President of Kenya: Please Declare Poaching a National Disaster
  • Petitioning Honorable President Uhuru Kenyatta

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President of Kenya
Honorable President Uhuru Kenyatta
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Honorable Deputy President William Ruto
Cabinet Secretary Water, Environment and Wildlife
Honorable Prof Judi Wakhungu

President of Kenya: Please Declare Poaching a National Disaster

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      Kenyans United Against Poaching

Kenya is on the brink of losing a significant source of its economic lifeline and national heritage and we desperately need your help and continued support if we are to avert it.  

It is no secret that Kenya relies heavily on wildlife tourism for economic prosperity; and just as the Egyptians have the pyramids, our national heritage is our wildlife.  Besides generating the biggest segment of the annual turnover of Ksh98 billion we get from tourism, wildlife-based tourism is so linked to our economic growth that together with beach tourism, it was identified as one of the six priority sectors in Kenya Vision 2030, the country’s blue-print for long-term development. Further, most tourists come to Kenya with hopes of spotting the “Big 5” –Lion, buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and Elephant.


Unfortunately, we stand to lose this National Heritage if we do not stop, once and for all, the unprecedented, senseless and wanton killing of wild animals –and particularly elephants and rhinos that are targeted for ivory and horn, respectively.

It is now official that in 2012 we lost as many as 384 elephants and 29 of the few remaining rhinos and in 2013 we lost 302 elephants and 59 rhinos. Already this year the death toll stands at 18 rhinos and 15 elephants poached at least. Sadly, the actual numbers of deaths are probably higher as many of the killings go unreported. While poaching is in it-self a brutal crime, it also has far reaching effects on the environment and the economy.  If 2 of the Big-5 become extinct, the country’s tourism industry will be severely affected and as a result, jobs for the tens of thousands of Kenyans will be no more. This in turn will have a seriously negative impact on Kenya’s economic growth.

Clearly the time has come where we all need to act decisively, swiftly and consistently to put a halt to this. We need to do this now (and not any other time) because the alternative – a world without our national heritage - does not even bear thinking.  

Honorable President Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya
Honorable Deputy President William Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya
Honorable Prof Judi Wakhungu, Cabinet Secretary Water, Environment and Wildlife
I wholeheartedly support the call on the President of Kenya to DECLARE POACHING A NATIONAL DISASTER and take extraordinary actions to bring a halt to the poaching crisis in Kenya today.

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    1. Reached 20,000 signatures
    2. Delivered To H.E. President Kenyatta

      On Earth Day we delivered a letter to our president along with approx. 6,000 signatures (both on and offline) on our petition to declare poaching a national disaster and all the comments that people have posted on the petition. Many people may wonder why it is so important to declare poaching a national disaster. The reasons are simple. Poaching is a disaster - it has far reaching effects on our economy, our security and ultimately our future. It is a crisis and needs to be treated with the same urgency as say the floods or natural disasters are. The level of poaching/wildlife trafficking is only escalating and requires ALL RESOURCES to be applied to put an end to it. From our Public Prosecution to the KWS, from our conservationists to the ordinary man - all have to be galvanized in this fight. We need ACTION not WORDS.



    3. 8th Anti Poaching Walk

      The 8th Anti Poaching walk will be held in Taveta in May. Please keep posted. We are also writing a letter to the new president Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and would like to attach the signatures from this petition. Kindly keep sharing and signing!

    4. 7th Anti Poaching Walk - Voi tomorrow

      Thank you all for your support. KUAPO continues to support anti poaching awareness walks across the country. To date we have had 6 walks and are embarking on the 7th one tomorrow in Voi. We will walk and talk for our animals until they are safe - until there is an end to what seems like endless poaching

    5. Reached 5,000 signatures
    6. Lenana Killed

      Dear Friends
      Please note that today Lenana, a beautiful bull with many years to live, was found with his face savagely hacked off. Another victim of the brutal ivory trade. It is more important than ever that we get the attention of the President of Kenya and ensure that he does something immediately. Please share and sign!


    7. Reached 3,000 signatures
    8. Reached 2,000 signatures
    9. More Anti Poaching Walks Planned

      Hi All,

      Thanks for this - please keep signing and sharing. There are 4 more anti-poaching demonstrations to take place in Kenya over the following weeks.

      1. Mombasa - Feb 5th
      2. Mara - Feb 14th
      3. Isiolo (TBC) - Feb 18th
      4. Malindin - Feb 23rd

      We also want to take these walks continent wide....

    10. Reached 1,500 signatures
    11. Petitions Delivered

      We have delivered 10 petitions to various government offices and embassies yesterday! Thank you and please continue to sign, support and share.

      CNC World - Kenyan Street Protest

      CNC report from Kenya Hundreds of Kenyan citizens marched in the streets of Nairobi on Tuesday to protest against the poaching of wildlife, including elephants and rhinos. The event was organized by the newly formed, Kenyans United Against Poaching Initiative.

    12. Reached 1,000 signatures
    13. Reached 750 signatures
    14. Wanyama Urithi Wetu - Walk

      Tomorrow at 8.30am in Kenya, we are walking in unison to take a stand against poaching. The walk will start at Uhuru Gardens at 8.30am and we will make our way to Uhuru Park where there will be a national day of mourning for our slain elephants, a photo exhibition and a public address by various dignitaries. Please join us if you can!

    15. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 1 day ago

      This is legacy for our children and children's children. It also sustain jobs for hardworking kenyans.

      • 4 days ago

      Perchè soffro nella sofferenza degli animali.

    • Gypsy Flower AUSTRALIA
      • 6 days ago

      This HAS GOT to stop!!!

    • Melinda Brown DENVER, CO
      • 8 days ago

      The useless, shameless and unnececessary slaughter of elephants must stop!! The use of elephant parts for medicinal or other uses is complete and utter nonsense and has no scientific or clinical basis. The slaughter of these elephants and the use of their tusks as "trophies" is absolutely abhorent. These magnificent animals (and others that are poached) will soon become endangered species. Tourism in your country can be increased by ensuring that preserves are safe for humans and elephants alike. With all sincerity, Melinda

      • 8 days ago

      los animales son seres iguales a nosotros en pensamiento, mente y sentimientos, compartimos este mundo, la "riqueza" es solo una ilucion pero los sentimientos son reales


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