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Petition to Taylor Energy

Demand Taylor Energy plug this 14-year old oil spill

It’s the largest oil spill you’ve never heard of. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan sank an offshore oil rig owned by Taylor Energy. It’s been oozing oil into the Gulf of Mexico ever since. Soon it will surpass Deepwater Horizon as the worst offshore oil spill in American history. Taylor Energy has plugged one third of the wells, but has left the rest to leak into the Gulf. Now they are trying to get back $450 million they put into a trust and walk away from this crisis. Tell Taylor Energy to plug this oil spill, today. Adding insult to injury, the Trump Administration is planning to expand offshore oil leases along hurricane prone coasts. Spills like this could be our new normal if companies aren’t pressured and held accountable for negligence. Tell Taylor Energy to put a plug in it, this oil spill cannot continue. Located just 12 short miles off Louisiana’s coast, the Taylor Energy spill has been leaking roughly 10,000 to 30,000 gallons of oil everyday for 14 years. It’s spilled as much as 153 million gallons of oil to date. For perspective, Deepwater Horizon spilled between 134-206 million gallons of oil over an 87 day period. This September, the Department of Justice even had an independent study done to better understand the scope of the spill. It found that Taylor Energy had significantly underreported on the extent of the oil spill and overall damage. There’s a deadzone in the Gulf of Mexico that’s size of New Jersey. It’s the largest deadzone ever recorded. Offshore oil spills create fish die offs. It also harms Louisiana’s coastal economies like tourism and fishing. Pollution like this decreases the oxygen in waterways, suffocating all life in the Gulf. Demand Taylor Energy clean up this mess, plug this oil spill.

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Petition to Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

Protect polar bears. No oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge

Right now, a company you’ve probably never heard of is lobbying the Department of Interior to speed through environmental impact surveys so they can drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Home to polar bears and caribou, and the Gwich'in Athabascan Native Americans. It’s the last untouched slice of nature in the United States. If there’s an open season on oil and gas in ANWR, it will be yet another instance of public lands being parcelled off by the Trump Administration. Tell the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation to get out of ANWR. In 2017, Arctic Slope spent $590,000 lobbying the federal government to open ANWR up to oil and gas development. Ryan Zinke even appointed one of Arctic Slope’s top executives to a major post at the Department of Interior. Zinke’s office isn’t alone, in 2017 Arctic Slope lobbied the Senate to allow drilling in ANWR’s 1.5 million acre coastal plane. But before oil companies can buy leases, environmental impact surveys have to happen. Under Ryan Zinke, these surveys have been cut to ram the process through as quickly as possible. Lease sales could start as early as 2019! The size of South Carolina, since 1960 ANWR has been protected from oil and gas development. There are no roads and no towns; only the occasional hiker. The Gwich'in Athabascan Native Americans have relied on migrating caribou in ANWR for millennia. There are also 900 threatened polar bears who call ANWR home. Climate change is peeling away ice sheets that restrict their ability to find food. If oil and gas companies start drilling in ANWR, it could be the end of the Gwich’in Native Americans and America’s polar bears. Wildlife and communities shouldn’t be put into harm's way for nominal profits, tell Arctic Slope that ANWR is off limits! Communities across the U.S. are still reeling from decades old oil spills like Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon, if an oil spill happens in the Arctic, it would have devastating consequences. Tell Arctic Slope ANWR isn’t for oil and gas.

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Petition to Bonner County Commissioners, Jonna Plante

Citizens Against Linscott/Interstate Asphalt Plant

On November 15th, 2018 the Bonner County Planning and Zoning voted to relocate Interstate Asphalt plant, from where it has been for the 30 years, to the Linscott Gravel pit in a rural/residential area in Sagle, Idaho--within 500 feet of many homes. We believe the decision was against the Bonner County Comprehensive plan because the property is considered "transitional" which is required to have "urban sewer and water" and this location does not. The community of Sagle disagrees with this decision and opposes the move on the grounds, since this has potential to jeopardize the way of life in Sagle. Planning and Zoning claims the only reason for the move is to provide safety for traffic, as well as lower costs to the consumer, but neither has (or can be) proven. In regard to safe travel, this move has the potential to negatively impact traffic in Sagle and across the long bridge. Regular customers who use Linscott gravel will continue to do so, in addition to the addition of trucks from Interstate Asphalt, which deliver asphalt all over Bonner and Boundary counties. These trucks would be leaving out of the new Sagle location and will be required to travel north, across the long bridge, which also requires pulling out on a major highway, which is almost impossible now, due to merging lanes, with no center turn lane. There has been nothing to show proof of minimizing costs to the consumer, while nearby homeowners can prove that the new asphalt plant would, without question, negatively impact the value and appreciation of homes located near the plant. In addition to financial implications for Sagle home values, Sagle residents also worry about the smell, toxins, and known carcinogens fumes which are proven to come off of asphalt. This will affect the workers of the plant itself, in addition to all of the families who own homes and property adjacent to the proposed plant. Sagle residents worry Interstate asphalt will work throughout the night throughout the summer, since this was openly admitted in the proposal, which is the exact time of year when residents open their windows to get fresh air and circulation--the exact opposite of inviting fumes into their homes. Furthermore, nightly work will also interrupt those sleeping in nearby homes, since open windows will not block the sound of safety sensors, from trucks moving in reverse. Lastly, Sagle residents worry greatly about the aquifer, since the Linscott gravel pit has been dug very deep, and sits directly above the aquifer. The plan will have oil, chemicals, along with an abundance of reclaimed asphalt, all of which could contaminate the aquifer, which would be detrimental to the Pend Oreille River, South Side Water, as well as local farms and family-owned wells, within the surrounding neighborhoods. It has been proven that price values drop an average of 27% and up to 56% when near an asphalt plant. The relocation of this proposed asphalt plant presents significantly more risks than rewards. The lives and health of hundreds of families and local wildlife depend on the clean air and water within their Sagle homestead. The proposal of the new Interstate Asphalt Plant is not in the community's best interest. If it was put to a vote, the Sagle community would unanimously oppose the asphalt plant.   

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Petition to Marathon Oil

Tell Marathon to get out of U.S. car emissions policies

Car companies don’t want it. Americans don’t want it. But oil companies do. Right now, a group of American oil companies, led by Marathon, is pushing the federal government to remove car emissions standards so they can make even more money. Marathon has expanded their operations and is now the largest oil refiner in the United States. If Americans are forced to buy cars that need more gas, Marathon and others can sell more oil. Tell Marathon to back off clean air standards, car emissions policies need to get better, not disappear overnight. Oil companies shouldn’t be setting emissions policies, but for years Marathon has been working behind the scenes to gut car emissions standards. They worked in conjunction with other oil companies to launch Facebook ads under a group founded by an oil lobbyist, Energy4US. The ads directed people to submit comments to the Department of Transportation for ‘affordable energy’. But they haven’t stopped there, Marathon worked closely with well connected oil-industry groups and a network of conservative lobbyists to influence and re-write state-level car emissions standards. They’ve also joined with the Koch Brothers to push forward an eight-word long bill in the House, “to repeal the corporate average fuel economy standards.” Essentially, to remove all car emissions standards. Not only would a car emissions roll back contribute towards climate change, it would harm the health of millions of Americans. Half of all Americans breathe polluted air everyday. Passenger cars and heavy duty trucks account for roughly 50% of all emissions in the United States with current emissions policies. Air pollution increases the rates of asthma and the risks of developing cancer. In the U.S., it causes 30,000 premature deaths every year. Oil giants like Marathon have no business influencing clean air and emissions policies that impact the health and welfare of millions of Americans. Tell Marathon to back off clean air.

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