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Petition to Genevieve Damico, Mayor Dennis Tyler, Tamara Havics, State Representative Sue Errington, State Senator Timothy Lanane, City Councilwoman Lynn Peters, City Councilman Doug Marshall

Protect Muncie Families! Demand a Public Meeting on Exide's Permit & Toxic Pollution

Exide Technologies has filed an application with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to renew their General Operating Permit at their plant located at 2601 West Mt. Pleasant Blvd. in Muncie.  Despite calls from hundreds of Muncie residents that IDEM hold a simple public meeting on Exide's permit, IDEM has elected not to allow a public meeting, putting an irresponsible corporation with a long history of violations and fines for excessive emissions of toxic contaminants and bad practices, BEFORE the health and safety of thousands of Muncie residents and families. Since 1989, Exide has released 227,275 pounds of toxic pollutants- including dangerous lead, sulfuric acid and arsenic- into the air and water in Muncie. If approved, this Operating Permit will allow Exide to continue to emit 474.5 tons (949,000 pounds) of toxic pollutants in Muncie PER YEAR, including 4.86 tons (9,720 pounds) of lead. This will negatively impact local homes, businesses, residents' health, our environment and wildlife.  Please join with hundreds of your neighbors and friends in calling for the EPA and IDEM to allow a simple public meeting on Exide's permit! We deserve an opportunity to learn more about Exide's permit, toxic emissions and the impact Exide's operation has had on the health and properties of thousands of Muncie families; especially given that Exide has one of the worst public health and environmental safety records of any company in the U.S. and have been subject to millions of dollars in fines and criminal charges in several communities- including in Muncie! You can also send an email to Genevieve Damico ( at the EPA to express your concerns and request a public meeting; refer to permit number T035-37825-00028 in your correspondence. For more information, or to get involved, email 

Protect Muncie
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Petition to Valley View Pork, Marsh Swine Farm

Stop a Factory Farm from Coming to Montague

A Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) is in the process of being opened in our community, not only is the location of the factory pig farm a concern for property owners in the surrounding area, it also happens to lie on the Flower Creek watershed that feeds directly into Lake Michigan. Due to the location of our community, our water sources are extremely sensitive to pollution such as farm sewage runoff, antibiotic resistant bacteria, high nitrate levels, increased ammonia levels, etc; all of which have been traced back to CAFO's. The shear increase in waste being introduced into our community by 8,000 pigs total annually, is what will have the most impact. Each pig averages 3 gallons of manure a day for a total of over 1 million gallons of manure per year. That waste is going to have to find a place in our community's farm fields. That is manure that doesn't currently exist in our community's watershed right now. The following issues have all been linked to CAFO contamination: algae blooms, fish die offs, beaches closed due to E. Coli, decreased property values, higher rates of asthma, air pollution, etc. Please help defend the health of our community, our clean air, our lakes and our property values by taking action! Tell Marsh Swine Farm and Valley View Pork the people who live in this community DO NOT want a pig CAFO built here!

Montague, MI
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