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Remove Tracey DeShields and Richard Haan and NO RE-APPOINTMENTS!

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      Lynette's Law 4 Maryland

The State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists are responsible for allowing violent convicted felons and sex offenders to have licenses. They opposed background checks for mental health professionals and they opposed making sexual contact between mental health professionals and clients a crime. The Executive Director, Tracey DeShields testified that the board doesn't consider whether the "sexual misconduct" was consensual or not. Mr. Richard Haan a former board chair, testified that the board didn't report a sexual assault to the police because professionals are less likely to become violent if complaints are not forwarded to the police or OAG.

As a bully tactic, the Board chair, Carol Deel filed an ethics complaint for Executive Director, Tracey DeShields against Delegate Smigiel. The complaint was dismissed. 

Please click the links below to view the videos and see for yourself! 

Executive Director, Tracey DeShields testifying.

Inconsistencies regarding authority


Rape by another name


The board testifies in the house

Richard Hann's testimony will SHOCK you!!





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Lynette's law 4 Maryland

Whereas, certain members of the Board of licensed therapist and counselors (hereinafter “the board”) are due for reappointment, and


Whereas, Professional Therapist and Counselors are in positions of authority over their patients and therefore, sexual contact is never appropriate, and


Whereas, it is clear from the documents and videos available on the Lynetteslaw4Maryland.com web site, that the current board has been deficient at best and complicit at worst, in allowing State licensed therapists and counselors to sexually abuse their patients without fear of criminal sanctions, and


Whereas the board has failed to perform the duties necessary to protect the public from the people the board licenses, and


Whereas, the statements and actions of current and past board leadership clearly portray a lack of understanding of the problem of professional therapist and counselor abuse or compassion for the victims of said abuse, and


Whereas, the board has failed to modify its positions or take appropriate actions in light of repeated suggestions by studies and task force recommendation, and


Whereas, the Board members have made embarrassingly callous, uninformed unprofessional statements to the legislature and public regarding the practice of licensed therapist and counselors, and


Whereas, members of the Board have filed a retaliatory, unfounded ethics complaint against a member of the Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary Committee in an effort to chill future questions as to the Board’s standards and practices, and


Whereas, the board has been caught taking opposite positions before different committees on the same issue in the same session, and took offense at having said, inconsistency pointed out, and


Whereas, the Governor and the Secretary of Health, Dr. Sharfstein have the ability to deny reappointment, to those members of the board currently up for reappointment, and


Whereas, the Governor and the Secretary of Health, Dr. Sharfstein also have to power and authority to  terminate the terms of Ms. Traci DeShields and Mr. Richard Hann, both of whom appear in videos on this site, which show an unconscionable inability to perform the duties of protecting the public from therapist abuse, and


Whereas, the Governor and the Secretary of Health, Dr. Sharfstein have the power and authority to reconstitute and or restructure the entire inefficient Board,


For the above stated reasons the undersigned respectfully petitions the Honorable Governor of the State of Maryland, Martin O’Malley and the Secretary of Health, Dr. Sharfstein to act as deemed appropriate in protecting the citizens of Maryland from the ineffectiveness of the Board of Therapist and Counselors by exercising their authority as outlined above to ensure that those seeking the professional services of licensed therapists and counselors in Maryland are protected against sexual abuse.


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    • Susan Sharp HAMPTON, VA
      • 6 months ago

      I was sexually abused by a therapist 25 years ago. He didn't make me feel special as the narrative usually goes; he just grabbed me. I hope the support victims receive today differs from the treatment I received. Following are quotes said to me by other counselors or therapists I saw afterwards:

      "Stay out of trouble." (said to me by my psychology professor three months after the abuse occurred.)

      "You got harassed because of the way you were dressed." (said to me by a therapist in 2007. She also had no idea what I was wearing when I experienced harassment.) This same therapist also said the following: "He [the therapist] got over it, why can't you?" The last therapist I saw several months ago lectured me about sitting correctly so that people couldn't see my thighs when I wore a skirt. She also directly told me that during times in the past, when I accidentally tucked my pantyhose into my underwear after using the bathroom at work, and the time I popped a button off my blouse at work, I was acting intentionally to get sexual attention. (I'm a professor, by the way.) I left this woman after three session, and I will never enter therapy again. For a decade after the abuse, I couldn't find a therapist to work with me. The therapist simply wouldn't return my calls after the initial intake. One agency told me outright that no one would see me because "Administration believes you might report one of our therapists." The obvious message is that perhaps I lied about my previous therapist. I'm not sure. The fallout from the abuse was exponentially worse than I had expected. The offending therapist told everyone that "lying was part of my diagnoses." I was kicked out of my church. One of the women counselors there said I should expect a man who had to sit alone in a room with a women to succumb to temptation. (This sentiment rather nullifies the concept of counseling, doesn't it?) I recently had a female counselor blame me for the abuse because I stayed in therapy, in spite of warning signs I didn't notice, long enough to be abused. I can't imagine what a real support group would be like.

    • Holly Ennis UPPER MARLBORO, MD
      • 8 months ago

      I have never been abused by a Therapist BUT have been abused like this by those who I trusted. IT IS DESPICABLE that some like our doctors (inclusive of Therapists) that we trust with our utmost heart and soul to violate their patients or anyone else like this!!!! They should lock them and all offenders alike and throw away the key!!! I would rather be murdered!

    • Angela Sullivan OMAHA, NE
      • 8 months ago

      I was raped by a therapist, it needs to be criminal everywhere!

    • Cheryl Lipscomb GLEN BURNIE, MD
      • 8 months ago

      I believe that everyone, male or female should be protected from abuse. No one is above the law for any reason. All abusers should serve time and have their professional license revoked.

    • Margaret Ehrlich SEVERN, MD
      • 8 months ago

      I believe that someone has to speak for the victims and Heather Sinclair can do that. Stop these therapist.


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