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    1. Lisa Symonds
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      Lisa Symonds

      Liverpool, United Kingdom

Harlan are the UK's last remaining breeders of beagles for use in experiments.

The company owns several UK-based sites, two of which house beagles. Their Cambridgeshire site breeds beagles for sale to laboratories and universities whilst their Loughborough site keeps 'donor beagles' (these dogs have their blood regularly drained and sold to laboratories).

We are calling for the closure of both the Cambridge and Loughborough sites or, at the very least, an immediate public inquiry into Harlan's care and treatment of beagles.

In 2011, Harlan were exposed for animal cruelty and neglect in The Sunday Times; a former employee reported seeing staff punching and kicking beagles, shaving profanities into their fur, and daubing their faces with felt tips. He also revealed how the dogs – kept in dirty, cramped pens – grow so frightened and frustrated, they fight to the death or self-harm.

Harlan beagles will NEVER see daylight or breathe fresh air, except when they are transported to laboratories across the world.

It is inside these laboratories that 'man's best friend' is tortured and mutilated in cruel experiments. Most beagles will have been experimented on several times before dying (if the tests don't kill them, they are euthanised).

The breeding of beagles for use in experiments is morally reprehensible and testing human medicines on animals = outdated, fallible science.

Despite the Government’s promise to reduce the use of animals in scientific procedures, latest Home Office figures show that experiments involving animals reached a record high in 2011.

Over 3.79 million experiments were started on animals in 2011; a 68,100 increase on 2010 and a 160,000 increase on 1987 (i.e. since The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 was first introduced). This is equal to starting 10,391 experiments every day.

In 2011, 216% more animals – including beagles – were used to test food additives than in the previous year.

Visit the official SAVE THE HARLAN BEAGLES website

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      Lisa Symonds
      Petition Organizer

      Save the Harlan Beagles have now launched another ground breaking petition in our second phase of our strategy to abandon animal experiments, Calling out the ANIMAL EXPERIMENTERS TO JUSTIFY THEIR SCIENCE CLAIMS, please click on this link to sign and share and be part of history THANK YOU

      Animal Experimenters - JUSTIFY YOUR SCIENCE CLAIMS

      Please SIGN the PETITION then VISIT THIS LINK TO ASK YOUR MP TO SIGN EDM 263 IN SUPPORT. You may have seen our Alliance for Science recently,...

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      • 1 day ago

      unfortunately animals do not have their own voice to express their fear and bewilderment at their appalling treatment upon this planet, but I do. Please start making strides to treating our animals with more care and love. End this now.

    • Ray Young ROCHESTER, NY
      • 5 days ago

      There is no reason to torture these beautiful animals!

    • Christine Young ROCHESTER, NY
      • 5 days ago

      This is wrong! There are better ways to test not on animals.

    • lisa brennan BROWNSBURG, IN
      • 6 days ago

      No reason to has a live be born to just kill them not a god way. He would be so disappointed.

    • scotia mccombie EDINBURGH, UNITED STATES
      • 7 days ago

      In a world where we can spend BILLIONS exploring space, MILLLIONS sending money to countries outwith the UK who are in need, raise countless MILLIONS towards the advance of science worldwide - all the while condemning animal welfare abroad - surely it's now time to eliminate ALL animal suffering in the UK. We should be leading be example before we castigate other nations.

      Disgraceful. Time for Change.


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