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Petition to American Airlines, Pedro Fábregas, William Douglas Parker, Robert D. Isom, Jr., Elise Eberwein, Stephen Johnson, Sean Bentel

American Airlines/Envoy, reinstate my husband's job please

On Sunday July 17th, 2017 my husband, Steven, was at work, just like any other day.  He was an Operations Supervisor for Envoy Air, owned by American Airlines. He and another coworker were making coffee for a flight when the coffee machine began to malfunction during the second or third pot. Steven's coworker said "that is coming out clear." When the next pot of coffee was coming out, Steven said "that is blacker than black," referring to the color of the coffee. An employee was nearby and mistook what Steven said for a racial remark. This employee put in a complaint and Steven was suspended from work and ultimately fired. Steven filed an appeal and met with the Regional Managing Director, all to no avail.  Steven was a dedicated employee, to say the least.  He began his employment with Envoy, an American Airlines company, five years ago.  He started on the ramp and quickly became a supervisor.  In October of 2014, Steven and I relocated from Chicago to Des Moines for his position.  We left our friends and families and everything we knew for Steven's career. We had a baby the following spring. When I was in the hospital having my baby, he was unable to be there full time because of his job.  He's left many times in the middle of the night to come in and assist with planes that had mechanical issues, diversions, etc., even after working 10/12 hour days.  He's worked on days off and that cost us extra daycare expenses and stress. There is no question of his commitment to the company.  For American Airlines to blow this out of proportion is wrong and it has caused our family extreme hardship and stress. I ask that American Airlines please reinstate his employment with the company because his words were to describe the color of coffee, not a person.    

Jenine Kafaro
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Petition to Jeff Wagner, Thomas Schoenbein

Say YES to Restaurant Depot on Crenshaw. Support your local restaurant operators.

Let's say YES to proper commercial development that will support restaurants in our area, their owners, their employees, and their families. Restaurant Depot is a great business that provides supplies and food for restaurants all over the region.  They want to expand to a location that is convenient for small businesses in our area.  Let's support their efforts. Our small business regularly uses Restaurant Depot for supplies and food, and we have to drive 30 miles, round trip, on Highway 45, frequently during rush hour traffic.  By supporting this new location, Restaurant Depot's professional, commercial drivers will bring these valuable resources closer to us, cutting our expense, saving us time, and making our lives safer.   Restaurant Depot's customers are primarily small businesses that don't just provide you and your family with convenient food service, they also provide employment and (in our case) entertainment, improving the quality of life and property values for those around us. This property is properly zoned, with appropriate and convenient highway access for Restaurant Depot's supply trucks and their customers.  They are good neighbors, deserving of our respect and support. If you have any questions about our support for this great company, please call me at the Joke Joint Comedy Showcase at 281-481-1188.  I'm not joking about this.  

Ken Reed
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