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Petition to Women's march organizers

Remove Bernie Sanders from opening the Women's Convention

On Thursday, October 12th, the Women's March, a movement that formed in late 2016 with the mission to “harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change,” announced that Senator Bernie Sanders will open the first Women’s Convention, set for October 27-29th in Detroit.    We deeply appreciate the volunteer time, energy, sweat and tears that the Women’s March co-chairs, board, and committees give to this vital movement.  Women know that our time and work is often undervalued, underpaid, and unknown.  Your work is not unknown.  Thank you.  At this moment, however, we must voice our deep disappointment with the choice to have Senator Sanders, a male, open the Women’s Convention.  Sign this petition to let the Women’s Convention organizers know that we do not want Senator Sanders to OPEN the Women’s Convention.  We believe a female-identifying individual should open the Women’s Convention, as optics are important, and there is no one more qualified to speak about women’s issues than a woman.   In an October 12th USA Today article, Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory (whom I highly respect), states that Sanders was chosen because he “knows how to mobilize a new generation of activists,” and “is probably one of the most powerful U.S. Senators ... on progressive issues, women’s issues…” We believe: o   Bernie does know how to mobilize a new generation of activists (for that we are grateful) but did the organizers forget that WOMEN organized the largest protest in US history?  o   Bernie has been a long time champion for progressive values (again, we are grateful) o   Bernie’s voice, and the voices of ALL men, women, non-conforming, non-binary, cis, and transgender people who share a passion for the unity principles of the Women’s March are needed and necessary voices for this movement.  We want them at the convention.  We want them listening.  We want them leading.  We want to learn from them, be challenged by them, changed and ignited by them.  We even want them speaking at the Convention - just not opening it.  o   Optics are extremely important.  The Women’s Convention, in her goal of empowering and putting the voices of women on the front lines, should lead by example and have a woman open the convention.  The individual who kicks off an event often becomes the “face” of the event.  It is only right to have a woman's face for the Women’s Conference.  Having a man’s face only continues the invisible presence, work, and voices of women.  o   Women are best qualified to speak about women’s issues.  o   Sanders' reference to Planned Parenthood as “the establishment” makes him a divisive opener.    Not choosing a woman clearly communicates that the organizers don’t believe a woman is qualified, available, or equal to the task of opening the Women’s Convention, and further communicates there are no strong female leaders in our nation right now.  We know this is not true and strongly urge you to reconsider your decision to have Bernie Sanders open the convention. Thank you.  Amanda Mother, Minister, Magic-Maker        

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft
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Petition to Sen. Ber, Dr. Jill Stein, D , Maria Svart, Kshama Sawant

Create a Progressive Independent Party

In the course of the last year, we have made incredible strides to uniting for a Progressive Independent Party for the people, please read below for the original petition and see ALL THE UPDATES posted at the bottom as we continue to call for a unified movement. Thank you for your ongoing support! Your signature is still important, please sign and share! Original Petition: Plan A: All progressive parties unite to create the LARGEST progressive voting block in history to propel Bernie Sanders into the White House! Plan B: If Bernie Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination for President, we use our "YUGE" voting block to decide how to utilize our votes for the best progressive outcome possible. Plan C: Unite all parties into a coalition-based party to exponentially grow the progressive movement to all levels of local, state, and national elections to impact the changes necessary to see our common goals in action! The Presidential Election of 2016 has seen support and enthusiasm for progressive politics like never seen before in the history of the United States. The Bernie Sanders campaign has united Independents, Progressive Democrats, Green Party voters, Democratic Socialists, unregistered voters, young first-time voters, and disenfranchised Democrat and Republican voters too. The Sanders campaign has risen to historic, record-breaking heights in fundraising for both numbers of individual contributions, as well as, number of individual contributors, with a mere average of $27 per contribution. The Sanders' campaign is the campaign of the people, for the people and one in which millions of us have been waiting for but had almost lost hope it was possible. Despite making history and fueling unbridled enthusiasm from his supporters, the Sanders campaign has had a plethora of obstacles; an extreme media bias from mass-media conglomerates resulting in a near media blackout during the pre-primary season, ongoing skewed journalistic reporting, and press coverage clearly providing his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton a handicap-lead which has been difficult to overcome. Please join me in asking Sen. Bernie Sanders, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party of the United States, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Progressive Democrats of America, to join forces propel Bernie Sanders to the White House and to create THE LARGEST progressive voting bloc the United States has ever seen. It's time! This political revolution is not about one candidate, it's about all of us. We should fight like hell to get Bernie Sanders in the White House, but if Bernie does not win the nomination of the Democratic Party, let's not be unprepared to unite our votes! Let's not dissipate this historic enthusiasm for progressive politics; let's unite for our common causes of social equality and economic justice, to end mass incarcerations, end injustices of police brutality, to restore, protect, and preserve our planet, to maintain a woman's right to choose, ensure equal pay for equal work, raise the minimum wage, guarantee health care for all, and be sure nobody working full-time lives in poverty. Together, we can make a difference! Please sign my petition asking the Bernie Sanders, Green Party, Progressive Democrats, the Democratic Socialist Party, and the Socialist Alternatives to unite our votes and our resources to exponentially grow our grassroots efforts for a better, safer, more loving, cleaner world. #WeAreOne

Araquel Bloss
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Petition to United Nations, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Ombudsman, FTC, Ralph Nader, Elizabeth Warren

Create Debt Neutrality Rights for Paying Down Credit Cards & Student Loans.

Compromise regarding consumer debt is a powerful tool. Forgiving Credit Card and Student Loan Debt can send the wrong message, but telling people to "get any job", or "get a second job" to pay their debts is flawed if the jobs don't pay enough to pay down a person's existing credit card and student loan debts. The compromise solution for those with Unending Credit Card and Student Loan  Debt would be to allow a person to declare Debt Neutrality on their debt if they are experiencing a hardship in their lives. Consumers presently owe 3 trillion dollars in credit card and Student Loan Debt. Put another way, that 3 trillion in debt costs between 30 billion to 60 billion dollars EVERY MONTH in never ending interest rate charges just to keep the debt at that level! Debt Neutrality starts with those who can afford to pay down their debts without taking on any new debt, provided the interest rates, penalties and fees are discontinued on their present debts. After the first wave of consumers exercise Debt Neutrality and begin actually paying down their debts, the economy should begin improving as consumers with less and less debt actually have a touch more money to spend locally, which in turn should create new job opportunities for those still out of work. This in turn helps states and cities generate more tax revenue. The result could be a cascading affect of economic improvement that requires no government funds of any kind, just the release of the financial death grip that banking institutions have over many consumers via credit card and student loan debt. What we need is for Congress to grant Debt Neutrality Rights, and then get out of the way!   Please follow the Debt Neutrality Petition on Facebook, and

Alessandro Machi
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