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Stop dumping waste around our school!

Dear sir/madam, The International School of Bucharest (Lumina Foundation, founded in 1996) is an educational institution authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Education and accredited by the Council of International Schools. It provides a British-style education with Cambridge and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). We have about 1000 people from 40 nationalities learning and working at our school and visiting our campus every day. On behalf of our institution, we would like to reiterate to you one of the main topics concerning the health and safety of our children and our school community, it is the lack of environmental protection in the area where our school is located. We have sent letters repetitively to the official institutions in an effort to develop solutions to prevent the environmental pollution around the premises of our campus. Unfortunately, to this date, we have not been able to resolve this problem. There are plenty of places where bags of trash are thrown, where corpses of dead animals are left to decay, offering therefore not only a desolating landscape but also a major source of infection and risk to the health and safety of our students, parents and employees. Protecting the environment is one of the main problems we face worldwide, and so at least inhere we can really do it, with just a little bit more involvement and support we feel we can improve this small area of Bucharest. We do not want to jeopardize our institution and its reputation with issues like this, therefore please help us to find a solution to this problem. We kindly ask you to consider to offer us the necessary support in solving this delicate issue. We would like to suggest to a) contact the landowners; b) provide regular cleaning; c) place warning boards with penalties stated by the law; d) monitor with police checks and video surveillance; e) build fences along the road. We would like to invite you to the premises of our school, so you can see and judge with your own eyes the gravity of the situation itself. We thank you for your urgent attention and look forward to collaborating with you to ensure our environment is safe and welcoming for our school community. Thank you very much for your support. Kind Regards, Sinan KOŞAKDirector International School of Bucharest Str.Gara Catelu, 1R, 032991, Sector 3 Bucureşti

Sinan Kosak
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Petition to Virginia State Senate, Virginia State House

Stop the hazardous dumping of sewage sludge in Virginia

We, the concerned residents Virginia, are requesting that the transportation, storing and application of ALL biosolids, aka sewage sludge/municipal waste, to the agricultural lands in Virginia be stopped indefinitely. Why should we stop the application of Biosolids, aka Sewage Sludge, on our agricultural land?*Biosolids are known to contain thousands of chemicals and pathogens that are not tested for. Unregulated chemicalsEmerging chemicals Specific pathogens (MRSA, swine flu, H1N1 viruses, hepatitis A, Herpes virus, Poliovirus, Necrotizing bacteria)Prescription pharmaceutical drugs, Illegal drugs, Hormones, Antidepressants, Steroids Bacteria: E.ColiViruses: Herpes, PapillomavirusEndocrine disrupting chemicals PBDEs: Flame retardantsRadioactive substances Pathogens, including Prions (TSE, BSE “Mad Cow”)Toxic metals *Biosolids are NOT only human/household waste.Included are: Industrial Waste (morgues, crematoriums, slaughterhouses, etc.)*Complex Risks due to extensive exposure to Toxins, Chemicals, Pathogens and Heavy Metals*Many environmental groups oppose the agricultural land application of biosolids, aka sewage sludge.  Why sign this petition?There are too many unaddressed risks and questions that encompass the application of biosolids, aka sewage sludge, to our agricultural lands.The detailed risks study is intensive due to the large number of pathogens, viruses, chemicals and toxins exposure to be evaluated.It is our belief that the sheer volume and intensity of the unknown variables in the risk assessment has been highly neglected. It is our belief that the continued exposure by the application of Biosolids, aka Sewage Sludge, to our agricultural land is extremely negligent towards our citizens, our quality of life, our food chain, our wildlife and our environment.  Existing regulations and monitoring of the land application of sewage sludge fall short of protecting residents. The Federal Clean Water Act defines sewage sludge as a “pollutant” [33USC 1462 (6)].Part 503.9(t) Pollutant is an organic substance, an inorganic substance, a combination of organic and organic substances, or a pathogenic organism that, after discharge and upon exposure, ingestion, inhalation, or assimilation into an organism either directly from the environment or indirectly by ingestion through the food chain, could, on the basis of information available to the Administrator of EPA, cause death, disease, behavioral abnormalities, cancer, genetic mutations, physiological malfunctions (including malfunction in reproduction), or physical deformations in either organisms (humans) or offspring (children) of the organisms.      

Virginians For The Responsible Disposal Of Sewage Sludge
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