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Petition to 2T 2U Rule Comments, DEQ/DWR Water Planning Section

Keep Toxic Waste Out of Our Yards

No one likes when neighbors neglect to curb their dogs – particularly when poop lands in our front yard. Imagine if that poop was 10 billion gallons of fecal waste yearly and it was turning up in the air you breathe, the soil where you grow your food, and the water you drink and bathe in.   That’s life in North Carolina, where the Department of Environmental Quality has turned a blind eye to factory farms, who routinely dump toxic waste too close to homes, schools, and churches. It isn't just foul-smelling; it's also a health threat. Manure has been known to carry E. coli, salmonella, cryptosporidium and other bacteria that can lead to serious illness or death if they spread to humans. A 2016 Duke University School of Medicine report linked exposure to waste from hog farms with acute blood pressure increase, impaired neurobehavioral and pulmonary function. It also pointed to carcinogenic effects induced by chemicals from hog farming waste. Respiratory illnesses are another concern, yet dry-litter operations are exempt from state odor ordinances, and federal regulators don't monitor poultry plant air emissions. Factory farm facilities are responsible for a lot more animals than your neighbor with the dog. We’re talking about some 200 million birds, 9 million pigs, and more than 810,000 cattle. And their waste output is staggering.  Pig and cattle facilities collectively produce 10 billion gallons of wet fecal waste yearly, enough to fill more than 15,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. Factor in 2 million tons of dry waste from the state’s 200 million factory-farmed birds, and you start to see why there’s been such a stink about factory farming in this state.  Enough is enough. North Carolina tax payers deserve better. Thankfully, for the first time since 2005,  residents have an opportunity to comment on updating the waste regulations – the “2T” rules (15A NCAC 02T) – which are grossly inadequate. Together, we can push for policies that restrict the growth and negative impact of factory farms in the state by raising the following concerns and recommendations:  The current absence of a permitting process with regard to new poultry operations leaves the state unable to provide basic oversight and prevent irresponsible practices of these facilities. Poultry operations are the fastest-growing source of agricultural pollution, and the state needs to protect its citizens from this industry. Given the disparate impact of animal operations (especially hog farms) on vulnerable communities, the state should take additional measures to protect those at the greatest risk. The state department of environmental quality should require that livestock and poultry operators sample surface water, ground water, and air quality in order to protect residents. Farmers should be incentivized to grow more fruits, vegetables, and other healthy plant foods, which can be produced in a more ecologically sound way than animal products. We're all neighbors; what hurts our neighbors, threatens us all. Thank you for joining Farm Sanctuary in sending NC DEQ the attached letter to help prevent industrial animal farms from threatening the environment, and the health and well-being of North Carolina’s residents.

Farm Sanctuary
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Petition to Burlin Matthews, T , , Clay County Board of Supervisors, Steve King, Megan Jones, Chuck Grassley, Iowa DNR- Clay Co Paul Petitti, Iowa State House, Iowa State Senate, Iowa Governor, Iowa lieutenant governor, Iowa Dept of Ag Bill Northey, Joe Skow, Barry Anderson, Dan Skelton, Randy Swanson, Attn Al & Chris Swanson family, Swanson Family, Keith Kratchmer, Jen Sorenson, Reynold Peterson, Frank Petska, William Orrison, Steve Bomgaars, Leann Jacobsen, Ron Hanson, Rich Prentice, George Moriarty

Stop IA Select (Factory Farm) Hog Confinements in ClayCo. & Join Master Matrix Moratorium

We – the undersigned residents of Clay County & other communities in support – strongly oppose the application & approved DNR Permit 2017.33 for location Section 14 Lincoln Township (T95N, R37W), [[EDIT Permit withdrawn 9/25/2017 woohoo we WON this one!]] by factory farm giant Iowa Select Farms, under the name Bluejay Farms I, LLC for this particular project, to build a confinement housing 5,000 head of hogs, 2500 each building.  The proposed site is [[WAS- there is ALWAYS more sneakin in]] 1¼ mile west of Hwy 71, on 420th St.; & is 2,810ft to 3 miles from dozens of neighbors & the Rossie & Greenville communities. This will pollute our air, water, and soil, threaten our health, lower the value of our homes and farmsteads, & hurt nearby businesses, some who spoke publicly, including regular farmers & unique types sensitive to effects from hog confinements.  We call on Al & Chris Swanson, local land owners (Chris stated land sale not finalized at 8/29 Clay Co Board of Supervisors hearing) to withdraw/ cancel their land offer/ negotiations/ purchase agreement/ sale to Iowa Select [[EDIT 9/27/2017- DNR permit withdrawn BUT they have ALOT of land]] ; --AND/ OR-- for Iowa Select to withdraw this application due to community & peer opposition [[THEY DID!]],  –OR– for the Clay County Board of Supervisors to recommend denial & review of this application to the DNR & have permit revoked [[Vote was set for 9/26/2017 but Iowa Select withdrew!]]. –AND--  for Clay County officials to further prevent Iowa Select, AND similar CAFO's under any pseudonym, alias or LLC, to ever build any (more {edit} found out others already! 8.29.2017/ Spencer Daily Reporter article, opposition to the project. Must stop them- no more!) confinements in Clay County, Iowa. Help us keep this large factory farm from taking over our county (edit- 2-4 already here!) beginning with preventing this proposed location, Rossie Finishing Facility & also requesting banning/ no permits/building allowed in Clay Co. #ClayCoSaysNoIowaSelect #ClayCoNoMoreFactoryFarms  PETITION UPDATE 9/26/2017! 1 VICTORY for ClayCo! Read what ACTUALLY happened! Also-Oct 10! 11AM BoardOfSup's mtg- PLZ ATTEND! Clay Co Against Iowa Select (Factory Farm)SEP 27, 2017 — We are happy to announce Iowa Select/ Bluejay Farms WILL NOT BE PROCEEDING with the Rossie Finishing Facility in Lincoln Twnshp!!! Very great news!! TOGETHER we STOPPED this ONE BUT it's NOT OVER. Please join us Tues, Oct 10- 11am! Clay Co Admin Bldg, Spencer! We DO NEED PEOPLE to attend to ask that Clay County be the 18th county to sign onto a request to the legislature for a moratorium on new factory farms/CAFOs until adequate regulations are developed to protect Iowa's families or until Iowa's 750 impaired water bodies are reduced to 100 or less. Families near proposed now withdrawn Rossie Finishing Facility may have dodged a bullet, but the rest of rural Clay county is still in the cross-hairs for getting 5,000-8,000 hogs 1/4 mile from their own home or small town.  Below is ICCI's press release, whom we have been working with. The birds were known by Iowa Select prior to 8/29 mtg so we don't think that was the decider. Maybe 800+ signatures (THANKS!) & MUCH RESISTANCE & COMMUNITY AWARENESS  did though!!  From ICCI- Iowa Select withdraws two factory farm applications ahead of environmental hearings Iowa CCI members, residents in Clay and Wayne counties celebrate and demand moratorium on new factoriesDes Moines, Iowa – On Monday, Iowa CCI members and everyday Iowans celebrated as Iowa Select — the largest hog corporation in Iowa and 8th largest nationally — withdrew permit applications for two massive hog factories in Wayne and Clay counties. Both applications, which were overwhelmingly opposed by local residents and county supervisors, were likely to be appealed at the October meeting of the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC). Locally organized oppositionResidents of Wayne County organized opposition, including a meeting with DNR director Chuck Gipp where over 100 neighbors demanded DNR deny the site, wrote letters to the editor, and successfully convinced their county supervisors to fail the Master Matrix and recommend denial to the DNR. The DNR overturned the Wayne County Supervisors’ decision. Wayne County appealed DNR’s approval of the factory farm, and a public hearing before the EPC was scheduled in October. “We’re celebrating this big victory, but we know that Iowa Select will try to reapply. We are relentless, and we’ll be ready. We don’t want any factory farms and we will fight any that Iowa Select proposes to build,” said Pam Woollis, CCI member and resident of Wayne County. In Clay County, local residents also organized, gathered petition signatures, and convinced their supervisors to recommend denial of the site, which again was overturned by the DNR. Clay County’s Board of Supervisors was set to vote on appealing DNR’s approval of the factory farm at its meeting today. “We are overjoyed at Iowa Select’s decision to not build their large hog factory beside our family. However, more importantly, the health of other farm familes and small towns is endangered by Iowa’s lack of regulations to protect the public health and our air and water,” said Sarah Lewis, who fought the 5,000-head factory farm near Spencer, Iowa. “We encourage our Supervisors to make Clay County the 18th Iowa county to call for a moratorium or changes to the Master Matrix until adequate regulations are implemented to protect our environment and familes.” Iowa Select avoids scrutiny“In its written notice to the Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Select cited several reasons for withdrawing, but we believe it’s because they are feeling public pressure and know that these appeals would further illustrate the failings of the Master Matrix,” said Erica Blair, community organizer with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI). According to DNR’s construction review activity database, Iowa Select has seven pending facilities across the state in Grundy, Hancock, Hardin, Humboldt, Buena Vista, and Greene counties. CCI has received calls from residents of several of these counties asking how they can fight the incoming factory farms. Iowa Select has a long violation history, including at least 150 manure or ammonia releases polluting air and water, according to DNR’s facility spill database. “Iowa Select creates new LLCs, allowing the company to avoid scrutiny of past violations, making it difficult to know the true number of spills and violations,” said Patti Naylor, a CCI member and family farmer who lives in Greene County, where supervisors just approved a 7,490-head Iowa Select factory farm. “They’ve become experts at using the Master Matrix to their own advantage.” This news comes as many scandals are coming to the surface for DNR. CCI members point to the EPC and DNR’s dismissal of the Master Matrix petition, former DNR employee Gene Tinker’s claim that he was fired for educating counties about the Master Matrix, and DNR’s discovery of over 5,000 additional factory farms in Iowa. “It’s clear that we need a moratorium from this polluting industry. Our DNR, legislature, and Governor need to work for all of Iowans,” added Naylor. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is a statewide, grassroots people’s action group that uses community organizing to win public policy that puts communities before corporations and people before profits, politics and polluters. CCI has been fighting to put people first for over 40 years. Follow us on Twitter at @iowacci.

Clay County IA Residents, Friends & Neighbors Community Action Society
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Petition to Rick Scott, Florida State Senate, Florida State House, Bill Nelson, Mark Ruffalo, Pharrell Williams, Willie Nelson, Dennis Baxley, Aaron Bean, Lizbeth Benacquisto, Lauren Book, Randolph Bracy, Rob Bradley, Jeff Brandes, Oscar Braynon, Doug Broxson, Daphne Campbell, Jeff Clemens, Greenpeace USA, Gary Farmer, Anitere Flores, George Gainer, Bill Galvano, Rene Garcia, Audrey Gibson, Denise Grimsley, Dorothy Hukill, Greg Steube, Travis Hutson, Jack Latvala, Tom Lee, Debbie Mayfield, Bill Montford, Joe Negron, Kathleen Passidomo, Keith Perry, Bobby Powell, Kevin Rader, Jose Rodriguez, Darryl Rouson, Wilton Simpson, Kelli Stargel, Linda Stewart, Perry Thurston, Victor Torres, Dana Young

Ban Styrofoam Packaging and Plastic Bags in Florida

Florida is plagued with a frightening problem. A problem that’s catastrophic for the environment and detrimental to your health. Are you aware that Styrofoam never decomposes? And further, did you know that Styrofoam is created from several dangerous, cancer causing chemicals including benzene and styrene?  Styrofoam is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. It’s a petroleum-based plastic that once used and disposed of, stays in our environment forever. Plastic bags are causing another horrific environmental crisis. Disposable plastic bags may be convenient but are a massive source of man-made pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), around one trillion disposable plastic bags are used each year and less than 5 percent are recycled! In the United States, we use over 380 billion plastic bags yearly, requiring 12 million barrels of oil to create. Plastic bags remain in landfills, forests, and oceans for at least 450 years! Plastic bags are especially harmful to Florida’s oceans as they trap, suffocate, disfigure, and cause death to marine animals. Both Styrofoam and plastic are light enough to float in water, which can be seen as food sources to some aquatic life. Therefore, the environmental impact of Styrofoam and plastic is disastrous. Manatees, fish, and even land animals can mistake these materials for food, which can harm or kill them. For example, a floating plastic bag may look like a jellyfish to a hungry sea turtle. For this reason, we created this project called Update the Sunshine State.   Although Florida is famously known as "The Sunshine State," when it comes to solar energy and sustainability, Florida is embarrassingly lackluster.  Florida is a state of breathtaking beaches, endless sunshine, and beautiful wildlife. However, Florida is horribly unsustainable. Plastic bags galore, Styrofoam packaging everywhere (seriously people, are we stuck in the 80's!?), minimal solar power usage, businesses not recycling, etc... It goes without saying that the state of Florida is in need of a progressive and forward thinking movement in the area of environment and sustainability. This is why our mission is to upgrade the sunshine state. Banning Styrofoam packaging and plastic bags is our first sustainable step. We invite you to join our mission.    Here’s What you Can Do: * Please sign and share this petition * When at a restaurant, request the use of safer, more environmentally friendly packaging alternatives  * Bring reusable bags to the grocery store  * Use a reusable coffee mug  * Ask your employer to remove Styrofoam and plastic, replacing them with washable, re-usable materials  * Share this information with your family, your friends, and your co-workers  * Get involved locally! Talk to your town’s mayor. Email your area’s senator. Reach out to Governor Rick Scott  Update the Sunshine State is NOT a political project. This dire environmental issue exists whether you believe or disbelieve in global warming and/or climate change.  Truth of the matter is, if we don’t take action NOW, Styrofoam packaging and plastic bags will continue to destroy our precious environment, beautiful oceans, and entire ecosystem. Let your voice be heard!  Whether or not you live in Florida, please sign and share this petition. Sign it for the sea turtles and manatees. Sign it for the panthers and ospreys. Sign it for your children. Sign it for future generations. We all share the same living space; Earth - the place we call our home. Please, let it be known that you care. With your support, we can Update the Sunshine State!  Connect and share: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Join our Hashtag Community -- tag pics of plastic bags or Styrofoam litter in your neighborhood and attach this petition link.   Use these hashtags: #BanPlasticBags #BanStyrofoam #UpdateTheSunshineState  

Michael Tamez
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Petition to Brian Krajewski, Gary Grasso, Greg Hart

Say NO to a new asphalt plant in DuPage County

Lorig Construction Company has requested a conditional use permit from DuPage County to build an asphalt plant at 9900 S. Route 83, Lemont, IL.  The proposed plant would be next to Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, the Des Plaines River, Centennial Trail, the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal, Red Gate and Henry de Tonty Woods Forest Preserves  and several residential areas. Please sign our petition, and plan to attend the upcoming Dupage County Zoning Board of Appeals meetings Thursday, September 28 meeting will be rescheduled to November Some of the objections to this proposed plant are: Increased truck traffic on Illinois Route 83 - it's estimated that between 80 to 320 twenty-ton trucks per day would be entering and exiting Route 83 in the bridge area between Bluff Road and Archer Avenue. Air pollution - Asphalt plants emit hazardous air pollutants, harmful to people and wildlife in the area.  According to the EPA, this type of plant typically emits up to 2000 pounds of hazardous air pollutants per year.  EPA report Fire and hazardous waste - there is no water service at this location and there is only one point of access, preventing effective firefighting and putting all of the surrounding area at risk. Health risks - Asphalt plants produce PM-10 particles, small enough to get into the lungs and cause serious health problems. Photo credit:

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