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Petition to Gary Duvall, Cathy Moore

Change Ligon Middle Schools Dress Code!

“Your outfit is pushing it,” said a teacher, to an eighth-grade girl wearing a tank top, “ I can see your butt,” says a guidance counselor, “ You need to cover up more,” said Principal Gary Duvall motioning to a girl’s chest. Almost every person at Ligon who has been dress-coded has been embarrassed, late to class, and female. While staff members who dress code have forgotten they did it by the end of the day, maybe sooner the person never forgets it. They lay awake at night agonizing over their body, wondering why they got singled out instead of the dozens of boys with their pants around their thighs, girls wearing the same thing with but have a less curvy body, and people with a different skin color than them wearing similar outfits. When they complain to staff, parents, even friends, the response is overwhelmingly the same “It’s distracting to boys” “you just need to deal with it” and even “It’s kinda your fault anyway”. This can lead to body image issues for years in the future. When complaining to staff, many students have reported hearing responses such as “The dress code isn’t racist” “I dress code lots of boys!” and “It’s necessary so the boys can learn” After asking many 8th grade boys if they find shoulders, cleavage, or short shorts distracting, they all said they don’t notice, care, or distract them from learning. The wake county dress code not only underestimates the ability of people to control themselves, but also the power it holds over many students. Get rid of this unfair dress code for all of Wake County!

Change the Ligon Dress Code LMS
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Petition to Wayne Board of Education, School Superintendents

Revise Wayne NJ Schools Dress Code Policy

The Wayne Schools Dress Code Policy is sexist and predominantly focused on dictating female clothing, using language that places blame on girls for how they dress and how people around them react. It does not reflect the more gender-neutral language that other schools have embraced and is increasingly recommended. Even businesses are taking on this issue and moving to gender-neutral policies that do not feed into gender stereotypes. This video is a great example of the issues behind many dress codes. There is growing literature that says dress codes are sexist and teach disturbing messages to our young women. Even the NEA is discussing the inherent sexism in these policies.The Wayne Schools Dress Code uses coded and biased language like "modest" which stands in for telling our young women they must be quiet and demure. Or worse yet, "distracting," apparently telling our young female students they are responsible for the behavior of their classmates -- a statement shockingly similar to "it's her fault because she was wearing sexy clothing." Note that nearly all of the bullets in Wayne's policy pertain to female clothing. Those that seem oriented to "boys" are in fact gender-neutral, such as wearing shoes or not having graphic language on tees. Surrounding those few bullets are notes about nearly every type of female shirt, even undergarments. (Girls have been spoken to for a bra strap slipping out and showing.) And terms like "revealing" and "low-cut" that are exclusively female-based. While individual families might debate the clothing they feel comfortable having their students wear, the subjective principles of the school dress code make it nearly impossible for young students to figure out what's safe to wear or not, all the while struggling to fit in and also express their individuality. Because of its very nature, the dress code is applied inconsistently, leaving room for staff to take issue with students' clothing based on how it fits their individual bodies. Two girls in the same shirt may not be dress-coded equally. This petition asks that the Wayne NJ Schools District revise the policy in keeping with more recent dialogue on the appropriate language to use and so that it is gender-neutral and less subjective. There should also be a clear process for addressing dress code concerns that keeps students from being embarrassed or singled out for their clothing in front of their peers. 

Ellen English
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Petition to Community Unit School District 200

Change the Dress Code, Stop Encouraging Sexism in Schools!

The District 200 dress code is too body specific and out of touch with reality.  The girls who are skinny are able to get away with wearing bras and mini skirts,  while those of us girls who are not skinny or are considered overweight, or are average are constantly getting told to cover up when we just want to dress like our friends. We get told to call home and have our parents bring us a better shirt, or have to change into our gym uniforms. It encourages the sexualizing of girls and it encourages eating disorders.  the same thing happens even among those of us who are skinnier, two girls could be wearing the SAME shirt but it might look different and one of them would get dress coded  while the other wasn't even acknowledged, all because of chest size. the girls with smaller chests don't get criticized as often. you may say that this is “just so we can wear whatever we want to school”. but NO. This is SO much more than that.We are fighting for EQUALITY. NO MORE SEXIST COMMENTS! We no longer want to be called “ a distraction" because of body parts that we cannot help having. the boys only have TWO RULES: no hats and no inappropriate saying on their shirts. The females have way too many to count. No short shorts, no crop tops, no tank tops, no cleavage (I understand if it’s a lot, but some people can’t handle having bigger breasts.), no stomach showing, and the list goes on. THIS is sexism.  And I WILL stand up for myself in this matter. Why can't we teach the boys to be less distractible? Why do the girls have to change how we dress to make things easier for the boys? Why can't the boys learn to focus better so that us girls aren't treated as if we are doing something wrong for expressing ourselves through how we dress? Please sign this petition to fight against the sexism that we are teaching our students, and to fight the insecurities we are creating among our female students. We are fighting for equality, people say the phrase "equal rights equal fights" but that should apply to the dress code as well, guys lifting their shirts to wipe sweat from their face is just as distracting, if not more so than a girl's shoulders. Why don't they get in trouble? The dress code should be fair for everyone, not just directed at girls. It's either we are all in this together or we will never reach the end goal of equality for EVERYONE.

Blu P.
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