Stop the cruel bull run in the Dallas area!
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General Manager and President, Texas Motorplex
Gabrielle Stevenson
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Tony Roach
Competition Director, Texas Motorplex
Eric McClelland
Russell Thomas
Tourism Director
Gina Rokas

Stop the cruel bull run in the Dallas area!

    1. Eddie Garza
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      Eddie Garza

      Dallas, TX

Please help me stop the dangerous and cruel bull run event that's set to take place near the Dallas area in April 2014.

I grew up in Texas and consider the Dallas area my home, so I know we're a compassionate state!  It's not a joke, the event is real and called The Great Bull Run.

You have to sign a "waiver of liability" because the organizers know that it's a crazy idea. The waiver says this event involves "stampeding animals, including bulls, steers, cattle and horses in tight spaces." If you read the fine print it even says (their caps, not mine): "THE EVENT IS A HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY..."

Does anyone think the right way to treat an animal is to surround him with screaming crowds who run around like crazies? It's a traumatic experience for these animals.

Please sign to ask the City of Ennis to stop this event. Please ask the Texas Motorplex to do its part, too. Neither of them nor the event organizers should wish such danger on human beings or animals. 

Sign and share. Thank you.

Gabrielle Stevenson, General Manager and President, Texas Motorplex
Tony Roach, Facilities Manager, Texas Motorplex
Eric McClelland, Competition Director, Texas Motorplex
Russell Thomas, Mayor
Gina Rokas, Tourism Director
Stop the cruel bull run in Ennis, TX. Texans are compassionate people. This is dangerous to other human beings and cruel to animals.

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    • Benjamin Harding STUDIO CITY, CA
      • about 1 month ago

      This is ridiculous, outdated cruelty.

    • D Castillo DALLAS, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      this is animal abuse, torture and exploitaion

    • Melissa Wise BENBROOK, TX
      • 4 months ago

      As a resident of the DFW area I am appalled that this event is scheduled to be held. This is a disgrace to the City and a barbaric practice. I will do all in my power to let others know to boycott Dallas until they remove this insidious event from their agenda!

    • Shelly Knowlton DALLAS, TX
      • 4 months ago

      It's cruel to animals and humans. Why do we need violence to have fun? Please stop this madness.

    • Barbara Frisbie HOUSTON, TX
      • 4 months ago

      Because it is cruel to animals and makes the humane race look stupid.


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