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Petitioning Amber Rudd MP, UK Parliament

Prohibit the purchase of Acid to those without a licence

Acid attacks have become rife in London and all over the United Kingdom. This year the number of attacks doubled. Too many families and individuals are suffering and falling victim to this grievous and criminal act. On June 21st Resham Khan, pictured above, was driving in a car with her cousin. Out of nowhere they were attacked with acid. They’ll both have scars that will never leave them. Their lives have been changed forever. An attack like this could happen to anyone.  It is about time that the law changes for the purchase of corrosive substances - right now you can buy it easily from any hardware store if you are 18 and over.  Corrosive acids like sulphuric acid are very lethal and life damaging substances. You should only be allowed to purchase corrosive substances with a licence to buy. The person purchasing should go through checks so their details are held on a database or hold a licence. Imagine how many attacks would be stopped if there were controls that made it harder to buy, and meant we knew more about people buying it? Acid attacks have become too common, the Home Office needs to do something to bring it under control. It is a disgusting criminal act. We need licensing laws now to deter this from happening. Please sign this petition to convince the Home Office to take action.

Sarmad Ismail
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Petitioning Amber Rudd MP, Theresa May MP


I am not a politician nor a human rights activist. I'm just a scared mum. Ranting on Facebook won't get our voices heard. Im not a racist, I know the majority of Muslims are just as horrified as everyone else.  Our country is being held at gun point by the minority of Muslims with an extreme view, living in our country expecting us to live by their extreme laws and innocent people are being savagely killed as a result. The fear all those innocent victims must of felt in their dying moments haunts me.  My 13 year old daughter is scared to go on holiday. When I take my children out for the day I can't relax because I'm constantly on the look out for security, emergency exits and crazy people with rucksacks or weapons! I find myself constantly planning an emergency get away, just in case.  We are a nation living in fear! The terror suspect watch list has around 3,000 suspects, most have a British passport. We need to take these people off of our streets the second they give MI5 reasonable cause for concern. The watch list is clearly not working. Research shows to fulfil 24 hour surveillance on just one person of interest would take around 20 people, that, on the basis of 3,000 terror suspects being watched, will take 60,000 members of staff.  I propose we: 1. TPins (tags) have only been issued 7 times this year, Although an estimated 350 suspected fighters travelled back to the U.K. from ISIS, why haven't they all been issued a tag? I think ALL minor (if there is such a thing) Threats such as a suspects internet history, hate speech or travel history should be reasonable cause for the suspect to be issued a TPin. 2. Any person inciting, actively and publicly speaking of hate towards the British people, their morals, laws or the way they live or acting in a threatening manor i.e. Posting hateful propagander /threats to hurt, damage or kill should be deported or detained. So far what we are doing is clearly not working. Enough is enough, it's time for change.  Some key questions that have been raised are, where do we detain them? How do we fund this? If you agree with this petition or have similar questions then sign the petition and let's get this into parliament so it can at least be debated. Lets get our voices heard! TAG, DEPORT OR DETAIN.

Chelsea woodrow
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Petitioning The Home Office, Amber Rudd MP

Help Brian White remain in the UK to take his place at Oxford University

My friend Brian White moved to the UK aged 15 with his adoptive family after his British father, Peter White, decided to move back home. He has overcome so much adversity but now faces the risk of being returned to Zimbabwe instead of being allowed to take up his place at Oxford University.Having been abandoned as a baby, Brian lived in a Zimbabwean orphanage until the age of 6. The White family fostered, and later adopted Brian. Brian joined the family in Wolverhampton when he was 15 and given permission to enter the UK. At this point, he should have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain by the Home Office, but was instead given Limited Leave to Remain. Brian's current difficulties stem from the handling of this decision. This only came to light as an issue when Brian's application to become a British Citizen by naturalisation was rejected, leaving any potential university applications in doubt. Immigration expert Louis MacWilliam has said to the press “On reviewing his papers it seems he should have been granted indefinite leave to enter at first instance and it is not clear why this did not happen.”Despite this, Brian carried on, studying for both his GCSEs and A-Levels at Highfields School. Although his A-Level results were outstanding (A*A*A*A), Brian was unable to take his place at Oxford because if you don’t have indefinite leave to remain you aren’t eligible to receive student finance. However, Oxford University, in recognition of Brian's achievements in the face of constant adversity, have kindly kept his place open for him. I have had the personal pleasure of knowing Brian since the start of 2013, having met him at school and quickly developing a close friendship with him. He is possibly the hardest working person I have ever met, but it is his enthusiasm to help those around him that I am inspired by each and every day. If Brian is not granted Indefinite Leave to Remain, the United Kingdom would not only be losing a potentially valuable future worker, it would also be losing a fantastic person who is just as much a part of British culture and society as you and I. Please help Brian's situation by signing and sharing this petition, in the hope that the Home Office see just how many people consider Brian a fitting and valued member of the United Kingdom. #GetBrianToOxford

Luke Wilcox
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Petitioning Home Office (UK), Amber Rudd MP

Give Syrian refugee Ibrahim Keivo a visa to perform at our music festival

My friend Ibrahim Keivo is a highly regarded Syrian musician who was due to perform at our Oxford Chamber Music Festival. But the Home Office refused his 5-day visa and we are now devastated that he cannot join us. That is why I’m calling on the Home Office to allow him into the UK for only 5 days. The festival starts in Oxford on the 27th September 2017 and Ibrahim was due to play in the opening concert at the Sheldonian Theatre. We have only a few days to get this decision reversed!Ibrahim is a Syrian refugee who was granted asylum in Germany two years ago where he works and lives with his family. He has impeccable references and has been invited by the world famous musician Jordi Savall to tour Europe this year.As the Artistic Director of the Festival, I can say that everyone involved was honoured and excited to announce Ibrahim's participation. We have been very much looking forward to welcoming him in the UK.The Home Office has given the feeble excuse that he hasn't a special skill in its refusal to grant the visa. He is scheduled to sing and play his stringed instrument, the Oud, in concert, but importantly is also going to be part of an educational programme for children and young people in Oxford.We have fulfilled all requirements demanded by the Home Office in detail and with plenty of time to spare- a painstaking and expensive procedure. Everybody connected with the festival is shocked by the Home Office’s decision to decline his visa. Being forced to leave his home and losing everything was hard enough. To be refused the opportunity to share his art with us all is simply cruel.It is particularly troubling as my festival has a long tradition of inviting international artists from many different parts of the world. I have never had to cancel an invitation on the grounds that a musician is not welcome in the UK.Music is a universal language that builds bridges and brings people of every culture, religion, creed, heritage or background closer together and we still hope that Ibrahim Keivo will be granted a visa in time and will feel as welcomed in this country as he should be. I can't understand what possible threat he might pose by coming to play in Oxford for a few days.  Writer Philip Pullman has called the decision a "disgrace.” Councillor Susanna Pressel is trying to help us.Please sign this petition, and hopefully we can welcome Ibrahim!

Priya Mitchell
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Petitioning Rt Hon Theresa May, UK Parliament, Amber Rudd MP

Rescue Unaccompanied Children of Calais Jungle

As the child of refugees, I won't let up on this.  A 14 year-old boy, Raheemullah Oryakhel from Afghanistan, died last month after falling from a truck that was travelling to the UK.   Raheemullah was one of many unaccompanied children who had the legal right to be in the UK, but due to what now seems to be response-fatigue from the British government regarding the refugee crisis and having grown discouraged at application delays, he took a chance. One that cost him his life.  A census carried out by the charity Help Refugees last month estimated that the camp population has increased to over 10,000 for the first time, a 12% increase on last month, with 1,179 minors, of whom 87% are travelling alone.  387 refugee children living in the Calais ‘Jungle’ have been identified as eligible for protection in the UK according to the Alf Dubs amendment, but not one child has been transferred to the UK since the legislation was introduced earlier this year.  Together we can help to save each one of these children's lives by calling on Theresa May and Amber Rudd to prioritise their safety and relocation. These children are scared, hungry and believe that their situation in the Calais Jungle is just as bad as the one they've fled from. Human traffickers are preying on their despair by convincing them that the safe and legal governmental process of seeking asylum is ineffective and that climbing on to back of trucks is their route to freedom. Along with exposure to disease and sexual exploitation winter is approaching. We need to ensure that they're rescued from these inadequate, dangerous and unsuitable conditions. Our government needs to take a more proactive stance on the crisis not just a responsive one.  Theresa May & Amber Rudd:We are urging you to expedite the relocation process and uphold the promise made by your government to protect unaccompanied children who have been identified as eligible for safeguarding in the UK.  Delays are costing lives, the lack of urgency is throwing away futures. Theresa May, you along with the rest of our government need to act NOW.  As the child of refugees I can only hope that the British government will give these children what they gave my parents, myself and my future generations to come - a chance at life.  "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which they treat their child." - Nelson Mandela  Come to our Donation Bank Day - 30th October 2016 @ Dalston HiveWe're gathering items for the winter months. All details can be found on the link below:

Nakay Kpaka
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Petitioning Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Amber Rudd MP

British Nationality for Sam Cataki (and fellow Fijian soldiers)

A FIJIAN father of two who served in the British Army for 12 years lost his job yesterday after being refused a citizenship visa by the Home Office - putting his family life in Pembrokeshire at risk. Sam Cataki, who was based at Brawdy in 2007 and set up home in Neyland in 2012, has been told he can no longer work in the UK legally despite having lived and worked here since being recruited by the army age 20. The community in Neyland, including his rugby team mates, is rallying in support of Sam and his wife Seini, who works at a nearby nursing home, and their two children Mesake, 5, and Jared, 1, calling on the Home Office to grant his visa Sam has worked for Milford Haven Port Authority as a search team operative at Pembroke Dock port since November 2014 and said they have been as supportive as they could be throughout the recent troubles but had to “terminate his contract” when he was declared not legal to work Please right this injustice so that Sam can continue to work and provide for his family and allow them to continue to live in the community they now call home    

Jonathan Sutton
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Petitioning Amber Rudd MP

Don't deport gay asylum seeker Benjamin to Tanzania where he will be persecuted

Benjamin Elibariki Nyellah (in the white t-shirt) is a gay asylum seeker and our friend. Last week he was taken to be deported back to Tanzania where the country’s President Magufuli has launched witch hunt for gay people and sympathizers. The Home Office does not believe that he is gay and though we’ve secured a review for his case, he is still being kept in detention at the Verne’s removal centre.I, like many members of the LGBT community in London, know Benjamin as an openly gay man and know that he is in a same-sex relationship with his partner Julius. He also sings in the LGBT choir to raise awareness about homophobia and is connected with the Croydon Area Gay society, Out and Proud Diamond group and Rainbows Across Borders. When in Tanzania, he was attacked and beaten due to his sexuality and suffered a broken arm and receives counselling for the traumatic experience - now he fears for his life. The UK maintains that torture survivors generally should not be incarcerated but Benjamin has been in detention since 17th July 2017 although his removal is pending a review. Before detention he was receiving counselling for his mental health and risk of self harm and the home office is aware of this but the medical practitioner in detention categorised it as low risk. People who have been persecuted because of their sexuality face home office officials who refuse to believe them, use explicit questioning and make stereotype assumptions. Benjamin was detained when he went to sign on and the officer questioned how he can be both gay and a Christian this, despite having reconciled his beliefs and sexuality over time when he attended the Metropolitan community and Croydon Unitarian churches.Please sign this petition to urge the Home office to release our friend and halt any further deportation

herbert b
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Petitioning HM Courts & Tribunals Service, Amber Rudd MP

Help Abdul Hassan remain in the UK and work at KPMG!

My friend Abdul moved to the UK from Bangladesh when he was 5 years old with his father who was physically very ill and his mother who had poor mental health.  They came to visit relatives and shortly afterwards, Abdul’s parents returned to Bangladesh, leaving him with his auntie. They hoped to come back when their health improved but Abdul’s father died and his mother’s mental health deteriorated as she had schizophrenia, so what had been initially a temporary arrangement for Abdul in the UK became permanent - he is now 19.Social services were supportive and Abdul grew up, going to Stoke Newington School where he achieved ABB at A level and obtained a place on the KPMG Professional Apprenticeship Programme. I met Abdul at the school in year 7 and we’ve been friends ever since At 16 he did not automatically receive his NI number and he had no ID or travel documents meaning he could not work legally or travel abroad. He recently applied for ‘leave to remain’ but was rejected. This means he would have to leave the UK, the only home he had known for most of his life.  This rejection happened in February of year 13 which added considerable stress to Abdul’s life as you can imagine, and KPMG was seemingly no longer open to him as he had no paperwork. Luckily KPMG have kept his place open for him in the hope that his appeal will be successful.  The court date is June 8th. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abdul for the last 7 years, as a close friend and strong fellow student. He is one of the hardest working people and his care for others is second to none. His dedication to his friends and work is only outdone by his glowing presence and I look up to his warmth and enthusiasm. The United Kingdom would be losing a great person and valuable worker in Abdul Hassan. He has the chance to work for one of the biggest companies on the planet, KPMG. Not many are able to reach such heights and I think it would be a disgrace if Abdul weren’t able to reach this goal. He is as much part of British society and culture as I am, and I don’t have a word to say against him and I’m sure no one else would. Please help his situation by signing this petition, in hope that the tribunal see how many people see Abdul as part of their lives and part of the United Kingdom.Thank you

Hector O'Shea
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Petitioning Nicola Blackwood MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health & Innovation, Rupa Huq, Jane Ellison, Amber Rudd MP

Campaign to re-open Acton FGM clinic

As you know the Acton clinic has now closed and the service is not being replaced like for like. We are worried that the people in power do not appreciate that the care of FGM survivors is key to ending FGM in the UK. We are not giving up. We want to make sure that vulnerable young women with FGM have CHOICE. Many women are too shy to visit their GP, let alone attend a hospital-based service. That is why the Acton clinic was so important. After the election we will start a new petition.  Help us End FGM  

Amal Mohamed
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Petitioning Amber Rudd MP

Stop the introduction of Compulsory Severance for Police Officers in the UK

On Weds 28th the Chiefs of police are going to vote yes or no to within the police force, this basically means that if voted in favour of Compulsory Severance, a Police Officer will no longer have security of their job, and can be sacked. The reason for this drastic action is because of police force budgets, and the fact that this government is so heavily cutting back that the Chiefs of forces don't know where to save money anymore other than sacking officers. This is a very worrying situation and means even less officers on the streets, creating more dangerous situations for the public, and stressed out officers frightened for their jobs, as well as families. Please vote that we do not want Compulsory Severance and want to support our Police Officers, and appreciate the hard job they do in protecting our towns and cities.

Nicola Turner
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