Investigate the Phoenix Fire Investigations Unit
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Jim Waring
AZ Post - Peace Officer Ethical Misconduct
Lyle Mann
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Bob Irish
Fire Chief Phoenix Fire Department
Bob Khan
Arizona Attorney General
Tom Horne
Asst. AZ Attorney General and AZ Post
Diana S
C/O Jerry Cobb, Public Info Officer for MCAO
Bill Montgomery - Maricopa County Attorney

Investigate the Phoenix Fire Investigations Unit

    1. Barbara Sloan
    2. Petition by

      Barbara Sloan

      Phoenix, AZ

Fours years ago I lost my home in a fire. I lost almost everything I owned including irreplaceable photos and keepsakes from my life. Months later my grief turned to horror when I was arrested, booked into jail and charged with burning down my own home because of the incorrect conclusions of Fire Investigator Capt. Sam Richardson. 

For 13 months I feared that I would spend the rest of my life in prison based on the bad investigation conducted by Captain Richardson. 

When my case finally came to trial it came to light Captain Richardson had used the standard myths about arson, misrepresented the evidence given to him by firefighters, potentionally made a deal outside of the law with my insurance company's attorney in not obtaining their investigative file (in which the claim log notes stated multiple times fire was not arson), Captain Andes gave a command to the Arson Dog to put her nose down and "fake it", and ignored evidence that I was innocent, in his rush to prove his theory that I was an arsonist. 

I expended ALL my retirement and children’s college funds to hire the fire expert who literally wrote the textbook for arson investigation (NFPA-921). His investigation showed the fire was likely caused by accident. After another local and national arson expert testified privately with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, the state dismissed the charges “In the Interest of Justice" and cited Captain Richardson’s sole evidence for arresting me was that I owned the house and was there the day of the fire. 

My homeowner’s insurance Cause and Origin expert advised both the insurance company claims adjuster and myself within days of the fire that his investigation concluded the fire was accidental and undetermined. 

The accusations that I burned down my own home financially ruined me. I spent nearly $300,000 -- money I had saved from my retirement -- to hire experts and attorneys to defend myself. The emotional distress cost me my job and I’m not sure the emotional trauma I’ve gone through will ever quite go away. The American justice system has shifted from presumed innocent until proven guilty to the opposite….. Guilty until I could prove my innocence.

I’m not the only person to be hurt by false accusations by Captain Richardson. My case was the second case that was dismissed within two weeks in which he was the lead Fire Investigator. Carl Vincent Ball-Caples, the other person falsely accused by Captain Richardson was not as fortunate as me because he couldn’t afford the bail that was set. He spent 15 months in jail before his case was dismissed without ever going to trial. And again, his case was dismissed "In the Interest of Justice" due to a shoddy investigation done by Captain Richardson. 

And there may be many more innocent people sitting in jail. 

Phoenix boasts of having the highest arson clearance rates -- the percentage of arson investigations that end in the arrest of a suspect -- three times higher than the national average rate. 

In order to restore the community’s faith in our fire investigators and law enforcement, the City of Phoenix and the agencies that certified Captain Richardson should investigate whether the record number of arrests in Phoenix are because of shoddy investigative work and a rush to judgement. 

Other agencies and national agencies are awaiting completion of the investigation by the city before determining what specific action to take. 

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    1. Carl Caples, Former Law Enforcement, Falls to Phoenix Fire Injustice

      Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      Phoenix arson unit accused of wrongfully arresting Phoenix man for arson. Carl Caples was arrested not once for this alleged crime but twice, and "sat" 15 months in jail, over 450 days, before the charges were dismissed "In the Interest of Justice" by the Prosecutor. video: FBI launches probe into Phoenix Fire Department

      Phoenix arson unit accused of wrongfully arresting Phoenix man for arson.

    2. Reached 750 signatures
    3. Wrongfully Accused and Arrested..........Find Wendy Halloran on Facebook

      Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      Wendy Halloran, Investigative Reporter, 12 News KPNX.......My exclusive investigation Friday at 10pm on 12 News. The Captain, His Crew and Carl Caples. Caples, a former cop from Mississippi was accused of arson and endangerment. Was the fire really arson? And why did firefighters pose for pictures standing in the alleged crime scene?

    4. Watch Investigative Report by Wendy Halloran 12 News - May 3rd @10pm

      Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      Another Victim was Wrongfully Accused and Arrested by the Phoenix Fire Department (PFD) Fire Investigations Unit. Carl Caples sat 15 months in jail before his case was dismissed "In the Interest of Justice". Please watch Wendy Halloran's investigative report. It will also be on her Facebook page and on once it airs. Stand Up to Injustice and please sign this petition and provide the decision makers with your comments as to why this Injustice needs to stop.

    5. Reached 500 signatures
    6. More and more and more....

      Family and Friends of Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

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    7. Insurance/MCAO and Phoenix Fire complicity.

      Family and Friends of Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      If you doubted the MCAO judge's claim that Farmer's Insurance and the Fire department work hand in hand to convict Sloan then think about the present statement where the city refuses to say anything further due to the request by Sloan to receive another trial. If the new trial only affects Farmers Insurance and Sloan then what does the MCAO and Phoenix have to worry about in regards to the MCAO granting another trial??? Maricopa County Attorney's office,

    8. Fire Investigations Director Jack Ballentine.

      Family and Friends of Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      It still amazes me that the City of Phoenix hires an arson investigator who has no experience with fire, forensics or any degrees in any of the fields necessary for an experienced fire investigations director.
      Willie Nelson's resume reads as follows,
      AREA OF SPECIALIZATION Fire Investigation
      EDUCATION B.S., Fire Science Administration, Northern Arizona University, May 2009
      A.A., Fire Science, Mesa Community College, May 2009
      Ballentine retired from undercover police work in 2007 and has no degrees in any type of fire sciences. Are you telling me that we don't have anyone out there with a degree and experience that can prove arson without the trickery of an undercover cop?

    9. Reached 100 signatures
    10. Roger Krupp President of IAAI is brought up to speed on Sloan situation.

      Family and Friends of Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      THank you Roger for acknowledging my emails and your statement that you'll be looking into these issues of misuse of the K9 Accelerant detection dog Sadie and the possibility that the certifications of several individuals in this investigation are in jeopardy if the documentation we're providing proves to be liegit. (It is, it's all court depositions and transcripts under oathe)

    11. Tuesday City Council Closed Executive Session on Sloan Case! 1:00 PM

      Family and Friends of Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      Today is the Phoenix City Council's closed Executive session in regards to Barbara Sloan's treatment and arrest by the Phoenix Arson Investigation Unit. I am so glad they got the big fancy bus to rest in while they're investigating fire scenes.... Next time spend the money on education...

    12. Reached 50 signatures
    13. Reaction to "Raked over the coals" story by City Council!

      Family and Friends of Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      PLease click on this link to see the City's reaction to the story Raked over the coals.

      12 News Investigation: Raked Over the Coals

      Barbara Sloan accused of arson based on shoddy investigation by Phoenix Fire captain.

    14. Executive Session called to investigate Fire Department Arson squad.

      Family and Friends of Barbara Sloan
      Petition Organizer

      GREAT NEWS! The Channel 12 newscasts and our email campaign have gotten the attention of the city council and Mayor Stanton, City Manager David Cavazos and Councilman Waring have demanded an investigation and called for an Executive session this Tuesday at 1:00 PM.

    15. Reached 10 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Donald Lubin SCOTTSDALE, AZ
      • 9 months ago


    • vandria permadhy MESA, AZ
      • 9 months ago

      The Phoenix Fire Dept uses it's resources and weight to cavalierly ruin lives. Please protect the people you were hired to protect and be honest about it.

    • Angelique DuBois MESA, AZ
      • 9 months ago

      The police and fire department of any city or state are supposed to SERVE the people within that state. Anytime those organizations fail to do their jobs correctly EVERYONE in any given community suffers.

    • Susan Nicholoy PORTLAND, CT
      • 11 months ago

      I lost my entire home to a fire around 3 years ago. I cannot imagine having to also go through false accusations. This is ridiculous to tolerate such an individual making such wrong decisions, especially when there is a hint of monetary exchange.

    • Manuel Driggs WEST BERLIN, NJ
      • about 1 year ago

      This is extremely terrifying because it could happen to almost anyone. THe little guy has to stick together on this one!


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