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Petition to Donald Trump, ryan zinke


Hi All! My name is Olivia Romano and I need your help to protect our world's elephants. Back in November, you may remember hearing in the news that Donald Trump had plans to lift a ban that would allow the import of big-game hunting trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia into the United States. This topic was of particular importance because the passing of this ruling would have allowed hunting trophies from body parts of elephants, including their tusks. It was released towards the end of November that Trump, miraculously, had a change-of-heart and decided to halt the passing of the ruling. For me: someone who has always had a love for elephants and was able to spend some quality time with these magnificent creatures last January while volunteering on a rural conservation ranch in Zimbabwe, I was relieved. However, it has come to my attention that on March 1, 2018, the Trump Administration, in an attempt to sneak it by the American people and the world, had the Fish and Wildlife Services quietly release a memorandum stating a ban reversal that would allow hunters to obtain permits for hunting trophies on a "case-by-case" basis. Let me make this EXTREMELY CLEAR: there is absolutely NO, NONE, NADA, ZIP, ZERO situation where innocent animals, especially ones from species currently on the verge of EXTINCTION, should be legally allowed to be SLAUGHTERED in order for someone to feel some sick sense of power by being able to display their kill (yeah, I'm talking to you, Eric and Donnie Jr. - if you haven't already seen pictures of the brothers posing with their kills from their latest hunting trip, I highly suggest you check them out. Warning though: they are upsetting, disgusting images, but they offer insight into the reality of the threats that face these animals). THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.  The cold, hard truth is: elephants are on the verge of extinction that could occur within the next TWENTY YEARS, but THERE IS STILL TIME FOR US TO DO SOMETHING! Currently, according to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), African elephants are listed as VULNERABLE. However, one of the two subspecies (Forest and Savannah) of African elephants, the Forest elephant, is listed as ENDANGERED. The Asian elephant is also recognized as ENDANGERED, which is the status of its three subspecies as well - Indian, Sumatran, and Sri Lankan. In Africa, approximately 100 elephants are killed EVERY SINGLE DAY, mostly due to  poaching for their tusks to sell into the illegal ivory trade. This amounts to the slaughter of at least 30,000 ELEPHANTS EVERY YEAR. Elephants are literally being killed at a faster rate than they are being born, which means if we don't act fast, there will eventually be none left in the wild. As an animal lover, and as someone who was lucky enough to work with them hands-on and experienced their beauty and intelligence first-hand, I cannot imagine a world where I will not be able to go back and do that again. It physically pains me to think that there is a possibility that one day, I will have to explain to my future children what elephants were and how they went extinct because we did not do enough to protect them. It pains me that if the decline in the elephant populations continues to the point of extinction, that my experience volunteering with African elephants will become an increased rarity, and I will not be able to share this experience with the many, many others that I know have always dreamed of doing the same. So please, for the elephants, for present and future children, for yourself - sign this petition to tell President Trump that allowing this ban will put elephant populations at further risk, and possibly expedite their extinction. By passing this ruling, the Trump Administration is declaring that they do not care about the well-being and futures of our elephants. I believe that there are more of us that want to protect them, so please sign in an act to help us save our elephants before it is too late.  The elephants and I thank you!!!!

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Petition to Secretary-General, António Guterres, United Nations

United Nations: BAN Trophy Hunting. STOP Poachers. END Imports.

Ban International Travel for Hunting. More than 7,520,270,000 (billion) humans on Earth. Two-thirds of all animal species are being wiped out. 100,000 elephants killed in the last 3 years. Too many species with once robust populations now reduced to a few thousand, a few hundred or even less. Humans are rapidly destroying the natural world in a blood-soaked pursuit of false-power, ego, ignorance and stupidity. We are witnessing The Great Animal Extinction, the animal holocaust caused entirely by soulless humans. Tigers, elephants, bears, rhinoceros, wolves, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, gorillas, orangutans, so many bird species, sea life, are on the brink of extinction, and in a few years will be gone. The list is frighteningly long. Wild animals we love are being massacred at a terrifyingly rapid rate of destruction. Extinction is forever. EXTINCTION IS FOREVER!Natural habitat destruction, climate-change and greed are BIG problems, but the worst and most grotesque offenders are vile poachers and mentally diseased trophy hunters. These killers are an appalling example of mental sickness. They are aided by companies that profit from killing these beautiful creatures. These businesses & clubs are guilty of lobbying governments to let them break the law by importing exotic animals and their body parts. They must be stopped right NOW. It's going to be too late. We must act right now! Because there is so little time left to save the Earth's great land and sea animals.  Actions taken by organizations and individuals have helped but are no longer enough to stop the massacre. We must act today, we must tip the balance for the animals!  WE MUST BE THEIR PROTECTORS.What will the world look like if you do nothing? Do something. Please sign the petition and share it with everyone. It will be hand delivered to the United Nations. I thank you. The animals thank you. Mother Earth thanks you.

Giovanni Pivirotto
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Petition to President Widodo, Siti Nurbaya Bakar

Shut down the Bandung Zoo now!

Sun Bears kept in the Bandung Zoo are so hungry they eat their own feces. One of the zoo’s giraffes suddenly died and was found to have 40 pounds of plastic trash in its stomach. The Bandung Zoo has been coined Indonesia’s “death zoo” and must be shut down immediately. Perhaps the most upsetting was the recent loss of Yani, a 34-year-old Sumatran elephant, who was visibly weeping when she died shackled on the ground. She had been sick and neglected for too long. Yani’s species is critically endangered and she was one of about 2,800 of these majestic animals left. Tourists often report that the confined animals look emaciated and weak. The zoo is overcrowded and doesn't have a veterinarian on hand, so when animals fall ill they are left to suffer like Yani. These are not the only horrific events to have occurred within the zoo, and won’t be the last. Join me in imploring the President of Indonesia and his Minister of Environment and Forestry to shut down this zoo and relocate these animals to a conservation or sanctuary where they can be taken care of. Boycott all zoos and boycott Indonesia. "We are the Spartacus for the voiceless" Please sign and share the following 2 petitions as they linked to this petition and thank you for advocating for the poor animals 1) 2) We need your help. Please consider donating. Every dollar helps. thx  

P Holmes
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