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Stop Nickelodeon From Making Spongebob SquarePants Spinoffs

SpongeBob SquarePants is the show that put Nickelodeon on the map.It first aired on May 1, 1999 and since then, millions upon millions of kids have seen the show. I guarantee you, that more kids can recognize that lovable sponge, then the President of the United States. It has raked in billions of dollars for a company that the creator, Stephen Hillenburg, thought that respected him.      As we all know, Stephen Hillenburg passed away on November 26, 2018, after a lengthy battle with ALS. While he was still alive, even though he  sold the rights of his show to Nickelodeon to make his dream a reality he had said certain things, that both Viacom and Nickelodeon have completely decided to throw in the garbage, since he is now deceased. Hillenburg himself has stated, “The show is about SpongeBob, he’s the core element, and it’s about how he relates to the other characters. Patrick by himself might be a bit too much. So I don’t see any spin-offs.” He had also said that he did not want another Spongebob movie to be made.(That statement also has been put down the drain but that is a whole other subject)      Not only is this morally wrong, imagine how Hillenburg's family must feel, to know that his creation, his baby, is being disrespected because all these giant corporations think about is, "How much money can we make today, not caring about anything but the money." It is completely disrespectful that a company will disregard what the person that made them money says after he dies, because he is no longer here to stop them. Even people that worked on the show, find it completely disrespectful that they waited for this man to die, so that they can do whatever they want with his hard life's work. This is incredibly wrong and someone has to do something about it, or at least justify themselves on why they are doing this to the Hillenburg name

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