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Petition to Monique DiCarlo

Bring Callisto - A sexual assault reporting tool - to The University of Iowa

We call upon The University of Iowa to implement Callisto, an online sexual assault reporting system, that provides sexual assault survivors with a better reporting experience, allows schools to better track the incidence of sexual assault over time, get student feedback to better prevent assault and encourage reporting, identify repeat offenders and improve the quality of evidence collected for use in investigation and judicial proceedings. "Callisto provides survivors with a confidential and secure way to create a time-stamped record of an assault, learn about reporting options and support resources, or report electronically to campus authorities. It gives survivors the option to report their assault only if someone else names the same assailant. This matching system is the first of its kind, and it means that survivors who won’t come forward alone can come forward together. Callisto re-imagines the reporting process from a position of compassion, empathy, and support for survivors, ultimately empowering them to have greater control over their experience." - Callisto Website Studies show that 90 percent of sexual assault is committed by 10 percent of men, and that each offender commits sexual assault roughly 6 times on average. Stopping repeat offenders could mean stopping up to 60 percent of sexual assault. Reporting of Sexual Misconduct can be confusing, and even traumatic. The University of Iowa must do all it can to make it easier for survivors to come forward. Using Callisto will be a good first step in ensuring that survivors feel more comfortable reporting.

Sriven Kadiyala
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Petition to Georgia State House, Georgia State Senate

Stand with Survivors & Stop Georgia House Bill 51

When I was a sophomore in college, I was sexually assaulted by a student. While this was the most traumatic experience of my entire life, I was able to graduate college thanks to counseling and the academic accommodations I needed to stay in school. Because of my school and the accommodations I was afforded, I’m now attending Georgia State University College of Law where I continue to fight for survivors’ rights. But I’m afraid that student survivors in Georgia today won’t be able to thrive and graduate if the Georgia legislature passes House Bill 51. H.B. 51 would make Georgia universities less safe for students who have been raped. By stripping universities of their role in responding to sexual misconduct -- including disciplining offenders -- student victims like myself will lose access to the support we need to remain in school and to heal from our assaults. This law would mandate that professors and administration report assaults to law enforcement without the victims’ consent, leaving many students afraid to seek support. Other students will be forced to spend months and years attending classes with the people who raped them. Still others, who fear police involvement or deportation, will be discouraged from reporting at all. Reporting rates will undoubtedly plummet, and campuses like mine will no longer be safe. Additionally, members of minority communities, notably LGBTQ+ and women of color, are assaulted at the highest rates. These groups are even more reticent to report to the police and will be further denied access to education. Sign this petition to protect student survivors of sexual assault from Georgia H.B. 51. Not only is House Bill 51 dangerous, it’s also illegal. It violates long-standing protections of civil rights for women and other survivors of gender-based violence. These protections mandate schools to respond to acts of sexual misconduct, regardless of whether law enforcement is involved. If passed, H.B. 51 would fly in the face of decades of national precedent – and rape survivors will pay the price. Stand with Georgia students like myself in demanding that our legislators oppose H.B. 51. In solidarity, Grace You can stay up to date on our local efforts here:

People Against House Bill 51
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