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Bring Back Sprite Cranberry

Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry is not the same thing as the original Sprite Cranberry. Sprite Cranberry is a true classic and there is currently a Sprite Cranberry-shaped hole in my Sprite Cranberry-shapes heart. The current replacement has nothing on Sprite Cranberry, because you can not beat the delicious and refreshing taste of the original. Another thing that really grinds my gears is the fact that they use the same commercial to advertise Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry as they did to advertise Sprite Cranberry. The only change they made was swapping out the cans. This is very deceiving, and harms the general public as a whole.   Sprite Cranberry has the greatest memes as well. Many classics such as: “lebron james breaking into your house to offer you a sprite cranberry (ASMR)” (which can be found here: ), “Sprite Cranberry TV commercial for 1 hour” (which can be found here: ), and many more great and creative memes made by the most amazing people. Tell me, Coca-Cola, are you really gonna let your fans down like that?   Now, the most important reason to bring back Sprite Cranberry is so Badlands Booker Chugs, also known as Eric Booker, can perform his seemingly magic 2 liter Sprite Cranberry chug once again. Do not force this man to replace the better tasting Sprite Cranberry with Sprite Winter Cranberry, for it is not the same. It would not be fair to have him drink so much of a worse tasting Sprite beverage. He is pulling these crazy stunts in honor of you, and you are just making it loren difficult on him.   Thank you for your time, please take my words into consideration to bring back the classic Sprite Cranberry.

Jacob Garrett
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