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Stop the Starvation of Community Cats of Disneyland Area/ Anaheim!

Anaheim Law said DISNEYLAND & Residents Must STARVE their BELOVED Stray CATS!  The Ban was finally legally dropped but citizens are still being told by enforcement officers to starve cats!  UPDATE:   The city of Anaheim finally changed the law to make it LEGAL again now to feed stray cats  - but the city's officers are still telling residents they must stop feeding hungry kitties!!!  We are telling the city to train their officers to allow feeding of innocent homeless and abandoned kitties!  It does no good to drop the feeding ban if people are still being told to stop feeding!! MORE INFORMATION:   2 and a half years ago, the City of Anaheim enacted a new code that made it illegal for residents to feed feral cats. Rather than spending their resources on humane spay/neuter programs, the city began harassing and threatening caretakers for simply feeding community cats; innocent creatures that depend on devoted feeders for their very lives.  Not only does this hurt cats, it  turns warmhearted people into criminals.  Anaheim is home to Disneyland, which has its own famous feral cat community.  Anaheim Fix Project fought hard to get the law changed - and finally the ban was dropped.  But some officers are still telling people to stop feeding and Anaheim Fix Project is trying to get the city to  retrain their officers - and the group is also spay/neutering (TNR) and rescuing as many cats and kittens as possible!     The rescue group, Anaheim Fix Project is providing spay/neuter, vet care, rescue, and providing food for hundreds of homeless and abandoned stray cats and kittens of Anaheim and surrounding Orange County cities, but the group is very small and underfunded. They are overstretched, overwhelmed and unable to keep up. They don’t have the resources or people to save all the kitties in need!  For more information please visit the Facebook page for Anaheim Fix Project / OC Communitry Cats:       To Make a Donation:    They are in dire need of donations to help feed the 500 plus kitties who depend on them for food and care everyday! Thank you for any help at all! No amount is too small!  Let us know if you live in Orange County, California and would like to VOLUNTEER with Anaheim Fix Project!  Come Help the Kitties!  Thank you for caring!  Anaheim Fix Project: OC Community Cats / Caring Friends Cat Rescue     

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