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Petition to Yeshiva University, Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy, Rabbi Joshua Kahn, Tamar Sheffey

Support MTA LGBTQ+ Students In Taking A Stand Against MTA Hosting A Conversion Therapist

As alums of MTA ('08 and '10), we write this petition to condemn the actions of the MTA administration in hosting a mandatory event for parents with Dr. Gavriel Fagin, a "conversion therapist," about "challenges" faced by their children (1). Bringing in a so-called "conversion therapist" to speak to parents is offensive, harmful and goes against the Jewish values we were taught as students. We instead believe in the power of Jewish values in affirming LGBTQ+ identities and embracing differences within our community rather than furthering stigma, LGBTQ+ phobia, and damaging the well-being of minors. "Conversion therapy" is immensely harmful, and should never be practiced. "Conversion therapy" does not work and it is condemned by major medical and professional associations, including the American Psychological Association, The American School Counselor Association, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Medical Association (2). The American School Counselor Association has said that "it is not the role of the professional school counselor to attempt to change a student's sexual orientation/gender identity but instead to provide support to LGBTQ students to promote student achievement and personal well-being (3)." Conversion therapy is not only counter to best practices, but has enormously harmful effects, including depression, anxiety, self-destructive behavior and family rejection which could lead to suicide. LGBTQ+ young adults who experience family rejection during adolescence are 8.4 times more likely to report attempted suicide (4).   Instead of following the practices that professionals unanimously agree are in the best interest of adolescents, the MTA administration instead chose to promote the narrow agenda of a group of individuals whose methods have been widely condemned. Not only that, conversion therapy is illegal in New York at both the city and state levels (5). Perhaps MTA became privy to this when it deleted its post about the event (6). We, together with the undersigned, stand in solidarity with all LGBTQ+ students of MTA and the wider community. We pledge to continue to speak out against these actions, support LGBTQ+ people, and fight for the lives and well-being of LGBTQ+ youth. Andrew (’10) and B.J. (’08) Bryk (1) See Ari Feldman, Gay Conversion Therapy Provider Spoke At Parent Meeting At Prominent Orthodox School, THE FORWARD (Apr. 3, 2019), (2) See News Release, APA Reiterates Strong Opposition to Conversion Therapy, AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION (Nov. 15 2018), (highlighting that no credible evidence exists for changing sexual orientation and that from a mental health perspective sexual orientation does not need to be and should not be changed); So-Called “Conversion Therapy” and LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, THE TREVOR PROJECT (2017), (citing the enumerated medical and professional associations). (3) Id.  (4) See id.  (5) See NYC CONSUMER AFFAIRS, CONVERSION THERAPY IS ILLEGAL IN NEW YORK CITY,; Chris Mills Rodrigo, Cuomo signs ban on conversion therapy in New York, THE HILL (Jan. 25, 2019), (6) See JQY, Shareable Statement on MTA, FACEBOOK (Apr. 2, 2019), (including a photo of the post that has since been removed from MTA’s Facebook page). 

Andrew Bryk
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Petition to Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate, Andrew M. Cuomo, New York State House, New York State Senate, Ohio State Senate, John Kasich, Ohio State House, Tom Wolf, Minnesota State House, Minnesota State Senate, Mark Dayton

Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Twelve states have moved to ban "ex-gay therapy" for young people -- dangerous "therapy" that tries to change someone's sexual orientation. "Ex-gay therapy" has been linked to suicide, depression, isolation and anxiety, and has been condemned by nearly every medical and psychological body as dangerous, destructive and something no child should be forced to undergo. And yet in 38 states -- including states like New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Ohio -- "ex-gay therapy" remains a practice that's largely legal under the law. But there is national momentum as more and more states move to ban "ex-gay therapy" and protect minors from attempts to "cure" them of their sexual orientation. Hawaii just became the 12th state to ban "ex-gay therapy," and New Hampshire and Delaware are close to following suit. They join states like California, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Oregon. That's nearly 25% of the country! But it's not enough. LGBT kids are still facing dangerous "ex-gay therapy" attempts in more than 30 states around the country.  All these states have seen bills introduced to ban "ex-gay therapy". New York -- which touts itself as one of the most LGBT-friendly states in the country -- has seen legislation pass the State Assembly three times; Pennsylvania has had a bill introduced several times; Ohio now has a bill as well that legislators are pushing; and activists in Minnesota have been pushing for a ban on "ex-gay therapy" programs for years. Let's build on this national organizing momentum, and work to get these states added to the list of states stepping up to protect LGBT youth, and banning harmful "ex-gay therapy" that tries to "cure" LGBT people and change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Petition to The Community

Keeping All Children in a Safe School Environment. Fighting for our LGBTQ community.

please share this petition.  At the start of this petition we were trying to remove an Amanda Shera from her school board position. Over the past months we haven’t stopped. We have talked to the inspector general, the state board of accounts, the Indiana Department of Education, the state school boards association, the national school boards association, educational advocacy groups, and legal council.  I have asked to be put on the agenda to speak at the next school board meeting. When I get this approval and date, please attend and bring your fellow supporters. We must push back before our children are pushed out.     I am asking for you to sign and share this petition to remove Hamilton Southeastern Schools board member Amanda Shera from her position on the board.  Amanda does not represent the mission statement put forth by our school district.  On several occasions she has violated policy by using her personal social media accounts to express her personal views that have reflected negatively on the district.  Most recently Amanda wrote a tirade on social media attacking and intimidating current board members, candidates, teachers and students. In this day and age we call this bullying. HSE schools currently have a no bullying policy in effect.  Amanda has made it a personal vendetta to remove the rights of the LGBT students in our district. These are the posted comments on her social media page.   Last year she used her position on the board by going to the Indy Star and trying to get a book banned from the district.          (See article attachment)   In the 22 years I have lived in Fishers, I have never seen a board member behave so selfishly.  These actions have tarnished our districts image. 

Jennifer Chavez
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