Bins. Let us save our neighborhood from Trash. I being a resident near Reddy Hospital (Jayanagar 9th Block , East end circle), early morning to midnight, Garbage is dumped alongside road and black spots are more that causes Asthma, Lung problems, Fatigue,to students, people and everyone travel every other day. This also makes the BBMP employees to dug the waste and fill it in big trucks daily in their hands thus causing diseases to them as no one is aware to segregate wet and dry waste. Let us change this scenario by installing two Garbage Bins properly and maintaining it.   

Sairam D
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Petitioning Bangalore Development Authority, Bangalore police commissioner, ORRCA , Corporator of Marathalli, corporator of Marathahalli

Marathahalli Junction traffic Problem

               Marathahalli Bridge is the key Junction which joins traffic from/to bellandur, old Airport Road, Whitefield and KR Puram . This four are highly populated areas. Both from residential as well as commercial perspective. Marathahalli under pass is itself poorly designed to handle this traffic. Additionally all vehicles coming from Varthur road and entering into outer ring road towards bellandur has to go through very poor quality service road and  the entrance into outer ring road is blocked by a bus stand. This also results in traffic jam for vehicles coming from KR Puram towards bellandur. The road connecting outer ring road to Varthur road from kala mandir to Marathahalli bridge is filled with pot holes.                 The traffic coming from bellandur towards kr puram  and  vartur road has to go through poorly organized intercity bus stand. Which creates a lot of traffic jam under the marathahalli bridge. Traffic coming from bellandur to varthur road has to go through old airport road to take a u turn back towards varthur road. This u turn is also not designed to handle traffic volume and as a result traffic from/to marathahalli bridge to and from/to old airport road is always blocked.                 The number of office on outer ring road is increasing day by day similarly the number of residents is increasing day by day.                   We request bangalore police commissioner, bangalore development authority ,Bangalore mayor and corporator of Marathalli to come together Along with citizens of Marathalli and ORRCA to solve this problem from long term perspective. 

Nimesh Patel
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Petitioning Bangalore, Bangalore Development Authority, Bangalore Mahanagara Palika, BMP

Street Lights in working condition on the Bangalore Roads.

Hi Everyone, Usually I commute using 2 wheeler, passing through Outer Ring Road daily at night and see that the street lights are never functional. People who ride vehicle are not able to see clearly,if any person crosses the road.Today because of low clarity and visibly an accident took place near to the New Horizon College where the Tempo traveler directly hit the Divider very badly to save the person who was crossing the road. So I request the Bangalore BMP and the Government to take the action and solve such issues asap, since its a matter of life. 

Akash Deep Chhabra
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