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Petition to Gavin Newsom, California State Senate, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala D. Harris, California State House, Jared Huffman, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ro Khanna, , Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Maxine Waters, Jackie Speier, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News

Seize dangerous, bankrupt, criminal PG&E into PUBLIC STATE OWNERSHIP now !

We, the People of Northern and all of California, as well as national and international allies, victims of ongoing, neverending fires and blackouts from PG&E, hereby DEMAND that California Governor Newsom, Attorney General Becerra, and the State Legislature ACT IMMEDIATELY to DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY and seize PG&E (and all of its assets, infrastructure, accounts, staff, and resources) into 100% PUBLIC NOT FOR PROFIT OWNERSHIP by the STATE OF CALIFORNIA using available state EMINENT DOMAIN and other applicable laws in order to PROTECT PUBLIC SAFETY and THE ECONOMY. PG&E has a horrific record of documented and CONVICTED criminal felon behavior, corruption, malfeasance, and gross negligence, responsible for widespread devastation through 100% preventable natural gas explosions (San Bruno 2010) and causing wildfires with their aging, poorly maintained equipment, as well as MURDERING at least 85 people in recent wildfires THEY caused. Now,starting recently on October 9, 2019, they have the AUDACITY to blackout power for up to THREE MILLION Northern Californians at a time, supposedly to prevent wildfires, but as we’ve seen in the now raging Kincade fire, their equipment causes fires ANYWAY, regardless of whether power is blacked out or not. OUTRAGEOUS. With the ongoing Kincade fire, where PG&E faulty equipment is AGAIN likely to blame, more than NINETY THOUSAND Northern Californians in the Healdsburg and Santa Rosa area have now had to be emergency evacuated, with numerous properties and businesses, homes, and wineries destroyed. Tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and economic losses are likely. All this while PG&E is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy waiting for someone to bail them out. AGAIN. The truth is that former and current PG&E CEO’s and board, top level executives, belong in PRISON for their crimes. Yet all they continue to get is weak rhetoric and slaps on the wrist from Governor Newsom and the CPUC. WHY is criminal law not being enforced upon PG&E and their top level executives responsible for their behavior? All evidence points to PG&E being arsonists, and in a certain sense, TERRORISTS. Certainly, any other person or entity responsible for causing this many huge fires and destruction of life and property would be labeled a potential DOMESTIC TERRORIST. We have heard Governor Newsom, time and time again in recent press conferences, state that the buck stops with HIM. OK. TRUE. However, how can we the public trust Governor Newsom or other publicly elected officials, when those officials have been soliciting and accepting millions of dollars in corrupt quid pro quo campaign finance donations for DECADES? HOW DOES THAT WORK? WE DEMAND THAT GOVERNOR NEWSOM IMMEDIATELY RETURN THE WELL DOCUMENTED AND ADMITTED OVER 200 THOUSAND DOLLARS HIS 2018 GUBERNATORIAL CAMPAIGN ACCEPTED FROM PG&E. We demand other publicly elected officials currently in office DO THE SAME. TODAY. SHOW US WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE ON. Under California (and federal) law, it is possible for the state government to seize public ownership of PG&E through eminent domain and related laws on the books.We demand that Governor Newsom and state officials begin the eminent domain process takeover NOW.  Once the eminent domain seizure of PG&E and their assets and systems is complete, and 100% public owned not for profit by the State of California, the PG&E electrical and gas energy grids can be subdivided into regional public ownership and management by Northern California county governments, with oversight by the CPUC and other regulatory agencies. It is CRITICAL that the PG&E infrastructure at the grid interconnect, generation, transmission, and distribution levels be analyzed and corrected for public safety IMMEDIATELY, and that appropriate corrective measures be taken network wide to stop the need for wide scale preemptive power blackouts and to prevent any future fires caused by the natural gas or energy infrastructure. The State of California can and MUST finance the seizure and management of this entire infrastructure, systems, and staff, by using available tax and gas/electric ratepayer revenues as well as other available market based means of issuing bonds etc. It is time to END the catastrophic, criminal reign of PG&E. Seizing into public ownership is the ONLY safe way to guarantee people over profit for public safety. We can then proceed with making all electrical energy generation GREEN AND RENEWABLE through solar, wind, and hydro, and shutting down coal, biomass, and other polluting means of generating electricity. Finding an alternative to natural gas consumption is a much more difficult issue to handle and can be prioritized over time to migrate to a GREEN renewable, non fossil fuel solution. Signed,  The OUTRAGED People and PG&E VICTIMS of Northern California And The American People  "We're not gonna take this anymore. ENOUGH is ENOUGH."

Occupy PG&E
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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Beto O'Rourke, Donald J. Trump, Bernie Sanders, Cory A. Booker, Brad Sherman, Paul Cook, Rand Paul, Paul A. Gosar, Jim Cooper, Jim Justice, Stacey E. Plaskett, Catherine Cortez Masto, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nydia M. Velázquez, Mark Nye, John Nygren, Ted Cruz, Texas Governor, Texas State Senate, Florida State Senate, Florida Governor, Marco Rubio, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ted S. Yoho, Alcee L. Hastings, Vern Buchanan, Ron DeSantis, Twitter, Tim Kaine, Bill Eigel, Josh Hawley, Allen Andrews, Jay Inslee, Jay Trumbull, Roy Blunt, Emanuel Cleaver, Washington Post, New York Times, Doug Post, Gavin Newsom, FOX News, News Corp., Sandy Newsome, CNN, John Donvan, Lester G. Jackson, Andy H. Holt, Sam Graves, Bill Sample, Sam Killebrew, S. "Sam" Rasoul, Bill Flores, Randy K. Weber Sr., Mark Takano, California State Senate, California Governor, Eric Swalwell, John Garamendi, Ohio State House, Ohio State Senate, Michael F. Bennet, Colorado State Senate, Colorado Governor, Ken Buck, Michelle Obama, Michigan State House, Michigan State Senate, Michigan Governor, Fred Upton, U.S. House of Representatives, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Maxine Waters, Kevin McCarthy, Amy Klobuchar, Robert Menendez, Kamala D. Harris, Richard Blumenthal, Johnny Isakson, Lamar Alexander

Executive order Kill Title IV-4D/E Launch an Investigation in Family Courts & CPS

Support American Families and our Constitution. Stop governmental systems and attorney’s from profiting off children’s ruin, off the ruin of America and American families and it’s peoples. America first. We the People - demand A Congressional investigation, Justice Department and Investigator General. Both internal and private investigations into the National Family Court System, Child Protective Services. The officials and individuals for Constructional rights violations and humans rights violations. The immediate termination of (no fault) divorce and title IV-D/E. Mr Present.. Goal of 500k in signatures to land on President Trumps desk.

United Parents 4Children
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Petition to New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC, FOX News

End dishonest coverage of Bernie Sanders Campaign! #FAIRMEDIA

The News Media is influenced by powerful donors and advertisers. The coverage of Bernie Sanders’ National campaign for President has not received fair or accurate attention, and it is difficult to believe that money is not influencing the journalistic angles here.   Even if you support another candidate, a transparent and accountable press is necessary for a functioning democracy and this should outrage you. PLEASE READ, SIGN AND SHARE.   Here is a link to an article from “the hill” naming the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and even 10th place finishers in a poll and completely omitting Bernie Sanders’ name. Here is a link from “” polling data after debate 3 showing Bernie Sanders winning the debate by an overwhelming 14 percentage point margin - better than Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden combined but that information both being obfuscated by them and omitted from any sort of news reporting from them or outside sources. (In fact the shared results act as though Warren “won” the debate and then list the percentage results of places 3rd through 10th) Here is a link to an MSNBC graphic (from sept 21st) showing “The Contenders” in Iowa with ten candidates but not including Bernie (again, widely considered the 3rd place candidate at minimum). Here is a link to a article claiming that the race has tightened to only two candidates (Biden and Warren), while including a photo of Bernie and mentioning that Bernie and Warren are polling < 2 percentage points of each other, and then calling for “other” candidates to step up and “challenge the top two,” mentioning specifically Pete Buttigieg and not Bernie Sanders.  To include smaller media outlets, here is a link to a paper called “The Inlander” that has a post of the final contenders and includes “Seth Moulton” but not Bernie Sanders. To include polling, here is a link to an Emerson Polling article that shows Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden polling evenly at 26% and Elizabeth Warren at 20% (margin of error is only 4.7%) and yet calls it “a statistical tie” between Warren, Biden and Sanders.  Here is a link to an image including CNN headlines on Bernie Sanders since February. The final link I am including is to a CNN Video suggesting that Sanders (the third place candidate by their own metrics) should drop out of the race while polling in double digits due to the “Working Families Party” endorsement. The most outlandish part of this one is the lack of reporting on how WFP decided to make this endorsement. They are refusing to release the votes from the actual members (worth 50% of the decision of whom to endorse, the other 50% coming from a few dozen people in “leadership” positions) and this information has since come out that shows that Elizabeth Warren’s daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, is the chairwoman of a liberal think tank “Demos” that gave $45,000 to WFP this year after never having made prior donations to WFP.   There is far more i could report on (the coverage of Bernie Sanders being the first candidate to receive a million individual donors jumps to mind), but it is fairly established that the media narrative is currently either dismissive of, diminishing of, or outright ignoring Bernie Sanders’ campaign for presidency.  With the fact that the people in control of this industry stand to lose a great deal of either power, money or influence should a Bernie Sanders Presidency occur, it is hard to not draw conclusions that this treatment is intentional. This petition is designed to get as many signatures as possible in order to attempt to force acknowledgement of the realities of Bernie’s Sanders’ presidential campaign and get national news outlets to acknowledge their lack of reporting on his run.  As Donald Trump has so successfully proved in this country, yet again, “All publicity is good publicity” and powerful individuals have realized that the best way to quash ideas they do not support is not to engage with them on merit, but to ignore them entirely and use every effort you have to silence their ability to reach that message to the masses.   Sign this petition. Do something! Force media outlets to start reporting, be it good or bad, on news.    This is their job as journalists. Bring awareness that they have to do their jobs.  

Brandon Laureys
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