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Petition to Zack de la Rocha, Rage Against the Machine

Get Rage Against the Machine Back Together for a Reunion Concert or Tour

We are in a time of extreme peril. The United States continues to operate its military industrial complex with full force, policing the world and murdering millions, benefiting US banks, oil companies, defense contractors, and manufacturers who boast record profits. The complex continues at home where police forces murder unarmed citizens, especially black citizens, at alarming rates. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is cutting programs like NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts to make way for a $54 billion increase in defense spending despite that fact that the United States spends more on defense than the next 12 countries combined. While many remain hopeless, music has the healing power to unite the forces of good against evil. During the 2000 Democratic National Convention, Rage Against the Machine played a protest concert across the street in which front man Zack de la Rocha declared to the massive crowd, "brothers and sisters, our democracy has been hijacked." That statement has never been truer than it is today. The undersigned are asking for Rage Against the Machine to take action in these desperate times, and to unite for a reunion concert (or better yet a reunion tour) in protest of President Trump and the military industrial complex. Their powerful anthems are what we need right now to mobilize and resist the evil forces present in our government and corporations that back the politicians. Through this unity and resistance we can bring about true change.

Tony Szajowski
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Petition to Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders - You can keep your promises to the American People

Bernie promised Revolution - $15/hr jobs, free tuition, and an end to the 1%. He never mentioned how. Why? Senator Sanders was the co-sponsor of a bi-partisan bill that created new industries in America, jobs, and a method to pay for his promises. He can bring a vote on S134 - The Industrial Hemp Act as a SENATOR and continue the Revolution! Many of you do not know this but Bernie began a Revolution that we can carry forward. Sen. Sanders Co-Sponsored S-134 the Industrial Hemp Act legalizing Industrial Hemp. He came close to setting free a commodity for the People by the People. There is a very clear solution and way forward. Tangible, factual, confined in the system which we clearly hate at the moment. None the less it is real, and it just takes our activism as citizens coupled with our power as consumers to change it all. The question is, ‘Will you do it?”The first steps have been taken with the recent success of the Petition requesting President Trump legalize Industrial Hemp to help rural economies he campaigned in. IF organic resources are legalized and supported by consumers:   Here are the claims: Non Toxic Resources can provide jobs at $18 an hour. Non Toxic Resources can provide free tuition for all. Non Toxic Resources can lower poverty. Non Toxic Resources can double manufacturing industries within 2 years. Non Toxic Resources can lower offshore manufacturing by 50% within 5 years. Non Toxic Resources can fix the environment while increasing manufacturing. Non Toxic Resources can stop toxic chemicals in products. Non Toxic Resources can stop resource based wars. Non Toxic Resources can stop fracking. Non Toxic Resources can nationalize the coal and oil industries. Non Toxic Resources lower disease, and the need for pharmaceuticals. Non Toxic Resources can create health insurance coverage for natural medicines and treatments. Non Toxic Resources can reverse desertification. Non Toxic Resources can offset rising sea levels by supplying drought ridden areas with water. We can create new commodities.Non Toxic Resources can create new markets. WE CAN CREATE LASTING SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.Here is the reasoning: How many people are going to install solar panel arrays or wind turbines? Other than protest what are the options to create change that can sustain a profit? Then ask yourself, “What are the solar panels and arrays made of?” The answer is chemicals derived from oil, coal and other mining operations. Look a little closer and take a look around you, from the food you eat, to everything you touch and use on your body all are made with toxic chemicals that come from oil, gas, coal and other sources. Protesting a pipeline does little good when you are pushing for renewable energy without first addressing what materials are used to make panels, wind turbines, batteries storing  energy the devices capture. In short, the protest on Sunday/purchase on Monday strategy isn’t working. However, if we used the tools available today and channel our respective anger to develop organic (bio) alternatives and compete on the Walmart shelf with toxic products and BUY them? Now we are talking change. We need a collective redistribution of wealth by the people not Governments brought forth to serve the people. The Foundation for a Bioeconomy introduces a new strategy that will solve quite literally every problem plaguing the world today. The People's power is as consumers first, not citizens. Corporations do not respect national boundaries. Nor should #consumeractivists in our offensive against them. Unless #consumeractivists fight on their level, we are merely fighting what they throw at us, we will never defeat the source. The answer is to fund and support our own system of resources and it is very easy. Bamboo and Hemp are the commodities. Farms and factories crowdfunded and owned by the People who will pressure the companies that will buy hemp and bamboo as #consumeractivists. Apply pressure on companies to disclose the ingredients they use to manufacture with.  Fossil fuel products are everywhere and the single most contributing factor to human illness and the environmental damage that compounds the problem. Hemp and bamboo are cheaper in every way that mining, drilling or fracking, Local supply chains = lower costs of doing business. Lower costs lead to higher wages, US manufacturing, and a new era of prosperity unseen in America since the 1950's. As soon as the green question is removed from a purchasing decision the leading concern is price. As Bamboo and hemp is a lower cost option, leading to lower cost products. Most consumers only care about lower prices and quality. Hemp and bamboo will win. It just takes us, to Declare #waronTRUMPS and push our leaders to act.

Foundation for a Bioeconomy
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