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Petition to Scott Borchetta, Scooter Braun, The Carlyle Group, Big Machine Records

Give Taylor Swift and other artists a right to their own music.

All of these years, Taylor Swift has truly been there for those who needed her and now she is turning to us for help. Upon being selected for the AMA’s artist of the decade, Taylor Swift was informed by Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records that she will not be able to perform her own songs on Television.  Upon switching record labels and having her entire discography sold out from underneath her, she was bound by contract so that she could not re record her music for another year. Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta claim that by simply performing her music on television and by putting her old music in an upcoming Netflix documentary about her life, she is re recording her music. All Taylor wants to do is to be able to perform her own music. If she is able to re record, or even perform her music, Borchetta and Braun know that they won’t be able to capitalize on her work which they wrongfully own. It is obvious that they are trying to mask her freedom of expression so that they can make more money.   In addition to having rights over the music Taylor has written, they will only allow for her to play her music if she: 1. Does not re record her own songs and 2: If she stops talking about both of them (both of which she is legally obligated to do). This is a blindfold of greed forcibly pulled over Swift’s freedom of expression, a right to which she is entitled as an American citizen. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Taylor and I are asking you to sign this petition not only for her to have the rights to perform and re record her own music, but for the other artists who face the same fate. 

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