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Lift residency restriction of Keansburg EMS volunteers

I’m a US Army combat veteran who’s looking to answer the call to serve once again. I'm big on camaraderie and the Brotherhood-like bonds when it comes to working as a group or in teams. Teams you trust are what create success in an organization. Being from a town that used to be known as West Keansburg, I have made friends in Keansburg. Not Hazlet. Keansburg. A problem that someone who lives in my area might have, is the residency restriction on membership for Keansburg Emergency Medical Services (KEMS), and I believe that it should be lifted - for the safety of our residents and for those who wish to volunteer from nearby towns. Building bonds and friendships over the years helps to keep an organization strong. Being forced to go to a town that’s 4.5 miles from my home, where I would have to create new bonds and friendships, makes little sense. There is no reason why someone in former-West Keansburg needs to wait for EMS from Hazlet, a call that is 4 miles away, when there is KEMS less than a mile away (0.7 mi. from my location). This could be the difference in a life-and-death situation. Thus far, in 2017, Hazlet answered 640 calls between January and May; KEMS has answered 1,137 calls YTD, and of those, 101 were transported just in September alone. Keansburg is a prominent summer attraction and they can use the extra volunteers from neighboring towns when needed, whether they just need a driver or extra qualified hands on deck; but they are not just a summer EMS unit, they run 24/7/365 helping people. At one time, there was a need for slots to only be available per town, for Keansburg, there were 25, but there is no need for it now – it was recognized, then lifted. The residency restriction is also an obsolete concept, and needs to be lifted as well, so that people who live nearby can volunteer their time and dedication to the residents; so the EMS Personnel can answer a call that is closer to them to potentially save someone who wouldn't have lasted a few more minutes. Wouldn't it make sense to contact the closest EMS to the situation? Why are we calling EMS from a further distance, in any situation, for help? They need the extra hands, especially in the summer, to better serve the community. Help me lift the residency restriction so that others like me can serve their communities. We need this residency restriction lifted so that Keansburg EMS can aide in making our towns a better place!

Paula Sharkey
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Save Our JobLines!

JobLines – A Lifeline We Could Lose! The lack of employment opportunities for residents of the inner city – especially those ages 18-30 – is one of Milwaukee’s most critical challenges. Three years ago, the Milwaukee County Transit System JobLines, routes 6 and 61, were created to connect those in our hardest-hit urban neighborhoods to a multitude of opportunities outside the city. Suddenly moms, dads, young people just getting a start in life had newfound access to available jobs in retail, manufacturing and more – as well as internships, apprenticeships and community colleges that would create a career path. Today, these two bus routes are a lifeline for so many in our community, and are experiencing record ridership. Every day, more than 1,000 riders rely on the JobLines to get them to work at more than 150 employers throughout Waukesha and Washington Counties. But at the close of 2018, funding for the project will be exhausted, and it could be the end of the line for the JobLines!  Losing the JobLines Would Be a Loss for Everyone The JobLines don’t just benefit the workers who ride them. For companies along the routes, they are a crucial connection to a vast pool of talented, motivated employees. For the entire Greater Milwaukee economy, they are a powerful turn in the right direction. Public transportation attracts business development, supports job growth, relieves traffic congestion, and helps lift people out of poverty. Eliminating these routes will jeopardize hundreds of jobs for the riders and families ­who depend on them – adding to unemployment, affecting lives, and negatively impacting the economic output of the areas they serve. The entire Greater Milwaukee community needs the JobLines! It’s time for us to stand together to change the way we think about, the way we invest in, and the way we create and maintain a public transportation system that is for the good of all of us. Join us in the fight to save the JobLines! Add Your Voice! By signing our petition, you join all of us who know that cutting job-focused bus routes are not in the interest of our communities and the Greater Milwaukee Area economy. Your signature will empower our voice to encourage the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and MCTS to reevaluate transportation funding and dedicate the resources needed to continue these vital routes. Together, we can keep the JobLines rolling! JobLines — Milwaukee County Transit System’s (MCTS) bus routes 6 and 61 — is a joint initiative among MCTS, BHCW (Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin) and MICAH (Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope), connecting Milwaukee residents with suburban job opportunities.

Milwaukee JobLines
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Save the Bristol Marina Boatyard - a Piece of Living History

Bristol Marina Boatyard is under threat.  Current plans by Bristol City Council mean that the lease for the complete site may not be renewed.  If the existing boatyard was lost, Bristol Harbour would lose a vital source of services and employment. The city would lose an essential part of its maritime heritage. The history of boat building and repair on the site of the current boatyard goes back to 12th Century Bristol.  It is a piece of living and working history - providing emergency and support services to the harbour, as well as boat-building and restoration for the community.  It is the last facility to lift and repair large vessels including dredgers which are essential to protect the harbour and river from flooding. Bristol City Council want the land to expand the site used by the SS Great Britain.  This would effectively slash the Boatyard in two, making it impossible to service larger vessels and rendering the business nonviable. While this museum is a valuable tourist and educational attraction for Bristol, current plans for the expansion of the SS Great Britain site would have devastating consequences for an actual example of marine history: a living, working boatyard situated next door. Bristol Marina has invested heavily over the years and responded to the needs of the Harbour and community.  Please make room for the Boatyard to continue in its current form.

Kien Leong
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