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Executive order Kill Title 4-D&E Mr. President

Support American Families.    Defund and deactivate Title 4-D & E. This amendment to Social Security has depleted Social Security and destroyed the American Family. Since enacted the divorce rate has soared. Millions of children without Fathers. Broken families and broken values. Title 4-D and E punishes father’s as well as families and pays states for collection of child support and foster care for ever $3 they get $3-15 back from federal. Stop governmental systems and attorney’s from profiting off children’s ruin, off the ruin of America and American families. America first. We need real American’s to step forward. Defend, terminate and kill Title IV-D and E. Registered Voters of the USA only please... Goal of 1 Million signatures. To put this on President Trumps desk.

United Parents 4Children
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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren


WE NEED A UNITED PROGRESSIVE TICKET! SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ONLY TWO LEGITIMATE  PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES UNITE!  There are only two progressive candidates. Two candidates who will not sell us out. Two candidates with a proven progressive track record, not just garbage campaign promises. Two candidates with the vision, policy chops, and grit to upend the status quo - Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both candidates have strong campaigns. Sanders has the ground game. He's building a 50 state grassroots movement that we'll need to win the election and overthrow Wall Street and the 1%. Warren's a true anti-corruption warrior. She's got the policy chops. She's got the plans.  Together they would be unstoppable. They need to start campaigning together, coordinating actions together, and building the grassroots movement that we will need to win the White House and our future, TOGETHER.  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren: it's time to unite! It's time for a new campaign strategy. Don't wait till the convention! It's time to come together and show the world the power of a united progressive campaign.  Even in this populist moment the big money behind the other candidates is too powerful to defeat alone. It’s going to take all of us! Do NOT divide the progressive vote. We need the only two candidates who are paid for by the people, fighting for our futures, together. SIGN THIS PETITION TO DEMAND A UNITED PROGRESSIVE TICKET! WARREN SANDERS 2020 SANDERS WARREN 2020 WARREN SANDERS 2020 SANDERS WARREN 2020 WARREN SANDERS 2020 SANDERS WARREN 2020 WARREN SANDERS 2020 SANDERS WARREN 2020 WARREN SANDERS 2020 SANDERS WARREN 2020 WARREN SANDERS 2020 SANDERS WARREN 2020  

Progressive Front
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Petition to Andrew Yang, L. Francis Cissna, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren

Instead of a wall with Mexico, Develop Border With Projects That Benefit Both Countries.

2020 Presidential candidates, Yang, Sanders, Warren and Immigration Chief Cissna  can take the initiative to develop a better plan for our border with Mexico than a wall. A high volume of Mexican and South American citizens seek economic opportunity or political asylum in America at our border with Mexico. Desperation drives some to attempt unsanctioned border crossing, fueling a demand for "coyotes" who promise to secure illegal entry for money. By putting Refugee Resettlement Zones and Enterprise Zones in a corridor along the border, those awaiting Green Cards or citizenship determination can be self-supporting during processing.  There is no need to separate children from Parents These zones will provide jobs for Americans who can be the managers, English teachers and builders of facilities instead of prison guards for those in detention. Mexico's reliance on natural gas is an opportunity for demonstrating carbon capture and use in industry.  Existing Generation 3 or 4 nuclear power might also be supplied for the Mexican side of the border. These emerging processes can be bolstered with US venture capital and used to supply the electric power for entire border zone, as well as providing water from Desalination plants. Recreational trails with accompanying camping areas in this border area will expand employment opportunities for US Parks Service. These projects would be a good use for the drug money seized from "El Chapo", rather than a wall, which provides only costs, no returns.  Dear Decision Maker: Please use your position, and influence as an opinion leader or elected official to promote these strategies to Enhance Border Security, and Boost Economic Prosperity. America has long served as a beacon of welcome and refuge to the citizens of other countries, as our Lady Liberty symbolizes. We can stand behind this proud tradition and solve current immigration concerns with these "Better Than A Wall" Ideas.  

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