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Petition to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, New York Times, Washington Post

More representation of victims of attacks in Africa and the Middle East in American news!

If you are like most people, you have probably have heard of the Parkland high school shooting. 17 innocent people lost their lives in the incident, sparking outrage and protests. American news(CNN, CBS, FOX, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and NBC) has roused humanitarian support for people not of color OR Western, as 16 of the victims were white and were American. But in stark contrast, American news has meagerly covered victims' lives in Africa and the Middle East, and while reporting tragedies in Europe and the United States with more solidarity and support, an example of blatant hypocrisy. According to Caroline Mortimer, a writer for Independent UK, as she states in the subtitle of her article, "A total of 269 people were killed in attacks in the region[Western Europe] in 2016 – compared with 19,121 in the Middle East and North Africa." Those attacks in Western Europe include cities, such as Brussels, Nice, and Berlin. Despicably, they received far more coverage than in places, such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.  Victims of tragedies in Europe and America also have their biographies covered in exquisite detail, while victims of tragedies in Africa and the Middle East are just included as a forgettable statistic, which is grossly unjustified. No human life deserves to be a statistic. If American news really is to make the public feel sorrow and shed tears for victims of tragedies, why then, does media possess such a disgraceful double standard? Do white lives/lives in Western or developed countries really matter more than lives in developing countries?  Yes, freedom of the press is an inalienable right. But this petition does NOT call for control over American news. This petition is calling for American news to uphold its responsibilities to inform our public of what is happening around the world. Sign this petition if you want to show American news that YOU care about the victims. We MUST stand up for the human rights and dignity of the victims, and urge American news to do the same. In turn, once American news actually starts giving non-Western tragedies the same amount of consideration it gives to Western tragedies(such as giving biographies and covering incidents WEEKS after the incidents actually happened), we can finally bridge the empathy gap and spread fraternity and solidarity for ALL humans.  

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