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Petition to Dianne Feinstein, Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris, John Cornyn

Electoral AND Popular vote should be required for the Presidency

Like many Americans, we are extremely frustrated with the knowledge that our votes, and the votes of millions of other Americans who do not live in “swing states”, are rendered meaningless by the Electoral College. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE OUR VOTES MEAN SOMETHING!  PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION REFORM IS REQUIRED, but the most popular ideas may be unrealistic because they may never gain bipartisan support.  For example, there are many petitions circulating to ABOLISH the Electoral College, but this may never happen because abolishing the Electoral College is disadvantageous to states with smaller populations which tend to vote Republican (i.e., candidates would only target urban areas and ignore rural areas). This petition offers a compromise alternative which deserves bipartisan support from both Texas Republicans and California Democrats:  a change to our presidential election process so that a candidate is required to win BOTH the electoral AND the popular vote. This is not a suggestion to REPLACE the Electoral College, which is the popular idea but would be disadvantageous to smaller states, but to replace the current process with one that would allow the vast majority of voters of BOTH parties to feel that their votes ACTUALLY COUNT.  This deserves bipartisan support since the Electoral College is not entirely eliminated, and in case of an Electoral/Popular vote split, the Senate (which favors smaller states), breaks the tie instead of the House. And again, the millions of Texas Republicans who felt powerless in stopping Obama from winning the presidency WOULD BENEFIT JUST AS MUCH as the millions of California Democrats who feel voiceless right now...  Democratic and Republican Senators, please co-sponsor such legislation (And Republicans, please keep in mind that, if nothing is done, it is only a matter of time before a Republican nominee loses an election while winning the popular vote!)  THANK YOU!!!

R. Kagawa
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