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Petition to Chancellor Carmen Fariña, Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Help Ilana Rothbein get her job back.

Ilana Rothbein has been a champion for children with special needs since she's been a child herself.   There were many personal incidents that reinforced her commitment:  Defending her brother who has epilepsy from neighborhood bullies.  Shielding a special needs camper from other aggressive campers.  Playing with a child who sat in her wheelchair on the sidelines while the other children ignored her.   As a teenager, Ilana started Chores-for-Charity to raise awareness and funds for NYU's Epilepsy Center.  Ilana was a distinguished finalist in The Prudential Spirit of Community of Award program, and received special acknowledgment from Tony Coehlo, the former House Majority Whip and the principal author of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and former NJ governor, Jon Corzine. Becoming an Occupational Therapist was a natural progression in her mission to help special needs children. After college, she earned her Masters in Occupational Therapy.  Ilana has served faithfully and committedly for four years with the NYC DOE, with the past three years at The Spectrum School.  She had an unblemished record.  Yet, she was recently fired by the NYC DOE for 2, 30 minute sessions of disputed student service and session recording, compared to over 6,000 hours of dedicated work serving her mandated special needs students.  Here is the irony:  Ilana was complying with the email mandate of her Assistant Principal to watch the students in the cafeteria in the morning for safety reasons. She provided her two mandated students a service of observation which is recognized by the NYC DOE OT Guideline as a valid service and was consistent with the reason she was in the cafeteria - to watch all the students for safety.  Yet, she was fired.   Apparently, the school administration was not satisfied with the service Ilana provided her two mandated students and session notes.  However, Ilana was never apprised of the "alleged violations" when they occurred, or given a warning, which she was entitled to.  There was never any attempt to alert her to a problem or help her address the issue in question.  Just a group of accusations in a report, presented to her at once, all apparently coordinated, and followed by her termination. Why? Was there any personal animosity involved?  Was there some personal bias towards her?  With nothing concrete as a basis, why deliver such a draconian measure as terminating her employment?  Perhaps there's more to the action than meets the eye? One United Federation of Teachers' representative called her case "arbitrary, capricious, with the most severe punishment."   Ilana cannot renew her OT license and her career as an occupational therapist is ended, almost before it has begun. Caring for others is what Ilana does best.  Now her skills and experience are being discarded without justifiable cause. Speak up for Ilana!  Tell Chancellor Carmen Farina that we need dedicated therapists who care about students, not punish them! Help Ilana get her position back now so she can continue on her mission to help special needs students.                  

sylvia Siegal
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Petition to James Cocuzza Sr., Thomas Foley, George Hoff, Chris Christie, Frank Pallone, Cory Booker, New Jersey State House

Lift residency restriction of Keansburg EMS volunteers

I’m a US Army combat veteran who’s looking to answer the call to serve once again. I'm big on camaraderie and the Brotherhood-like bonds when it comes to working as a group or in teams. Teams you trust are what create success in an organization. Being from a town that used to be known as West Keansburg, I have made friends in Keansburg. Not Hazlet. Keansburg. A problem that someone who lives in my area might have, is the residency restriction on membership for Keansburg Emergency Medical Services (KEMS), and I believe that it should be lifted - for the safety of our residents and for those who wish to volunteer from nearby towns. Building bonds and friendships over the years helps to keep an organization strong. Being forced to go to a town that’s 4.5 miles from my home, where I would have to create new bonds and friendships, makes little sense. There is no reason why someone in former-West Keansburg needs to wait for EMS from Hazlet, a call that is 4 miles away, when there is KEMS less than a mile away (0.7 mi. from my location). This could be the difference in a life-and-death situation. Thus far, in 2017, Hazlet answered 640 calls between January and May; KEMS has answered 1,137 calls YTD, and of those, 101 were transported just in September alone. Keansburg is a prominent summer attraction and they can use the extra volunteers from neighboring towns when needed, whether they just need a driver or extra qualified hands on deck; but they are not just a summer EMS unit, they run 24/7/365 helping people. At one time, there was a need for slots to only be available per town, for Keansburg, there were 25, but there is no need for it now – it was recognized, then lifted. The residency restriction is also an obsolete concept, and needs to be lifted as well, so that people who live nearby can volunteer their time and dedication to the residents; so the EMS Personnel can answer a call that is closer to them to potentially save someone who wouldn't have lasted a few more minutes. Wouldn't it make sense to contact the closest EMS to the situation? Why are we calling EMS from a further distance, in any situation, for help? They need the extra hands, especially in the summer, to better serve the community. Help me lift the residency restriction so that others like me can serve their communities. We need this residency restriction lifted so that Keansburg EMS can aide in making our towns a better place!

Paula Sharkey
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Petition to American Airlines, Pedro Fábregas, William Douglas Parker, Robert D. Isom, Jr., Elise Eberwein, Stephen Johnson, Sean Bentel, Shannon Gilson, Mike Wood

American Airlines/Envoy, reinstate my husband's job please

On Sunday July 17th, 2017 my husband, Steven, was at work, just like any other day.  He was an Operations Supervisor for Envoy Air, owned by American Airlines. He and another coworker were making coffee for a flight when the coffee machine began to malfunction during the second or third pot. Steven's coworker said "that is coming out clear." When the next pot of coffee was coming out, Steven said "that is blacker than black," referring to the color of the coffee. An employee was nearby and mistook what Steven said for a racial remark. This employee put in a complaint and Steven was suspended from work and ultimately fired. Steven filed an appeal and met with the Regional Managing Director, all to no avail.  Steven was a dedicated employee, to say the least.  He began his employment with Envoy, an American Airlines company, five years ago.  He started on the ramp and quickly became a supervisor.  In October of 2014, Steven and I relocated from Chicago to Des Moines for his position.  We left our friends and families and everything we knew for Steven's career. We had a baby the following spring. When I was in the hospital having my baby, he was unable to be there full time because of his job.  He's left many times in the middle of the night to come in and assist with planes that had mechanical issues, diversions, etc., even after working 10/12 hour days.  He's worked on days off and that cost us extra daycare expenses and stress. There is no question of his commitment to the company.  For American Airlines to blow this out of proportion is wrong and it has caused our family extreme hardship and stress. I ask that American Airlines please reinstate his employment with the company because his words were to describe the color of coffee, not a person.    

Jenine Kafaro
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