Support Marine Protected Areas in the San Francisco Bay
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Support Marine Protected Areas in the San Francisco Bay

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      Sea Stewards

Nearly 16% of California's coastal marine ecosystems are now protected under the California Marine Life Protected Act. As the largest and most important estuary on the west coast of North America, the Bay was originally intended for inclusion under the Act, marine protection has stalled at the Golden Gate. Critical marine and estuarine habitat, endangered and economically important species still need our protection.

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    1. Updates on the CA MPA process and what it means for the Bay

      Political decisions in Sacramento have tied the Delta water issue into the MLPA process for the San Francisco Bay. This effectively kills the process of bringing MPAs into the Bay. Our new campaign under Shark Stewards includes creating a new collaborative team to evaluate areas of critical importance for protection and advocating these areas to be protected under State law independent of the MLPA process. Please follow our work on and thank you for your support protecting sharks, other species and important habitat in the San Francisco Bay.

      David McGuire, Director
      Shark Stewards

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    • Paul Watts SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA
      • 3 months ago

      Make sure these sharks are well kept!

    • Laura Chariton MILL VALLEY, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Saving sharks and creating MPA in the San Francisco Bay will save numerous other species critically important to ecosystems.


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