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    1. Howard Goldman
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      Howard Goldman

      Patchogue, NY

Each September the NFL ignores Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Never has the NFL had their teams display blue ribbons or other items depicting a campaign to raise awareness and funding for the second most deadly cancer affecting men. 1 in 6 men will be afflicted with this dreaded disease. This means an average of 10 men on each NFL team will have to deal with this illness sometime in their lives and many will die from it. 1 man dies from the disease every 18 minutes.

The following is a quote from the NFL merchandise page:

"NFL Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Apparel & Gear

Support your favorite NFL football team and help support the fight against breast cancer with pink NFL breast cancer awareness gear. Officially licensed 2012-2013 BCA NFL merchandise includes women's polo shirts, ribbons, as well as the same special edition footballs, pink NFL gloves, water bottles, towels, hats and other exclusive NFL pink products seen on the field during the month of October. Join our fight against breast cancer and get your NFL breast cancer gear today!"
Here is a link to a enormous page dealing with breast cancer awareness events in the NFL. (None exist for prostate cancer).

While launching a breast cancer awareness campaign every year is to be lauded, the complete omission of prostate cancer awareness needs to be addressed. While watching men play football wearing items of pink may seem strange, it is for a good cause and no one thinks twice about this. Selling pink clothes and hats and such for fans to wear may benefit our wives, girlfriends, mothers and daughters, but shouldn't there be items men can purchase that would be more suitable to their tastes? Allowing men to purchase clothes and hats depicting their favorite team whilst garnering blue ribbons would be a great fundraiser and would help fund a future cure for prostate cancer. Every October everywhere you look you see products ablaze in pink. Isn't it about time we see September awash in blue? Tell the NFL that men's health is equally as important as women's health.

Please sign and share this petition so that the NFL can finally address men's health and help raise awareness and funding to lead to a cure for prostate cancer.

Please join the organization below, whose founder discovered his prostate cancer at age 35. Perhaps the NFL can team up to raise awareness and funding together. It is not just an old man's disease.

PS. Thank you to those few Houston Texan players that wore blue to commemorate Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Hopefully the NFL will take your actions and use it as a catalyst in the near future.

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    • Joe DeLucia NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH
      • 5 days ago

      I am a prostate cancer survivor. I know that early detection saved my life. Prostate cancer awareness and education is vitally important to help eliminate many unnecessary deaths due to prostate cancer.

    • Ali Ahmed MEMPHIS, TN
      • 6 days ago

      my dad got diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer

    • Robert Rocha LAKE VILLA, IL
      • 6 months ago

      My father past of Prostate Cancer.

    • Matthew Hayes 1, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 8 months ago

      With a family history of prostate cancer this is an issue that is close to my heart. The NFL should be applauded for its support of breast cancer research - now it's time to extend that worthwhile support to prostate cancer too.

    • Lynn Valcourt HUDSON, MA
      • 8 months ago

      Lynn Valcourt


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