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Responsibilities Required From Social Media Regarding Military Romance Scamming

THE CAUSE: Military Romance Scammers are all over social media networks. These scammers use pictures, names and valor's of men and women who are actively serving in our military, retired  or are deceased. The scammers are aware how highly Americans think and feel for their military and they use this to pull at the heart strings of vulnerable men and women. Working with a retired Colonel from the United States Army whose pictures, name and child have been used in the scammers story, I have come to realize just what an epidemic this is. Unfortunately, many of the victims are afraid, ashamed, and embarrassed to come forward. Many just want to forget about the scam and move on with their lives. That is why I bring this petition to you. Due to the overwhelming numbers of fraudulent accounts throughout social media and the unidentified number of victims, we need to be the voice.  Social Media has a great amount of power, and with power comes an abundance of responsibility. THE BATTLE:  Because of the majority of military romance scammers residing in other countries, the United States has very little jurisdiction over these criminals, therefore we must work from where and what we know, and that is through the United States and our legislative system. We are looking to encourage social media sites to provide more public service announcements by way of television, movie theater ads, magazines, radio, etc. and provide additional man power to their fraudulent account tracking system as well as upgrading their security system to recognize these duplicated accounts that are recreated literally moments to hours after being deleted. Facial recognition does not solve all problems, especially when these scammers are using generic pictures (flowers, hearts etc.) on their profiles and cyber security is unable to recognize this discrepancy. PERSONAL NOTE: I am a very proud daughter to a mother who served in our Navy, and brother and father who served in our Army. I also have multiple cousins, aunts and uncles who have served and the thought of our military being abused and disrespected is appalling! My mothers friend fell victim to a scammer using the pictures of the Colonel I am currently working with, thus being the reason I have become so involved. I, like many others, had no idea what an epidimic this has become and what little is being done. Social Media needs to take on more responsibility for this breeding ground than they already have, not just for the sake of the victims, but for the sake of our security, and Military whose job is to protect us. What security is social media providing them? Obviously, not the right kind. Scammers are the cancer to the social media world and it's time our companies and legislature took a stand and initiative to help prevent such illness within our military community and every day victims. 

Kathy Waters
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Petition to Facebook

Tell Facebook to fix their policy of who controls your Facebook when you die

My name is Rosemary Heath. On May 10, 2016, my husband George was killed in the Taunton, MA mall rampage. He was eating at a mall restaurant and was stabbed to death trying to protect a pregnant waitress. In my time of mourning, I often turned to his Facebook page to remember the funny, loving man that he was. I wasn’t the only one, and I knew I would want to use his page to continue to celebrate his life. But because George and I were not familiar with Facebook’s legacy option before he died, I am now grieving for my husband and fighting Facebook to grant me access to his account. Facebook’s legacy option allows users to name a person who has access to your Facebook page after you pass. But what happens if nobody is named? The account becomes locked, even for the spouse/partner. This is what happened to me. I had every intention to keep his memory alive through his Facebook page, sharing memories and pictures with his friends and family. Facebook will not allow me access to my own husband’s page. This is wrong. He was my husband and I'm legally his next of kin. Unless there is a change, what happened to me could happen to you. Shouldn’t the person you committed to for life have control over your page if you were to die? In cases where a legacy person isn’t named and a spouse/partner is listed in the profile, Facebook should allow for them to be the default legacy person and notify them if someone is attempting to memorialize the account. This change in policy would provide me access to my husband’s account and prevent situations like this from arising in the future. Don't let what happened to me happen to you! Let Facebook know they need to default to the listed spouse/partner when a user fails to name a legacy for their account.

Rosemary Heath
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Petition to Bill Nelson, Rick Scott, Julie Jones, Gus Bilirakis


Shawn Baxter is another victim of the Florida Criminal System. Mr. Baxter is a young 34 year old man who has been unjustly accused of murder in the 1st degree and is facing LIFE in prison. His charge of MURDER is NOT what it seems. Mr. Baxter was a family man with 2 small children. His youngest child, Katie Baxter,born October 13, 2011, was not a well baby. She was a very fussy baby which Mr and Mrs Baxter did seek medical attention twice with little to no success. This baby cried, hysterically, most of the time and was under extreme distress. Outside of taking the baby to the hospital emergency room twice due to this issue NO ONE knew what was wrong outside of common issues such as colic and a change in formula. It was Christmas time, December 4, 2011, and Mrs. Baxter was working at Walmart and Mr. Baxter and his mother-in-law were at home with the 2 children. The family were to meet Mrs. Baxter at Walmart to have photos taken of the children with Santa. In the process of this outing, the baby, Katie, was very fussy. While the baby was wailing and under extreme distress she was given a bath, by another family member, in the kitchen sink. In the meantime Mr. Baxter was instructed to go into the bedroom to get clothes for Katie to wear for her photo with Santa. After the photos were taken the family had lunch at McDonald's in Walmart. In the meantime the baby was screaming and was very hard to console. Mrs. Baxter and her mother told Mr. Baxter to take the children home so that they could Christmas shop. So he took both his son and daughter home and got everyone in the house. The baby was screaming, so Mr. Baxter changed her diaper and consoled her enough to put her in her little swing. As she calmed down Mr. Baxter stepped out of the room to go check on his son to be sure he was ok. As he returns to the living room to check on the baby, she was having some sort of seizure. Mr. Baxter took her out of her swing and laid her on the carpet and called 911. Katie, in the meantime was pitching a fit. While on the phone the baby stopped breathing. The 911 operator instructed Mr. Baxter to give the baby CPR, which he did. When the EMT's arrived the baby was alive and they immediately started to care for her and took her to the hospital. If Mr. Baxter had not been there Katie would've passed away that very moment. While the EMT's were administering aid to Katie Mr. Baxter stood back out of the way so that the EMT's could do whatever was necessary to save his daughters life. The Sheriff and a detective questioned Mr. Baxter on the events of the day, which he was very open about. Katie was taken off life support February 4, 2012. On May 30, 2012  Mr. Baxter was arrested on 1st degree murder almost 3 1/2 months later, this made it almost 6 months since the incident  The problem was that Mr. Baxter was alone in the house with the children when this tragedy occurred, so he had no one to collaborate his story of the events that took place. It troubles me to think that this could happen to any stay at home parent, which could make them subject to being arrested on 1st degree murder. At Mr. Baxter's trial it was pointed out by the coroner that Katie had a huge brain hematoma, which had been undetected.That particular injury had healed, however Katie had suffered a re-bleed of that injury. Katie's constant server crying could've been due to this brain injury, such as a migraine headache, instead of the normal colic and formula disagreement. Because there was a small lump on the back side of her head the authorities felt that there was some type of foul play. They had not considered that lump could've been caused by Katie's bath in the sink. Here Katie is soapy and wailing while being given a bath. Who is to say that Katie didn't slipped  and accidentally bumped her head on the fascist, spic-it or the sink itself which caused the re-bleed?? These possibilities were not even mentioned. The source of the re-bleed was never determined. Everything is circumstantial evidence. Since this HORRIBLE tragedy Mr. Baxter has spent 4 years in the county jail awaiting trial with no time to mourn and grieve his precious daughter's death. Mr. Baxter was poorly represented by the Public Defenders Office and now is facing LIFE in prison for something he did not do. At the present time Mr. Baxter is serving his LIFE sentence at Santa Rosa Correctional Institution Annex. An appeal has been presented for review, however, the wheels of justice turn very, very slow. The Baxter family is PLEADING TO THE PUBLIC for support and justice for Mr. Baxter. Please sign our petition to set Mr. Baxter free. Thank You   SUPPORTER COMMENT First off I know Shawn cause he was married to my cousin Nikki at the time they had a son and his name was Mathew. They would visit my house as well as I visited there's at diffrent times. I never seen Shawn come out of character with Mathew in my presents. I was NOT around as much when Katie was living because in life sometimes our own life gets busy then they had moved to Spring Hill to live with her mother. I being a MOTHER of two personally I think Christmas shopping could have waited till another day instead of sending BOTH of the children home with Shawn knowing Katie was fussy anyways most of the time. Seizures can happen at anytime in any place. They did say they sent HIM home with the kids because she was fussy. Me personally if YOU dont have 100% proof on Who,What,Where it happened or even how it happened HOW can you charge ANYONE just assume because he was home alone with NO witnesses. The STATE has no proof from what Im hearing.. Just my opinion on it.Thanks Michelle Matthews, Bradenton, FL  

Cheryl Valdez
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