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Petition to Residents of Eagle Lake

Stop the Motorsports Park in Eagle Lake

****Latest Update****THE PROJECT HAS BEEN DROPPED!November 27th, 2023 REVERSED AND REMANDED.For the second time, the Court of Appeals issued a decision in our favor.   On December 5, 2022 the Eagle Lake City Council once again decided that an Environmental Impact Statement wasn't necessary - even though they questioned the validity of the studies to determine the noise impact on wildlife.  Our appeal was filed with the Minnesota Appellate Court on January 19, 2023.   Past updates (with original petition further down): On April 26, 2021 the decision was published: the city's negative Environmental Impact Statement declaration was arbitrary and capricious.  So the court reversed and remanded for a new EIS determination.  The city failed to rely on substantial evidence to determine the project's potential effects on wildlife and failed to consider the project's cumulative effects on climate change.  So after further review, the city needs to make a new determination if an EIS is necessary.  (there is a longer update below, under the original petition)On May 28th, 2020 the Eagle Lake City Council voted to NOT move forward with an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The impact on wildlife, the lake, wetlands, etc. has not been thoroughly considered, nor has accurate studies been done to measure the increased noise and traffic.   We are in the process of filing an appeal of this decision and have had residents ask how they can help.  Donations can be accepted at Support Eagle Lake .  We appreciate any contribution and respect any donors wish to stay anonymous.   In the Matter of the Determination of the Need for an Environmental Impact Statement for the Mankato Motorsports Park, it is set for oral arguments (via ZoomGov) on January 28th, 2021 at 9:30am.  A written decision will be filed within 90 days.  The oral arguments will be open to the public and can be found on the Minnesota Court of Appeals website. Below is the original petition: At the February 4, 2019 meeting, a project was brought to the Eagle Lake City Council with a request to build "Mankato Motorsports Park" (NOT affiliated with Mankato Motorsports) just north of Eagle Lake.  The project would have Eagle Lake (the body of water) to the west, Highway 14 to the south, County Road 27 to the east, and 220th Lane/T-217 to the north.  This project was initially proposed near the Mankato Airport.Residents are asking for this project to be stopped for multiple reasons:  Noise - MMP states the noise level would be capped at 110 decibels.  At the August 5 meeting a demonstration was given to show just how loud 110 decibels is.  Noise is often carried by the wind, so this would not be confined to their property. Traffic - The intersection at Highway 14 and County Road 27 is the site of many accidents, even after they redid the intersection (ignoring a request for an acceleration lane heading west, saying it "wasn't necessary").  County Road 27 already sees a great deal of traffic.  This project would NOT be allowed to have Highway 14 access so it would have to be on County Road 27.Effect on the local wildlife and environmental impact with being located right next to a body of water.The loss of good agricultural land.   The effect this project may have on Eagle Lake.  The developer has offered private trackside condos for club members, the possibility of a new "town square", a hotel, restaurant, etc. in efforts to promote this facility and make Eagle Lake a "destination".  It is not a racetrack and there won't be a drag strip, as some residents initially believed.  Will this draw people IN to Eagle Lake, or send them to Mankato if their needs aren't met onsite with further development?  Most importantly, the biggest concern of all has been the inconsistent answers to the concerns of the residents, whether they'll live right next to it or live in town.  The developer attended the July 1st meeting and hasn't been back.  It has been brought up by many community members that there may be a conflict of interest with some council members and the possibility of them having some personal gain with getting this project approved.  It was initially stated that "The developer is not asking for the City of Eagle Lake to assist in any of the cost for this development, including accessing or extending the public utilities to the site."  But at the December 4th meeting a request was presented where "the developer formally petitioned the City to provide sanitary sewer and water main service to the Mankato Motorsports Park."  This concern was brought up at earlier meetings with wondering how the initial proposal may grow or change as the developer sees fit.  We don't believe the developer has our community or neighborhood's best interests in mind.  Many residents have stated their desire to have their quiet rural home or their community with a small town feel, to not have their town relocated across the highway.   We're asking the city council to deny the proposal and we need Eagle Lake to help!  Sign, share, attend City Council meetings (first Monday of every month, 6:00pm, City Hall) and contact your city council members.  MayorLisa Norton Council Members Garrett Steinberg, Mayor Pro Anthony White (new to council in 2021) Beth Rohrich (new to council in 2021)brohrich@eaglelakemn.comJohn Whitington (new to council in June 2021) Former councilmembers involved in the EIS decision Tim Auringer - Mayor (Term ended December 2022) - only one to vote for EIS both times.John Ries (Term ended December 2020)Ryan Short (Term ended December 2020)Dennis Terrell (left council in April 2021, term would have ended in 2022)   ***ETA: All concerns and points noted in this petition can be found in the city council meeting minutes on the Eagle Lake City Council website.  Notable meeting dates for the city council: 2/4/19, 5/6/19, 7/1/19, 8/5/19, 12/2/19. Notable meeting dates for Planning Commission: 2/19/19, 4/15/19, 6/17/19  

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Petition to António Guterres, Secretary-General, António Guterres, United Nations

United Nations: BAN Trophy Hunting. END Export/Imports. PRISON for Poachers.

Ban International Travel for the purpose of Hunting. Ban importing/exporting exotic animal parts & "trophies".Prison for Poachers. More than 7,919,677,909 (billion) humans on Earth.And two-thirds of all animal species are being wiped out.Killed for their skins as well their tusks, 100,000's elephants have been killed in the last few years. Hundreds of wild species with once vast populations are now reduced to a few thousand, a few hundred or less. Humans are rapidly destroying the natural world in pursuit of greed, ego, ignorance and stupidity, or they just don't care. Sadly we are witnessing The Great Animal Extinction, an animal holocaust caused entirely by humans. Tigers, elephants, bears, rhinoceros, wolves, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, gorillas, orangutans, etc, 100's of bird species and sea life, are all on the brink of extinction, and in a few years they will be gone. A frighteningly long list of wild animals that we love are being massacred at an unimaginable rate of destruction. This is it, it's time to do something now or it's all over for them. Extinction is forever. EXTINCTION IS FOREVER!Habitat destruction, climate-change and greed are massive problems, some of the most grotesque offenders are vile poachers and disgusting trophy hunters. These killers demonstrate horrifying cruelty and greed. Companies that profit from killing these beautiful creatures, hunting businesses & hunting clubs are guilty of lobbying governments to let them break the law by importing/exporting exotic animals and their body parts and they are promoting death & destruction of wildlife for blood-money. It is nearly too late and we are running out of time. They must be stopped NOW. We must all act right NOW or we will be living in a world devoid of wildlife. A nearly dead planet.There is so little time left to save the Earth's great land, air and sea creatures, they will only exist in zoos until they all die out. Actions taken by organizations and individuals have helped but are not enough any more to stop the massacre. Mr. Secretary General, we must all act today, we must tip the balance for the animals, and for the sake of all of us!  WE MUST BE THEIR PROTECTORS.What will the world look like if we do nothing? Please act Mr. Secretary-General, we believe you have the heart and courage to make changes happen in the world! Readers ~ Please sign the petition and share it with everyone. Our goal is One Million signatures. This will be hand delivered to the United Nations. I thank you. The animals thank you. Mother Earth thanks you.

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Petition to Department of Energy, Joseph R. Biden

Stop Calcasieu Pass 2 & the 20+ Proposed Liquified Natural Gas Projects

We’re calling on President Biden and the Department of Energy to stop the biggest build out of fossil fuels in US history. Just one of these facilities, CP2, would cause 20x as much carbon pollution as the Willow Project in Alaska and all projects combined would emit more than all of Europe.  We urge the DOE to stop the CP2 project and all new LNG exports until it updates how it determines whether new licenses are truly in the public interest. Sending U.S. energy resources to other countries drives up prices for American families and businesses at home and now is not the time to be driving up energy costs even more. It is critical that DOE assess the climate, environmental justice, and consumer impacts when determining whether exports are in the public interest, especially as the agency considers its current pipeline of nearly 20 LNG export projects under review. Analysis from the Sierra Club has found that lifecycle emissions of all existing and proposed LNG export terminals would be equivalent to 675 coal plants annually, putting domestic and global climate targets out of reach. Increased LNG exports also have significant ramifications for environmental justice communities as the impacts of climate change fall most heavily on low-income communities and communities of color. These polluting projects are often proposed in communities that already bear the burden of heavy industry and are on the frontlines of the bigger hurricanes and storms caused by climate change. That is unacceptable. With the agency’s pending decision on the CP2 export application, in particular, the stakes could not be higher. Biden and the DOE, please do the right thing and stop approving these projects that hurt our climate, communities, and economy.

Jack B.
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