My mom has terminal cancer, don't turn your back on her
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My mom has terminal cancer, don't turn your back on her

    1. John Oberg
    2. Petition by

      John Oberg

      Clinton Township, MI

February 2014


Wow, 187,000 people signed my petition, and the insurance company finally listened to us! They're going to authorize coverage through February, and will be looking month to month for the remaining treatment. While I'm still really confused on why the hospital and insurance company couldn't work this out without the pressure of this petition, I am feeling good about continued coverage! It's been a very emotional few weeks, but it's amazing to feel this love. Thank you everyone. I could kiss you all!

My name is John. My mom, Karen Oberg, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer about 9 months ago. While this has been a really hard time for us, I've been fortunate to be able to take leave from my job and spend these last months with her. Things were going well until recently when scans revealed the cancer was still very prevalent. From what doctors told us, she may only have one or two months to live. I need your help because our insurance company is bullying us around right in the middle of my mom's second-line chemotherapy.

Her insurance company, Total Health Care, is not living up to its promise -- or name. Out of the blue, Total Health Care decided they would no longer allow my mom to continue going to the University of Michigan to receive treatment. The insurance company has been covering us for the University of Michigan for seven months now, so why are they all of a sudden refusing to continue her coverage when she only has months to live?

On Monday, January 20, no more than 12 hours before she was scheduled to receive chemotherapy treatment, we got a call from U of M notifying us that Total Health Care refused to continue covering my mom's treatment there. We were heartbroken upon hearing this, and we were confused about why Total Health Care didn't have the heart to call us directly. After hours upon hours of pleading with Total Health Care over the phone, they wouldn't budge. This is especially frustrating because we're waiting to hear about the status of an operation which can help alleviate some of my mom's pain. The care and compassion we felt from U of M means nothing to them, and my mom is being looked at as nothing more than a dollar sign and a statistic to this insurance company.

After a poor experience with a misdiagnosis from my mom's previous hospital and after establishing incredible relationships with doctors at U of M, we have built a true bridge of trust. It's the only place my mom feels comfortable, and as she recently told me, "Hearing bad news at U of M is easier than taking good news from the other hospitals we've been to." Even with a three hour round trip, we know the University of Michigan has so much care and compassion, which we feel from all of the U of M staff and doctors, particularly her oncologist. Their warmth is unmatched throughout the health care system.

I ask and thank you for supporting us in our effort to convince Total Health Care to allow us to continue receiving treatment at University of Michigan. After being through so much together, my mom and I want these last few months together to be as joyful as possible. Quality health care from doctors we know and trust is all we ask for.

She is currently not receiving chemotherapy because of her discontinued service. Continuing treatment at University at Michigan is how that can happen and we are so thankful for you support on my petition!

Total Health Care
Linda Alexander, Total Health Care
Total Health Care marketing
Total Health Care info
Randy Narowitz, CEO, Total Health Care
Marcie Johnson, Chief Administrative Officer, Total Health Care
Daniel Lennon, President, Total Health Care
Please continue coverage for Karen Oberg at the University of Michigan. Don't turn your back on her in the last few months she has to live.

It's wrong, and you know it!

[Your name]

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    1. Reached 150,000 signatures
    2. My response to Total Health Care's statement.

      John Oberg
      Petition Organizer

      I appreciate the response from Total Health Care, and do remain optimistic that they will finally resolve this now that so many people have signed my petition on

      If you're confused with the response, though, you're not alone. The University of Michigan Hospital called us the night before a scheduled appointment to say we were no longer covered by Total Health Care. One week later, I have yet been able to get any confirmation in writing to prove otherwise from the insurance company.

      I am positive this petition is making a difference and am optimistic that we'll have a resolution soon, but I'm not going to give up until my mother is treated fairly, so I'll keep you updated. Thank you all for helping my family.

    3. Decision-maker Total Health Care responds:

      Total Health Care

      Dear Mr. Oberg:
      We would first like to share that our thoughts and prayers are with your mother and her family during this difficult time. The unfortunate circumstances under which you were informed that services were denied are unclear,...

    4. Reached 35,000 signatures
    5. Feeling cautiously optimistic

      John Oberg
      Petition Organizer

      I've had some promising discussions with Total Health Care thanks to the pressure everyone has been giving through this petition. Thank you! I will keep you updated and hope we will have a full resolution in the next few days.

    6. Reached 25,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Kathy Sunia LONG BEACH, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      Its a shame that we as citizens in the USA have to fight for medical, when in fact premiums and taxes are paid and doctors are limited on what they are "allowed" to do for each of us. A TRUE VICTORY!

      I am asking for your support as I am fighting medical myself. I pay for a private plan but because I have job related injuries, my $400+ month private premiums that cannot be used, as I can only obtain medical from a worker's comp doctor that worker's comp claims examiner does not not want to authorize treatments! Been waiting over 14-months just for a doctor's request to have an MRI! If you will, can you please support my cause too?

      Please join this campaign:

      Thanks and God Bless.

    • David Leskin FLORENCE, KY
      • 2 months ago

      Love you guys.

    • Rebecca Belmont KENOSHA, WI
      • 2 months ago

      Bless you John. Your Mom must be a truly lovely lady to have raised such a caring son. I know that the hospital affiliated with our state university is responsible for saving my husband's life. I pray that your Mom will receive the care she deserves.

    • Kathleen OReilly DANVILLE, VT
      • 2 months ago

      Give her and her family, the highest quality of life possible, especially at this time!!

    • Cynthia Farrington CHINA GROVE, NC
      • 2 months ago

      As a nurse, I care about the person that has the disease, and not about the insurance company that doesn't want to pay. But when it comes to a dying patient not being able to get continued treatment, I am appalled at Total Health Care and their lack of compassion for this lady. Continuity of care is very important and if she's been treated at one hospital for the past 7 months, it's ludicrous that they refuse her coverage when she only has months to live. Those last months should not have to be stressful for the patient or her son. Total Health Care, I hope will have some compassion for this lady and her son. She only needs a little over 12,000 more signatures. Please sign her petition. Thank you.


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