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Sally Sense

Keep PVI in Fairfax

    1. Sally Sense
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      Sally Sense

      Fairfax, VA

As stated on the Arlington Diocese website, "Our schools are committed to providing an education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ where Catholic doctrine and values, and academic excellence prepare each student for a life of faith, service and integrity." There is no better example of this than Paul VI Catholic High School and its value in Fairfax is irreplaceable. Moving the school will have a devastating effect on the community.

Work with alumni and elected officials of Fairfax City and County to find a viable way to keep Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax.


Catholic Diocese of Arlington Office of Catholic Schools, Office of Catholic Schools
Virginia Colwell, Principal, Paul VI Catholic High School
Bishop Loverde, Bishop of Arlington
Sally Sense, organizer
Work with alumni and elected officials of Fairfax City and County to find a viable way to keep Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax.

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    1. Let your pastor know your thoughts on PVI's location

      Sally Sense
      Petition Organizer

      I need all of you who read this to talk to your pastor this week about PVI. I mailed a letter on Monday to 14 pastors in Fairfax County asking them to talk to their parishioners, share those concerns with Bishop Loverde, and ask that a 5th high school be built in Loudoun Co. rather than moving PVI.

      It won't make a difference if you don't speak up now. Call, email, send a Facebook message or stop him in the church parking lot - just get your thoughts to your pastor!

    2. Let's get this trending on Twitter

      Sally Sense
      Petition Organizer

      In an effort to get the younger alumni of PVI involved in this effort, I took to Twitter today with a request. If you would like to help get #keeppviinfairfax trending on twitter feel free to use my message: "Help us get this message to Bishop Loverde - Fairfax needs Paul VI HS! Build a 5th HS in Loudoun. #Keeppviinfairfax"

      The following are Arlington Diocese twitter accounts to tweet to:

    3. May 30 letter to Bishop Loverde

      Sally Sense
      Petition Organizer

      Once again I have written to Bishop Loverde asking that he open dialog with the PVI community so that our concerns can be addressed and that families have the information they need to make decisions about the future education of their children. I've copied this letter to the media reporters who have covered our effort. I will post the letter on the Keep PVI in Fairfax page so that you can read it.

    4. Traffic Woes in Loudoun County - Why moving PVI there is a bad idea!

      Sally Sense
      Petition Organizer

      This article explains how congested Loudoun County has become and the nightmare for commuters. The last thing they need is for PVI to move there to add to the mess, and our families certainly don't need that traffic hassle.

      A once-spacious Loudoun County area tries to deal with traffic tie-ups

      SOUTH RIDING, Va. -- Back around 2000, those living in South Riding, Brambleton, Arcola and Stone Ridge didn't have to worry about traffic. In 2014, it's a daily part of their lives. As sprawl has developed in the area west of Washington Dulles International Airport, roads such as U.S.

    5. Fairfax Times publishes about our effort

      Sally Sense
      Petition Organizer

      Our effort is generating news within the community! The Fairfax Times published an article to their website tonight about the effort we are making to Keep PVI in Fairfax. Read the article and share it with your contacts. Keep up the good work!

    6. Thank you for your support!

      Sally Sense
      Petition Organizer

      We surpassed 250 signatures on the petition! I have written a letter to the Bishop asking for an open town hall style meeting with the Office of Catholic Schools, PVI, alumni, Fairfax City leaders and community members to discuss what it would take to Keep PVI in Fairfax.

      There will be a story on our petition efforts in this Friday's Fairfax Times. Hopefully this will help spread the word and move the cause forward.

      Thank you again and please continue to spread the word.

    7. Reached 250 signatures
    8. Media outlets are picking up our story!

      Sally Sense
      Petition Organizer

      In the past three days, the Fairfax City Patch and Washington Post have reported on our petition! TV stations re-tweeted #keeppviNFairfax with the link to the petition and we were contacted by WTOP.

      We need to spread the word with the younger twitter users to get #keeppviNFairfax and sign the petition. Please forward this message to those who you think are passionate about PVI.

      You can copy and paste this message into twitter:
      #keeppviNFairfax Sign the petition:

      Catholic Diocese of Arlington Office of Catholic Schools: Keep PVI in Fairfax

      As stated on the Arlington Diocese website, "Our schools are committed to providing an education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ where Catholic...

    9. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Lisa Cuellar FALLS CHURCH, VA
      • 17 days ago

      The location of the school within Fairfax County is what is most important. The property that the Diocese of Arlington owns in Loudoun County is not even conveniently located for the families whose children attend St. Theresa and Our Lady of Hope. Oakton High School in Fairfax County has the widest distance between the edges of its boundaries; however, no student lives more than 7.5 miles away. Moving PVI 12 miles to a new location means that Fairfax County Catholic families would be asked to travel as much as 23 miles in one direction to the school.

    • Patricia Cox MCLEAN, VA
      • 18 days ago

      My Great Grandsons are attending a Catholic School and are thriving. My Granddaughter, their mother, attended a Catholic High School and it is very important to her and husband that the boys go to a Catholic school The traffic to attend a school in Loudon would make it impossible for them to attend a school there.

    • Ernie Maestranzi ANTIOCH, IL
      • 18 days ago

      I sipport the Catholic church very much, my grandchildren need you to stay open so they can support you in the future

    • Janet Grummer HOPE VALLEY, RI
      • 18 days ago

      My neice contacted me with her concerns that the Catholic High School she envisioned sending her three sons to was considering a relocation. My neice (a graduate of Catholic education), and her husband (an educator), are passionate proponents of Catholic education. I wish to support their efforts in retaining the PVI in Fairfax, thank you, Janet Grummer

    • Trisha Robertson CLIFTON, VA
      • about 1 month ago

      Our sons are attending Catholic elementary/middle school and we would like to continue with Catholic education in high school. However, with PVI moving to Loudoun we not have a Catholic high school within a reasonable school commute distance.


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