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Petition to Brian Kemp, Andre Dickens


I have lived in the City of Atlanta for over 12 years. We have always had interesting yet predictable weather, HOWEVER, now we have Bio-Chemically induced weather being forced sprayed onto us by some organization in the State of Georgia or United States who has approved it. I have witnessed the trees, plants, birds and other creatures in the park behind my home all show signs of being poisoned by the "Chemtrails" that are being sprayed down on us daily. The trees are brown on the first day of spring from no Sun and the Chemicals that are being sprayed into the sky. The plants are dying right before our eyes. It makes me very sad to see the earth dying. The birds don't chip in the morning anymore and the flowers are discolored. All obvious signs of chemical and biological damage. There are unknown planes that are allowed to fly over our neighborhoods releasing poisonous gases into the air. These gases are not safe for the environment or the animals or the humans living in these areas. I have a progression of photos documenting the decline in plant health in my area and this proves that these dangerous chemical trails aren't "condensation as the EPA has stated ! WHY are they being sprayed into the air, and by WHOM?? This MUST STOP NOW! For all of our future!! This petition is for all Americans. If you have seen these same planes or white lines in your sky in your neighborhoods across the country, THIS PETITION IS FOR YOU. THIS PETITION IS FOR YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR NEIGHBORS, YOUR PETS, YOUR PLANTS, THE FUTURE OF EVERY RACE, CREED OR CULTURE. SIGN THIS PETITION AND HELP US STOP CHEM-TRAILS IN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES !! Once we WIN, we can say that we made Planet Earth a better place for our families, our plants, our animals, and our oceans!

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Add Solar Panels to Pequannock Township Public Schools

As we know, Climate change is a huge topic in society today. Not only is the world becoming increasingly affected by climate change and its consequences, but it is also beginning to affect our lives as well. What is the prime source to blame here? Humans. Humans are responsible for emitting over 80% of the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere ( that is around 35 billion tones a year). This massive incline in carbon emissions has only led to a key contributor of global warming, Fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases.   As we know, global warming has resulting in many consequences including, Global temperature risings, melting glaciers, warming oceans, rising sea levels, among various other things. if we do not take action into our own hands, climate change will become  irreversible. if we do not take action in caring for our environment we are looking at mass animal extinctions, sea level risings, and catastrophic weather and flooding in our future.    That is why we decided to take action, in trying to install solar panels in our public schools! 24% of greenhouse gas emissions come from industries such as factories, corporations, and schools. by installing solar panels, not only will it reduce the number one cause of global warming ( carbon emissions), but there are also tons of benefits.  Solar panels use a renewable source of energy ( the sun,) and are incredibly friendly to the environment. in addition, they do not require fossil fuels such as coal or gas. they are incredibly easy to install, extremely durable ( are made to last 30-50 years!) and is significantly cheaper than using fossil fuel powered electricity. That being said, the schools will benefit in saving money on electricity, which they can then use for other things such as renovations, trips, sports, and extra curricular events. and lastly, they set a good influence on the community, and encourage them to go solar as well! By signing this petition, not only are you using your voice to take action, but you are also being a part of change, in this fight to save the world.  

Abby Spaldi
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Use One Percent of Your Time Against Climate Change

Dear friend, Take your age and add 28. This will be your age in 2050. If you graduate today, you will be around 50. If you are more advanced in your career, you might be retired and hopefully still be healthy.  You will look back at your career and the time you spent doing all the things that matter to you, your family, and your community. How likely do you think our planet will be in a good shape in 2050? I don't know about you, but I am not very optimistic and the projections for temperature increases are not good. I am not optimistic because 2050 seems so far away.  According to Oxfam, "the carbon emissions of the richest one percent are more than double those of the three billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity." I prefer another one percent rule: I would like to invite everyone to spend one percent of their time every week thinking, helping, volunteering, and leading the fight against climate change. If you work say 50 hours a week, 1% is only 30 minutes of your time. If you can do more, even better. Put the 30 minutes in your calendar, block the time. Maybe on Friday in the afternoon when things are less busy or during lunchtime or during weekends. Or reduce your time on social media or streaming by 30 minutes and allocate it to climate change. I want to call this rule the #onepercentforclimatechange. What do you think? Will you sign and support this petition?

Minh Trinh
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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Edward J. Markey

Hold ExxonMobil & Others Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity.

What would your 2030 self tell you today?  Will you congratulate yourself for not giving in to Climate Action or regret your inaction? ExxonMobil is banking on most people taking no action.  Infact, they are investing in psychological manipulation and political corruption to keep people from taking action. the greenhouse effect. In 1978 Exxon scientists confirmed that “there is general scientific agreement that the most likely manner in which mankind is influencing the global climate is through carbon dioxide release from the burning of fossil fuels.” They warned then that "man has a time window of five to ten years..." to make hard  decisions alternative means to meet people's energy consumption.  They also calculated the likely results of too much CO² released into the air via fossil fuels. Exxon’s scientists discussed how "the potential harm from climate change would compare with similar existential threats to human survival, such as a nuclear holocaust or world famine." Global temperature increaseSouthwest states would be hotter and drier The “flow of the Colorado River would diminish and the southwest water shortage would become much more acute" Most glaciers in the North Cascades and Glacier National Park would melt; Less snowpack would require a major increase in storage reservoir[m]arine life would be markedly changed,”   Salmon more difficult to catch The “rate of plant growth in the Pacific Northwest would increase,” vesting a tremendous redistribution of weight and pressure exerted on the earth’s crust” which could “trigger major increases in earthquakes and volcanic activity resulting in even more atmospheric CO2 and violent storms”; The “Arctic Ocean would be ice free for at least six months each year, causing major shifts in weather patterns in the northern hemisphere;” Yhe “present tropics” would be hotter and less habitable, but the “present [temperate]” latitude would be warmer and more habitable. What can you do?  Speak up! Numbers count!  Sign this petition to pass a Congressional Resolution to hold corporations and politicians that are cashing in on destroying Earth's climate and resources.  Those, like ExxonMobil,  are major contributors to the current Global Climate Change Crisis. They boast an ability to adapt to lower carbon emissions, not will not inless 'forced to' by economic conditions.  They can be held criminally liable under the Roman Statute. Let's pass this Resolution NOW while we still have those Represenatives in Congress who believe your life and future is more valuable than the profits made from controlling gas and oil supplies. Undercover Interview with Exxon Lobbyist Definition of Crimes Against Humanity & the Rome Statute:

Nick O.
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