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Petition to Halifax Regional Municipality

Petition to Change 'Cornwallis Street' in Halifax to 'Rocky Jones Street'

Cornwallis Street in North-End Halifax brings thoughts of oppression and racialized violence to people of the original inhabitants of the area. Cornwallis Street is home to various African-Canadian focused organizations, and the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre. The purpose of this petition is to change the name of the street, to reflect a champion for both Mi'kmaw and African-Nova Scotians. Jones was a founding member of The Black United Front of Nova Scotia, National Black Coalition of Canada, Dalhousie University Transition Year Program (where he taught for 10 years), Dalhousie Law School Indigenous Blacks and Mi'kmaq Program, African Canadian Liberation Movement, African Canadian Caucus of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Project to name a few. Jones was involved in the establishment of the Black Inmates Association and the Native Brotherhood of Dorchester Penitentiary and Springhill Institution. Jones developed programs for women in the Kingston Prison for Women, Halifax County Correctional Centre and in the community. The Transition Year Program, for example, has helped educate thousands (Over 1000 as of January, 2012) of Mi'kmaw and African-Canadians from Dalhousie University. We recognize that history can not be changed, although we can choose who we honour by naming streets, parks, and schools after them. Having streets named after more positive figures will also help boost confidence and tranquility among area residents, while inspiring youth to reach their full potential. By signing this petition you agree that Halifax Regional Municipality should honour true heroes such as Mr. Jones, as opposed to people like Mr. Cornwallis. IMPORTANT UPDATE (June 2020): The petition was handed over to Halifax North councillor Lindell Smith in August of 2018. At that time, the petition had 1,700 signatures, 300 comments, along with 60 in-person signatures from people who live, work or own a business on the street. Mr. Smith presented the petition to Council on September 18, 2018. However, there has still been no action on changing the name. We need you to take it one step further and contact elected officials to bring the petition up as a motion to Council, so it can be voted on. Tell them why it is important to you that the name be changed, once and for all. Please take a moment to write an email, make a phone call or write a letter to elected officials: Mayor Mike SavageCall: 902.490.4010Email: mayor@halifax.caMailing Address: PO Box 1749, Halifax, NS B3J 3A5 Halifax Peninsula North - Councillor Lindell SmithCall: 902-579-6975Email: Halifax South Downtown - Councillor Waye MasonCall: 902-490-8462Email:

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Petition to British Columbia Provincial Government

Support the Wilp Wii'Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area

Meziadin~ On August 28, 2021 at Lax an Zok (Meziadin Falls/River) Wilp Wii Litsxw announced the establishment of the Wilp Wii Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area at an outdoor event including approximately 200 guests. Supported by the other 7 Gitanyow Wilps (House Groups), and witnessed by neighbouring Gitksan, Wet’suwet’en, Tsimshian, and Nisga’a peoples, Wilp Wii Litsxw Simoogits (Chief and Wing Chiefs) and Sigidm’hanak (Matriarchs) signed the Declaration of the Wilp Wii Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area. Guests were fed salmon selectively harvested from the Meziadin River by Wilp Wii Litsxw, and enjoyed a performance by the Gitwangak/Gitanyow song and dance group, and viewed the world premiere of the documentary film Ha Nii Tokxw: Our Food Table by VoVo Productions. “We have affirmed in our Ayookxw (laws) that the entire Meziadin watershed is protected from mining and mineral exploration, railway and other major industrial development,” said Simoogit Wii Litsxw, Gregory Rush Sr. “Salmon is central to our culture and is an indicator of ecosystem health and function, we take this important step to let government, industry and the general public know that this area must be cared for by the original stewards of this land – Wilp Wii Litsxw and the Gitanyow.” In 2012, the Hanna Tintina Conservancy was protected through the Gitanyow Lax’yip Land Use Plan, and protected 24,000 hectares of land around Hanna and Tintina Creeks which are critical habitat for Nass River sockeye. However, in 2016 Gitanyow Fisheries Authority learned of a larger abundance of spawning salmon in nearby Strohn Creek, which was not included in the Conservancy. Due to climate change and increased glacial melt, Strohn Creek has become more suitable habitat for salmon spawning, but is also affected by new mineral claims by companies seeking to capitalize on newly exposed areas for drilling. “In the face of climate crisis, we need to act to ensure food security for our future generations and all others who rely on Nass River salmon,” said Gitanyow President and Chief Negotiator Malii/Glen Williams. “We are not opposed to development, but we want to ensure it is done sustainably and in accordance with our Ayookxw and principle of Gwelx ye’enst (sustainability principle of the Gitanyow).” Wilp Wii Litsxw shared with the event guests, and will conduct formal engagement on the Draft Management Plan for the Wilp Wii Litsxw Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area. Over the next 6 months, affected parties will be able to review the Draft Plan, provide feedback and comment, and meet with Wilp Wii Litsxw and the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs to discuss how the Draft Plan affects their interests, whether they be neighboring First Nations, Crown governments, industry, or the general public. Following that review, the Wilp will incorporate relevant feedback and make changes as needed. A final Management Plan will be used in consultation with industry and Crown governments and guide all activity in the protected area. “Our vision for the Meziadin Indigenous Protected Area is one that is inclusive of everyone, but in a way that does not damage critical salmon habitat. We must work together to ensure this area thrives into the future and supports economic activity that benefits local communities,” said Simoogit Wii Litsxw. The Meziadin watershed provides spawning habitat for approximately 80% of Nass River sockeye. To date in 2021, more than 230,000 sockeye have passed through the Meziadin Fishway to spawn in Hanna, Tintina, and Strohn Creeks and the Meziadin Lake shore. The Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs and Wilp Wii Litsxw have been calling on the provincial government to expand the Hanna Tintina Conservancy to include Strohn Creek and its tributary Surprise Creek, as well as smaller streams that drain into Meziadin Lake since 2017. While discussions continue, the province has yet to take the needed steps to provide legal protection in the Crown laws. Gitanyow is acting on their ancestral responsibilities to protect salmon, water and biodiversity in their Lax’yip (territory) for future generations. Gitanyow is hopeful that Crown governments will recognize the importance of this area and protect it in their laws also.

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Petition to City of Edmonton,, T.C. Biggs Construction

Stop the Redevelopment of Charles Camsell hospital in Edmonton, Alberta

The Charles Camsell hospital is the site of many human rights violations against Indigenous people's. These violations include human experimental testing on Indigenous people, ties to Residential Schools, forced sterilization of Indigenous people, as well as the site of thousands of abuse cases against Indigenous people's. There is a mass grave on the site that hasn't been exhumed or surveyed as of July 2nd, 2021. The Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta has attempted to cover up enough sites of Indigenous genocide. T.C. Briggs Construction has decided on redevelopment of a genocidal site, their model is to turn it into condominiums. Places where people will live their lives happily, on land where part of a systemic genocide has taken place. The Charles Camsell should not be redeveloped as condominiums, as it's the site of systemic genocide, and should not be changed into anything but a commemorative site of the atrocities against Indigenous peoples of Canada. As Germany has done with their Concentration Camps, we should do with our Residential Schools, and "Indian Hospitals." Turn them into places of Education. Teach generations after us that this should not have ever been tolerated, and should never be tolerated in the future. Survey the land for our lost family. A settlement offer to victims is not enough. Stop standing by as our dead are disrespected. Stop erasing the genocide of our First people's. 

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