Don't expect Los Feliz to support your anti civil rights activism.
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Lassen's Natural Foods (new owners of Nature Mart)

Don't expect Los Feliz to support your anti civil rights activism.

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The new owners of The Nature Mart used company funds to help pass California's ban on same-sex marriage (Prop 8).

Los Feliz & nearby Silver Lake are neighborhoods that overwhelmingly support freedom and equality. Lassen's, the company which recently took over the Nature Mart health food store on Hillhurst Ave., exercised its freedom to spend about $30,000 to help pass Prop 8, which took away the freedom of others, stripping equal rights from same-sex couples who simply want to marry the person they love.

Of course Lassen's should be free to spend their money in support of their beliefs, but a huge number of local residents (of all backgrounds and orientations) don't want our money being used to promote discriminatory laws.  We plan to exercise our freedom by not giving ANY money to Lassen's and by telling our neighbors why.

To the Lassen family: If someone ever tries to pass a law restricting your right to practice Mormonism, we'll be right alongside you in defending your freedom.



The owners have defended their actions by saying that the donations (which were made under the company's name) were a private family choice.  This doesn't change the fact that the money came, at least in part, from what customers spent at Lassen's stores.  That is why we're not spending money there.

They also wanted us to know about the other, more charitable causes to which they've made donations.  We're glad to hear it, but our conscience would still not be clear, knowing that ANY of our money was being used to cruelly take rights away from same-sex couples, or from any Americans.  We would never propose a law taking away Lassen's rights, but we will exercise our rights to speak the truth about them and to spend our money where we choose.

In their strangest line of defense, they point out that they do not discriminate based on sexual orientation in their hiring or promotion.  Maybe this would have been something worth bragging about decades ago, but doing so in 2011 only confirms how far behind the times this business remains.


Click this link to see the LA Times Prop 8 Campaign Donation Records showing part of Lassen's donation:

Click here and enter "Lassen's" (with the apostrophe) in the contributor field to see another Prop 8 donation:

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      Thanks for spreading the word, people. Take a moment to post a link about this issue on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you've got. E-mail your friends and your favorite websites and newspapers. Our main goal is to allow customers to decide whether they want to spend money there, given the facts.

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    • randal st clair LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      So disappointing! I used to shop there regularly-no mas!

    • G. R. Gray STOCKTON, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Tell California's Gov the bogus marriage is offensive to gay marriage rights.

    • Bonnie Johnson LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      This breaks my heart because I shopped at Nature Mart for years, and as an east side vegan there aren't many other options. But no way am I going to help fund a bigoted hate campaign against civil rights.

    • carla mandel L.A., CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I love Nature Mart & the Bulk Bin so much!

      I refuse to buy anything from Lassen's , because I support equal rights for gay people.

      I am a bi-sexual, myself.

      I can buy many vegan health foods at Albertson's.

    • Richard Diaz LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I was a customer of Nature Mart over 15 years. I was willing to give Lassen's a chance, but now that I know they contributed to the Yes on 8 campaign I will never set foot in the store again.


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