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Petition to Citizens of the United States

The Manifesto of the People's Revolution

Introduction We the people of the United States of America, find it necessary to reform our government to make it more democratic and guarantee our non-negotiable and inherent rights to both Genuine Representation and Participatory Decision-Making. Herein lies our cause and resolution.. We hold that our federal and state governments, which were instituted to secure our unalienable rights, have become corrupt instruments of despotic rule by an oligarchy at great expense to the rights and happiness of common citizens.  We further hold that our country’s very constitution allows for such abuses by the establishment of republic forms of government in which absolute power resides in the hands of the disproportionate few number of citizens elected to public office. Since the ratification of the Constitution of the United States over two and quarter centuries ago, the costs of winning state and federal elections have risen exponentially while the wealth of citizens has shifted increasingly and grossly into the hands of a minuscule percentage of the population.  Over time, these dynamics have created a political system that has spiraled out of control.  The present and foreseeable conclusion of which being that candidates have become so dependent upon campaign contributions from the exceedingly rich that they have in fact become subordinate to their economic interests, interests which are by and large diametrically opposed to the economic interests of the majority of citizens. We hold that it is the Right of the People to alter our current form of government which has become destructive towards the unalienable rights of its citizens.  We further assert that these rights include Genuine Representation and Participatory Decision-Making. (see image of The Campaign Finance Cycle) Genuine Representation Genuine Representation is distinguished from our current form of representation by the following criteria: Genuine Representatives pledge fidelity to the full measure of their constituents.  This precludes candidates from running under and representatives serving under a political party.  By their very definition, parties divide people and result in representatives serving one faction of constituents at the expense of another.  All offices shall be non-partisan. Genuine Representatives pledge fidelity only to the interests of their constituents.  This precludes conflict of interests and therefore prevents candidates from accepting campaign contributions from anyone other than the people that are eligible to vote for them.  By extension, people shall not be construed to include derivatives or groups such as committees or corporations which cannot vote. The financial viability of a candidate’s campaign shall be in proportion to the extent that their message resonates with the majority of their constituents.  In addition to supporting the previous criteria point, this establishes three other requirements.a.  Contribution limits shall be established and set at a level that the majority of constituents can reasonably afford.  These limits shall be indexed to the median disposable income in the district being represented and shall be updated at least every census period.b.  Contribution limits shall also be binding upon the candidate.  This prevents any advantage conferred by personal wealth or lack thereof.c.  Any campaign funding through a public financing program shall require candidates to demonstrate a proportionate amount of public support.  This could take the form of number of signatures collected or matching of small fixed donations. Genuine Representatives shall introduce no law that applies to their constituents that does not apply equally to the representatives; and, representatives shall introduce no law that applies to the representatives that does not apply equally to their constituents. Genuine Representatives may only vote on behalf of their constituents who choose not to vote for themselves on a given proposal.  A representative cannot genuinely represent constituents who do not wish to be represented and choose instead to represent themselves (see following section on Participatory Decision-Making). Participatory Decision-Making Every citizen has the right to participate in the decision making of the laws and budgets to which they are subject.  Such decisions include those currently voted on in a citizen’s town board, village board, or city council; county board; state legislatures; and federal legislatures.   This is not to say that every citizen must exercise their right.  Indeed, there are a great number of decisions that occur in the chain of government extending from local to federal.  It is not reasonable to expect that every citizen will have the time or inclination to vote on every topic much less keep informed on the nuances pertaining to each decision.  In such cases, Genuine Representation shall apply. Be that as it may, there may arise an issue whose decision bears greatly on a citizen be it economically, morally, or otherwise.  The citizen has the right to cast a proportionate vote on such a decision.  There may also be citizens who feel it is their civic duty to be involved in public decision making that affects themselves, their family, their community, or their fellow citizens.  They shall be able to exercise that right. The idea of the such a system is perhaps best understood by example: Say we have a village of 3,500 eligible voters and a board that includes six trustees and the village president.  In the current system in Wisconsin, the decisions of the village board are made by the majority vote of these seven representatives.  We could say that in essence each representative's vote represents 500 voters. Under a system of Participatory Decision-Making, 3,500 votes would be cast for every village decision.  Before an issue can be voted on, it must first be brought to the people, say a month prior to the board meeting.  This can be done very inexpensively by posting the upcoming proposals on a website and alerting constituents by email and/or text that the proposal is ready to be voted on. The 3,500 eligible voters would then have until the night before the board meeting to cast their vote.  Anyone who fails to vote on a proposal would by default entrust their vote to their representatives who would vote on their behalf at the board meeting. Now, let’s say that 1,400 village citizens cast 1,000 votes in favor of Proposal A and 400 votes against.  That's 1,400 votes cast by citizens of the 3,500 original votes leaving 2,100 votes bestowed upon the 7 elected representatives...300 votes each. Since a majority of votes must be cast to pass a typical proposal, 1,751 votes of the original 3,500 would be needed to pass a proposal.  The citizens having already cast 1,000 votes in favor of Proposal A, only 751 votes must be cast by the representatives for it to pass.  That’s only 3 of the 7 representatives voting in favor of the proposal, each casting in essence 300 votes.  Note that a minority of the representatives was need to vote in favor of Proposal A because the citizens were largely in favor of it passing. Let’s say at that same meeting, 2,000 citizens voted on Proposal B with 200 in favor and 1,800 against.  With only 1,500 votes left to be cast by the representatives, there is no way for them to pass the measure because the majority of the 3,500 votes have already been cast by the citizens against the proposal. In a final example, say only 700 citizens vote on Proposal C with 500 in favor and 200 against.  This leaves the representatives with 2,800 votes or 400 each.  With 1,251 votes needed in favor for Proposal C to pass, it would require 4 of the 7 representatives, a majority, much like the current system.  However, now the representatives have a better idea of how many constituents care about the issue and what that distribution looks like.  It also allows citizens to see how closely representative votes match their own and gives representatives an opportunity to explain the reasons behind their vote. Participatory Decision-Making empowers citizens and it's a system that could be field tested and refined over time and multiple implementations.  A system that could revitalize civic engagement and perhaps prove so popular that municipalities that adopt it could begin out-competing those that don't.  This competition could encourage further adoption until it eventually becomes the law of the land. Participatory Decision-Making could provide an avenue for a peaceful, nonpartisan revolution.  When citizens have the ability to directly influence public decisions then we may begin to see our laws, budgets and constitutions benefit the common men and women…perhaps we may even pass legislation that guarantees Genuine Representation. Conclusion We the people resolve that Participatory Decision-Making and Genuine Representation are inherent rights which must be incorporated into federal and state constitutions. We advocate a peaceful resolution whereby citizens, candidates and current representatives pledge themselves to this manifesto with their signature and by their works, and whereby municipalities pass ordinances incorporating these rights and procedures without waiting for state or federal constitutions to change. Indeed, we hold that the oligarchs who control state and federal officials and party leaders will never cede power to the people by their own accord.   We the people hereby draw the line.  Citizens, candidates, representatives, town boards, village boards, city councils, county boards, state and federal legislatures, governors, the President of the United States…please join us. Click here for a printable version of this manifesto with FAQ.

People's Revolution
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Petition to Dr. Jill Stein, Maria Svart, Conor Boylan, Bernie Sanders

Create a Progressive Independent Party

Plan A: All progressive parties unite to create the LARGEST progressive voting block in history to propel Bernie Sanders into the White House! Plan B: If Bernie Sanders does not get the Democratic nomination for President, we use our "YUGE" voting block to decide how to utilize our votes for the best progressive outcome possible. Plan C: Unite all parties into one to exponentially grow the progressive movement to all levels of local, state, and national elections to impact the changes necessary to see our common goals in action! The Presidential Election of 2016 has seen support and enthusiasm for progressive politics like never seen before in the history of the United States. The Bernie Sanders campaign has united Independents, Progressive Democrats, Green Party voters, Democratic Socialists, unregistered voters, young first-time voters, and disenfranchised Democrat and Republican voters too. The Sanders campaign has risen to historic, record-breaking heights in fundraising for both numbers of individual contributions, as well as, number of individual contributors, with a mere average of $27 per contribution. The Sanders' campaign is the campaign of the people, for the people and one in which millions of us have been waiting for but had almost lost hope it was possible. Despite making history and fueling unbridled enthusiasm from his supporters, the Sanders campaign has had a plethora of obstacles; an extreme media bias from mass-media conglomerates resulting in a near media blackout during the pre-primary season, ongoing skewed journalistic reporting, and press coverage clearly providing his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton a handicap-lead which has been difficult to overcome. Please join me in asking the Green Party of the United States, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Progressive Democrats of America, and the Sanders campaign and supporters to join forces to create a unified voting block to propel Bernie Sanders into the White House and to create THE LARGEST progressive voting block the United States have ever seen. It's time! This political revolution is not about one candidate, it's about all of us. We should fight like hell to get Bernie Sanders in the White House, but if Bernie does not win the nomination of the Democratic Party, let's not be unprepared to unite our votes! Let's not dissipate this historic enthusiasm for progressive politics; let's unite for our common causes of social equality and economic justice, to end mass incarcerations, end injustices of police brutality, to restore, protect, and preserve our planet, to maintain a woman's right to choose, ensure equal pay for equal work, raise the minimum wage, guarantee health care for all, and be sure nobody working full-time lives in poverty. Together, we can make a difference! Please sign my petition asking the Green Party, Progressive Democrats, the Democratic Socialist Party, and the Bernie Sanders supporters to unite our votes and our resources to exponentially grow our grassroots efforts for a better, safer, more loving, cleaner world. #WeAreOne

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Petition to Gary Beach

Keep Rep Tulsi Gabbard On The House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees

To: Representative and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, US Congress We, the residents of the  United States of America, including the State of Hawaii, represented by US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, are ecstatic and deeply Thankful by her recent wise and necessary trip to Syria and her 'chance' meeting with Syrian dictator, Bashar Al-Assad. We believe that her responsible and unselfish behavior has served to show the truth about Assad, who is, in fact not,  'a war criminal and a murderer...(who) has supported and benefited from terrorism.. has close ties to Russia ..and should continue to have a role in Syria's future' According to most independent journalists the world over, you and numerous others in the US government have willingly participated in war crimes, and should be held accountable to the people at large in the USA, and the world court.  By Rep Gabbard's wise conduct, we believe that she has done what was necessary and used her office, strengthened US foreign policy, by searching for the truth.  Rep Tulsi Gabbard does represent the sentiments of the people of Hawaii.  More accurately, she appears to represent it above and beyond her own self interests.  and to your rogue political interests. We, the undersigned, want to express our absolute pleasure and satisfaction with Rep Gabbard's actions.  We want Conservative corporate democrats like yourself  HELD ACCOUNTABLE.   Consequently, we are petitioning that Rep Tulsi Gabbard be retained to the  membership on both the House Armed Services Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee immediately.  And we vow to support Tulsi  for the district in 2018! Thank you!This petition will be delivered to:US Rep and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

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