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A televised debate for the Democratic Candidates of Florida's 18th Congressional District

There must be a televised debate for the Democratic Candidates of Florida's 18th Congressional District before early voting starts on August 18th Debates have played a vital role in helping voters understand the issues facing our country and where the candidates may have different views. This primary election decides who the registered Democrats of District 18 feel like best represents their views and concerns.We need a strong candidate going forward into the 2018 midterms. But more importantly, elections can not be decided by who has the most impressive campaign fundraising. We need to raise the bar for ourselves and our country. Standards and transparency in politics matters, no matter what party a candidate is with.  We implore the Pam Keith and Lauren Baer campaigns to make sure the voters of District 18 are fully informed on whom they are voting for by arranging for a live streamed and locally televised event for everyone to watch. This allows voters to make an informed decision for themselves and our country.    ****As of approximately 1:30pm on June 17th the Pam Keith has officially reached out to me with an official response***   " No candidate who truly respects voters refuses to debate, or engages in the gaslighting of calling things « debates » that are not. The voters have a right to measure their candidates, head to head, in a format that allows for challenge and engagement of positions. This campaign is unabashedly and unreservedly willing to do so in a televised debate. No other position should be viewed as anything but the evasion and disrespect of voters that it is. "  

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