Victoria's Secret: Don’t keep workers' schedules a secret!
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Victoria's Secret: Don’t keep workers' schedules a secret!

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      Retail Action Project

September 2013


After months of a organizing along with our coworkers -- including support from hundreds of people who signed our petition -- we're excited to announce an important improvement we've been able to win for employees at the Victoria's Secret flagship story in New York City. Recently, the company's management announced raises for all employees at every Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan. Many of these raises were significant – from 10% - 20%. This raise means a lot to those of us who have worked long hours for low pay for several years, and this not only improves our lives, but the lives of our families too. The raise is an important step forward. It's not the only change we've asked from the management of Victoria's Secret, but we're inspired by this progress. We still need to ensure that workers are guaranteed enough hours per week so we can actually make ends meet. We're so thankful for your support which helped to bring us to this point -- and we hope you'll continue to stand with us as retail workers across the country can use your help again in the future! Check out coverage of our victory here ( and here (

Hi. We’re Debbra and Phillesia, and we’ve been part-time workers at Victoria’s Secret’s Flagship store in New York City for several years. The majority of our store’s approximately 700 workers struggle because we’re classified as part-time – only managers are considered full-time. Our hours fluctuate wildly, so we never know how much our paychecks will be, and since we don’t have guaranteed minimum hours, our hours are slashed without notice – leaving us unable to pay our rent, succeed at school, get promotions, or take care of our families. Some of us are fortunate enough to work over 30 hours per week, but because we’re misclassified as part-time we don’t get the benefits and raises that are granted to full-time employees.

We are parents, students, and hard workers who deserve to know how many hours we work. Phillesia has been a cashier for four years, and is one of many hard-working students at Victoria’s Secret. Debbra has been a support stock associate for close to three years, and struggles to pay her student loans on unstable paychecks.

Over 100 of our coworkers have joined the Retail Action Project’s Just Hours Campaign to address these unpredictable and unfair scheduling practices. Last week, we delivered a letter to our District Manager, asking them to meet with our committee for Just Hours. So far they have refused.

Victoria’s Secret claims they have an open door policy. Instead, they responded to our efforts by cutting our hours, intimidating us, increasing surveillance, and harassing us. Management is individually targeting workers who they suspect are fighting for equal opportunity, fair wages, and respect.

Instead of the opportunity to have stable jobs with benefits, we’re being denied access to jobs with enough predictable hours. We can’t afford to have our hours slashed. Part-time should be a choice, instead of a dead end.

That’s why we need your help. Victoria’s Secret is a prominent women’s retailer that should do the right thing and respect their employees’ right to earn a living. Sign our petition asking Victoria’s Secret to guarantee a minimum of 30 hours per week with benefits for the majority of our store’s employees!

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    • Ruth Gibson BELTON, TX
      • 10 months ago

      Because I am currently living on a disability check, that if divided by a "full-time" work week of 40 hours, comes to $7.04. That's less than what all those fast-food workers (who are complaining about their wages) make. And my car payment and insurance come to almost half my monthly check. I was bringing home more than my ENTIRE monthly check now in just ONE of two bi-monthly checks 15 years ago when my employer forced me to go on SSDI. I find THAT deeply unfair but I can't do anything about that. Maybe by signing this petition, I can help out people who are hard workers now, and they won't face this problem when THEY are trying to pay rent, utilities, car payments and insurance.

      • 10 months ago

      Fair pay and fair hours - in a company that is all about empowering women, these ideals are sorely lost in translation. If you want a "Yes" culture, say "Yes" to your employees, first.

    • Joellen Nary GIBSONIA, PA
      • 10 months ago

      My son worked @ Victoria's Secret, Michigan Ave. Chicago. They are bastards!

    • Linda Pulver S.F., CA
      • 10 months ago

      Face of the the working poor. To the CEO you should be fired.

    • Wendy Kobylarz-Chouvarda CANDLER, UNITED STATES
      • 10 months ago

      My sister was previously employed by Victoria's Secret. It's a good thing she had some savings from the past, because her schedule was routinely 4 - 12 hours every two weeks. She was also initially hired in at $8.25/hr but only paid minimum wage, and she needed the work so was afraid to complain. People who apply for jobs want and need to work. Don't shortchange them to avoid paying benefits.


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