Protect elephant, tiger and orangutan habitats in Sumatra
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Protect elephant, tiger and orangutan habitats in Sumatra

    1. Save 30 Hills
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      Save 30 Hills

      Washington, DC

Every day on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, vast tracts of rainforest are cleared and replaced with pulpwood, rubber and palm oil plantations.

Due to massive deforestation across Sumatra, the area of 30 Hills, known in the Indonesian language as Bukit Tigapuluh, is a last refuge for some of Sumatra’s most endangered wildlife.  Moreover, this area of incredible biodiversity is one of the last places on Earth where elephants, tigers and orangutans coexist.

Only one-third of Sumatra’s remaining forests have some form of protection from development and logging. In fact, most of Sumatra’s landscapes – once covered by dense canopy and lush rainforests – are already gone.

There is a chance to save 30 Hills.

In Indonesia, most of the forest is owned by the government and is leased out for commercial activities as long-term “concessions”. These concessions allow companies to legally clear forests for logging, mining and industrial agriculture.

By asking the Indonesian government to rezone some of these concessions in 30 Hills, the landscape could be leased out to conservation organizations as “ecosystem  restoration concessions.”

These new concessions offer a chance for forest restoration and wildlife conservation. In the process, these concessions would support local communities, ensure sustainable forest management and protect wildlife habitat. If the area isn’t rezoned, elephant, tiger and orangutan forests may disappear forever.

Help save 30 Hills – and the elephants, tigers and orangutans that remain.

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    • Mary Anderson SNOHOMISH, WA
      • 2 days ago

      We're the ones destroying their habitat with our thoughtless over-need for consumption and profit. The paper and palm oil industry should be conserving habitat for tigers. As a consumer, I will do the best I can to limit paper use and palm oil consumption - although it seems to be in everything now.

    • Sandee LaMotte ATLANTA, GA
      • 2 days ago

      Because we cannot lose more of our precious species

    • Alex Gale AUSTRALIA
      • 3 days ago

      Ecosystem protection is a global issue and is not confined to political borders. There are smarter ways to farm and better crops that minimise clearing. After all we have to share the planet with all species that exist.

    • Donald Field BOISE, ID
      • 3 days ago

      All life is important to me,,,

      • 3 days ago

      The tiger - this global symbol - is perhaps the most majestic and beautiful species on our planet. It is our absolute obligation to maintain their survival - whatever it costs.


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