Tell Amtrak - President Joe Boardman to Allow bikes on trains between New York City and Canada
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President, Amtrak
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Tell Amtrak - President Joe Boardman to Allow bikes on trains between New York City and Canada

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      Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce

New York City and Montreal have a combined population of nearly 10 million people. Many of them have and use their bicycles to get to work as well as for leisure and exercise. It is estimated, for instance, that more than 200,000 New Yorkers ride their bicycles daily to work. Major cycling publications have also consistently rated Montreal as one of the top bicycle friendly cities in the world. Both cities are now expanding cycling options for residents and visitors within their cities via popular bicycle sharing programs too.
In communities all along the Adirondack, Ethan Allen, Empire, and Maple Leaf Amtrak rail lines, we’ve seen a focus on creating and expanding hiking and biking trails. These communities and all of us who have signed this online petition are ready to work with Amtrak to promote “green travel” options in these cities and communities if Amtrak will allow bikes on these lines.

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    2. Schumer: Amtrak to give bikes on board a tryout

      This article appeared at

      Amtrak’s Ethan Allen services will begin accommodating bicycles on board in a demonstration program later this month, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said Tuesday. The move follows a push by State Senators Betty Little and Brad Hoylman, as well as Schumer, to allow passengers to take their bicycles with them to destinations throughout the Hudson Valley, Adirondacks and Vermont.

      Amtrak already has a “Bring Your Bicycle On Board” program on trains serving Maine, North Carolina and California. Amtrak will use specially fitted cafe cars that can carry the bicycles and their riders on the Ethan Allen.

      Schumer said he hopes that Amtrak will consider extending bicycle accommodations to Empire, Adirondack and Maple Leaf services as well.

      “I believe the new Ethan Allen demo will prove successful, will show Amtrak just how much demand there is for this service and convince them that

    3. US Senator Schumer Pushes for Bikes on Trains

      Great story on WNYT-News Channel 13 about US Senator Schumer and NYS Senator Betty Little joining this movement.

    4. Schenectady Chamber Says Yes to Bikes on Trains

      New York State and many of its cities have embraced bicycle travel. The state has more than 200,000 residents who use bicycles to commute to work on a daily basis, and that number continues to grow. The number of people engaged in bicycle commuting has increased by 47 percent since 2000, according to the American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. These bicyclists are also likely to want to take their bicycles when they travel for leisure day trips or longer vacations. Schenectady, along with all of Northeastern New York, has miles of bicycle lanes and beautiful off-road bicycle trails, including the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail which attracts thousands of cyclists annually. The positive economic impact of cyclists on our communities will grow with increased accessibility to travelers. We strongly encourage Amtrak to provide cyclists with the ability to transport their bicycles on trains in Northeastern New York and Vermont.

    5. Reached 500 signatures
    6. Ride the Train to bike, boat and hike Lakes to Locks Passage

      "Lakes to Locks Passage encourages travelers to use many modes of transportation -- bike, boat, hike and ride the train. Amtrak baggage cars for bikes will make the region a destination for bicyclists, a proven market to showcase local culture and heritage and support our local businesses and services."

      --Janet Kennedy, Executive Director, Lakes to Locks Passage

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    9. Senator Kathleen Marchione Supports Bikes on Train Petition Effort

      Statement by Senator Kathleen Marchione: “Allowing bikes on Amtrak trains between New York City and Montreal is a common sense idea that is good for our environment and local economy, as it would further promote Saratoga and its many bike trails as a premier destination for ‘green travel.’ Saratoga Springs is home to some terrific cycling trails, so it is logical to request that Amtrak allow bikes on its trains running between New York City and Montreal so travelers can enjoy all that our local great outdoors have to offer. I signed the Chamber’s petition – and I encourage anyone who is a cycling enthusiast, or wants to promote our regional economy – to also sign the petition to allow bikes on Amtrak trains. The Chamber’s petition is a terrific way to build broad based public support for something that will benefit our region,” Senator Kathleen A. Marchione said.

    10. Senator Betty Little Supports Bikes on Trains Initiative

      Statement by Senator Betty Little in support of this petition: “Tourism promotion is an economic development priority of Governor Cuomo, which means a great deal to me as chair of the Senate committee overseeing tourism but also representing a beautiful region of New York highly dependent on tourism revenue,” said Senator Betty Little. “Getting more of the tourists, particularly those from other countries, whose primary destination is New York City to make their way upstate would be enormously valuable to our businesses and communities. Ease of travel is essential, and I have no doubt foreign visitors who are accustomed to train travel and cycling would jump at the opportunity to do a little exploring upstate if Amtrak makes this accommodation.”latest development here.

    11. US Congressman Paul Tonko Supports Petition Effort

      Thanks to US Congressman Paul Tonko for his support of this effort. Here is a quote from him included in our press release: “I applaud the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and other local train and bicycle enthusiasts for their advocacy,” said Congressman Tonko. “Our region has tremendous potential to lead the nation in developing green transportation alternatives and multimodal green corridors. As train ridership along Amtrak’s corridors continues to increase and service continues to expand, I look forward to working with Amtrak and the petitioners to develop an outcome that will expand and encourage the connection between rail transportation and biking.”


    Reasons for signing

    • Debora Lilavois BROOKLYN, NY
      • 4 months ago

      We have family upstate and would love to ride one direction then take the train home

    • Andrew Besold NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ
      • 5 months ago

      I wanted to do a vacation once by riding my bike up to Montreal and taking the train back. When I found out that AMTRAK didn't offer roll-on bike service I had to change my plans. Taking a bike on nearly every western European rail service is commonplace, expected and a marketing tool to attract more passengers!

    • Daniel Foley NEW CITY, NY
      • 5 months ago

      What a great way to see New York and Canada.

    • Leila Weissling SADDLE BROOK, NJ
      • 5 months ago

      Because is the right thing to do. Cycling is the best activity to do and adding a train ride make it even better. We can go further and protecting the environment.

    • John Morrison WATSONVILLE, CA
      • 5 months ago

      I'd like Amtrak to succeed. Not carrying bikes? Really?? *Buses* carry bikes.


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