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Petition to Jacqueline Gold

Ann Summers Dump Pornhub

Ann Summers has teamed up with Pornhub for a 'fun range of sex toys'. But did you know that Pornhub, the world's largest porn site, is simply a portal for filmed sexual abuse? Researchers have exposed the fact that a staggering 90% or more of mainstream pornography now shows women being violated. “Broken Teens Channel” (Pornhub 76 million video views) This includes violent sex often by gangs of men, while they spit on, strangle, hit and humiliate the woman they are abusing. It is about millions of teenage girls crying and screaming in pain while they are abused on a daily basis. Or worse. If there were no camera, the men doing this would be jailed for GBH, assault and rape. In fact the mere titles are so disturbing that we can only post the very tamest here. “How to Sexually Harass Your Secretary Properly” (Pornhub 10.6 million views) And yet apparently the abuse is not enough, added titillation appears to be needed which is presumably why videos for incest are the most popular (with entire channels devoted to it), closely followed by sexual harassment (including "real life up skirting" and school girls being “ambushed”, the code word for 'raped' on public transport).  Pseudo child porn and, we believe, actual child abuse also get millions of views. And then there is the dark, dark world of torture porn and mutilations.  All of this freely available, without even being asked your age, on Pornhub. “Exploited Teen Asia Channel” (236 million views – victims appear to be very underage little girls)  If you do not know what modern day porn is you will think we are exaggerating and this is just a few that have slipped through the net. But sadly we are not.   And it’s not just about millions of women being abused in these videos, it means millions of men then copying that abuse in their real-life relationships. With 10 million women in the UK experience male violence, 1 in 3 school girls harassed at school, 1 in 20 women stalked (and yes, there’s a porn for that too). With men increasingly expecting painful anal sex and to hit or strangle their partners how can we ever think it will be TIMES UP for mere sexual harassment until it’s TIMES UP for porn?   And how can the CEO of Ann Summers -  an outspoken survivor of childhood sexual abuse, with an underage daughter and Vice President of a leading Children’s Charity – be ‘in bed’ with the largest supplier of filmed sexual abuse on the planet? Make sure she knows WHAT porn is and tell her to dump it now! And find out more here:  

Not Buying It
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Rt Hon David Lidington MP, Alison Saunders, Nick Folland

Change UK law so the person who raped me when I was a child can be convicted

Child rape. Probably one of the worst things you can ever imagine happening; but how would you feel if you were told that your abuser was not able to be brought to justice because of a legal technicality? In 2003 the Sexual Offences Act was repealed to state that any persons under the age of 10 are not capable of rape. Prior to this, the Sexual Offences Act 1956 stated that any persons under the age of 15 were not physically capable of rape. Any crimes of rape committed prior to 2003 by anyone 14 or younger cannot be convicted under current law as the law states they must be tried under the Act present at the time of when the crime was committed. I was 5 years old when I was raped the first time by my cousin and hundreds of times there after over the next two years until I was out of my abusers reach. My cousin was 14 years old when the abuse stopped. Only after 23 years was I finally able to speak out and contact the police. I relived things of which I had never spoken since the day they happened. It was one of the most traumatic and most difficult things I have ever had to do, but I knew I was strong enough if it meant justice would finally be served. Weeks later I was delivered the devastating news that the case had to be dropped as at the time of the abuse, my cousin was, in the eyes of the law, 'physically incapable of rape'. Due to a legal loophole, my cousin could potentially walk into a police station, admit he raped hundreds of children before he turned 15 years old and still walk away untouched. This thought alone made me sick. I'm campaigning to get this changed. Why should my abuser be able to walk free, continue with his life and work with children, with no repercussions for his actions? I'm hoping that a bill will be passed in which this legal technicality can be abolished so that myself and thousands of others can finally receive the justice that we deserve. Rape is rape, no matter who committed the crime. Please help me get this changed. Thank you

Emma Day
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Petition to Naoto Ōtani

Help a family of a victim of pedophilia, rape and murder get their justice.

Last year, 24/3/2017, Nhat Linh - a Vietnamese 3 years old disappeared on the way to school in Matsudo city, Chiba province. Her body was recovered 2 days later near a river in Abiko city, Chiba province.  A month later, Japanese police captured Yasumasa Shibuya, a 46 years old chairman of the Parent Association at the school Linh was attending at the time. He was suspected to dispose of the victim's body and was also charged with multiple crimes including murder. Shibuya was charged base upon DNA evidence collected from the victim's body which matched the hair found in his vehicle. For the last year, the victim's family has been traveling back and forth between Vietnam and Japan to gather signatures demanding the Japanese government sentence the perpetrator with the highest level of punishment - death penalty. Mr. Shibuya still persists that he's innocent and remain silent in order to prolong his day without court. No trial has happened for almost a year since the day he been caught. With enough signature, we can help Nhat Linh's family find justice and punish the pedophiliac who committed this atrocious crime. In the picture is Nhat Linh's father gathering signatures from people. Source in Vietnamese:

Anh Van Giang
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