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How would you feel if your loved one was racially abused and beaten by a group of people?  Then instead of being protected by the justice system, was sentenced to 4 ½ years for defending themselves. This is what has happened to Siyanda Mngaza. If you are able and would like to donate to the campaign please go to This link is for donations for the 'Free Siyanda' campaign only NOT  If you would like more information on the campaign or want to support please visit Why we're appealing:   Siyanda was 20 years old at the time of her attack and the aggressors are more than twice her age.   These attackers claimed that they did not harm her, yet she sustained horrific injuries.   The police admitted in court to not having investigated this hate crime against Siyanda.   The jury failed to understand the direction of the judge and did not understand the charges Siyanda faced, even though she proved in court she was attacked.     Siyanda is a bright, aspiring black woman now 21 years old, who had a promising career and life ahead of her.  She is loved by many because of her kind heart and very caring nature.    We need your help to obtain 'Justice for Siyanda' and bring an end to her traumatic ordeal.  She has never been in trouble and has no prior warnings or convictions. Siyanda has been failed by the system because of the colour of her skin.    What YOU can do to help  ·      Please help us gain over 100k signatures on the petition so we can bring this to the attention of MPs. Showing that it is not acceptable for an innocent person to be jailed for defending herself. Head on over to our website  Donate to   ·      Read this article -   Thank you all for your support in signing and sharing this petition. Siyanda has been sentenced to four and a half years for GBH. Siyanda's family are campaigning to make the truth of what happened on the 25th of May 2019 known.   More about Siyanda’s story:   On the 25th of May 2019, Siyanda was attacked in a racially motivated incident by two men and a woman.  Siyanda was camping when the attackers threatened to kill her, calling her racial slurs. When the three attackers ran toward Siyanda, one of them punched her. Siyanda fell to the ground. Siyanda was holding a glass in her hand which caused a minor cut (that didn't even require stitches) to the attacker. The two men proceeded to drag Siyanda to the ground, stomping on her head (evidence of injuries and significant bruises on her face were submitted) in a vicious attack. Siyanda managed to free herself, and while she hid from her attackers, they called the police and falsely accused Siyanda of perpetrating an attack on them.  Dyfed Powys Police arrested Siyanda, and for the last nine months, she has desperately been fighting for justice. Police did not arrest the attackers and didn't even take statements from them until the morning after the attack, giving them time to establish a story and cover their backs. Siyanda's case has clearly been mishandled. One of the arresting officers didn't even have his body camera on, and the other only had his on for a short amount of time during the arrest.  On the 21st February 2020, Siyanda was found guilty of the highest form of Grevious Bodily Harm by an all-white jury. On the 13th of March 2020, the length of her sentence will be determined. Siyanda has been treated unfairly by the criminal justice system, and her case shows the extent of systemic racism within our courts.  BLACK LIVES MATTER  

Elliot-James Comanescu
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An incident occurred at the Olatunji’s residence on the 23rd of July 2018 whereby their neighbour came on to their property to pick up her parcel that they had collected on her behalf.  The neighbour had known Tank since he was 10 weeks old.  Tank ran out to play with the her but she reacted aggressively by shouting, screaming and hitting the dog constantly with the parcel.  Due to her hitting their dog, he sustained cuts and bruises to his face and this resulted in Tank nipping her once.  She later called the Police called and requested that the dog should be euthanised.   They took their dog to their local kennel to calm him down as he was stressed, they also put a few things in place on their property and arranged to do some training so that such incident would not occur again.  The Police were aware of what they had put in place including a non-refundable 50% deposit in excess of £2000.   They were hoping to collect Tank on Monday the 30th of July 2018 from the Kennel.   The Police came to their house on Saturday the 28th of July asking them to sign an Acceptable Dog Behaviour Contract.  After they had signed the contract, it was later drawn to their attention that the Police had already seized their dog so they could lose their training deposit and did not informed them that their dog had been seized.  The Police also lied to them in seizing the dog.   There is plenty of evidence on the YouTube channel of Deji showing the dogs temperament and nature. Please help us in getting back this kind, friendly and loving family dog. He is dearly missed, it saddens us all.      

Kezia Czerwinski
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Stop the BBC producing new program “Will my puppies make me rich?”

BBC Three has commissioned a new program called “Will My Puppies Make Me Rich?”. The film will follow young dog breeders as they try to build their businesses and make them reputable.The show hasn’t been aired yet so we don’t know what kind of angle it’s going to portray - but anything that promotes animals as commodities to make money from is absolutely disgraceful. The show says it has an emphasis on “puppies for life and not just for lockdown”. Unfortunately there are people who will watch this show as a ‘how-to-guide’ to buy dogs solely for the purpose of breeding and making money. Dogs used for breeding often lead miserable lives, locked in crates being bred from until they’re dead. The puppies also often end up dying due to bad husbandry. The show will highlight so called “designer dogs” promoting the buying of dogs, many of whom have been bred to have a certain aesthetic. This leads to painful health conditions; flattened skulls, compressed spinal cords, extreme breathing difficulties, eye and ear problems to name a few.  There are thousands of dogs in shelters needing homes, we do not need a program that promotes breeding and selling puppies as a get rich quick scheme or a career.  I am not suggesting the people involved in this show are neglecting their own animals, but they are promoting an animal welfare pandemic. Please sign this petition to urge the BBC to not produce and air this show

Beth Boyd
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BBC to stop addressing J&K as India Occupied Kashmir

Ignorance is bliss, however, turning a blind eye and acting ignorant is not. The matter I bring forth is not something that affects just you and me, but it is much more serious, much more damaging, and much more pitiful than one that affects a single person.  Recently, while covering the abrogation of Article 370 in J&K, BBC; a public owned broadcasting channel based in United Kingdom, addressed J&K as ‘India Occupied Kashmir’. The matter was immediately noticed by some of you & Newsx ran a segment on it too. However, nothing changed. And this is where we (you and I) come in.  Let us look at few ironies in play: BBC/Britian does not refer to:- ·    Scotland AS Britain Occupied Scotland ·    Ireland As Britain Occupied Ireland ·    Wales As Britain Occupied WalesSimilarly, despite it being obvious, BBC has never dared to address Tibet as China Occupied Tibet or Taiwan, maybe, because the Chinese will not take it lightly. However, it seems that we Indians have become habitual of ignoring the obvious, maybe because we all suffer from the ‘not my problem’ syndrome. Not anymore, fellow citizens, not anymore. Are we forgetting, that too far too much blood has been shed by our revered soldiers, all for the cause of Kashmir? Are we forgetting, far too many Indian families have been thrown out of their own birthplace, and they have struggles endlessly to find a foothold in the country?  It is time. A rather high time. A time for us to unite and make our voice heard. It is time for us to stand up and protect the sovereignty of what we have proudly called ours.  Our Government took a bold step to address the problems that have remained in power for over 70 years of independent India. Let us not forget our duty too, to stand strong with our Government.  We are writing this letter to BBC to address Jammu & Kashmir as its name & not with any other name or else we will start a movement to do the same for Scotland, Ireland, Wales & other areas that are administered by Britain.Come, let us sign this petition and support the cause. Let us share this petition among our loved ones, for it is all for their future too. Let us be the Indians that our soldiers are fighting hard to protect. For once, let us make them proud of us too!  

Bhawani Singh
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China: Release the 1 Million Uyghurs Detained in Nazi-Style Concentration Camps

China: Release The 1 Million Uyghur Detainees Held Illegally In Nazi-Style Concentration Camps   By  Torchlight Uyghur Group  ( This Petition Is Also Available In The Following Languages: Turkish (Turkçe), German (Deutsch), Japanese (日本語),  Chinese (中文), Traditional Chinese (繁体字), French (Français), Arabic (عربى), Uyghur (ئۇيغۇرچە), Slawyan (Kiril), Russian(Pусский) January 20th, 2018        Many media organizations around the world have recently reported that a large portion of the Uyghur population is being detained either in jails or in so-called “re-education camps” ( while their children are being kept in countless orphanages in the East Turkestan.   Recently, we have learned from official sources inside East Turkestan that the number of the Uyghurs currently being held in these Nazi-style political “re-education” concentration camps is more than 800,000.  That is a number known officially inside East Turkestan, but all the unofficial numbers we obtained from various sources exceed one million. According to the 2010 Chinese census, the Uyghur population in East Turkestan was 10,000,370 ( This means that about 10% of the current Uyghur population is locked up.  The conditions of the concentration camps are horrific because of the fact that such a large number of Uyghurs are locked up in relatively small and crowded spaces. We were told by several people who fled China recently that people even cannot lie down during the night with their backs on the floor; instead, they have to sleep sideways with all the adjacent bodies touching one another. We have also learned from some Uyghurs who recently lost their close relatives in the concentration camps that a significant number of Uyghurs are losing their lives in those camps every day. The families of the victims are just receiving their dead bodies from those overcrowded concentration camps. The local authorities are not giving back the bodies of the younger Uyghurs died, instead, just burying them in the nearby empty fields. These are just a few of the many examples of the horrible conditions in these concentration camps.   How did those more than one million people end up in jails, concentration camps and orphanages?  It is extremely difficult to obtain such information in China, but we have managed to get information on some individual cases from the relatives of those victims’ living outside China (The report titled “Political persecution of the Uyghurs – Brief description of some individual cases” at The Uyghurs are one of the ancient peoples living in the heart of Asia. They have a long and proud history, and a rich culture. Throughout the history, the Uyghurs have been a great contributor to the world peace and prosperity.  Due  to their geographical location along the famous Silk Road, they have been a major force in the cultural exchange between the East and the West. We strongly believe that the Uyghurs are an indispensable part of the wider international community and will continue such contribution to the world’s ethnic and cultural diversities in the future. Similarly, the Uyghurs will contribute to the world's peace and prosperity, just as they have done in the past. Therefore, the Uyghurs have every right to live in peace with dignity, and to continuously prosper, as any other nations on the surface of our mother Earth. However, in the recent decades, the Chinese government has banned the Uyghur language from its use at all levels of education in East Turkestan, outlawed Uyghur literature (by banning and burning historical and literature books written in the Uyghur language), restricted, criminalized and attempted to eliminate Uyghurs’ religious belief and practice, and has systematically flooded East Turkestan with Han Chinese migrants in the name of “developing the West”, and thereby marginalized the Uyghurs in their own homeland.  And now the Chinese government is openly killing the Uyghur people, too, in those Nazi-style Chinese concentration camps by implementing a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing policy.  If we don’t get help immediately from the United Nations and from the international community to stop the Chinese government from what they are doing towards the Uyghurs in East Turkestan, the Uyghurs will keep dying and disappearing in large numbers in those Chinese concentration camps ( and will soon face an unprecedented threat to their very existence. Therefore, we appeal to all the international communities and human rights organizations not to ignore the Chinese government’s crimes against humanity – the crimes currently being committed against the innocent Uyghur people.  We appeal to the United Nations and other international human rights organizations to demand the Chinese government to release those  1 million Uyghurs, and send investigation teams to East Turkestan and find out: ●      Where are those jails, concentration camps and orphanages? ●      Why and where those one million Uyghurs are being detained? ●      What are they eating and where and how are they sleeping? ●      What are they doing during the day? ●      What are their current health conditions? ●      What are the current death rates among the detainees? ●      What is happening to the children/siblings/parents of the people held in jails and concentration camps?  We, the Uyghurs, are powerless and helpless at the moment.  As such, we cannot defend ourselves against the Chinese government’s atrocities and cannot fight this battle for our survival alone.  We need the support of the global community.  If tens of thousands of people from around the world sign our petition, it may be possible that the United Nations will make a commitment and will act to stop the tragedy that the Uyghur people are facing today.  Please join us in our fight to end the appalling atrocities happening in East Turkestan. Please sign and share this petition. Thank you!  About the Uyghur People and East Turkestan:  East Turkestan is the homeland of the Uyghur people. It has been under the communist China' s occupation since 1949. East Turkestan is located in the Central Asia, and borders China and Mongolia to the east, Russia to the north, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to the west, and Tibet to the south. The landmass of East Turkestan is bigger than whole Western Europe. Its colonial name is “Xinjiang”, which means "the new territory" or "the new frontier" in Chinese. China officially designated the East Turkestan a Uyghur autonomous region in 1955, but in reality it has never become a genuine autonomous region. The Chinese government reported the number of the Uyghur population in East Turkestan as 10,000,370 (refer to the 2010 Chinese census), but some Uyghur sources estimate the real population of Uyghurs to be around 20 million.  

Torchlight Uyghur Group
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BBC: Please stop your partnership with biased NTV News in Turkey

“The BBC is committed to fair, balanced and impartial coverage of events around the world. “The BBC has complete editorial independence over its programmes broadcast by NTV in Turkey. Following the start of protests in Turkey last week the BBC sought and received assurances from NTV that BBC programming would continue to be broadcast in full and without interference. “NTV has apologised to its staff and viewers for not covering the protests in their early days and has reaffirmed its commitment to international standards of journalism, both to its viewers and to the BBC. NTV is now reporting all aspects of the protests in Turkey in its news coverage. “At a time of considerable international concern about the situation in Turkey the BBC’s impartial service to audiences is vital. BBC coverage will continue to report a wide range of voices and viewpoints in our reporting of events in Turkey and worldwide. BBC news coverage is available on a range of platforms, including the website, and the BBC engages with Turkish audiences on Facebook, and Twitter.”

10 years ago