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Petition to Governor Terry McAuliffe

Decriminalize Autism and Save Drew

Our son, Drew Harrison, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is currently serving three active years of a 50-year prison sentence. Drew’s Autism was not taken into consideration at trial or sentencing. We are petitioning Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. Drew reconnected with a woman he had dated in high school. The evening before inviting him to her apartment she shared her interest in BDSM, submissive sex. She told Drew that her boyfriend was too tired after work to please her sexually. Upon arrival she laid a blanket on the floor, she allowed him to massage her shoulders and feet, she showed him her semi-nude, erotic photos of herself and engaged in sexualized talk. In the bedroom he easily removed her shirt and pants. Drew gave the woman oral sex and put a finger in her vagina. When she told him to stop he stopped. The two of them texted and emailed back and forth hundreds of times post event. They even got together a few times. On one occasion they went to a bookstore where she pointed out an erotic BDSM book for Drew to buy. Six months after the evening in her apartment she reported to the police that the contact in her bedroom was nonconsensual. Those with ASD typically have a strike or two against them when entering a courtroom. The pace of questioning often exceeds their ability to process everything that is heard. Their high anxiety and repetitive statements can be mistaken as indicators of deception or guilt. Without an understanding of their unique way of processing information and their difficulty expressing anger appropriately a court can easily question credibility and reach a faulty conclusion.  Drew’s therapist testified that Drew has a strong desire to please, that he has learned to fake well in order to fit in. The judge interpreted this as our son’s ability to be deceitful and he used it as part of the reason for convicting Drew. He never asked the autism experts in the courtroom for clarification regarding Drew’s social and communication deficits.  In a letter presented to the judge Drew’s probation officer noted that Drew complied with all probation conditions for over two years. She stated that if this were a regular case without the appeal process she would request early release from probation. She added that Drew passed the state-issued polygraph without deception. Results were consistent with the not guilty plea Drew has maintained from the beginning.      The judge stated that he didn’t view Drew as a threat to the community or the woman. He emphasized that he was sending Drew to prison as a general deterrence to others because that is what the community would want him to do. Drew’s therapists are convinced that Drew is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted. They warned the court that incarceration would be torture for our son. In prison Drew suffered a break down after abrupt medication changes and being moved from isolation into general population. To deaden his senses from loud clanging doors, the bright buzzing lights and the chatter of inmates Drew often wears ear plugs and wraps a shirt around his head. He struggles to navigate the unwritten rules of inmates. Drew lives in fear and overwhelm. He begs us, “Please get me out of here”. Prison visits are bittersweet. We are grateful to spend time with our son, but heartbroken as we see him deteriorate. We are asking Governor McAuliffe to grant Drew a pardon. We ask for your support by signing this petition. My blog gives additional details and excerpts from transcripts. It shows the considerable reasonable doubt and injustice.  Thank you, Judy and John Harrison       

Judy Harrison
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Petition to Erin Sanford, John Kasich, Robert Montgomery, Mike DeWine, Donald Trump, Ohio Supreme Court

Send home autistic 24 y/o who is suffering abuse & neglect by corrupt guardian/government

July 11, 2017 I have not heard from nor seen my autistic son Marquis who is suffering and being continually abused, neglected and exploited by:- Atty. Erin L. Sanford (Mashburn Law Office) Groveport, Ohio- State of Ohio government and their Attorney General's Office and their Department of Developmental Disabilities- Franklin County, OH government and their Probate Court and their Board of Developmental Disabilities in Columbus, OH- Consumer Support Services, Inc., Newark, Ohio                                         - Others who are aligned with this evil, corrupt and wicked system.  Marquis has not been heard from nor seen and is being hidden and isolated from the only person who truly loves, cares and advocates for him, his mother. The last time Sanford allow my son to visit with me was on March 15, 2015 and the last time i was able to "view" him was on July 8, 2015. Because of the horrific treatment of my son by Sanford, the government and the abusive, unfit staffing agency, Marquis could be critically ill, incapacitated or even dead. Nevertheless, he has been lost inside of an sick, evil system who doesnt even respect or maintain his basic human rights. He has been stripped of his civil and constitutional rights as well. My son is just another "disabled" individual being used for federal funds while he continues to suffer and be abused and neglected terribly. Since i have not heard from him or about him, he is missing TO ME and not from his own actions but from Sanford and the government's corrupt, unconstitutional and evil actions towards a young african-american man with autism and his loving, supportive and whistle-blowing mother who has EXPOSED the ongoing suffering, abuse, neglect and exploitation of Marquis on 3 facebook pages. These pages shows alot of evidence of Marquis' suffering, abuse and neglect for federal funds! Sanford and the others do not want Marquis' mom to know of and see all the continuing abuse and neglect that Marquis continues to be subjected to so they have blocked her legally and physically.  However, they have not destroyed the love Marquis has for his mother and his mother's undying love for him.   Marquis is being exploited by many for federal funds. An corrupt and lying "flaw"yer named  Erin Sanford was appointed as his "limited guardian" by an inadequate and corrupt Probate Court of Franklin County, OH.   His mother was remove as his guardian for speaking out and not being silent about the mistreatment of her son by others.  His mother was not remove for abusing and neglecting Marquis and his mother has practice professional nursing as an RN for over 30 years and is not on any abuse and neglect registries.   Sanford (who has had other complaints of lying and misconduct, 3 that i know of) receives Marquis' monthly SSI check, while she forces him to live in an unsafe, very tiny and very noisy dwelling.  She and others have allow Marquis to be subjected to constant abuse and neglect by staff and other residents while they indirectly abuse, neglect and exploit him themselves.  Marquis has not done anything to anybody and is a very likable and intelligent young man. He loves to watch and play sports and used to play both basketball and bowling in Special Olympics.  He has many hobbies which is not allow to do.  His existence consists of missing his mother, his home, having to endure an itchy skin condition and counseling which was initiated by the U.S. Department of Education when Marquis' mother file a complaint against the Columbus City School district for placing Marquis in a seclusion closet. Marquis has no family rights and has consistently been denied birthday and holiday time with his mother and other family members.   He has not develop any vocational skills because of the incompetence and neglect of those making decisions for him and his life.  Marquis is force to take maximum dosages of THORAZINE and LITHIUM daily even though he is not psychotic or violent.  Thorazine is hardly ever prescribed even for those who suffer from true mental illness.   Marquis is not mentally ill.   Like others on the autism spectrum, Marquis can be overloaded when he is not in the proper environment or around others who do not know of and respect his disability.  He has told his mother many times and has describe the unsafe and noisy living conditions that Sanford and the staff have subjected him to. He has been assaulted and abused by many unfit and abusive staff.  Marquis also takes Cogentin because of the dangerous side effects these meds give him.  Marquis has suffered tremendously since being kidnapped and place in a system that has not recognize and provide his basic needs.  Those needs along with his civil and constitutional rights have been not only ignored but trampled on by an corrupt system full of corrupt and evil people who use and abuse people like Marquis for federal monies.    Marquis has told his mother (on many, many audiotapes) about the noise and violence he is forced to live in and around.  Marquis also has described staff and sometimes other residents verbally and physically abusing him and assaulting him both in the state facility and in the unsafe and unfit community housing he is currently “housed” in. He has described incidences of neglect too.  He has been terrorized and traumatized by the environments he has been forced to live in and around.  He has had to deal with all kinds of different staff who are unfit and abusive to him and has no respect nor knowledge of his disability.  All of Marquis admissions are on audiotape and there are many.  His mother also (on audiotape) has heard Marquis being verbally and physically abused.  When Marquis was illegally committed to a state of ohio owned and operated icf/mr facility, Marquis' mother seen staff attacked and punched Marquis in the chest.  This horrific incidence was captured on audiotape and is on YouTube and facebook. Marquis has a right as a human being and an citizen of the United States to have the same civil, constitutional and human rights as any other individual and he has a right to a loving relationship with his mother.   He has been denied any contact (which includes holidays and birthdays) with his mother which is a violation of his rights.  The last time Marquis and his mother was allow to visit was on MARCH 15, 2015.  The last time Marquis was allow to call his mother was on May 13, 2017.   He has expressed to his mother on numerous audiotapes his suffering at the hands of others and his love for his mother and wanting to be with his mom.  That in itself is a form of emotional abuse and neglect.   Marquis has deteroriated physically, he has gain alot of weight due to the high dosages of Lithium and Thorazine he is forced to take daily and he has developed a skin condition that he has never had in the past.  He is forced to endure light treatments twice a week for this very itchy skin condition that is on many areas of his body.   Because Marquis is high functioning and verbal and has told his mother of his maltreatment,  Sanford and others in the system do not want Marquis having contact with his mother.   They do not want his mother to see the ongoing signs of abuse and neglect and they dont want Marquis telling his mother what is happening to him.    Currently, the housing Marquis is placed in is in a unsafe neighborhood.  The neighborhood is so unsafe, a locked gate has been placed around it, however the main gate is gaping open because it is broken.  Last week two small children were shot outside in a drive-by shooting down the street from where Marquis is at.  This "dwelling" is currently owned by the state of ohio.  Sanford, Probate Court and the others who have Marquis held hostage for federal monies have stripped my son of his right to a quality of life and are trying to protect themselves from Marquis' mother constant exposure of what is happening to her son and the corruption and incompetence and greed behind it. Whenever Marquis is allow to talk to his mother,  he always expresses to his mother his desire and need to come back home and how he misses and loves his mother and his hobbies.  Marquis has been denied basic human rights, civil rights and constitutional rights.  Marquis' mother has 3 facebook pages which shows evidence of Marquis' suffering, abuse, neglect, exploitation and inhumane treatment at the hands of Atty. Erin Sanford, Governor John Kasich, Atty. General Mike Dewine, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Consumer Support Services, Inc., Judge Robert Montgomery & Probate Court of Franklin County, Oh and others who are aligned with them.    For Marquis' well-being and his right to a quality of life, SEND MARQUIS BACK HOME TO LIVE WITH HIS MOTHER!

Myra Tanksley
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