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Petition to the City of New Haven, Yale University

Housing Not Jails

Whoever wins the upcoming New Haven mayoral election must respond publicly to these DEMANDS by December 1st, 2017. I. Decriminalize homelessness—immediately. Place a moratorium on the enforcement of all ordinances that criminalize people because of their homeless status, including laws that prohibit loitering, panhandling, sleeping in public spaces, and erecting shelter. Cancel all court debt, fines, fees, and court-ordered community service labor for every homeless individual living in New Haven. Institute mandatory training for all NHPD officers on the Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights. Police must respect homeless people’s right to congregate, associate, and travel in public spaces. Police officers must stop stealing and destroying property belonging to homeless people.  The city must stop destroying homeless encampment II.  Provide quality housing and social services for every homeless person living in New Haven by January 1st, 2018. The city of New Haven must create a council of homeless and formerly homeless people to oversee the implementation of housing and service programs. The unsanitary, over-crowded Grand Avenue shelter should be destroyed and replaced with humane shelters that safely accommodate couples, families, women, and gender non-conforming and transgender people. The city must convert enough vacant buildings into livable homes in order to house every chronically homeless individual in the city. This conversion process must be overseen by the aforementioned council. The city must increase the provision of high-quality harm reduction services including mental health and employment counseling for all homeless people, overseen by the aforementioned council. III. Yale University, the largest property owner in New Haven with a $25.4 billion endowment, must begin paying taxes.

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Petition to Tower Hamlets Development Committee


What’s the story? Sainsbury’s have submitted plans to Tower Hamlets Council for an over-sized development of their megastore in Whitechapel, east London. Whitechapel is a diverse and ever changing area, which makes its character all the richer. However the proposals, based primarily on cashing in on high value apartments, causes irreversible harm to the surrounding community and environment.  1. Disproportionate Scale The development is radically out of context with the surrounding low-rise Whitechapel area. The proposed 28 storey tower (101m) would be the tallest building in the 3 mile stretch between at Aldgate and Canary Wharf. Even the eight ‘smaller’ blocks of up to 15 storeys (59m) would introduce a density beyond Council guidelines. The enormous tower will block daylight to hundreds of homes and businesses, and overlook countless more. 2. Damage to Local Heritage The scheme will overwhelm the historic setting of the Whitechapel Market and Stepney Green Conservation Areas and their 52 listed buildings. The tower also intrudes significantly on the Grade 1 listed Trinity Green Almshouses, sited just 100m to the east of the site. The current proposals demonstrate little evidence of how this remarkable context has influenced the design, which Historic England has described as “substantially harmful”. 3. Lack of Affordable Housing Of the proposed 559 residential apartments only 89 apartments (16%) are to be ‘affordable’, falling far short of the Council’s targets of 35-50% to align with the London Plan. A tiny 6% are family dwellings, making the mix wholly inappropriate for this part of Whitechapel, and doing little to address the wider London housing crisis.  What can I do? Please support this campaign by signing this petition - it takes just a few seconds, and please spread the word! Opposition has been raised by Historic England, the Georgian Group, SPAB, the Victorian Society and the East End Preservation Society but we need much more support to ensure the development is rejected by Tower Hamlets council. You can send your objections to Tower Hamlets Council to (ref:PA/15/00837), and join the Friends of Trinity Green at where you can find a template letter objection. STOP SAINSBURYS, SAVE WHITECHAPEL Thank you for your support. 

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