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Petition to CMHS School District

Change the CMHS Dress Code Policy

Crete-Monee High school has a pretty strict dress code. Skirts and dresses have to be finger length and tank tops need to be 3 finger width. Jeans can’t have rips above your fingertips. These are some of the rules they have set up in place however it isn’t fair. The dress code is targeted to those who are mainly  on the “thicker” size or those who wouldn’t be considered as skinny. Also the dress code doesn’t work for every body type. There are individuals who have longer arms therefore causing them to have to wear longer skirts or dresses. There are people who are shorter and may have shorter arms which gives them more lead way on what they can and can’t wear. This again is not fair.  The clothes we wear at school is a form of expression, and it’s being taken away. The staff at school seem to be more focused on what females or those assigned female at birth are wearing. If we are not abiding by their dress code we get sent to ISS or home to change, taking time out of our day that is used for learning. We as a school want to come together and fight the dress code. It takes away our freedom to express ourselves and the treatment isn’t equal for each individual. It takes time out of our day that could be spent learning because staff are so focused on what we wear. Dress code stemmed from the rape culture saying that women were raped because of what they wore. So now when something like that happens the first question that is asked is what were you wearing. This ideology does more damage than good. Guys at this school walk around all the time sagging yet the main focus seems to be on the females. There is never a time where you hear a student complain about what someone else is wearing and claiming it to be distracting, so why do the administrators find it so distracting? 

Gabby Nelson
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Petition to Wayne High School

Change the Sexist Dress Code

Schools are supposed to create a safe and positive environment. The dress code has the opposite of that. The dress code does nothing but sexualize young girls, allows victim blaming, promotes rape culture, and tells girls that we should have to hide our body to “protect” ourselves. They are instilled by schools enforcing a standard of modesty contributing to the objectification of women. My thighs, boobs, shoulders and stomach should not be sexualized in a place where i’m suppose to feel safe and comfortable at. We are tired. We are tired of being painted as objects. We are tired of being pulled to the side of class and asked to change because our stomach is showing. Why can’t my shoulders, stomach or thighs be out? Why are they considered sexual ?  How come we have to cover up to make a “distraction free area” for boys, instead of teaching them to respect us? Or instead of teaching boys that women aren’t sexual objects? By having a sexist dress code your allowing boys that they aren’t responsible for their actions and behaviors. They believe they are protecting us from sexual harassment and assault.. When in reality it doesn’t matter what you wear. You can be wearing anything and it can still happen. Making us cover up is just allowing their behavior. Your allowing victim blaming. The dress code not only can ruin mental health but can ruin young girls self esteem. It shows that our body is dangerous and sexual. The dress code is targeted at girls. Everyone should be allowed to feel comfortable in what they wear at school. 

aly g
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Petition to District leaders of Cherokee County

The “Formal” Dress Code : We Demand a Change in the Dress Code Policy

 We have all heard of the dress code. Every school, workplace, and general environment has one; but why is it always subjected to towards females? Women and girls across the globe are constantly being told to cover up or else “The boys will be distracted.” We are constantly apologizing for our SKIN. Our shoulders, our thighs, our waistline, our back, our stomach, and more. Why is that considered sexually attractive? EducationWeek states: “These rules aren’t neutral: many target girls, and specifically black girls, by regulating skirt length and headwraps.” EducationWeek also states “And the rules aren’t applied equally, either. Students report that black girls, and especially curvier students are disproportionately targeted.” This is sexist and racist, and it is not okay.  School districts across the world need to change, but we will start here, in Cherokee county. Below will be listed rules in the dress code that need to be removed.  All rules listed below can be found in the Cherokee County Code of Conduct. Page 49: “Holes above the knee that display skin.” Changed to: “Holes above the knee that display undergarment(s).” Page 49: “Sleeveless tops: without appropriate (tight fitting) armholes (including halter tops and spaghetti-strapped tops)” Removed. Page 49: “Clothing that shows the bare midriff, bare back, or the bare shoulders.” Removed.   Your single signature can change sexism and unfairness in the Cherokee County dress code. Sign this petition, because this affects everything and everyone.

mattie (anonymous)
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