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Petition to Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

Voice Options For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I have noticed quite a fair bit of debate about the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. People are talking about whether the game will contain an option to change the voices of characters that are taking part in it. One person that I know of has been popping up about whether he should keep his original voice or his new English one. The character's name is Marth of the Fire Emblem franchise. Throughout Super Smash Bros Marth had always had a Japanese voice actor named Hikaru Midorikawa. At the time Fire Emblem wasn't well known in western countries until Super Smash Bros Melee, the second installment, was released. Fire Emblem has become pretty popular among people since and has continued to grow to this day. Marth first got an English voice in code name S.T.E.A.M and is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal. Since the game's release Yuri has done four games that I know of with Marth (Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch and New 3ds being on two different consoles) Now with Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming out Masahiro Sakurai has said that Marth will now be full English, but nothing was spoken about Roy who also has a Japanese voice actor. I believe some people are concerned. Fans say that he should stay as he was with Midorikawa, others suggest Lowenthal should be his voice actor. Personally I agree that he should have stayed Japanese but that's my opinion. So I ask you Nintendo if you can put in an audio change for Marth (and perhaps Roy too) in the yet to be released Smash Bros Ultimate. This way fans can pick which voice they prefer for both characters and everyone will be happy. I believe it to be a win-win situation for you and your fans. Your fans will be thrilled changing the audios around to their liking and you will keep them entertained. You staff at Nintendo should be proud.   It would not be just me who would be disappointed if the audio option is not put into Smash Bros Ultimate but I would understand why either way. That is why I made this petition and need support from you so we can send this message to Nintendo saying we would like an option to change voices around so that everyone is satisfied.

Kelsey Godwin
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Petition to SONY

Save our PlayStation TV and Vita, give us 100% Vita compatibility on PSTV.

The PlayStation TV (or PlayStation Vita TV or PSTV) is a great little device that enables you to play PlayStation Vita games on your television. But it has not sold very well due some of the most popular Vita games being blacklisted, and last week it was reported to have been discontinued in Japan. The Vita handheld also has had modest sales: partly because of tablet computers taking over mobile gaming, and largely because of Nintendo flooding the market with cheap children's games for their cheaper (and inferior) 3DS handheld. The reason for the PSTV's blacklist is because some of the games relied on the Vita handheld's touchscreen, rear touch pad, gyroscope and camera. But then again, perfectly playable games like Wipeout 2048 - which only uses the touchscreen for the menus - were also blacklisted. But of course, the PSTV is able to simulate touch functions. You can go into the settings and enable touch pointers, which allows you to press down on the controller's thumbsticks and use them to simulate the touchscreen and rear touchpad functions. In addition, the PS4 controller has a front touchpad that simulates the Vita's touchscreen a lot more easily. Last September, a hacker called Mr. Gas hacked the whitelist and enabled the PSTV to load all Vita games. His hack basically works (on firmware below 3.55) by sending yourself a couple of files and then opening them in the PSTV's email app. Mr Gas proved to the world that most of the blacklisted games are perfectly playable, although games that use the gyro and camera have compatibility issues. Still, Sony should be officially embracing this. To save the PlayStation TV and the PlayStation Vita I propose the following to Sony. 1) Get rid of the blacklist. As stated above, many blacklisted touch based games are perfectly functional using the analog sticks or PS4 controller's touch pad to simulate the Vita's touchscreen and touch pad. For games reliant on the Vita's camera and gyroscope, release a firmware update that enables players to use the Vita handheld itself as a controller - which you can already do on the PS3 and PS4!   2) Since the Vita can be used as a controller for the PS3 and PS4, Sony should take full advantage of the fact that it can be used to compete with Nintendo's Wii U, which has a touchscreen built into its GamePad controller which acts like a second screen for inventory or actions. Potentially, Sony could port third party Wii U titles over to PS3 or PS4 and use the Vita as a Wii U GamePad equivalent.   3) Port more PS3/PS4 titles over to the Vita and make them compatible with the PlayStation TV. Some games already released on PS3 and PS4 are also available on the Vita. Vita games are typically about $30 cheaper than PS4 games. So with more and more Vita ports of these games, gamers could potentially use the PSVita/PSTV as a cheaper alternative to the PS4.   4) Release a UMD player attachment to enable playing physical PlayStation Portable games on the Vita and PSTV.  

Jarrah White
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Petition to Bethesda Game Studios, SONY, Microsoft

Make Fallout 76 Cross-Play

I want to make sure that Fallout 76 is cross play, meaning we can play with our friends, no matter what console they are on. I have always wanted the Fallout series to be multiplayer, and now with the impending release of fallout 76, I believe it is time that the game giants of SONY and Microsoft see sense, and allow us the freedom to play together. Fallout 76 is set to be a phenomenal experience, combining the story, world and gadgets of the fallout universe with the gameplay styles and mechanics of titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust. I believe that Fallout 76 could be the best multiplayer survival game ever made. If it is cross play, it would bring together the entire player base to enjoy the experience the game together. friends would no longer be separated by the barrier of console "incompatibility". We now know thanks to Epic Games that cross platform play is possible thanks to the supposed "glitch" in Fortnite that for a short time allowed everyone to play together. We now know that it is simply a lack of action and care for consumer demand that we are still held back by such as simple issue to fix. By signing this petition, we can send a message to Sony, Bethesda and Microsoft and show them that this is something we really want. That this is something that will benefit all, rather than create a further divide between the likes of PlayStation, Xbox and Computers.

Jenos Hurelgren
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