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Petition to Sajid Javid, James Heappey, home office, Home Secretary

Stop the deportation of Ken Macharia

ProblemKenneth "Ken" Macharia, from Glastonbury, Somerset, has had his request for asylum rejected by the Home Office. In November 2018, he was detained by the Home Office pending deportation to Kenya. Thanks to overwhelming public support, he was granted bail at a court hearing. However, the Home Office may detain Ken at any time. We are continuing to campaign for Ken to be granted asylum in the UK.The Home Office rejected his asylum application and his appeal because they deem Kenya to be safe for gay people - in spite of the persecution of gay people and 14-year imprisonment for homosexuality. Deporting Ken from the UK will also mean that he is unable to see his mother who lives in Bristol.Ken is deeply concerned about being deported to Kenya, where he would face persecution, and he wishes to stay in the UK to contribute to society. Unfortunately, Ken’s story is yet another example of the Home Office ignoring the risks that LGBT people face in multiple countries around the world. On 20 November 2018, public support pressured the Home Office into agreeing to release Ken from the detention centre. However, on 27 November 2018, the Home Office unexpectedly decided to reinstate his immediate deportation notice. The following day at Ken's bail hearing, the Home Office opposed bail. Thanks to the huge outcry of public support, the judge granted Ken bail and he has since returned home to his friends and family. However, his fight is far from over. Ken still does not have asylum here in the UK, and he is still subject to deportation to Kenya by the Home Office. They could send him back to the detention centre at any time. In order to protect Ken from the persecution and imprisonment that he would face in Kenya, we are calling on the Home Office to grant him asylum here in the UK. On 3 June 2019, Ken received news from the Home Office that they were revoking his right to stay in the UK. Therefore he may be detained imminently by the Home Office, and then sent to Kenya, where he would face homophobic persecution and discrimination. SolutionWe are calling on his local MP, James Heappey, and Home Secretary Sajid Javid, to step in to stop Ken's deportation, and to grant him asylum here in the UK. We ask that people tweet to Sajid Javid and let them know how wrong this decision is and that Ken should be granted asylum here, where he is safe. As the Home Secretary, he has the authority to secure Ken's safety. The legal process will be expensive. To give Ken the best chance of securing his safety here in the UK, we have announced a crowdfund in order to provide financial support to cover Ken's legal costs. Please donate whatever you can give to this cause!Personal storyKen has lived in the UK since 2009, first on a student visa, through which he qualified as an engineer. He has since worked in the UK through his work visa, however after a subsequent work visa was denied, he applied to seek asylum in the UK. In 2016, Ken joined Bristol Bisons RFC, a gay and inclusive rugby team, and I have known him for over two years.Ken is an integral part of our rugby family at Bristol Bisons RFC. His commitment to the ethos of rugby and to our team is second to none. He is an important part of our community, and regularly attends our matches across the country as our match photographer, and has also undertaken training to be our first aid medic. This is very typical of Ken’s nature – always wanting to help, and always being concerned for the well-being of other people.Ken is a quiet, kind, and caring person and he is one of the most loved people at our rugby club. Our team would not be the same without his warm character.Deporting a good, hard-working, gay man to a country where homophobic violence and imprisonment is rife is immoral and unjust, and should be stopped. Your support can really make a difference. Please sign this petition to keep Ken in the UK where he is safe.

Andrew Holmes
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Petition to Pride in Surrey, Surrey Pride

Pride in Surrey, drop BAE Systems as a sponsor!

Pride is standing in opposition to discrimination and violence to LGBTQ+ people and celebrating visibility, dignity, equality and safety from harm. We should be proud to stand up against discrimination and violence in all its forms, and in favour of human rights in general. BAE Systems is one of the world's largest arms companies, and so depends on the existence of war, which inflicts death, injury and exile on many. BAE Systems sells weapons to countries with poor human rights records, such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia appears to have targeted civilians numerous times in its intervention in Yemen, including in hospitals, and also appears to have passed weapons on to various local factions. Their intervention has also caused a famine which has claimed the lives of up to 85 000 children as of October 2018. It seems that none of these things are a concern to BAE Systems, which continues to have Saudi Arabia as its third biggest customer. Yet BAE Systems is not only a sponsor, but the lead sponsor of Pride in Surrey, as advertised on your website (archived copy here). List of sponsors has since been moved here (archived copy here). When BAE Systems became a sponsor for the Great Exhibition of the North, there was an outcry against it, including from many acts who withdrew or threatened to withdraw from the event. Eventually BAE Systems pulled out as a sponsor. We urge you to drop their sponsorship too. In 2018, the head of BAE Systems said "I don’t think it’s our job to stand up as pressure groups against countries and their laws". On the other hand, it seems that gaining and using influence with the British government to further their business has long been acceptable, as former foreign secretary Robin Cook observed: "Certainly I never knew No 10 to come up with any decision that would be incommoding to BAE". While BAE Systems is happy to present a good face by showcasing employee diversity and sponsoring Pride events, it clearly does not regard women and LGBTQ+ people as important in countries it does business with, some with institutionalised discrimination and violence against them. These include Saudi Arabia mentioned above where LGBTQ+ people can be beaten and put to death, and Turkey which is believed to have assisted DAESH by turning a blind eye to weapons smuggling, buying oil and providing training and healthcare to fighters, and used violence to ban and suppress Pride in Istanbul last year. Who benefits more from this sponsorship? Pride which must compromise its human rights values, or BAE Systems which apparently can use the LGBTQ+ community in Surrey to pinkwash its activities? We want Pride in Surrey to: - Drop BAE Systems as a sponsor - Issue a formal apology - Commit never to accept money from any who benefit from arming oppressive governments #noprideinwar #endpinkwashing #dropBAE

Timothy Rosson
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