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Petition to Board of County Commissioners, Manatee County

Save wildlife and nature from excessive development!!

To purchase for conservation and prevent the development of certain wetland property situated between the Braden River and Braden Woods subdivision and identified as Manatee County Property Parcels 583900006, 583910104, and 583910054 (6804 99th Street East, Bradenton). Whereas, the aforementioned parcels are adjacent to the Braden River, a water supply for the City of Bradenton and Whereas, these parcels are home to various indigenous flora and fauna, some of which may be protected species and Whereas, proposed development will destroy natural habitats and increase the risk of damage to the water supply and adjacent residential properties and Whereas, proposed development is inconsistent with the surrounding neighborhoods, We, the undersigned, petition Manatee County to purchase the aforementioned parcels for conservation as a nature preserve and to take the necessary actions to preserve and protect this land from future development and unnecessary human activity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND: A new development is being proposed near Braden Woods and River Club in Manatee County. Rezoning must be approved before construction can begin. The land is located at 6804 99th Street East in Bradenton (Parcel IDs 583900006, 583910104, 583910054). The proposed subdivision will be a gated community of 32 luxury homes situated on sensitive land that borders the Braden River, source of Bradenton's water supply. The homes will be constructed on lots that will be cleared of existing trees and vegetation. While a few areas will be designated "wetlands" they will be small, non-contiguous patches of nature, limiting the amount of wildlife that will be able to remain on this land. We believe that too much of the "real Florida" is being devastated by over-development of sensitive areas and that more natural habitats must be preserved. Concerned citizens are petitioning Manatee County to purchase this tract and preserve it from future development and human activity. For more information visit

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Petition to Katrina Harrison, Project Manager, Governor, Jerry Brown

BOR: Stop the Trump Water Plan, Restore Salmon Rivers Instead.

A new proposal by the Trump Administration to maximize water deliveries from the Central Valley Water Project comes at a time when salmon returns and Delta Smelt numbers have reached record lows. This proposal could impact flows on the Sacramento, Feather, American, San Joaquin, Trinity, and Klamath Rivers. When coupled with the impacts of the Twin Tunnels proposal and the Sites reservoir proposal, this plan could be the final blow to salmon runs and commercial and recreational fishing economies. These increased diversions would also impact the quality of the drinking water supply for 25 million Californians.  Beyond the massive impacts to the San Francisco Bay Delta it tributary rivers and Tribes, this plan could also increase diversions from the Klamath’s River’s largest and coldest tributary, the Trinity River. Increased diversions would impact California’s three largest Tribes, the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Valley Tribes, which are dependent on salmon as a major food source. The Tribes have fought tirelessly to increase flows and take down dams to restore salmon runs in the Klamath River watershed. Despite these efforts salmon returns have never been lower, and widespread poverty, poor diets, and suicides have resulted from the loss of salmon. In fact just last year, Californian’s salmon fleet and Tribes suffered a tremendous blow as California declared disaster due to record low salmon returns. The Klamath River suffered the worst salmon returns in history, and the Sacramento/ Bay Delta Run only had 230,700 projected salmon returning, down from 650,000 only years before.  These low salmon number were directly the result of water managers letting the majority of juvenile salmon die during California’s drought. In the Klamath River upwards of 90% of juvenile salmon died due to low flows three years in a row, and in the Sacramento River 98% of winter run salmon died in just one year, and the Delta smelt populations are now reduced to just a hand full of fish.  Despite these crises the Trump administration wants to take more water from our rivers. The new proposal would not only call for maximizing water deliveries and power generation, but also to  increase storage opportunities (new dams) and increase export capabilities (new diversions and tunnels), and it would undermine the Endangered Species Act. This plan will reward California’s richest corporate agriculture interests for their support of Donald Trump who famously said water going to the ocean is wasted. New efforts from the state of California and Winnemem Wintu Tribe to provide fish passage for salmon and restore flows and habitat for fish are threatened by this proposal. It is time for California to fight back. Send send other written comments to Katrina Harrison, Project Manager, Bureau of Reclamation, Bay-Delta Office, 801 I Street, Suite 140, Sacramento, CA 95814-2536; fax to (916) 414-2425; or email at Public hearings will be in Sacramento at on July 23rd at 2pm at the Stanford Room, 650 Capitol Mall in Sacramento, with a rally at 1pm, in Chico on July 25th at 6 at the  CSU Chico - BMU Chico, California 95928  

Save California Salmon
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Petition to Otsuka Pharmaceutical Holdings Japan

Protect the Mount Shasta/Sacramento River watershed/ Boycott Crystal Geyser

Petition to: Otsuka Pharmaceuticals/Crystal Geyser Water Company To Otsuka Pharmaceuticals/Crystal Geyser Water Company: Abandon plans to open a new beverage bottling plant near Mt. Shasta, CA. Consumers: Boycott Crystal Geyser Products, Tejava Tea, flavored sparkling waters. Water is a Public Trust. Clean water is for all Life, not for profits to benefit a few. Otsuka Pharmaceuticals through it's subsidiary Crystal Geyser Water Company, wants to make huge profits from the precious waters of Mount Shasta and plans to open a new beverage bottling plant in Mt. Shasta, CA, just outside the city limits. The Mt. Shasta watershed is a critical water source for local residents as well as many farmers and other downstream users in California's Central valley who are already impacted by a five year drought. The extraction by Otsuka/CG of unlimited quantities of water from the aquifer will only add to the hardship suffered by many already. The proliferation of plastic pollution of our air, water and land is a threat to all life as is the noise and pollution from hundreds of trips of trucks traversing our small peaceful community. The Winnemem Wintu Tribe is among the First Nation Peoples of the Mount Shasta area. The Winnemem sing and pray to the water. Their Chief and Spiritual Leader Caleen Sisk asks Otsuka Pharmaceuticals/Crystal Geyser Water Company to respect the water, the land, and the pristine headwaters of the Sacramento River.  Its water is considered sacred to these indigenous people, to many local residents, and to many who travel to Mount Shasta for respite from the urban world. The City of Mt. Shasta and South Siskiyou County welcome many Japanese visitors every year. When they learn of the problems created by the Otsuka/CG beverage bottling plant, they are surprised and ask how they can help. We appeal to the leaders of Otsuka Pharmaceuticals/Crystal Geyser Water Company. Please listen to our hearts, to the songs of the water. Please respect the indigenous people, the neighborhoods of Mount Shasta and all the downstream users depending on uncontaminated freshwater. Luisa Navejas Mark Miyoshi Winnemem Wintu Tribe Vicki GoldWater Flows Free

Water Flows Free
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