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NC GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Keep Local Seafood on NC Dinner Plates: Oppose NC House Bill 983

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      NC Seafood Coalition

House Bill 983 diminishes food sovereignty in North Carolina by restricting the harvest of red drum, spotted sea trout, and striped bass to recreational fishermen, reserving those nutritious food sources to less than 3 percent of the state’s population.  The bill would deprive consumers of access to fresh, locally harvested fish by prohibiting harvest by the commercial fishermen who bring those fish from sea to shore for NC consumers.  Gamefish designation for these 3 species, as proposed in HB 983, is not a conservation measure.  It is an allocation of a public trust resource to a small, exclusive percentage of the population.  Red drum, spotted sea trout, and striped bass should be available for the benefit and enjoyment of all North Carolina citizens.

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    1. HB 983 Will Not Run This Session

      Representative Tine announced today that House Bill 983, entitled The Fisheries Economic Development Act, will not be run this session. “I spoke with the bill sponsor this evening after the bill was considered in the majority caucus and he assured me the bill will not be run or folded into the budget,” said Representative Tine. “It was truly a bipartisan effort to defeat the bill and it would not have happened without all the work of the opponents who made sure their voice would be heard in Raleigh.”
      After growing opposition, the bill sponsor sought the will of the Republican Caucus and found that opposition there, combined with a significant number of votes in the Democratic Caucus, would make it difficult for the bill to move through committee.

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    3. Action Alert

      Action Alert: Word is that House Speaker Tillis has announced his intention to support gamefish designation. Please call Tillis (919-733-3451) and the following vice-chairs of the House Commerce and Jobs Committee today to voice your opposition to HB 983: Rep. Brawley at 919-733-5800, Rep. Conrad at 919-733-5787, Rep. Millis at 919-715-9664, Rep. Moore at 919-733-5606, Rep. Saine at 919-733-5782, Rep. Stone at 919-715-3026, and Rep.Torbett at 919-733-5868. Thank you!

    4. NC Seafood Coalition Position on HB 983

      NC Seafood Coalition opposes HB 983, the 2013 Fisheries Development Act, due to the provision that designates red drum, spotted sea trout, and estuarine striped bass as gamefish and prohibits harvest of those species by commercial fishermen who bring fish from the sea to shore for consumers.

      NC Seafood Coalition supports the right of NC consumers to access healthy and nutritious wild-caught seafood, including red drum, spotted sea trout, and estuarine striped bass, in the marketplace. NC consumers should not be denied access to low fat, high protein food sources.

      NC Seafood Coalition advocates for promotion of NC seafood as an important economic development strategy for the state. The fall 2012 survey of more than 1800 chefs by the National Restaurant Association found that locally sourced meats and seafood was the number one culinary trend predicted for restaurant menus in 2013.

    5. NC Seafood Coalition Position on HB 983 (cont.)

      NC Seafood Coalition concurs with NC Division of Marine Fisheries scientists that there is no biological evidence that gamefish designation will improve fish stocks or guarantee sustainable harvest in the future.

      NC Seafood Coalition concurs with NC Division of Marine Fisheries scientists that growth in recreational fishing activity in NC is consistent with or greater than other South Atlantic states and disputes the Coastal Conservation Association’s claim that anglers avoid fishing in NC due to the lack of gamefish status designation.

      NC Seafood Coalition advocates for the fair and responsible management of public trust resources for the benefit and enjoyment of all NC citizens, whether they are consumers, recreational fishermen or commercial fishermen.

    6. Standing Strong

      Congrats to seafood industry members and supporters who did an outstanding job in Raleigh yesterday, standing strong against the gamefish bill, sticking to the facts, and not losing their cool in the face of some outlandish claims and distortions!

    7. Live Audio Feed of Today's Meeting

      In addition to WRAL's live video coverage, a live audio feed can be heard at the General Assembly website at the following link. At 1:30, click on APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE ROOM (643) link to listen to the gamefish statements.


      North Carolina General Assembly - Audio Broadcasts

      Legislative Calendar for meeting and press conference schedules.

    8. Pre-forum gathering location changed due to weather

      Due to rainy weather, all those in support of defeating the gamefish bill are encouraged to meet in the legislative auditorium in the legislative building at noon today. Talking points, stickers, and name tags will be passed out. Please pass the word to those on the road unable to access email.

      The forum itself is still at 1:30 in room 646 in the legislative building.

    9. Live Coverage of Today's Meeting

      WRAL, according to their website, will offer LIVE COVERAGE of today's forum on gamefish bill H983.


      They should post a link on the right-side column shortly before 1:30.

      @NCCapitol :: WRAL.com

      House lawmakers are scheduled to take up bills changing the state's firearm laws and adopting new state symbols tonight. A game fish bill has coastal watermen headed to Raleigh for a public hearing this afternoon. The NAACP plans another protest at the General Assembly tonight. Plus, notes to Gov.

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    11. See you in Raleigh Tomorrow

      We hope to see many of you at the gamefish public forum tomorrow, May 6, 1:30 p.m. at the Legislative Office Building, room 643, 300 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh. Please try to wear blue so our “bloc” is visible.

      We encourage you to come to Raleigh early and meet with other gamefish designation opponents at NOON in the plaza across from the legislative building in front of the NC Museum of History. In the case of inclement weather, that location might change; Pam Morris (252-269-5020 and Karen Amspacher (252-723-0982) are our contacts for the pre-meeting gathering. We will have Keep it on the Plate stickers and talking point handouts for those who want them.

      If you need transportation to Raleigh: A bus will leave Beaufort at 8 a.m. with a stop in New Bern; please call April Taylor at 252-241-9900 to reserve a seat. A bus will leave Manteo at 7:30 a.m.; please call Jamie Reibel at 252-473-2901 or Ernie Foster at 252-619-0135 to reserve a seat.

    12. Gamefish Public Forum on Monday, May 6

      Thank you for signing the Keep Local Seafood on NC Dinner Plates: Oppose NC House Bill 983 petition. As of this morning, more than 1600 people had signed the petition.

      We hope to see many of you at a public forum on Monday, May 6, 1:30 p.m. at the Legislative Office Building, room 643, 300 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh.

      The forum was scheduled to allow gamefish designation proponents and opponents an opportunity to share information supporting their position with legislators. Members of the public wishing to speak should arrive early to allow ample time to sign in. Speakers will have two minutes to convey information for legislators to consider in deliberations. Speakers are encouraged to prepare a written statement to submit for public record.

    13. Reached 1,500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Rene Minshew SEATTLE, WA
      • about 1 month ago

      This should continue to be a NC right.

    • krista beeker DURHAN, NC
      • 2 months ago

      people in nc need jobs to and the seafood is great too

    • Tres Midgett MANTEO, NC
      • 4 months ago

      I don't want imported seafoos that has not been inspected on my dinner table!!!

    • Heather Styron GLOUCESTER, NC
      • 5 months ago

      All people in North Carolina, residents and tourist, deserve to enjoy our natural resources, not just the select few. Also our Commercial Fisherman should be the top priority for providing these resources to our people.

    • Kimberly Outlaw Paul ELIZABETH CITY, NC
      • 8 months ago

      I want to keep our local seafood available to everybody. The CCA is trouble. Resources should be shared by all and can be. I don't fish, but I do eat it. Please look closely at what happens when you ban one group. It hasn't helped anyone or the fish. Most of us aren't rich recreational fishermen so the only way we get fish is through our local seafood market and restaurants. Thanks.


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