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Petition to Jerry Brown

Save the Salmon: Stop the Delta Tunnels Plan

The purpose of the California Water Fix and Eco Restore (AKA the Bay Delta Conservation Plan), as proposed by California governor Jerry Brown, is to carry fresh water from the Sacramento River under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta toward the intake stations for the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project (0). However, many findings and studies by experts suggest this plan will cause more harm than good. The construction of the tunnels is estimated to be around $24.5 billion, and, among other factors, will be destructive to Delta ecosystems (3). The Delta Tunnels of the California Water Fix plan will not ease California's growing water crisis, and it will also endanger a number of habitats and species, including the Chinook salmon. This already endangered species will in turn have a devastating effect the dwindling population of the Southern Resident Killer Whales, whose primary diet is Chinook Salmon. As a teen resident of California and someone who is passionate about wildlife, I urge you to educate yourself on this topic and sign this petition. "Under a plan called the California Water Fix (formerly known as BDCP), a pair of twin tunnels, 40 feet in diameter, will be constructed 150 feet underneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The tunnels would run about 30 miles, from south of Sacramento to north of Tracy"(1). "The models used to gauge the damage to salmon showed a zero percent chance the tunnels would help winter-run Chinook salmon. Instead the modeling showed a slow steady decline towards extinction for these salmon if the tunnels are built and operated as currently envisioned. . . The NMFS science and the peer review both make clear the current twin tunnels proposal will likely drive the salmon to extinction and will harm other wildlife. GGSA has no option but to oppose this project.” --John McManus, Golden Gate Salmon Association executive director For more fast facts and rebuttals about this plan, click here.  "Governor Brown continues to push for the construction of the Delta Tunnels. After claiming that California would lead “the Resistance” against Donald Trump in his State of the State Address on January 24, Brown later praised the president for his plan to spend $1 trillion in infrastructure funding. Delta advocates fear that Brown will try to make a deal with the Trump administration to approve the permits to build the California WaterFix" (2). Alternative Solutions (As suggested by Restore the Delta and California Water Impact Network): Strengthen the existing Delta levees. Reduce the amount of water taken from the Delta and retire toxic farmland. Increase natural flows of fresh water through the Delta. Increase reliance on local water supply and improve water capture and storage. Better management of groundwater basins. Improve fish screens at existing delta pumps. Make water a true public trust.

Cami Hoffman
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Petition to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jo-Ellen Darcy, Colonel John W. Henderson

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

I’m 13 years-old and as an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, I’ve lived my whole life by the Missouri River. It runs by my home in Fort Yates North Dakota and my great grandparents original home was along the Missouri River in Cannon Ball. The river is a crucial part of our lives here on the Standing Rock Reservation. But now a private oil company wants to build a pipeline that would cross the Missouri River less than a mile away from the Standing Rock Reservation and if we don’t stop it, it will poison our river and threaten the health of my community when it leaks. My friends and I have played in the river since we were little; my great grandparents raised chickens and horses along it. When the pipeline leaks, it will wipe out plants and animals, ruin our drinking water, and poison the center of community life for the Standing Rock Sioux. In Dakota/Lakota we say “mni Wiconi.” Water is life. Native American people know that water is the first medicine not just for us, but for all human beings living on this earth. The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline would transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day, across four states. Oil companies keep telling us that this is perfectly safe, but we’ve learned that that’s a lie: from 2012-2013 alone, there were 300 oil pipeline breaks in the state of North Dakota. With such a high chance that this pipeline will leak, I can only guess that the oil industry keeps pushing for it because they don’t care about our health and safety. It’s like they think our lives are more expendable than others’. So we, the Standing Rock Youth, are taking a stand to be the voice for our community, for our great grandparents, and for Mother Earth. Join us, and sign to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Sincerely, Anna and the Standing Rock Youth Learn more about our campaign at

Anna Lee, Bobbi Jean & the Oceti Sakowin Youth
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Petition to Jim Perdue, Randy Day

On World Water Day, Tell Perdue to ‘Come Clean’ about Water Risks

Across the globe, 748 million people lack access to safe, clean drinking water. Believe it or not, one of the nation’s most serious and persistent threats to freshwater resources is created from factory farms, including poultry farms, which can be a dirty business.  Environmental runoff from factory farms includes dangerous pollutants like manure and chemical fertilizers as well as antibiotics used to treat animals that are released into local waterways. This pollution poses devastating risks to public health and the health of local ecosystems. As one the country's biggest food companies, Perdue has an obligation to its customers to ensure that its products are produced and processed responsibly and safely, and yet Perdue has a 10-year track record of water and environmental safety violations. In fact, Perdue facilities release millions of pounds of toxic waste each year. In 2002, the EPA cited Perdue’s poultry processing and rendering plants in Accomac, Virginia for exceeding ammonia effluent limits, and for inadequate maintenance and operation of its wastewater treatment plant. And in 2010, one of Perdue’s contract farms in Maryland illegally discharged farm runoff into the Pocomoke River. The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility has been calling on poultry companies, including Tyson, Sanderson Farms, Pilgrim’s Pride and Perdue, to monitor their water use and impacts, and to report publicly on water risks. ICCR has contacted Perdue multiple times regarding its water risks yet the company has refused to respond. While Perdue has done work in some geographic regions, the company can become an industry leader by implementing cross-cutting and overarching corporate water stewardship policies. For World Water Day 2017, which highlights the impact of waste water on the world’s freshwater crisis, tell Perdue to come clean on the water impacts of its operations by adding your name to our petition.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibilitly
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