Wicklow County Council and the ISPCA: Provide improved public records, accountability and service at Wicklow Pound
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Wicklow County Council
Bryan Doyle
Wicklow County Council
Helena Dennehy
Aiden Corcoran
Wicklow County Council
Ruth Daunt
Philip Hogan
Barbara Bent

Wicklow County Council and the ISPCA: Provide improved public records, accountability and service at Wicklow Pound

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All dogs entering the pound should be photograhed and given the opportunity to be reunited with their owners, rehomed or offered rescue help. Currently only dogs deemed fit for rehoming by the wardens are allowed to be photographed and dogs are regularly withheld from volunteer’s sight at Wicklow Pound. There should be no hidden dogs.

Stray and surrender information is information in the public domain and can help reunite a dog with an owner (specific areas can be targeted via social media and poster campaigns) and in the case of surrenders ensure that a dog appears on our page as an urgent case. This is vital to saving lives and positive outcomes for the dogs.

Confirmation of availability date is also vital to ensuring a dog is effectively promoted and profiled for rehoming.

Currently opening hours are not conducive to reclamation and rehoming and there is no service to leave a message when you telephone as recommended during opening hours.

Bryan Doyle, Wicklow County Council
Helena Dennehy, Wicklow County Council
Aiden Corcoran, ISPCA
Ruth Daunt, Wicklow County Council
Philip Hogan, Minister
Barbara Bent, ISPCA
Please provide improved public records, accountability and service at Wicklow Pound.

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    2. 4,607 goal signatures reached!

      by Chance

      Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible for us to collect so many signatures! We will be proud to submit this to the county council in Wicklow on Monday, 2nd December, 2013

    3. THANK YOU!

      by Chance

      We are nearing goal on our signatures with 288 still needed. Thanks to everyone who has signed and shared and please, keep sharing!

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    5. Pound Report

      by Chance

      FROM OUR WEBSITE: Published on Sunday, 17 November 2013 14:40

      Pound report from Saturday 16/11/13 in volunteers own words:

      There were two new Dogs today along with Buddy a lovely big black Labrador with a brown streak down her flank. She was quiet and a bit nervous but her tail was wagging, she was clearly friendly. The second new Dog was a Beautiful Cairn Terrier black/white, this fella is in great shape and well looked after. He was so excited to see us that it was hard to get a shot of him through the layers of fencing as he was darting about like a mad thing. He is so friendly he really just wanted to get out of there. And of course Buddy is still there. In the background we could hear two large dogs barking and howling, I found this very distressing. We went to the office to inspect the Register.

      The warden was on duty, as soon as we arrived he took up his position opposite with his green book staring directly at us saying nothing not acknowledging our hello. I took the details

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    7. Emails to and "Responses" from ISPCA Part I

      by Chance
    8. Emails to and ISPCA "responses" to them Part I

      by Chance

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    10. Email sent 19/07/13

      by Chance
      Email sent today

      Details Published on Wednesday, 17 July 2013 09:05 In future we will be publishing all emails sent to the council and the ISPCA via our website and facebook page. This is an email sent this morning to Helena Dennehy. It has been copied to her boss, Bryan Doyle, Aiden Corcoran and Noel Griffin ISPCA, and all Wicklow County Councillors.

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    12. Conflicting reports

      by Chance

      Today at the pound someone who drove from Navan to give a dog a home was told by the dog warden (at 1130 a.m.) that the dog had been rehomed an hour before hand while the pound was still closed. Prior to that someone else who called at 11:05 a.m. was told that all the dogs were booked. It would seem that lying to the public is now acceptable at the dog pound in Wicklow. Please share our petition and help us to effect long lasting and much needed change in how this pound is run.

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    Reasons for signing

      • 2 months ago

      All animal welfare is important and people need to be made aware of the cruelty that goes on and get it stopped

    • jennifer byrne RATHDRUM, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      The way animals are treated in pound is terrible locked away from everyone :( that time they done the fundraisers they should have tryd lock a human in rooms for days or weeks on end and be put to sleep!!

    • Karen Doherty Cooke DROGHEDA, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      Dogs deserve a chance

    • Caitriona Coates KILDARE, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      I'm an animal lover

    • Nicky Ryan BRAY, IRELAND
      • 3 months ago

      All dogs should have a chance to be rehomed if not reclaimed. Transparancy should be a given in a public funded org. Why is the tax payer required to fund an org that slaughers dogs at will?


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