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Petition to Target, Kroger, Publix Super Markets, Donald J. Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, Nashville City Council, Spring Hill city council, Steve Cohen, Mark Green, Jim Cooper, John Rose, Tim Burchett, Scott DesJarlais, Phil Roe, David Kustoff, Charles J. "Chuck" Fleischmann, Corey Napier, Rick Graham, Bill Lee

Ban Plastic Bags in Tennessee

Hello All, My name is Megan Cianfaglione. I live in Thompsons Station, Tennessee. I am writing this petition to help put a ban on plastic bags in Tennessee. Recently I reviewed that a potential ban on plastic bags was declined by Gov. Bill Lee. I am hoping this petition reaches to all people also concerned with the impact these single use plastic bags have on our environment. Tennessee is a beautiful state with amazing national parks and i would hate to see them turn to dumps. So much as one plastic bag is one too many in a world quickly filling with plastic with no where to go. This not only impacts the environment as nasty eyesores seen on the sides of the road and stuck on tree limbs but it poses an even greater threat when it starts to breakdown. The lifespan of ONE single plastic bag can last for upwards of 1000 YEARS. Meaning that every piece of plastic ever made on this planet is still floating around; in the oceans, rivers, and lakes we use to supply our water here in Tennessee.  There are many other ways to go about life without the use of plastic bags. I personally always carry a reusable shopping bag that i find to be quite durable and able to hold much more weight. Another way to ditch plastic bags is to switch to paper; although paper gets a bad rep when talking about the environment, it is more easily recyclable and decomposes in about a month as opposed to plastic bags which take hundreds of years. Whole Foods has a great program where customers are rewarded with 10 cents off of each reusable bag used, that is another great way to get people to bring reusable bags and cut down on waste. Whole Foods also does not carry plastic bags they use brown paper bags which are BETTER for the environment in the long run. One more option to help transition plastic bags out for good would be to start taxing companies or customers for using plastic bags. If every company did this, eventually more and more customers would jump on board with the idea that reusable/paper is the way to go. And if companies ditched plastic bags they would gain great press, and increase their sales while also reducing the cost spent on plastic bags. These were just a few ideas i have had from personal experiences and through steady research on the good ole internet. It was that easy to find solutions. We are smart people and we are capable people. So let's put one foot forward and take a small step towards creating a CLEANER, more SUSTAINABLE environment not only for us now but also for future generations to come.  My name is Megan Cianfaglione and if you are with me or if you just want to help save the world one step at a time, please sign this petition. Tennessee is counting on you.      

Megan Cianfaglione
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Petition to António Guterres, Secretary-General, António Guterres, United Nations

United Nations: BAN Trophy Hunting. STOP Poachers. END Imports.

Ban International Travel for Hunting. Ban importing/exporting animal parts. More than 7.752.005.873 (billion) humans on Earth.Two-thirds of all animal species are being wiped out.100,000 elephants killed in the last 3 years. Too many species with once robust populations now reduced to a few thousand, a few hundred or even less. Humans are rapidly destroying the natural world in a blood-soaked pursuit of greed, false-power, ego, ignorance and stupidity. We are witnessing The Great Animal Extinction, this animal holocaust caused entirely by soulless humans. Tigers, elephants, bears, rhinoceros, wolves, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, gorillas, orangutans, so many bird species, sea life, are on the brink of extinction, and in a few years will be gone. The list is frighteningly long. Wild animals we love are being massacred at a terrifyingly rapid rate of destruction. Extinction is forever. EXTINCTION IS FOREVER!Natural habitat destruction, climate-change and greed are BIG problems, but the worst and most grotesque offenders are vile poachers and mentally diseased trophy hunters. These killers are an horrifying example of mental illness. Aided by slimy companies that profit from killing these beautiful creatures. These businesses & clubs are guilty of lobbying governments to let them break the law by importing exotic animals and their body parts and promoting death. They must be stopped right NOW! It's nearly too late. We must act right NOW or we will be living in a world devoid of nature. A dead planet.There is no time left to save the Earth's great land, air and sea creatures.  Actions taken by organizations and individuals have helped but are not enough to stop the massacre. You sir, Mr. Secretary General, and we, must all act today, we must tip the balance for the animals!  WE MUST BE THEIR PROTECTORS.What will the world look like if you/we do nothing? Please do something Mr. Secretary-General, we know you have the heart and courage to make changes happen in the world! ~ Please sign the petition and share it with everyone. It will be hand delivered to the United Nations. I thank you. The animals thank you. Mother Earth thanks you.

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Petition to U.S. Congress, U.S. House of Representatives, Cedric L. Richmond, Senator John Bel Kennedy, Bill Cassidy, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell

Stop the Lock - Tell Congress to defund a dangerous canal project in New Orleans

We must stop the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' dangerous plan to expand the Industrial Canal. I'm Patsy. Since 1978, I have lived in the shadow of a 100-year-old bridge and canal separating my Holy Cross neighborhood from the rest of New Orleans. During Hurricane Katrina, I had decided to stay on the second floor of my house along with my pets - cats, dogs, birds and turtles - when the canal wall broke, causing 10-feet of water to surge from two directions through the streets. I looked at a framed poster of Noah’s Ark and I thought: "40 days and 40 nights.” My son took our pirogue and rescued animals that had been stranded when owners evacuated. When we realized city services were nonexistent, we drove out with the animals, staying in Michigan for three months before being allowed to return. That’s when my health problems began. Fourteen years later, after so much struggle, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is announcing a plan to enlarge the canal and lock, putting our homes at risk again. The 13-year, $1 billion project would only benefit shipping companies. By moving the lock 12 blocks further into the neighborhood, the higher water table from the Mississippi River would put tremendous pressure on the levee walls beside private homes. The historic bridge will be destroyed and its massive concrete base dynamited. Constant pounding to install pilings will shatter the foundations of nearby Victorian-era shotgun homes. New bridge ramps will extend further into the neighborhood, homes will be seized and torn down through eminent domain. Toxic sediment lying at the bottom of the Industrial Canal will be unearthed, not far from a brand new public high school. A 1997 McKnight study proved there are carcinogenic materials remaining from World War I era that would be disturbed without a safe disposal plan, raising public health risks.  Needless to say, commercial investment in our neighborhood will come to a complete stop. Property values will plunge and traffic to and from New Orleans will be permanently stalled. Both bridges will be up for longer periods, simultaneously. Fifty thousand people who live east of the canal who need to travel over the bridges will require at least an extra 20-30 minutes each direction. Traffic will be backed up for blocks. All this dislocation so that two barges can travel through the canal at the same time! The Corps refuses to consider other sites in more rural areas where there is less traffic and human habitation. To add insult to injury, if the walls were to burst again, the government would not  be liable for damages; homeowners bear all the risk.  A billion dollars is a lot of money, especially in Louisiana, where we could use those badly needed funds to rebuild our eroding coast. Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward and Bywater want Congress to defund the lock expansion. project in the Lower Ninth Ward to save our lives and community. Learn more at    

Mary Rickard
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